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Sun Tzu counseled that it is madness – because pointless – to directly confront a superior foe. A costumed goon with a badge and a gun, for instance. You will lose (cue Dolph Lundgren voice from Rocky IV). cops lead

But that doesn’t mean you must cooperate with said goon.

In that spirit, here are some practical tips and things to keep in mind the next time you’re compelled to interact with one of America’s Swinest:

* Never forget: Cops are not your friend; they are not there to “help” you. They are there to bust you. Don’t make it easier for them. Make it harder for them.

* Never forget that cops are legally permitted to lie to you. Take nothing they tell you at face value. Assume their intentions are malignant.

* Never forget that a cop is a law enforcer. He is there to enforce the law – any law, every law. It doesn’t matter whether the law is reasonable – or whether you’re a nice guy who doesn’t “deserve” to be hassled. Cops are paid to enforce the law. Period.cops 2

* If stopped, keep your window rolled up almost all the way; leave just enough of a gap to allow you to hand the cop your license/documents. If he “asks” you to roll it down, politely decline. Whenever a cop “asks,” it means you do not have to comply. If they order you to do something, then you must do it. But force them to make it clear you are being ordered to comply – “Is that an order?” – and are only complying under duress and not of your own free will.

* Be civil – not slavish. A cop is not “sir.” By so addressing him, you feed his inner bully and Rule Number One for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy. Simple – and curt – “yes” and “no” answers will get the point across without being directly confrontational.

* Never make the mistake of responding directly to a cop’s purposefully leading questions – which means, all of his questions. If the cop says, “Do you know why I stopped you?” You tell him, “I suppose you will tell me your reason.” If he says, “Do you know how fast you were going?” You say, “I’m sure you have an opinion.”cop 3 If he asks whether you’ve been drinking, you remain silent.

* Never concede anything that could be construed – will be construed in court – as evidence in support of whatever charges are leveled at you.

* Never admit to anything – ever.

*Never attempt to excuse anything you may have done. Be silent. Shrug. But do not make excuses. Do not offer an explanation. If you do, you’ve just handed the cop exactly what he wants most – a tacit admission of guilt, which in court will become the basis for establishing your legal guilt.

* You have to give them your ID and insurance info – if you are operating a motor vehicle on “public” roads.  It is “the law.” But you do not – yet – have to tell them where you’re going, where you’ve been – or anything else. If asked, shrug.  State – politely, calmly – that you won’t be answering any questions.cop final

* Ask – repeatedly – whether you are free to go. It’s an excellent stock answer to cop questions.

* If you have a concealed carry permit, the cop probably already knows – having run your license plate info through the computer in his car. Still, it is good policy to tell him, even if you are not legally obligated to do so (it varies, state to state). This is a psychological tactic which shows you (in the cop’s eyes) to be “cooperative” without your actually having complied with anything that’s against your interests. It may help defuse the situation – important when guns are involved.

* Never consent to a search. If a cop asks for permission, he is asking permission. It means he hasn’t got legal probable cause – yet. Do not give it to him. Politely tell him, “I do not consent to any searches.” Repeat as necessary. Check Vons Ad and Jewel-Osco Ad.  If he searches you/your vehicle anyway, you may have a legal basis for challenging the admissibility of anything found. But if you gave your consent to the search – and not objecting is the same as consenting – then anything found as a result of that search can and will be used against you in court.cop last 2

* Record the interaction. Higher courts have consistently ruled it is legal to do so, irrespective of what the cop tells you (see point made above about cops lying). There is no expectation of privacy in public. He can record you – you can record him. Use audio and video. If the cop “asks” you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.

Just like they do to us.

Throw it in the Woods?


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  1. The members of Heavens Gate bravely added an ody ending to their name to denote their membership and group allegiance. The final words of the Heavens Gate heroes was “39 to beam up.”

    JWNODY – Heavens Gate Final Exit Statement

    Shouldn’t we Team America believers likewise add usa to the end of our names. Don’t we consider membership in Team America more important than our own lives? We must show the world what Next Level Humans we really are. We don’t want anything interfering with our heroic destiny in the Next Level do we? The final exit of America is rapidly approaching: “315,581,145 to beam up!”

  2. @Eric –

    Freedom is not having anything left to lose.

    It’s all your ‘stuff’ that’s imprisoning you. That’s not to say you can’t have ‘stuff’ but your freedom has to be worth more to you.

    • I’d prefer not to have nothing left to lose, ideally.

      What do you recommend? Chucking everything I’ve spent decades working to achieve? Live in a tent? Do you?

      Like most people, I’m compelled to play the game – unless I want to live in a tent, day to day survival. As bad as things are – and fully appreciating that they are very likely to become much worse – I can still enjoy some of the fruits of my labor: My house/land, my vehicles, my tools, hobbies… . Chucking them is not an appealing prospect. One day, I may have no choice but to go down the road you advocate. Or seem to be advocating. I suppose some day we’ll all face that choice.

      But that day is not today. For me, at least. Because it’s not either – or. Black – or white. There is a gray area. Perhaps not for you. And if you can survive and have a decent life without in any way playing the game, obeying when you have to, paying when they force you to (and so on) then I commend you.

    • Freedom through poverty.

      That’s the argument the statist makes. The state isn’t so bad, you can be free, you just have to choose poverty. The statist ridicules the libertarian for not wanting to be poor but desiring freedom. For not being willing to make the sacrifices the statist demands for someone to be free. Ultimately freedom through poverty is freedom on the statists’ terms.

      It’s a deliberate statist construct to leave poverty open to freedom. But that door is closed or nearly closed now. The state now harasses people who are very poor and live out in the middle of no where on land nobody else would even want and who have nothing anyone else would want. They are harassed for being different, for trying to live free. The statist has changed the terms.

  3. @eric – ” unless you’re prepared to take a life-changing (and possibly, life-ending) decision over a traffic stop, then shut up, do what you have to do and live to fight another day”

    But that’s just it: you’re not fighting at all! You’re simply submitting. And you know as well as I do that it’s not “over a traffic stop”. The traffic stop is just a symptom of the bigger problem manifested in your face.

    Life-changing? Hell yes! Isn’t that what this is all about? Changing the way of life in this country? So you want things to change as long as you don’t have to change anything in your life?

    And why must it be life-ending? Do we not have the ability to be just as prepared as they are? They’re just people, nothing special. Why can’t we be just as armed and take control of any traffic stop? The decision is ours, nobody else’s.

    If we’re not willing to do what’s necessary; if we’re not willing to work together then we deserve what we get.

    • “Isn’t that what this is all about? Changing the way of life in this country?… Why can’t we… take control of any traffic stop?”

      Seems to me nothing would be changed. It’d be a thug scrum wet dream piled onto a justification they’d wave about for more “tools” of oppression, times ten.

      Or, it would be a great tale. YMMV. ? Along the lines of that Pastor fellow getting tasered by the boarder patrol. Did that change anything?

      I don’t know, just thinking out loud.

      • But why? Because they are organized and we are not even though we outnumber them 1000:1!

        You know how ashamed of ourselves we should be to know that, that group of ignorant, stupid, immoral people are so much better organized than us that they can oppress us like that?

        Shit. Give me a break. I guess that reality tv, fast food and other “stuff” is still more valuable than real liberty.

        And I got no problem with that as long as people admit to it.

        • Don,

          Have you actually confronted a cop? Resisted his authoritay with force? By refusing to comply?

          It’s easy to urge such action – harder to actually engage in such action.

          I doubt you have – else you’d be in jail or dead.

          I’d like to avoid both.

          I agree a time will come when we face the choice of much worse than a fine/hassle/degradation – the price of resistance right now. When that day comes, it will be worth physically resisting.

          But before that day?

          It would accomplish nothing. They win. You lose.

        • Because they are organized and we are not even though we outnumber them 1000:1!

          Yes, we outnumber them and yes, we should take back control of our lives and stop the criminal thugs called cops from riding roughshod over us. But an armed confrontation during a traffic stop is quite simply suicide. The cop has already called in your license plate before he approaches your vehicle.

          Get the cop’s name. There’s another time and place for dealing with his criminal predations.

          • So how is it that so many on this site are car experts and yet can’t figure out a way to defeat the cops on the road? Seems like this would be the perfect group of people to do that.

            License plate? Get rid of it. It’s a state mandate so it’s gotta go. Tint the windows, bulletproof them. Armor the car. Rig up an nail drop in the back to flatten his tires. Arm the car whatever but do something.

            Eric has said before that if he has the drop on a cop then he’ll use evasive maneuvers to keep from getting pulled over. That’s confronting a cop.

            Now take it to its next logical step: what if you can’t evade him? The goal is to maintain your annonymity while never allowing him to pull you over in the first place.

            If you do get pulled over then the goal is to never confront porky outside the vehicle. A direct armed confrontation is the last thing you want but we have to take steps to protect ourselves.

            No matter how you slice it or dice it: if we don’t change something, nothing will ever change.

            • “Eric has said before that if he has the drop on a cop then he’ll use evasive maneuvers to keep from getting pulled over. That’s confronting a cop.”

              No, it’s evasion – literally! (That’s what they’ll charge you with if caught.)

              I only do this in my area – which is a rural area. Which means, open, often empty roads – so I’m not putting others at risk – and also, probably no other porkers in the immediate vicinity. If I have “the drop” on the cop, and can get out of his sight for even a few moments, I’m almost certainly home free. There are just too many little country roads, too many turn offs, too many places I could have gone… he’ll never find me. My usual MO is to lose him, then make a few random turns, then sneak my way through the back roads home.

      • Sun Tzu Six Principles:

        It depends on who you are, and what you bring to the battle. You want to achieve your objective without destruction, try to remain alive while you make your stand. If you see a weakness, attack the cop verbally, or in other ways where he is most vulnerable. Record it so your sortee can train your future brothers in resistance.

        Der Sun Tzu Liù(six)

        1. Win All Without Fighting: Achieving the Objective Without Destroying It.

        2. Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness: Striking Where the Enemy is Most Vulnerable.

        3. Deception and Foreknowledge: Winning the Information War.

        4. Speed and Preparation: Moving Swiftly to Overcome Resistance.

        5. Shaping the Enemy: Preparing the Battlefield.

        6. Character-Based Leadership: Leading by Example


        I strongly believe Eric, Dom, commentators, and visitors are leading by example, in ways both seen and unseen.

        Others work trying to shape the enemy and prepare the battlefield. They hone techniques to gain speed and preparation so they can move swiftly to overcome them shoud der tag kommt, Allah forbid.

        As a whole, this blog is an intimidating edifice against the PTB in the right hands. The Obi-Wans here teach us well about deception and foreknowledge, and how to win the information war.

      • Don has repeatedly chided us for “submitting and obeying.”

        Yet I don’t doubt he also submits and obeys to the authoritay of the state just as we do … when we have to. When we can’t get away with not submitting – and when the only option other than submitting entails a cuffing and stuffing – or much worse.

        I agree with him in principle 100 percent. We have every right to object to what is being done to us – and every right to resist every infringement of our rights. But does that mean we resist the cop who just pulled us over for some manufactured, victimless crime “offense”? Has Don resisted? I doubt it.

        To be clear: I am not mocking him. I share his frustration and anger. But I think he’s being unfair – and unrealistic – when it comes to his repeated posts urging physical resistance. I love the idea – but I know where that will lead.

        And I expect he does, too.

        • As you know I haven’t paid a frivolous traffic citation in years. I’m sure there are at least a couple bench warrants out on me in Va and now Mi. The day will come when a porky will ask me to step out of my car so he can arrest me and I’ll refuse and I’ll make my stand right there and then. I’ll do it morally and even politely but I will not exit my vehicle and simply submit to him.

          I will never knowingly do the wrong thing again. I feel like I give a little piece of my soul every time I do. But I will also be prepared.

          I refuse to let some fat, retarded thug get the best of me. Shame on me if I can’t outsmart him.

          • That’s commendable, Don.

            I wish I could do the same. But, I can’t – not without giving up what I do for a living. If I don’t pay the fine, they will suspend my license. The car companies will not send me cars without a valid DL.

            Thus, I have to play along.

            But, there are things I do to fight back – which I can’t get into here. As you say, we must each do what we can, how we can.

            In the meanwhile, let’s keep laughing in their faces – spitting in their faces, when we can do so. Once enough people no longer respect the system, the system is doomed.

            I suspect we are already there – and now it’s just a matter of events taking their course.

          • Why not have some yummy slop(non-fatally poisoned) ready for Porky. Vegas has 3/20 of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US, doesn’t Detroit have some as well?

            I’m sure there’s plenty of Arsenic Angels and Strychnine Soldiers you could “partner” with before the great Periodic Tables of your Elements need be upturned and returned to the Earth.

            You’ll need a cool street alias, and an anonymous burn vehicle. Only if you trust yourself to never talk about anything personal, ever, they are Tigers To Grab By The Tail only, not good housepets.

            I found spreading a few burn phones around and showing urban entrepreneurs how to go digital on Craigslist or Sippsapp(misspelled purposely) earned me a deck of Aces up my sleeve, I needed one 5 years ago to make an appearance to scare away a plundering friend with a failing business. I’m sure this works with most PorkRheinlanders as well.

            Pathetic & distasteful, certainly. But I’m playing for my life, not looking for a good guy approval stamp on my headstone.

    • Hi Don,

      We’ve stomped this ground many times before…

      Physical resistance is not merely suicidal, it is counterproductive. It allows them to portray us as the “aggressive” and “violent” ones. I know and you know that this is not so – but most people will see it that way. And thus, the problem. The answer is to maneuver the authoritarians into being the aggressors – the obviously violent ones. The ones doing the harassing and worse of peaceful, harmless people. This will erode the ground from underneath the boots of the thugocracy. It is already happening. Millions of “law abiding” citizens have either personally felt the claws of the authoritarian state – or seen the claws applied to people “just like them.” This is incredibly important. It’s no longer possible – or at least, it is much harder – for “law abiding” people to dismiss the authoritarianism all around them because it is now being applied to them and those like them – not mostly the underclass (or more recently, “terrorists”) which they do not empathize with.

      The day will come, Don.

      And by the way, we’re not guilty of inaction.

      To write, to video – to challenge and undermine the legitimacy of the authoritarian state – these are actions of the first magnitude. Because they are essential to the success of the next step.

      • I get you Eric, but IMO all those things are already here and have been for years so now it’s time to defend ourselves. You know I don’t advocate aggressive violence but we can no longer talk about resistance while not resisting.

        Ron Paul has said many times: everyone fights tyranny in his own way. We need to fight the battle of the minds and hearts as well as the battles on the streets. Somebody has to lead by example.

        I want to believe that if more people were shown what is really possible, that they can morally and even safely resist on the street then they would do it too.

        We should be directing our energy towards finding that solution. How hard can it be?

        • How a State Collapses: … “One day, the streets were crawling with troops in full command of the country, and the next day, these same troops are catching the fastest ride out of town, abandoning their posts and not even bothering to grab their personal effects. … At some point, the people will tell Caesar precisely what he is entitled to and claim the rest for themselves, while those in captivity will ask in bemusement: “What has happened? Where are the guards?””

          Is that similar to how things changed not too long ago in certain Eastern European countries?

          I’ve read about how life is in some of those Eastern European countries today, with their wonderful liberties we are not allowed here in the unitedstate, and the convenience of the bribe,… how did that all come about?

          Troops for empire do not work to support the empire for nothing.
          If there is no money, or when money buys very little, there is no empire.

          The task, it seems, is to stay alive until then. … Or make it across the street where detentions are not metered out:

          Fucking bullies keep pushing and pushing, then when the fight starts, the bully says, “He started it!”
          Isn’t that how it is now? The bully craves the recognition and the status of getting away with it? The bully wants the fight, he gains from it, while the bullied take a loss, i.e. the star sports-player is in detention, alongside the bully, rather than playing in The big game Saturday night.
          To top it off, the player’s girlfriend goes with another.

          Also, who the heck can afford bully-proof glass?

        • “We should be directing our energy towards finding that solution. How hard can it be?”

          And that’s exactly what we’re doing by mocking the state, by calling attention to its abuses… by de-legitimizing it.

          This is the key to everything, my friend.

          All else will follow.

          • Time and again I’m reminded of this scene from the novel, The Moon is Down:

            “Loft drew himself up and said formally, “I had just relieved Captain Bentick, as the colonel ordered. Captain Bentick was about to leave to come here when I had some trouble about a recalcitrant miner who wanted to quit work. He shouted something about being a free man. When he ordered him to work, he rushed at me with his pick. Captain Bentick tried to interfere.” He gestured toward the body. …”


            The recalcitrant miner had no patience, wasn’t exactly backed into a corner, and they weren’t gunning for him from the get-go – he had options, to a point – however; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

            … Waiting for Chapter 2, tiger rider?
            Of course, the tiger ain’t waiting for you.

            Insert image from the film, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” here – x – Almost any image will do.

          • eric, “…mocking the state…”

            This is the key to victory – mockery.

            I heard on the radio today that the governor of Colorado has ordered that all flags will be lowered to half-mast after the shooting death of the head of the Colorado Prison Industrial Complex.

            Every liberty loving Coloraidion should instead hoist their state flag at full mast and call into their local radio stations to say that they are glad that such a statist punk is no longer a threat to the good and peaceable peoples of Colorado.

  4. Amerika isn’t unique. World motorcycle traveler Ted Simon said that in his journeys he found most people to be good and, if need be, helpful. The only people he came to fear were those wearing uniforms. While traveling in a South American country he was arrested, questioned, and imprisoned for the transgression of “being there”. He feared that he was going killed until the day he was released.

  5. I agree with most of the points on this article, except for the one about rolling your window down only a couple inches. Every time I have tried this with LEO, Border Patrol, or Homeland Security Goons they have escalated their harassment level.

    I was at the Hoover Dam crossing (prior to the bypass being finished) and Homeland Security had a suspicionless security checkpoint set up. When it was my turn I rolled my window down a couple of inches, and refused all requests to open it further.

    The goon called her supervisor, who immediately set in with intimidation tactics and demanding to search my vehicle. I refused to be searched as well. They wouldn’t allow me to proceed on my way, but once they saw I couldn’t be intimidated into complying, they calmed down and allowed me to make a U-turn and take a different route across the border.

    I could have avoided a confrontation if I had simply lowered my window from the start, which I now do.

    • Hi DT,

      I agree the tension will be ratcheted up – but I see this as a good thing. It’s time to stand our ground when we can – and this is such a case. You are not being aggressive – just not deferential. You are peacefully and non-threateningly asserting your rights. And the time has come for us to do this if we wish to retain them.

      Will it increase the odds you’ll get a ticket? Probably. Well, I’ve thought about it – and decided my rights, my self-respect are worth more to me than sucking up to a costumed thug in order to step n’ fetchit my way out of a $150 ticket.

  6. The Mantra of Rigid Behavior Rules Vs. One’s Internal Compass

    I’m Your Sinful Slave* – No Beats Necessary – Nasheed

    70 Most Deadly Sins In The Eyes of Yahweh/Allah

    01. Shirk (Idolatry/Polytheism – Associating anything or anyone as God with Allah) [This Includes NAP & Austrian Economics]
    02. Murder
    03. Practicing magic
    04. Not Praying
    05. Not paying Zakat (charity alms)
    06. Not fasting on a Day of Ramadan without an excuse
    07. Not performing Hajj, while being able to do so
    08. Disrespect to parents
    09. Abandoning relatives
    10. Fornication and Adultery
    11. Homosexuality(sodomy)
    12. Charging or Paying Interest(Riba)
    13. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan
    14. Lying about Allah and His Messenger
    15. Running away from the battlefield
    16. A leader’s deceiving his people and being unjust to them
    17. Pride and arrogance
    18. Bearing false witness
    19. Drinking Wine or Intoxicants (khamr)
    20. Gambling
    21. Slandering chaste women
    22. Stealing from the spoils of war
    23. Stealing
    24. Highway Robbery
    25. Taking false oath
    26. Oppression
    27. Illegal gain
    28. Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully
    29. Committing suicide
    30. Frequent lying
    31. Judging unjustly
    32. Giving and Accepting bribes
    33. Woman’s imitating man and man’s imitating woman
    34. Being cuckold
    35. Marrying a divorced woman in order to make her lawful for the husband
    36. Not protecting oneself from urine
    37. Showing-off
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      • That site is darkly hilariously true. It’s my latest bookmark to get the neurons firing each day.

        May peaceful Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N soon resume.

        The young Islam Cain seeks to kill his elder brother Christian Abel. Neither will listen to his father Jewish Adam.

        LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ. LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ. LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ LΩ√Ξ.

  7. Their mantras are endless and insufferable. Abstinent self-denial and sobriety gentlemen. Community norm-enforcement and modesty ladies.

    Shaytan* Says Your Hijab Looks Ugly

    Grammys Dress Code (Moochelle Is Attending This Year!)

    *shaytan is anyone who fails to follow the Islamic church rules and spiritual bureaucracy mandates.

  8. P.S. to all those pathetic anuses who say if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. You are a king clover and just don’t know it yet.

    • Dear drones,

      Amen to that!

      Funny how these sheeple blank out when clover cops violate “The Law” by arresting anyone who records their brutality on cell phones.

      Funny how they don’t apply the same “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about” logic to them.

      Fucking idiots.

      • I came back to this website to re-read through the comments and I must say, I love you guys! Go read this article on “shtfplan” dot com…. (and try not to puke as you read the comments) lots of king clovers there. I love both this website and that one but I’ve got my fingers crossed that the awesome people here keep the douchebags from there away.

        All cops are scum. I refuse to be the douchebag who desperately seeks excuses for the “good cops”…I’ll just be the douchebag who gets to suck a cops dick every time I get pulled over because I fear that if I don’t, evidence will be planted on me and I’ll never see the light of day again. “God bless America, laaaaaand of the freeeeeeee”

  9. Try to have fun with donut commandos without getting sarcastic. If they ask you step out of the car always ask if you are being placed under arrest. Have fun with the stupid human tricks. Ohhh the tip of this pen will tell me if you are drunk or high it is very scientific. I always say I had a coca-cola earlier one mouth breather double digit IQ civil servant POS said ohh you had some cocaine? In this state an open container means a trip downtown and it doesn’t matter if your cousin Bubba threw it there three months ago and you never noticed. That is the gold ol’ lethal dose of no brain one size fits all every circumstance is the same statist approach.

    • Be smart. And then be smarter. There is no surefire way to not get caught, but you can minimize your risk.

      I’m sure this guy’s recommendation for “minimizing risk” is tantamount to put oneself into a permanent coma so as never to actually interact with other human beings again in any way that could be construed as illegal even by the most grotesque of mental and logical contortions. That’s about the only EFFECTIVE way when one lives in a police state to minimize the risk of getting “raked in” (thank you, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn). Just ask anyone left alive who survived the Stalinist era in Russia.

  10. All of you are WRONG.

    The best way to deal with the police is to not deal with them at all. And the way to do that is to simply OBEY THE LAW! All of them. Obey ALL 500 thousand pages of laws, regulations, and codes at ALL times and you will never have to worry about dealing with the brave men and women who risk their lives EVERYDAY to keep us safe.

    • Damn, you’re right!! I memorized the damn “Pledge of Allegiance”, so a 20 inch stack of fine print mumbo jumbo should be a breeze!!
      Oh, wait!!! Hey wait a minute! You weren’t bein’ SARCASTIC were ya??

      • Uh-yeah. After too many tickets I used to try and do that whole “by the book” thing. Then I read this:

        Channeling the Soviet Union: How U.S. Federal Criminal Law Has Reincarnated Beria

        Where I learned about, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. By Harvey A. Silverglate <- he shows how on average a regular person commits 3 felonies a day without even knowing it. You do too.

          • Dear bear,

            Yeah. It’s definitely not inadvertent or unintentional.

            A system so rife with legal pitfalls, that guarantees that one ends up a “scofflaw” no matter how obedient one might try to be, does not come about by sheer accident.

            The underlying intent is all too clear.

      • I heard on the radio the other day that the pages with the Obummacare regulations stack up to over seven feet tall! But do not worry, none of it will be used to go after anyone unfriendly to TPTB.

  11. Great article as usual Eric, just one small point:

    I call people “Sir” and “Ma’am” all the time while I’m interacting with them throughout the course of the day if it strikes me as appropriate. To me it’s just ordinary courtesy. It’s kind of like saying “I wish you well, to the degree that strangers can be expected to care about each another.”

    WHAT you say isn’t nearly as important as HOW you say it. It’s very possible to call someone “sir” without shuffling and conveying a desire to suck up. It’s also possible to roll over without ever uttering the “S” word. It’s all in your body language, the inflection of your voice, and how you present yourself in general.

    As a side note, I’m 57 years old and would probably never call some 25 year old kid with a buzz cut “sir.” But I’m just sayin’… it’s the delivery more than the words you actually use in the encounter.

  12. Out of control pensions for low level local government employees (looking at you ticket writing donut commandos) are another reason the fading banana republik USSA is on the ropes financially. I know every cop is a brave commando hero who has saved scores of people but do they really deserve six figure pensions?

    • I know every cop is a brave commando hero who has saved scores of people but do they really deserve six figure pensions?

      Oh, but WE have to give them what they want. Otherwise, they’ll all come down with a case of “blue flu.” Then nobody’ll be around to protect us from … oh wait, never mind.

      • If there’s no one to prosecute us, then all we do is de facto legal.
        Maybe not MORAL, but I won’t lose sleep over gutting an agressor like a fish. Might even play jumprope with his intestines before he bleeds out. 😀

        YEs, i’m a sick f*ck. It’s been a rough day trying to figure out why some .NET POS won’t lie down and play dead, and running out of time and tools. 🙁 So while I won’t aggress against others, if they aggress against me? No hesitation. 😀

        And remember, if the ref didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

        • “And remember, if the ref didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”

          Ha! You get five for fighting just because you said that. 😉

  13. I say – whether or not this advice makes sense depends on how far gone we are. It’s up to the person stopped to determine if we are far enough down the road that asserting legal rights – recognized time and again by courts – will lead to assault and murder.

    Also, I never understood identifying yourself as a gun-carrier and handing over your gun during a stop, while claiming the 2nd amendment exists to protect us from tyranny. They shouldn’t feel safe when conducting stops – they should feel that the person they pulled over is equally human, and has equal right to self-defense.

  14. Great article!! When they ask if I know why they pulled me over, I just say no. If they ask if you have been drinking, I have heard others always say no. Unless you are really drunk, they will not know. If they can tell, you know you won’t pass an alcohol test, so REFUSE IT!! I have a lawyer friend that says in 10 years he has never lost a case where the accused did not admit alcohol consumption, did not take a field test and did not take a breath test.

    • Great article!! When they ask if I know why they pulled me over, I just say no. If they ask if you have been drinking, I have heard others always say no.

      Officer Oinky: “Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?”

      Mere Mundane: “If I had to hazard a guess, it’s because
      either you or your bosses need money or
      because you’ve had a bad day and are
      hankering to beat the shit of the first
      person you can find who is in no position to
      fight back. Both, maybe?”

      Officer Oinky: “Have you been drinking?”

      Mere Mundane: “Black coffee, Starbucks, straight up, all
      day. Guess that’s why I seem a little
      ‘wound up.’ Care for a donut? Now that the
      coffee’s gone, I don’t want any more. I
      think there’s a couple of KY Jelly-filled
      ones left. Should be right up your alley
      (or up your something else, given what most
      of you cops are into).

      “Man, speaking of black coffee, all that
      Starbucks has me needing to piss like a
      racehorse. Will I get a ticket if I ‘drain
      the crane’ on the shoulder right here?”

      • In Illinois as far as I can determine the only test one must consent to is the breath or blood test taken after arrest. The one at the station. The preliminary breath test (the one they carry in the police cruiser) like the stand on one leg follow the pen stuff is all to create probable cause for an arrest. Those can be refused.

      • In VA, everyone who operates a motor vehicle upon the highways of the Commonwealth “implicitly consents” (meaning, they have not inf fact consented but are forced) to provide a sample of their blood or breath taken when under suspicion of intoxication. The law allows for a separate offense when they “unreasonably” refuse to offer that sample.

        You’re screwed, either way.

        • This is pretty much the status quo everywhere. I have no doubt that the issue has been raised in various federal courts on numerous occasions (only to be tossed, no doubt), but how can they possibly reconcile someone being forced to submit to a breathalyzer/body fluid test as compatible with the 4th and 5th Amendments?

          Never mind. I withdraw that question as being “frivolous” and “irrelevant.”

  15. I remember a case from the VA area in which a police officer wigged out when someone from North Carolina, which requires officer disclosure when carrying, did precisely what you did. Proned the guy out and cuffed him.

    You must also remember the case of the thug Daniel Harless, who went ballistic on a CCW holder who had been trying to tell him he had a CCW and was carrying, but was told to “shut up?”

    While I see your reasoning about possibly getting out of a ticket, I think it’s better to stay silent until he asks you to step out of the car and Terry frisks you. The badgethug never needs to know that you are armed until that point.

    • You must also remember the case of the thug Daniel Harless, who went ballistic on a CCW holder who had been trying to tell him he had a CCW and was carrying, but was told to “shut up?”

      I’ll bet that Badgetard Harless was wearing a kevlar vest, as most of these dickless pussies now do, when he pulled over said CCW holder. It makes me wonder, given Harless’s pants-shitting reaction to the presence of a fully cooperative, otherwise non-threatening motorist, if most of those “kevlar vests” really aren’t anything more than down pillows that are used more for show (or to give brainless badged retards the illusion of “occifer safety”) than actual protection. Maybe one day somebody’ll find that out for us…

    • Now THAT would be spectacle for the ages: a local porker going “roid rage” on a federal tax thief (or federal ANYTHING) during a routine traffic stop. It would be one of those “oh please, Mommy, can’t BOTH teams lose?” scenarios.

  16. The YouTube video posted in comments having James Duane discuss y never talk to police are good and accurate, but may lead to expanding the conflict within the stop. The am I under arrest or free to go questions work and puts the officer into immediate “terry” quandry – where they don’t wanna go – requiring formal arrest or release. If u are a CCW holder, as states connect such info to the individuals car registration, i recommend placing vehicle ownership and registration in an LLC with a phone number that has a recording machine, not a person. Then when license ran – or auto red light fine sent – no individuals name is in the system, the uniform database has no idea which person is driving, and it comes up as an LLC. The added cost on insurance and registration is worth the added anonymity. If LLC is a 501(c)3 – even better.

  17. When the pigs ticketed me in Detroit, I refused to answer any of their questions and so when I asked about the court date etc… the cops says: “you didn’t answer any of my questions, so I’m not going to answer any of yours.” ROFL.

    What a child. Isn’t it funny how if he arrests you he’ll tell you that you have the right to remain silent. But before he arrests you it hurts his feelings if you remian silent.

    The idiocy of the state never ceases to make me laugh.

  18. I remember the incident pictured here with the motorcycle, perhaps the height of cop stupidity i’ve personally seen. If the bike rider had a CCW, his correct course of action would’ve been to blow that cop away.

    • Yup! But I’ve noticed that even if someone is carrying they refuse to use their weapon if the aggressor is a costumed goon.

      Those goons will never change their ways until we show them that they’d better think twice before contronting us aggressively.

  19. Top 3 things NOT to say to a cop:

    1. Don’t look at me like that,you fat asshole.

    2. Without that gun and badge you ain’t shit, boy.

    3. I am not afraid of you & I will beat your ass.

    Saying any of these three things will, at the very minimum, get your ass whipped, and may get you shot. Remember NOT to say these things. Y’all stay safe out there.

      • “number 3 is very likely not an empty boast.”

        #3 is also the name of an album by the group “Yo La Tengo”. If you have a copy of the CD lying out on your passenger seat, and if the cop can read….instant wood shampoo. ahaha

  20. Well put and direct and to the point and more importantly, CORRECT. How many people give up the rights to searches for example just because the cop asks (as you said, if he wanted to search and didn’t need permission he’d just do it). And how many people forget that just becasue they are acting friendly means nothing, as they are trained to manipulate. They have a clear agenda and you have to fight it.

    Also good on the leading questions part too, as it’s also a part of their training to get you to admit to something. They do it all the time too, so play dumb and let them work for their ticket.

    I read once from a lawyer that there are only 2 statements to ever make to a cop…”Am I under arrest?” and then depending on the answer either “Then I am free to go?” or “Then you will explain the charges and I will say nothing more”. Literally nothing else should ever be said to a cop except your name. They explained that even a simple traffic stop has the same idea…since by definition a traffic stop is an arrest (they are stopping you from leaving) they either have to charge you or wave goodbye. Getting into a conversation is not required by law, and if they have questions they have to arrest you FIRST.

    The logic is undeniable.

    Anyway, great post and hope it gets around…cops have it too easy sometimes.

    • the the swinest wil get into the mental gymnastic semantics of being detained not arrested. your being stopped for questioning not detained etc. etc.

      • Then you can engage in gymnastics of your own.

        “Oh I’m not under arrest? Great, then I’ll be leaving now…Oh I’m being detained? Then you will tell me on what grounds. Oh I’m just being questioned? Then am I under arrest? No? Excellent, then I’m not feeling like a conversation with you so I’ll be going now. Oh NOW I’m under arrest? Then I exercise my right to remain silent and I’m not answering anything. What are you arresting me with? Won’t tell me? Fine, I’m not talking to you anyway…let me know when my lawyer arrives!”

        sure it’s a pain in the ass, but if the cop is going to go down this road, believe me they would have regardless of anything you would have said (see “not your friends” above”)

        Roadside chit-chat is often just an excuse to small breath and look for intoxication anyway, so call them on it. when they act (emphasis ACT) all friendly and ask how you are this fine evening, probably best to just breathe right in his face so he can tell you’re sober (preferably after lots of garlic) and reply “Get to the point, we both have better things to do” and cut out the BS of them being friends right from the start.

  21. @Eric,

    I agree but I also understand that in some places or under some circumstances it has been made illegal to do so. That means that even if undetected this kind of evidence might be inadmissible.

    My favorite story was a while back where this fellow had a full audio and video set-up inside his car to witness his encounter with a cop. The encounter was contentious and to diffuse it somewhat the motorist pointed out his set-up after enough incriminating footage was taken.

    The cop realized that he would be found in the wrong ( or worse) and attempted to yank the system out, and was then informed that all data is already sent realtime to a remote hard disk. I forget how it ended but I recall that they kept a cruiser parked outside this person’s place for several days to intimidate him. Another method of the ‘thin blue line’…..

  22. Good advise except for one thing, no matter what you say if it goes to court don’t be surprised that his notes ( or the disclosure) will have something very different in them. They also have cookie cutter phrases that must have passed legal tests right up to the supremes many years ago and the judges unreservedly accept them such as the “eyes were bloodshot and was slurring his speech” classic.

    Added to which, pulling your hand back instinctively when grabbed violently is instant resisting arrest and if an officer feels ‘threatened’ that opens up a gamut from a good clubbing ( if there is more than one of them) right to getting fatally shot. The judges will always side with the goons if you are beat up because if not, they will have gold plated a road for a successful civil suit and all regions or municipalities are broke. That is why the only saving grace is if a sympathetic bystander films the event.

    To see officers of the law blatantly lie and outright fabricate serious scenarios destroys respect for them and the system. If felt on his or her own skin It would result in the instant ‘conversion’ of even the most mundane, mundane.

    PS- Calling a steroidal pimple face ‘Sir’ is enough to make one throw up in his own mouth. I find that the best term that requires no sycophancy and doesn’t insult is simply ‘Officer’.


    • Hi Timur,

      Yup – and that’s why it’s so important to have the means to record the interaction. The advent of small, high-quality video and audio rigs – along with the Internet – is perhaps the most effective weapon we Mere Mundanes possess.

  23. One tactic cops use is what I call the “split the difference” tactic. They will state, for example, that they paced you going 52 mph, in a 35 mph zone, when you know that you had your cruise control set on 45.

    Your inclination is to say, “oh no I was only doing 45…” but that’s a trap. He wants you to admit to breaking the law, even if it’s 1 mph over, it’s evidence that you’ve just admitted to a crime, minor though it may be..

    Another way this works is when people say, “oh I only had one beer…” BZZZ, wrong. That’s probable cause, and now you get to do a field sobriety test.

    Never admit to anything, never agree to anything, never volunteer anything. They are paid to arrest you. They buff up their resume by touting their arrest record (even if you aren’t convicted).

    Always remember, they aren’t your friends and they aren’t going to give you brownie points for being honest.

    Laser Guided Loogie

  24. Best NOT to pull the chains of the retards in uniform….Say as little as possible, remember that the Cop has a tiny..TINY Brain, That’s WHY they are in “LAW ENFORCEMENT” in the first place

    • The best way to handle the down syndrome pillsbury dough boys is to ALWAYS refer to a Lawyer…”My attorney said that….” The armed violent retards back off when they think you can easily lawyer up…Or make them think you’re a major news journalist. Everyone should carry a made up “Press Card”.

    • “Say as little as possible”

      That’s the best advice given here so far. The Miranda warning is an incomplete statement. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…..the rest of the statement that goes unmentioned is that NOTHING YOU SAY MAY BE USED IN YOUR DEFENSE IN COURT.

      Ask your attorney about this. It’s why attorneys advise clients repeatedly, “Don’t say anything”.

      In internet forum language, you’re better off to STFU when questioned by a cop.

      • Yup – especially given most people are not trained to fence with oinks and so are at a major disadvantage. Most people also get nervous – understandably. Worst possible time to open your mouth.

        Say nothing beyond the most basic noncommittal things.

    • I LIVE for the day when some prominent law-and-order-worshiping, Reich-wing Rethuglican demagogue, one who never met an oppressive law or authoritarian bully to enforce it that he didn’t love, winds up –very publicly– on the wrong side of Officer Oinky’s roid-induced rage (and nightstick).

  25. Oh, haven’t you heard? There’s a new “don’t pull me over” sticker that you simply must have. It’s a little black square with a thin blue line through the middle. It’s considered to be the height of fashion with the terminally sycophantic.

    There is also a slightly less ingratiating variation on that one which features text through the blue line that reads, “Remember your oath”.

    I can’t, however, vouch for the efficacy of the latter one as far as shielding the bearer from revenue-enhancement operations.

    • “Remember your oath”.

      Despite the fact that they’ve all taken one upon donning their state-issued costumes, most uniformed thugtards have no idea what an “oath” is.

      • Dear lib,

        Oh, that oath.

        The one they remember is this one.

        The Blue Code of Silence (also known as the Blue Shield, Blue Wall, Curtain, Veil, or Cocoon[citation needed]) is an unwritten rule among police officers in the United States not to report on another colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes. If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the code, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer’s wrongdoing.

        It’s the thugtards’ counterpart to the Mafia’s “Omerta.”

        • Lucky for them that it’s an unspoken oath. Can you picture those skinheaded knuckledraggers trying to actually memorize and repeat something consisting of multiple sentences and words of more than two syllables (at least a whole month of porkademy training is probably devoted to the Miranda recitation alone)? If it didn’t involve costumed government thugs intent on committing acts of violence against innocent people, it would be a real spectacle to behold, hilarious enough to induce a stroke from hysterical laughter.

  26. The porker on the right in the first picture: I would have to ask, if pulled over by this creature, “Could one of the two of you please back away from my door? I can’t concentrate when I’m being crowded.”

  27. Three things that are essential to have in your car when driving through pork-heavy territory:

    1. A dozen-box of Dunkins[TM], preferably containing at least two of each popular kind (glazed, cake, filled, etc.).

    2. A magnetic FOP Booster bumper sticker or windshield cling that can be removed once out of “enemy territory.” These can often be obtained without parting with any of your hard-earned cash. In fact, they’re pretty easy to counterfeit. (Caveat: their effectiveness may vary according to geographic area and mood of the particular hog who stops you).

    3. A digital camcorder attached to a transceiver that can upload video footage of your interaction with porcine life forms to a remote server for transfer to YouTube or other media awareness sites.

    An optional “Swine-English/English-Swine” dictionary isn’t a bad thing to have on hand either.

    Again, I’m being only half facetious on items 1, 2, and 4. Number 3 is becoming a must-have in EVERY vehicle.

    • The Pen is mightier than the sword and Video is mightier than the gun.

      Please take the time to watch, and then to share WIDELY, this video with John Stossel and Radley Balko.


      Also for using your devices to livestream to webservers check out qik and ustream as well as the growing number of others.

      And remember what Marc Stevens (Adventures In Legal Land) says regarding ANY interactions with the executive/enforcers and/or judicial/deciders…which is…

      You have ALREADY lost if you have ANY interaction(s) with ANY of them.

      Your TIME, your IRREPLACEABLE PRECIOUS FINITE BREATH/HEARTBEATS are being stolen/robbed from you ANYTIME you have the misfortune to be the direct/indirect subject of their attention(s).

      Is that PLAIN enough?

  28. A much more useful and informative article than just another rant. Excellent answers for the “do you know why….” cop questions.

    I am curious about one of the suggestions though. If they ask “have you been drinking…..” and you absolutely have not…..what is the advantage of remaining silent, instead of saying “no?”

    • Mike,

      There is a youtube video about this topic.

      To paraphrase: Talking to the police will not make the situation better and it could make things worse.

      Your millage may vary depending on the situation and the officer you encounter.

    • I am curious about one of the suggestions though. If they ask “have you been drinking…..” and you absolutely have not…..what is the advantage of remaining silent, instead of saying “no?”

      You could have some fun with this one. In response to the “Have you been drinking?” question, the natural response is “Have I been drinking WHAT?”

  29. Good post Eric. I like the old wise guy scenario when dealing with donut cops, keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk back, don’t get hysterical or grovel with ‘sir,’ and the always, ‘am I free to go?’ We all need to relearn our rights training.

    And you are especially right, never consent to any searches, and never give the donut brigade the keys to your car, because that is considered giving consent to the police. Keep the doors locked and the windows up, if they order you to exit the vehicle. Attorneys have told me in the past that they have thrown out illegal searches as evidence during judicial hearings.

    It is also important to practice our rights in the privacy of our homes and apartments. With my gun practices, I also practice my rights ‘spiel,’ such as being stopped on the street, stopped by a traffic revenue donut, at a checkpoint, (there are many of them out here in the southwest), and dealing with a post, armed self-defense scenario. Practice makes the difference.

    No one talks, everyone walks.

    • Never talk. It will piss them off mightily.

      Actually, in this area, the state declines to prosecute when they cannot extract a confession. To much work to investigate when there are so many other stupid people accepting plea bargains. Only one case in 1000 goes to trial, generally murder cases… Most cases where the state has to work to prove their case is dropped the day before (they’re trying their damnedest to extract that plea bargain, including adding new charges every week)

      Admit nothing live free!!

      I tell ’em “I do not consent to a search without a warrant. Get a warrant, and then have at it.” To much work it seems… (plus there’s nothing to find, but that’s a bonus for the day some annoyed former reservist actually gets his warrant)

  30. *Never Forget – Cops are required to be psychopaths as a condition of their employment. In this upside-down society, you must recognize the common schmucks who are required to be psychopaths to hold onto their “job.” Don’t be a clover who falls for sales and political hype. Know your enemies who betray you with a kiss, a smile, and a lie:

    1 The waitress who upsells you to the most expensive meal and drinks while lying about how they are her favorite.
    2 The salesman who upsells you to the maximum car payment you can handle based on your credit report while lying about how great you look in the more expensive car.
    3 The realtor who tries to get you to pay more than a house is worth to maximize his commission.
    4 The friend who is always inviting you to use some product or attend some sales pitch meeting.
    5 The priest who exhorts everyone to give more, so he can build a wing onto his church. Never mind the bible forbids public charity or building a house of public prayer:

    Matthew 6:4-6:6
    So that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
    And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.
    But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

      • Second that opinion Lib.

        I have a Rott that can find you in the wild (any wild) on a 40 acre site in 5 minutes. She can also open doors. She can board a helicopter. She will find you when you’re unconscious, come back and get me, then take me (the medic) back to you. She’ll do this over and over until I find you. She’s a very smart dog.

        After the dog security comment I’m a bit defensive. I know some pretty smart dogs. None of them are on welfare.

        • I know some pretty smart dogs. None of them are on welfare.

          That’s why I find swine K-9 units to be so offensive. The very idea that cops should be “training” and handling dogs is mind-boggling. It’s exactly backwards; the dogs need to be handling and training the cops. As I’ve mentioned before, dogs shit turds that are smarter than the average cop.

          • @liberranter:
            …the dogs need to be handling and training the cops.

            Great! Another perfectly good protein shake partially expelled out the nose while laughing!

            Thanks for that one liberranter 🙂

    • “Sometimes when it’s dangerous, you have to do what you can to stay safe,” she said.

      Like hold up everyone else and create a rolling roadblock.

    • AAA spokesman missed the point (imo) of the ticket. The message is for all drivers to keep right except when passing.

      • AAA is anti-driver and always on the side of the police and the “law”. It’s as if run by all Clovers.

        And higher costs and restriction (4 tows only, annually)continue.

        • AAA is run by Clovers – for Clovers.

          The outfit you want is NMA – the National Motorists Association ( Good people. Check them out.

    • Stupid bitch clover needs to learn to stay the hell out of the hammer lane! Wish cops enforced this more often. We need more of it. Turd said “butthurt!” HA

      • While I certainly feel no sympathy for this dumb broad, doesn’t it go to show you how useless speed limits are for enforcing the law? You get pulled over for going under, over, or in my friend’s case, going exactly the limit… The only way to not get pulled over is to never leave your house. Allowing the cops to use their own discretion on this issue has completely invalidated the 4th amendment.

        This situation didn’t need “law enforcement.” The most it called for was a citizen laying on the horn or flashing his brights.

        On the other hand, if I’m going to be harassed for “dangerously” going 7 over, then the clovers need to be harassed as well. I’d just rather there weren’t as many harassers.

        • Brent has observed – and I agree with him – that the system is set up this way deliberately. So they always have some “legal” reason to fuck with you – to be exercised at their whim.

    • “Here’s a feelgood story of the day about a clover who’s all butthurt over getting a ticket for driving slow in the fast lane.”

      Ahaha. Good one, Turd.

  31. I got pulled over a few weeks ago. When the cop asked if I knew why I was being pulled over, I told him I didn’t know but I hoped it was because he thought he recognized an old friend and wanted to say hi. Turns out I had a brake light out and he just wanted to let me know about it. Was a real young kid…seemed nice enough…probably just graduated from the academy within the last year…alas, give him another year on the job and I’m sure he will have morphed into a bitter donut-munching lardass with a blue chip on his shoulder.

    • The last time a cop asked me if I knew why he pulled me over, I said, “you mean you forgot? In that short little walk from your car to my car, you forgot? And you want me to help you?

      He actually laughed and let me off with a warning (driving 60 in a 45).

  32. Excellent Eric!

    In the spirit of being proactive; I hope everyone is thoroughly prepped with the three “G’s”: guns, gold, and grub.

    But beyond that we should all be learning techniques of resistance, and re-learn the fine art of saying NO!

    Boston T Party’s You and the Police is an excellent small primer on dealing with them–and you’ve captured the essence of it in this article. He details the intricacies of a “Terry stop”, when they may detain you and how long, etc.

    But it all boils down to–stop acting like a fucking slave, don’t grovel, YOU are HIS BOSS–don’t let him forget it.

    He has no more “authority” than you; in a functioning Republic, you’re on equal footing.

    If you’ve studied the basics–like Party’s book–you’re probably better-versed already than he is.

    In the end, this revolution will be won well before any shots are fired…it will be won by millions of people firmly, clearly, convincingly uttering the one word tyrants cannot stand–NO.

    • I agree with MeNH2 that “You and the Police” is a good little book and worth the read. Too much good advice to go into here but one of his strategies is to avoid a direct confrontation with Officer Airborne. You have to deflate him with subtlety.
      Since Meth brought up the 3Gs, I have to HIGHLY recommend Boston’s Gun Bible
      on both his knowledge of firearms and philosophical grounds (he refuses to use the $ sign when he discusses FRN prices for gear and he has some nice side bar discussions as well). His discussion on main battle rifles was particularly enlightening. Well worth your time.

    • While gold is great, compact and easilly transportable, it’s also more vulnerable. Hedging with sufficient quantities of silver should be practiced. They’re smaller denominations of value and practical. And I’d put more stock on storing up grub and guns to protect said grub. You can’t eat gold.

  33. In some states, like Michigan, it’s not just good policy to tell them, it’s the law.

    CPL holders “shall immediately disclose” to the police officer that he or she is carrying a concealed pistol either on their person or in their motor vehicle. Failure to disclose this information to a police officer carries the following penalties:

    First offense = State Civil Infraction – $500 fine and 6-month CPL license suspension.

    Second offense = State Civil Infraction – $1000 fine and CPL license revocation.

    • Yeah, same in Colorado where I used to have a CCW.

      No such requirement here in New Hampshire, though. It was quite fun when I was stopped by a motorcycle cop becuase I had expired tags. I pulled the new stickers out of the center console and said, “You mean these?”. He said, “yes” and told me they had to be on the plates. I said, “You can stick them on if you’d like”. He didn’t like that and told me that I’d have to do it.

      So I got out of the car and that’s when he saw the Glock I had securely in my holster. I swear he must have transported three feet backwards through space instantaneously.

      He watched me put on the stickers from a distance. After I was done and back in the car, he suggested that I tell the next cop if I was wearing a gun.

      So I told him I don’t like doing that, because “Hello, officer. I’ve got a gun” could go badly for me.

      • I live in VA – where it’s not required to inform the cop you have a CHP – but here’s what I do:

        When pulled, I hand the cop my license and CHP, which I keep together in a small detachable billfold. I tell him: I have a CHP, and then I advise him where the gun is and ask how he’d like to proceed. Sometimes, the cop will take the gun while he writes the ticket. Sometimes, he does not.

        Either way, I figure I’ve served my own best interests.

        It looks to the cop like I am “concerned about his safety” – and that, in turn, may help get me out of the ticket (this has happened twice).

        Secondarily, whether I’m in the right or not legally, the reality is that it’s dangerous for a citizen to be found in possession of a gun by a cop. Better just tell him and go from there.

        • Better just tell him and go from there.

          That’s probably good advice, though it seems to contradict part of your column:

          One [way] for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy.

          I’m not a CCW holder and don’t know how I’d respond if I were and had been stopped. But I have a sneaking suspicion that very soon, handing over one’s firearm(s) will be the LAST thing on people’s mind when a thug cop shows up.

          • “I’m not a CCW holder and don’t know how I’d respond if I were and had been stopped. But I have a sneaking suspicion that very soon, handing over one’s firearm(s) will be the LAST thing on people’s mind when a thug cop shows up. ”

            Very good points. It’s certainly the last thing on my mind when I’m stopped. The way I see it, “thug cop” is a redundancy. A cop is a thug by definition.

            A thug is someone who will mindlessly do violence on the orders of whoever is paying them. They love the fear they instill in others whether they work for a government or for a gang.

        • “I live in VA – where it’s not required to inform the cop you have a CHP”

          We also have open carry laws here in Va, which is why I don’t have a permit. I don’t mention my handguns to a cop.

          I carry my handguns openly, unless I feel I need to conceal one or more, in which case I conceal them.

          The way I see it, even if I try hard to be law-abiding, there are so many laws that I don’t know about, and there are so many cops who will try to ruin an innocent person’s life, that there’s no point in trying to submit and obey. Submission and obedience just ain’t in me, anyway.

          • My take on this is practical:

            They have the gun and the badge and with them, the legal authority to fuck up your life. Perhaps take your life.

            So, I take no chances.

            I don’t want the fucker to screech – “he’s got a gun!” – and then ventilate me. I’m dead, he spends a few days on “administrative duty” until cleared by IA.

            So, after I hand the fucker my DL and CHP, I keep both hands on the wheel and tell him I am armed and where the gun is and how he’d like to proceed.

            Am I required to proceed this way? No. Not in my state, at least.

            But I do it anyway because it keeps me safe (or at least, safer) without any loss to me. It may even help me get out of the ticket.

            I know Don will probably chime in and critique me for “surrendering” my rights. But unless you’re prepared to take a life-changing (and possibly, life-ending) decision over a traffic stop, then shut up, do what you have to do and live to fight another day.

          • “But unless you’re prepared to take a life-changing (and possibly, life-ending) decision over a traffic stop, then shut up, do what you have to do and live to fight another day. ”

            Ain’t that what I said? I don’t have a permit to hand them, so they don’t ask about my pistols. I don’t tell them shit about firearms, let alone hand them mine, the subject just hasn’t been raised.

            This is the way I do it, and I drive through Chesterfield county (commonly called ‘Arresterfield’, locally) almost every day and have been stopped there so many times I can’t even guess at the number of stops.

            Most cops who stop me are of an age to be my grandsons, and I’m a calm, collected old white haired dude with a mild expression. Shit, I won’t live in fear of being shot by a cop. If it happens, it happens, I didn’t deal the hand, I just have to play it out or fold it.

            That’s one advantage I can see in my religion. I think that my creator will determine when I’m going to die. Until that time, I’m immortal, and don’t have to fear anything.

            Everybody else can believe or not believe whatever they like. To me, it’s just pointless to go get a permit from a sheriff that I despise, or to voluntarily tell any young skinhead that I’m carrying.

            I’m always armed and just don’t say so. Bringing up the subject of handguns at a traffic stop is just plain foolish, just as getting a permit is.

            • Yeah – but here’s the thing: Before he pulled you, he probably ran your plates. Your plates are tied into your records (assuming the car is your car) and that means he knows you’re carrying (if you have a CHP) before he even gets to your window.

              So, as I see it, you lose nothing by telling him – and may gain something, such as “getting off” with a warning vs. a ticket (this has happened to me twice). Because you have “shown concern” for “officer safety.” It’s like making the effort to pull off to the side of the road as opposed to just stopping in the middle of the road. No skin off my nose – and it may help me out.

              If you don’t have a CHP and they decide to search you and find a gun on you, you are fucked, friend. Felony bust.

              You can open carry – but that strikes me as foolhardy given the times we live in. Cop walks up to your car and sees a gun on the seat. Or tucked in your waistband. He doesn’t know you – and he knows you don’t have a CHP (having already checked) which means – in his mind – that you maybe a “dangerous” person. (CHP holders have “clean” records, etc.)

              What do you suppose his likely reaction is going to be?

              I’ve had a cop draw down on me. It’s not pleasant.

              Like I said: Unless you’re prepared to risk your life – or take irrevocable action – I can’t see a good reason not to play their game and tell them what you’ve got, defuse the situation, and drive on.

          • “he knows you’re carrying (if you have a CHP) ”

            Bingo. That’s one good thing about not having a permit. Ain’t got one, don’t want one.

            “Cop walks up to your car and sees a gun on the seat. Or tucked in your waistband. ”

            Now that would be foolish of me. I didn’t get to be old by being a fool. They’ll have to search to find the gun. If they search, it will be without my permission.

            “I’ve had a cop draw down on me. It’s not pleasant. ”

            I have too. It’s not supposed to be pleasant. That’s how they want it to be, which is why they draw on apparently unarmed people all the time.

            We could go ’round and’round with this forever, but I have very good reasons for my way of doing what I do. I’m sure you do, too. I want the cops to see a respectably dressed old man driving an old car with all the lights working and all the required stickers and stuff on it, which is what I am. That’s what I show them, so they don’t have to do the steroid induced rage thing with me.

            I keep in mind that cops are fools and assholes by nature. Knowing that, I avoid playing any games at all, theirs or mine. I don’t give a tin shit about officer safety, and won’t pretend to.

            My attitude isn’t grounded in a fear of death. It’s grounded in a basic self respect and a firm intention to live my life without giving in to fear or intimidation.

            If they kill me, that’s OK. I’m going to die someday and I may as well die as I’ve lived.

          • Having “paper” is the first mistake. Having a CCW on top of that paper is like having two flourescent targets painted on your forehead. Regardless, everybody has to live with their conscience and what they feel comfortable with.

      • “So I told him I don’t like doing that, because “Hello, officer. I’ve got a gun” could go badly for me.”

        Exactly. I recently read of an incident where the permit holder was dragged from the car when he showed the cop his permit. The cop screamed something like ” I should shoot you right here”.

        Cops are bullies. Many of them are also crazy as bedbugs. Why tell them anything? Maybe New Hampshire cops realize that they’re probably dealing with an armed person when they pull someone over. Maybe giving cops an unconstitutional law to enforce, as most other states do, is a very bad idea.

        If a cop knows that he can arrest someone just for having a firearm, he’ll be itching to do just that. If you couple that with the naturally cowardly nature of bullies, they’ll be constantly worked up about imaginary scenarios where every citizen is planning to murder them for “doing their jobs”.

        That’s a bad situation.

  34. The state sanctioned gang and all gov employees have no idea how they are hated. They are also outnumbered by a huge number. Better choose carefully donut molestors and gov employee bootlickers there won’t be any second chance if you are on the wrong side.

    • Indeed.

      And to put a finer point on it: They are hated by non-criminals, people who aren’t harming anyone – people like us – who in a sane world would be inclined to support the work of peace officers.

      But then, we are dealing with law enforcers.

      • “But then, we are dealing with law enforcers.”

        I constantly remind statists of this anytime cops are brought up in conversation… especially when cops are brought up as if being one is a good thing, or makes someone trustworthy.

        “Oh… he’s a good guy. He’s a cop.”
        “Yeah, I hate to burst your bubble there… but being a cop is actually the opposite of being a good guy…”

        I like to make people really think about what cops do. Especially when it comes to open carry (which I recently started doing). I explain to people why they should feel more comfortable with my carrying because I do not carry a badge with it.

        • Dear Trocki,

          “I explain to people why they should feel more comfortable with my carrying because I do not carry a badge with it.”

          A worthy enterprise indeed.

          Such a shift in consciousness is sorely needed.

          I’ve never been afraid of being shot and killed for no reason by any private gun owners I’ve met over the years at the target range.

          Far more worrisome are the official thugs in costumes itching to make their bones so they can brag about what they did to some “mere mundane” who was “running his mouth.”

        • correction- they do NOT enforce the ‘law’. They are ‘code’ enforcers. congress makes law, state legislature create statutes which convert to CODES. US v Minker-Codes are not laws they are ‘color of law’, which is something that appears to be a law but is NOT. People are fooled into believing codes are law when they are NOT. so people do not be fooled, and these uniformed persons, for the most part, do NOT know the difference. Remember the corp is training them, so they must convince the just ones, they have the authority, when the teachers KNOW better. But they also know that most sheeple are clueless and they are.
          I don’t agree with the window issue, as most now have body mics and with the window mostly closed any objections or statements made by you will NOT get recorded so the cops word WILL hold as fact in court. Withhold your excuses, let him make his statement, which here they don’t ask, they simply state “I stopped you for doing 80 in a 65″ or whatever. Sometimes they ask if I KNOW how fast I was going. I simply say NO, I was busy ‘watching the road, not my inside dash”. Don’t admit to being in a hurry. I hand over everything, then when presented with the citation for signature (Calif requires it), I print “I DO NOT CONSENT’ then sign my first & middle names, without prej” and hand it back. They will be somewhat confused, but won’t argue, will hand you your copy and you are free to go.
          Now you have ESTABLISHED or ROBBED them of jurisdiction from the get go, but you must be careful to keep it withheld thru the courtesy notice (refuse 4 cause & return unopened), refuse to enter plea, to which judge will ender NG plea and set for trial.
          File motion to dismiss for lack of Jurisd. Court will likely NOT address the issue, deny motion and have trial, find you guilty. Motion for reconsideration or to simply VACATE, Jurisd never established ON THE RECORD, judement void. IF the deny, appeal it on fee waiver.

          • As far as I am concerned, congress doesn’t make law either. This argument about law vs code is little more than the Feds seeking to deny anyone else any little bit of authority. It is a power play. Nothing more.

    • No idea how much they are hated?
      Heck, they FEED off of hate…They’re psychopaths.
      People really need to understand what kind of fucking animal they are dealing with! Statists are Psychopaths!


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