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This is just depressing:

… from an article about

How to Fly Through the Airport


Succumb to the Scan

There has been a lot of backlash surrounding the recently introduced full-body scanner. While some passengers worry that the radiation emitted from the scanners could lead to medical issues later on, most travelers are simply uncomfortable with TSA’s newfound ability to see through clothing. What’s more, opponents of the full-body scan argue that–like strip searches without probable cause–this new security method violates our basic human rights. Our advice: Just go with the flow. Passing through the full-body scan is quick, painless, and much less nerve-wracking than a pat-down. If the actual imaging makes you uneasy, remember that TSA agents aren’t interested in seeing what you look like in the buff, but rather preventing a possible terrorist attack.

Don’t forget to Smile

It may not be your favorite aspect of traveling, but taking out your frustration on security officials is a surefire way to slow you down. Before you cop an attitude, put things into perspective: Just imagine how many grumpy globetrotters those TSA agents deal with on a daily basis. Airport security is certainly no walk in the park, but if you keep your cool and don a smile, you’ll make the procedure more pleasant for yourself and everyone around you

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