“Creating Jobs”

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Both candidates for the consulship of America entreated the electorate with fulsome promises that “jobs would be created” by them once (s)elected. This goes unremarked – or worse, openly cheered. Yet when did it become the function of the president of the United States to “create jobs”? I have read (and re-read) the Constitution – and can find no such language therein. 

Instead, I found this:

The constitutional role of the president is to “”take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” To sign (or veto) legislation passed by the Congress.

He has authority to appoint cabinet members and ambassadors; to nominate candidates for federal judgeships. He has a ceremonial role as head of state. He is commander-in-chief of the armed forces, but has no power to declare war or raise armies to fight them. He may grant pardons.

He does not write laws – much less “create jobs.” Such is not within his purvue (magical abilities notwithstanding).

He is, constitutionally speaking,  an administrator – not a lawgiver. Not, in other words, a consul. Or a magician.

Well, he is not supposed to be.

And yet, he is.

Worse, he is expected to be.

To be (s)elected, he cannot be otherwise.

The people – the broad masses – want him to “create jobs.” They expect this; demand it. They regard it as his primary function. They want him, in other words, to be a sort of paterfamilias who miraculously provides things for them. Who more or less wishes these things into existence – hey! presto!

Make it so. And gibs me dat.

Fans of the old Gilligan’s Island TV show may remember the “Little Dictator” episode. El Presidente Pancho Hernando Gonzales Enrico Rodriguez of the banana republic Ecuarico is marooned on the island. He convinces Gilligan to become his puppet. There is a hilarious scene that has Gilligan standing on a balcony overlooking a vast, seething crowd of gibs-me-dats. And so tells tells them: I give you This, That and The Other Thing.

Cue wild cheers. This was funny in 1966. It is not so funny today.

Gilligan would make a perfect candidate for el presidente of modern America.

Among the jefes running for el presidente this year, only one – Ron Paul – did not promise This, That and The Other Thing. He promised to support the Constitution – and abide by the limits it articulates. He tried to explain what the president may – and may not – do. He talked about liberty – about leaving people free to pursue happiness as they (rather than el presidente) see it – and described the proper role of the president as preserving and protecting the limits on governmental authority over the individual that make the pursuit of happiness possible. And without which, the pursuit of happiness becomes impossible.

This was greeted with either derision – or stultification. Blank stares. Move on.

We need to talk about jobs… .

Mussolini also talked constantly about jobs. Hitler, too. He was cheered by the sieg heiling masses for putting Germany back to work. Arbeit und Freiheit!

Anything – except freedom.

It is the last thing all-too-many Americans want. They certainly want “jobs” more than freedom. They want This, That and The Other Thing.

As much of it as possible. Don’t ask how. Don’t ask where?

Just – gibs me dat.

The truth of this has become depressingly self-evident. A man like Ron Paul – an honest man – is unelectable. And therefore, a man like Mittens Romney (or Barack Obama) is inevitable. While not everyone deserves the government we have, the majority certainly seems to desire it. Because they vote for it – over and over and over again.

Americanus servilus pines for a strong authority figure – to “create jobs” (and many other things besides) for him. In return, he is happy to surrender the most precious thing a human being can possess: his autonomy. And it goes without saying, the autonomy of everyone else, too. It is not enough that Americanus servilus wishes to exchange his god-given liberty for “jobs” – or whatever the goodie-du-jour put before them happens to be.  Everyone else must make the exchange, too. Any who disagree are “selfish.” Any who resist can expect to quickly feel the authority of el presidente.

He wants to “help” you, after all.

And if you decline his “help,” god help you.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. A change of heart and mind, I wonder how many different ways a Person achieves that? Is there an average time frame?

    Power-hungry People everywhere, I imagine they missed these choice bits:

    Some decide what and whose freedoms are to be limited. These are the politicians whose goal in life is power. …

    The immoral use of force is the source of man’s political problems. Sadly, many religious groups, secular organizations, and psychopathic authoritarians endorse government initiated force to change the world. Even when the desired goals are well-intentioned – or especially when well-intentioned – the results are dismal. The good results sought never materialize. The new problems created require even more government force as a solution. The net result is institutionalizing government initiated violence and morally justifying it on humanitarian grounds. …

    Achieving legislative power and political influence should not be our goal. Most of the change, if it is to come, will not come from the politicians, but rather from individuals, family, friends, intellectual leaders and our religious institutions. The solution can only come from rejecting the use of coercion, compulsion, government commands, and aggressive force, to mold social and economic behavior. Without accepting these restraints, inevitably the consensus will be to allow the government to mandate economic equality and obedience to the politicians who gain power and promote an environment that smothers the freedoms of everyone. It is then that the responsible individuals who seek excellence and self-esteem by being self-reliance and productive, become the true victims. …

    What a wonderful world it would be if everyone accepted the simple moral premise of rejecting all acts of aggression. …

    The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY.


    • “What a wonderful world it would be if everyone accepted the simple moral premise of rejecting all acts of aggression. …”

      Except for cheats and frauds. There should be a bounty on them.


    • Only Secession…Obviously.
      That is why the political terrorist will do (has done) ANYTHING to stop it. What did southern plantation owners do with runaway slaves? The terrorists in DC won’t hesitate to murder their runaway slaves…Lincoln proved this.

      • DD, thanks for saying that.

        My “american history” teacher always had his students write a paper on the Civil War, and its causes. But, he told you up-front that if you wrote that the war was fought over slavery, he would fail you.

        I was impressed with him at the time, but later realized that the whole war WAS fought over just a couple handfuls of runaway slaves. Their names were “Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana…”

    • A change of mind – and heart.

      It all boils down to the NAP: Leave others alone. No aggressive violence – for any reason. That is the key.

      I understand the sea-change in human consciousness this will require – but the fact that millions of people are already willing to base their interactions on the NAP proves it’s not a hopeless fantasy at odds with human nature.

      • Eric, there you go again… didn’t you just tell us that one of your favorite movies was McClintock… was there no aggressive violence displayed in their family relations?

        Those who desire non-aggression ought to support impartial courts, where neighbours (two men, not of the same family) can settle disputes without violence.

        Aggression within a family, though, is none of your affair (if you are not a member of that family), and your NAP has no place there. Sometimes you have to slap your children’s backsides, and sometimes you have to slap your woman’s, too. Period.

  2. Eric, you rock!
    Thephotos, whoa. Nice.

    … One week without the internet,… it’s surreal.

    Pistachio nuts all around,… chaio.

    … er, however chio is spelled.

    Keep it up. Spread it wide.

    … Is that dorky or what? But it’s real… Insert Shirley McClain video snipitt of living life your way, here x. Or some other 1970’s attitude that’s completely socially unacceptable nowadays.

  3. You comment about the un-PC nature of some Gilligan episodes make me think that there are several older series that wouldn’t see the light of day. First and foremost, Perry Mason. Every week the hapless DA and cops try to railroad some innocent into the gas chamber, only Perry saved them. Now, the CSI/NCIS model is one of GovCo perfection, only a dirtbag would defend the accused. And, don’t get me started on COPS…sheesh, talk about propaganda for the Police State. I’m sure there are former Stasi members that are smacking their foreheads saying, “Why didn’t WE think of that?”

    • That is a good point about Perry Mason. I will try to find some episodes and do a re-look at them. Makes me wonder if MASH could be put on the air now too.

      Speaking of un-PC media, one of my favorite movies is McClintock! Can you imagine someone trying to make that movie today?! It breaks ALL the rules.

      • I was DVRing MASH for a while over the summer. It’s on MeTV, a sub-channel on NBC affiliate stations. The early episodes, when Henry was still around, were quite subversive and anti-authoritarian. Even later years were still extremely anti-war (not just anti-“Korea”).

        Kind of makes me wonder what happened to everyone. It can’t all be because of Reagan.

        • On MASH:

          Today, it would be reviled as an “unpatriotic” affront to “the troops.” The only reason it wasn’t reviled back in the day is that memory of Vietnam – and more to the point, memory of the draft – was still fresh. When the average guy (and his kids) faces being dragooned to “serve” as cannon fodder for some old man’s fight fer freedom, the aura of heroism surrounding war (and “the troops”) begins to dim. The all volunteer (mercenary) military was ingenious. It has enabled what we have today: Endless war – and endless rah-rah “support the troops” patriotism by people who – in the main – ain’t the troops.

        • The verbal slapstick was bad and the Klinger character was absurd. Other than that it was entertaining. Morgan’s portrayal of Colonel Potter was excellent.


      • Perry Mason was good entertainment, and the lovely Della Street was a knockout. Unfortunately, the show might have convinced some that in the end, justice would always prevail.


        There were fewer unlawful statutes fifty years ago.

        tgsam (1936 –)

      • skunkbear-

        I am a big fan of McClintock.

        Actually, there is a strong libertarian theme in many of John Wayne’s movies and the characters he plays. Aside from G.W. McClintock, there is Tom Doniphon (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and John Chisum (Chisum).

        Even when he played a law enforcment or military role, the Duke’s character adhered to the NAP. Sure, if you aggressed, you got what was coming to you. However, if more cops and soldiers were to emulate the Col. John Herny Thomases (The Undefeated) of the world, things would be better.

    • Mark–I’m not so sure some of those shows aren’t the work of ex-SS.

      Remember Operation Paperclip? Tens of thousands of Hitler’s finest, imported right here to “serve” in the OSS/CIA.

      I read Jim Marrs’ book “Rise of the Fourth Reich” a few months ago, and it’s full of interesting nuggets in this vein.

    • Speaking of un-PC stuff, Disney has come out with cassette and later DVD versions of almost every movie the studio has ever produced. Except “Song of the South”, which came out in 1946 and was hugely popular for many years thereafter. But it contains racial stereotypes that are not considered politically correct now. Not expecting a DVD version any time soon.

  4. Another thing… Why is the nominee of the parties choosing the vice president? The way the 12th amendment is written it appears we should be voting for a vice president.

  5. On the subject of “creating jobs,” I’m now in the process of reading, for the first, time Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson. Concerning the creation of jobs, Hazlitt addresses this in Chapter 10, entitled “The Fetish of Full Employment.” Among the priceless pearls of wisdom contained in this brief chapter, Hazlitt has the following to say:

    The economic goal of any nation, as of any individual, is to get the greatest results with the least effort. The whole economic progress of mankind has consisted of getting more production with the same labor. It is for this reason that men began putting burdens on the backs of mules instead of on their own; that they went on to invent the wheel and the wagon, the railroad and the motor truck. It is for this reason that men used their ingenuity to develop a hundred thousand labor-saving inventions.

    All this is so elementary that one would blush to state it if it were not being constantly forgotten by those who coin and circulate the new slogans. Translated into national terms, this first principle means that our real objective is to MAXIMIZE PRODUCTION[emphasis added].In doing this, full employment –that is, the absence of involuntary idleness—becomes a necessary by-product. But production is the end, employment merely the means. We cannot continuously have the fullest production without full employment. But we can very easily have full employment without full production.

    Yet our legislators do not present Full Production bills in Congress but Full Employment bills. Even committees of businessmen recommend “a President’s Commission on Full Employment,” not on Full Production, or even a Full Employment AND Full Production. Everywhere the means is erected into the end, and the end itself is forgotten.

    I wonder how many of the gibs-me-dat! Clover masses would understand this if they were to be given it to read?

  6. The Clover response would no doubt be “well then let’s amend the Constitution!” Or perhaps ignore it, which would hardly be unprecedented.

    What they don’t understand is that the El Presidente For Life can’t create jobs or create wealth or “run” the economy. It is literally impossible. They cannot accept that simple reality.

  7. I weep like Jeremiah for the masses. So deceived, as we all once were, and probably still are in many areas. Look if you will, at the majority as a 4-5yr old child, you still have to tie their shoes, and their communication skills are so-so. They will believe anything, and are easily distracted. Shiny things, shit that makes noise, and costumes make these ppl swoon. They just haven’t been trained properly and now they’re out of control; it’s quite sad really. What makes ppl want to be aggressive against there neighbors? It’s sick.

    • RS,

      This is it, in a nutshell: An awakening is needed. I believe it is happening. New Age folks talk of a paradigm shift, of evolving consciousness. Of an evolutionary great leap forward. We may indeed be on the cusp of such an event. As bleak as things are, never before have so many people shown that they get it. Relative to the great masses, the percentage of these people is still small. But overall, the number is huge.

      Be of good cheer. As bad as things seems seem – as bad as they are – I am confident the wheel is turning.

      • Eric, as pessimistic as I usually am, I must agree.

        I can’t believe how many people are “getting it”, like a mass awakening from the Matrix. They may not be fully ejected from their pods and riding the Nebuchadnezzar yet; but they’re getting the goods. Pieces, here and there; some realize the Fed’s game, some see the police state, some mourn the Constitution…but those are cracks, they’re the cat cycling twice through the scene–glitches in the Matrix.

        I’ve gone into full-lunatic mode; not enough to lose my clients, or cause enough disturbance to get arrested. But every opening I get I take…conversations at the grocery store, the bank, work, my kids’ schools.

        And every day fewer people look at me funny. More and more, their faces light up with that “Oh my god you think so too??!?” expression and they open up with whichever “glitch” they’ve seen.

        I feel really good about the last five years of maniacal study I’ve been doing. I average about three hours a day of reading; once the kids are in bed, I’m researching.

        I thought it was too obsessive; but now I’m grateful, because for almost every “glitch” people mention, I can quote some facts to lead them further into the truth.

        Vaccines? 9/11? History of false flags? Government importing drugs? The Fed’s a private banking cartel? Yeah–here’s some more on that!

        I’ve only lost one “friend”, and he won’t listen until he’s standing amidst the smoking ruins of his own house. That’s a small price for all the seeds I think I’ve planted.

        Even my “La-la-la I’m not listening” parents are starting to ask me questions–and buying ammo and food.

      • I like spitting venom at the parasitic monkeys and this kinda talk just discourages me! Being of good cheer makes me unhappy…Ever think of that? You’re just in-senthhh-a-tive and selfish. Sniff-Sniff.

      • Hopefully your observation is a harbinger of things to come. However, until I no longer see references to Congress’ non-existent power to “legalize” I fear that America will continue being ruled by juris doctors and career office holders*.

        tgsam (1936 –)

        *A disproportionate number of whom are juris doctors.

    • And they’re quick to yell and scream when someone “does them wrong.” In fact, they tend to be the loudest people around, if restaurants and movie theaters are any indication…

      OT: why do parents take kids to movies at 9:00pm? Why take them to adult(ish) themed, violence filled movies? Yes, I watched Skyfall last night…

      • I confronted a woman a few years ago; she had her approximately 3-year-old daughter and infant in that awful Jen Lopez film “The Cell”–a deeply disturbing movie even for me.

        The kids were both crying and whimpering.

        I quite politely told her “Ma’am, I don’t think it’s a good idea having kids in this movie at ten pm…”

        She did that thing only women of a certain melanin content can; rotating her head back and forth in a plane and gave me an earful of profanity-laced lip that would scald a sailor’s ear.

        Forget that crowd guys. Remember, in 1776 only 1/3 of the population was pro-secession. The other two-thirds were neutral or actively pro-Crown.

        We’re the ten percent. Recruit the other twenty percent–and we’ve WON.

    • Read my above posts about

      the psychology driving the

      demise of the West, re your


      “What makes ppl want to be aggressive against their neighbors?”


      The ultimate aggression is COMMUNISM; and its handmaiden is FEMINISM.

  8. Given the mindset of boobus Americanus, America’s presidential elections should be run like American Idol. Everyone can just vote via their phone to decide who is the number one con man in America. Call it American Grifter.

    On a lighter note, Hostess has gone belly up. Grab all the Twinkies you can. They will become collectible items. Twinkies – the forever edible collectible.

    • It will probably come to that.

      Millions of women would vote for the best-looking candidate. Millions of men would vote for the one who promises the most Gibs me Dat.

      On Twinkies: Good riddance! Who eats that tasteless toxic crap anyhow?

      • After I heard about Twinkies yesterday I picked up a pack at the gas station. Now I remember why I hadn’t eaten one in at least 20 years or so.

      • I think I had one Twinkie when I was a kid. Did not like it.

        But I watched a show I think it was on the History channel and there was a professor of pop culture or something and he had a Twinkie sitting on his bookshelf that he had bought like twenty years ago and it was still there. It did not mold or droop or change at all.

        Twinkies will outlast cockroaches in any apocalyptic scenario. Toxic is an understatement.

  9. Mary Anne did a 5 day jail tour for mary jane in 2008. Gilligan was caught receiving 10 grams of pot in the mail. They searched his house and found plants and paraphanelia. He died while on probation.

    Goverment jobs make sure no one gets off the island. Loyal drooling slackjawed viewers monitoring your every action and line you speak. Join us here each week my friends. 7 billion castaways here on Gilligan’s isle.

      • For an individual to pay his debt to society he should increase the debt of society. That is the way the Dao Joneses keep up with the Joneses.

        It you meet the Buddha on the road you must check his ID to be sure he really is the Buddha, and also if he has any outstanding warrants, only then can you kill the Buddha so that a more enlightened Buddha can be born.

        To reach enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After achieving enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. Always in compliance with OSHA and EPA GUIDLINES OF COURSE. Document where you got the wood for Lacey.

        See the darkness. Hear the silence. Embrace the void. Find outer peace through random thoughts of inner violence.A scorched Earth will lead to full employment. Marx has proven this in Hegel’s basement while his wife and children died of malnutrition. We’re all duck soup if Groucho Harpo & Chico roll double sixes and take are last few armies on the Risk board. Yahtzi.

        Provoke the doubt. Sit and forget. Are we not men? We are TiVo. All written in the good book, I took a look. Its Sodom and Gomorrah time. I created the Heaven and Earth, but I have no technology to thwart a few horny gay guys in the front yard. Pillars of fire. Your wife gave me the stinkeye so I killed her, Love always, Yahweh or the Highway to Hell, Hades, Infinity and Beyond. Go to sleep Puppet Boy.

    • Ginger was also brought up on prostitution charges (in exchange for coconuts). She was fined 10 coconuts and given a strict reprimand, but after her ledger was found to have both the professor’s and skipper’s phone number and current account status the fine was reduced to time served.

  10. What do you expect in a Nation of infantile and psychotic mental retards (aka, Clover)? Obama is their Mommy and Daddy. The public school/retarded voting parasites want Obama to burp and diaper them as well. Amerika is now a Third World “planet of the apes”…The last election proves it.

    Keep you hands off my wallet you damn dirty apes!

    • Hi DD,

      Agreed – only I’d add the other half (well, the portion that supported Mittens) is just as bad. They may not their EBT cards recharged, but they want an authoritarian state just as much as the Obamanauts. They could have nominated Ron Paul. They chose Mittens.

    • Until we get rid of the term “leaders” for the folks in Washington we can’t even begin to explain what Ron Paul was talking about.

      We (and the constitution) tell them what to do! Why is this such a difficult concept?

      • YES!!

        Americans have forgotten how to say, firmly, with conviction, calmly, and unshakably–“No.”

        But they’re learning again. The spirit of resistance IS growing.

        And whey they remember your point Eric_G–government works for US–the beginning of the end of the end will begin.

  11. Heil to the Thief they have chosen for their nation,

    Heil to the Thief! Thieves approve him, one and all.

    Heil to the Thief, as they swear conspiration,

    In daft fulfillment of their bloody call.


    His is the aim to make their mammon grander,

    To steal, kill, destroy are their lusts chief.

    Heil to the Führer selected as head barker,

    Heil O Chief Liar! Sieg Heil to the Thief!

  12. > While not everyone deserves the government we have, the majority certainly seems to desire it.

    I beg to disagree with the idea that the “majority” are in favor of our kleptocracy. Nearly 50% of the the voting age population has opted out due to a variety of reasons but all of these reasons can, IMHO, be summed as people feel they have no influence over government. Of the approximately 50% who did vote, 50% of them voted against the status quo. With this reasoning, let’s rewrite your statement as:

    “While not everyone deserves the government we have, 25% certainly seems to desire it.”


    • Hi Larry,

      I’d like to think you’re right, but the evidence indicates otherwise. Of the 50 percent that voted, nearly 100 percent voted for an authoritarian, warmongering corporatist tool.

      • Eric, the are FEMINIST authoritarians

        (( rule by whim-oriented emotionalism ))

        and MASCULINIST authoritarians

        (( rule by law-oriented rationalism )),

        where the former have given us the

        utopian mass muderers of the 20th

        century – Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao,

        and Pol Pot – against the latter’s

        background of all the good high-

        culture civilization effected by

        Western Civilization—from

        ancient Greece forward.

        Forty-plus years of studying psychology has helped me to draw this conclusion, regarding the dynamics of the ages-old combatants of FEMINIST EMOTERS (leftists) and MASCULINIST THINKERS (rightists):

        The former is driven to
        murder Daddy and copulate
        with Mommy (( Freud was
        correct! )).

          • DD, yes it is sick!

            Freud had not had the benefit of the left-brain/right-brain neuroscience with which to physically map why Leftism (( the right-hemisphere accessed REPTILIAN BRAIN: source of emotion-driven feminism )) would wish to kill Rightism (( the left-hemisphere HIGH BRAIN of logic and its impetus for restraint from immediate gratification of pleasure-seeking impulses: source of reason-driven masculinism )).

            Deeper explanation of the Kill-Daddy-And-Copulate-With-Mommy syndrome of the Left would require several pages. But my two large scribble-on-the-fly posts at the bottom of this page may provide some basic understanding of the psychological/physical (brain) differences between leftists and rightists:


    • Larry, I like what you wrote when you said “Of the approximately 50% who did vote, 50% of them voted against the status quo.” That is exactly what I did, a combination of “not voting” and “voting against the status quo”. For president, I left that part blank. For all the other offices, I voted against every single incumbent. For all the propositions, I voted against every single tax increase measure. I, living in Los Angeles, voted by mail (I don’t want to wait in line for two hours with all those Obama supporters) and had no belief that my ballot would even be counted, or if it were, had no confidence that whatever I chose would not be changed, or, if treated honestly, would have any affect on the outcome. On election night, after work I went to a fascinating documentary about people who spend a year at a research station in Antarctica, reminding myself that there is a whole big natural world and a spirit in some people that is way more powerful than all this corruption and bread and circuses. At the end of the movie, an employee of the theater quietly announced that Obama had won. I shrugged my shoulders and went home to bed. It just didn’t seem to matter. This is not apathy on my part, but an attempt at placing my attention and allegiance on things that are beyond the venal.

      • I too, make it a habit to vote against the incumbent. I don’t want any of these bottom feeders to get comfortable on my dime. Unlike you, I did vote for a president: I voted for Gary Johnson. I figure here in California, it really doesn’t matter who one votes for because Obama will win (and did win) this state.

        I never leave any option blank on my ballot. If I don’t have a clue about anyone running for position X, I then check the box for write-in and write my own name. Kind of like writing in the name, “none-of-the-above”.

    • It is difficult to evaluate the minds of the 50% who don’t vote but it is obvious that the weak and stupid un-evolved collectivist tribal monkey – aka, Clover – population demands an external authority ape…Probably about 70% of total USA population.

  13. Excellent, Eric, as is the rule around here!

    Ron Paul was not only unelectable, he un-nominatable! No honest person could ever be “vetted” for the job, these days.

  14. Ginger!… And El Presidente from Tropico? It’s ironic that in that game if you actually do good the people do end up loving you. And you get to remain a dictator. I know, I know… straying from the story.

    • I was more of a MaryAnn kinda guy but I can see why Ginger was appropriate for the Evita role in that particular episode. No apes in caves but a classic one all the same.

      Great piece, Eric.

          • Got all the episodes on DVD. The kids love them. The crazy thing is they also love the old Abbot and Costello movies which I also collected. Funny without being offensive.

          • @MoT: “The kids love them.” My kids love a lot of the old stuff too. I have all episodes of The Dick van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, and Get Smart on DVD, and my kids never tire of watching them. Same with some Laurel and Hardy videocassettes. There really is some great old stuff, and it’s heartening to find youts (as Vinny would say) enjoying it.

          • Mike, I went out of my way to gather up the old stuff because so much of the new is downright depressing. I’m no prude but for the love of god I can’t stand the garbage. That’s why, like Eric, I ditched standard cable and satellite TV for purchased or checked out DVD’s or, as recently, I’m emphasizing getting the hell out of the house and “doing” something physical.

      • Ginger’s mainstream-for-1966 look was always a bit weird to my adolescent eyes c. 1975. She’s pretty hot from 2012, though!

        I remember that episode. IIRC, El Presidente was behind the scenes prompting Gilligan out on the balcony.
        El P, with Spanish accent: “Promise them dees, dat, and de odder teeng.”
        Gilligan, with American accent: “I give you dees, dat, and de odder teeng!”


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