Ayatollah vs. Pope

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Grand Ayatollah Ali Khameni. Cleric and leader of Iran. Wife: Khojaste. Children: Mojtebu, Mostafa, Masoud, Meysan, Hoda, Boshra.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Engineer, teacher, third most powerful leader in Iran. Wife: Azam Farahi. ChildrenL Mehdi, Alireza, Fatemeh.

Pope Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzenberger. Celibate. At age 5, saw a visiting cardinal and wanted to be one because he admired his pretty colorful clothes and jewelry. Joined Hitler Youth at age 14. Joined Nazi Luftwaffe at age 16 as an anti-aircraft gunner.

One of these religions is Rothschild/CIA/Interpol compliant. They understand Father Sandusky is just horsing around and bonding with his disciples during group shower meetings. The other has brutally executed or imprisoned anyone who suggests Islamic Republics should bend over and take it.

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