Details of Gun Bill Emerging

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(NaturalNews) Friends, patriots and all who believe in freedom: Tyranny has run amok in the U.S. Senate, and a new effort is being led by the traitorous anti-American Senator Dianne Feinstein to criminalize nearly all gun owners in America.

Details of a Hitler-style plan for gun registration and the criminalization of nearly all firearms has emerged from Feinstein’s office. It is posted on her website at:

The proposed new law by Feinstein would:

• Outlaw all AR-15s and anything resembling an “assault rifle,” including .22LR varmint rifles.

• Outlaw ALL semi-automatic rifles, period.

• Outlaws nearly all handguns.

• Allow you to own “permanently disabled weapons.” That’s your new Second Amendment right under the tyranny of the federal government.

• Massive funding expansion of the ATF to conduct raids on gun owners, during which the plan is to have the government murder and / or arrest and imprison all gun owners.

• Outlawing the domestic manufacture of nearly all firearms, further gutting the U.S. economy and costing hundreds of thousands of jobs lost while our freedoms are gutted.

• Outlawing all magazines over 10 rounds, instantly turning tens of millions of Americans into felony criminals.

• Require nationwide registration of all guns and gun owners, complete with fingerprinting (to build a federal database of all gun owners) and a certification from your local police chief who must vouch for you being “allowed” to own a weapon.

This law follows in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler who first required gun registration, then gun confiscation, and then unleashed genocide.

The traitorous, demonic U.S. Senator Feinstein — one of the most evil, wretched women to have ever disgraced the floor of the U.S. Senate — has patterned her gun confiscation and criminalization law after Adolf Hitler’s laws. This is not surprising, as her desired outcome is exactly the same: the destruction of freedom, the enslavement of the population and the rise of government tyranny in America.

Nationwide registration and fingerprinting

If Sen. Feinstein’s outrageous, unconstitutional and freedom-crushing proposal becomes law, it would require all gun owners to register the serial numbers of all their guns with the federal government. They would have to supply fingerprints, undergo a new round of background checks, and somehow get the “permission” of a local police chief or Sheriff who will vouch for them.

This is Feinstein’s wicked way of essentially criminalizing ALL gun ownership by American citizens. And those who comply with these requirements, thinking the government will then leave them alone, will soon find that they have just given the government the “confiscation list” it needs to go door to door, demanding all the registered firearms.

Gun registration ALWAYS leads to gun confiscation. The reason the government announces gun registration first is because they want to build a list of who to raid and arrest. By announcing “registration” first, they can hoodwink the population into ratting themselves out while the government compiles a “hit list” of all gun owners.

This is a red alert for American freedom. Traitors like Sen. Feinstein know that if they don’t disarm and arrest gun owners across America, they themselves face arrest and imprisonment as traitors to America.

This is the closest thing to a declaration of war against the People as you will ever see. Sen. Feinstein has declared she is an enemy of America, and enemy of liberty, a criminal tyrant and a follower of Adolf Hitler.

Be ready, patriots, to fight this in the House. Natural News calls on all Americans to begin making preparations for a massive phone assault on members of Congress to outright reject the anti-human, anti-liberty proposals of Feinstein.

Read your blogs, websites and social networking outreach campaigns. Get your email lists, phone lists and friends lists ready for action. When this bill gets to the floor of the U.S. Senate, we must absolutely barrage the Senate floor with metaphorical mortar fire from the lawful, legal and upstanding gun owners of America.

Natural News will cover this in detail. Although our focus is traditionally health freedom, food freedom and farm freedom, we fully realize that without the freedom to own firearms, no other freedoms exists at all. A government that disarms the American people will soon follow with forced vaccinations, criminalizing home gardening, outlawing heirloom seeds and more. Don’t believe it? California has already criminalized fresh milk from the farm and has actually sent one man, James Stewart, to prison for distributing fresh milk. California is insane, and Feinstein is the reptilian-like leader of the entire insane asylum known as the California government.

Everything is at stake here. The America we know today is about to be abolished by the U.S. Senate.

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  1. As for the Govt Employee Wiki: if it’s actually something of use, value and could possibly hold them to task, it will NEVER happen.

    That’s how you know voting is meaningless: they let us do it.

    • Morning, Tre!

      The premise I begin with is that incidents such as the Batman and Sikh temple shooting (and very possibly, the recent CT shooting) were contrived. Paranoid? Never forget who and what we are dealing with here. We know for a fact that these people deliberately fed high-powered rifles and so on to Mexican gangs, knowing it would very likely result in the deaths of innocent people. Ponder that. People who can do such a thing – and then excuse such a thing – are fully capable, in my opinion, of using assets (such as government psychiatrists, as in the Batman case) to egg on a weak-minded/defective, in order to cause a useful incident to occur, which can then be used for their purposes. Again, never forget the facts about “Fast & Furious.” And that is merely one known incident. What of the not-known ones?

      So, the premise (above) assumes a plan. I believe these events are being staged, very deliberately, to further an agenda: The evisceration of the Second Amendment. I’ll state it more bluntly: I believe it is naive to believe otherwise.

      Consider what’s happened to some of the other rights we used to have, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment, for example. The trrr attacks of nahnleven did to the fourth exactly what the CT incident (et al) is intended to do to the second. Create a crisis. Pander to people’s fears. Get them to accept (no, to demand) “necessary” restrictions, which they will. Or at least, enough of them to make it seem respectable. The objectors will be ignored – at first. Then dealt with, later on.

      This is exactly what happened. It’s not a hypothetical. And here’s the thing: Is it really any less believable to imagine these creatures will demand the surrender of our guns given what they have already demanded we surrender? Go back just ten years, friend. Imagine standing on a street corner, warning people that within a very few years, old ladies would have to show their colostomy bags and little kids would be required to submit to a total stranger sticking his hands down their pants – while their parents stood by helplessly – in order to travel by air. Nine out of ten people would have dismissed you as a raving lunatic.

      Well? How now, brown cow?

      And the first? “Free speech zones.” In America. Accepted now with a shrug.

      The president of the United States no longer merely has an enemies list. He has a kill list.

      And you really believe they aren’t going to try to take away our final means of defense?

      • COL! Morning Eric,

        You did say “Try”. They could try, but reality is something else again. Gun owners represent a huge demographic, not a few who can be isolated, politically. It’s a Hornets nest that would be, frankly, intimidating to any government.

        The danger is, if in that final push to remove/confiscate all guns from private ownership, people don’t resist… Game over. But, what I know of the Alaska, the West/SW and South, that just isn’t going to happen.

        And then there is the issue of money/jobs, there is just to much money and jobs in guns and gun related activities. From factory and store jobs, to guides, game resorts, and Fish & Wildlife personnel.

        “Naive!” I’m just not paranoid on this issue, Eric, but, I sure do hope your wrong. But, I they do…and, if there is enough of an underground market for them, I will just start making more. But by then, you and I will be long dead.

        And in the meantime, increase the support for guns, take some young people shooting, I do, every Summer, up to The Farm, where we have the range, targets, and a shooting shed.

        Take my guns away, Eric… Over My Dead Body, after, I hope, a good fight.

        Regards Tre

        • And likewise – I hope you are right!

          As bad as things are, we still have it pretty good. And I dread – and hope to avoid – the sort of outcomes we’ve been discussing. Because I understand what it will mean. No more piddling with cars and bikes; no more writing rants. No more taking a day off to go on a hike.

          Instead, a nightmare world of survival – and probably, a violent and early death.

          It may be unavoidable at this point – in which case, we shall each have to decide how we are going to go out.

          But I pray there is still a way the worst can be avoided.

      • Dear Eric,

        Before 9/11, I would have found it harder to believe the scenarios you laid out. Not impossible. But harder.

        But after 9/11, Operation Fast and Furious, after belatedly learning about Operation Northwoods, and hearing the Benevolent Global Hegemonists at PNAC talk about a “New Pearl Harbor,” I have no trouble whatsoever believing that the nomenklatura would sacrifice us mere mundanes without batting an eyelash.

        Anyone not connecting the dots as of 2013 is inhabiting a fantasy world unconnected to reality. He or she is desperately clinging to a master narrative in which “our leaders” love us the way a father loves his children.

      • Eric,

        You’re absolutely correct to be suspicious. Actually I think you (and I, and probably most people on this site) are past suspicion–to downright disbelief.

        The Newtown incident has so many inconsistencies it’s worse than Oklahoma City.

        Look at this “father”, and tell me he lost his six year old daughter 36 hours ago. The money-shot is at about 3:10; by 3:20 he’s “getting into role”. There is no-one, aside from a complete psychopath, who would genuinely react like that to his daughter’s death the day before. My girl’s just turned seven; I’d be raging at them for even trying to film me. In no way could I appear even semi-normal; and I’m not an especially sensitive fellow.

        But there are more; within 48 hours these people are smiling, holding hands, and telling elaborate tales of their just-dead kids for Christ’s sake! They’re quoting times; “1:15 they…”; spouting off loving details of their dead daughter’s cute exploits. And smiling through “tears”.

        Maybe. Maybe five, ten, twenty years later. 48 hours?


        Now add in the reports; Lanza’s the shooter. No wait, two guys “proned” by police, a third found in camouflage in the woods. The van with the shot-out back window. The Bushmaster in the trunk–no, used in shooting–no now it’s back in the car.

        Here’s a really fun one–because these freaks LOVE their numerological/symbolic games: In the latest Batman movie, the commissioner is pointing to a map of Bane attack points; and it clearly says “Sandy Hook”. The guy who was the prop-master for the movie died in a car wreck in–you guessed it–Newtown. Adam Lanza received one of the marketing packets for the movie, addressed to “Bane’s Army”; and it too suggested Sandy Hook as an attack point.

        The hesitant coroner’s report.

        Show me the bodies. Hate to be crass, hate to be gruesome, but this government has absolutely no credibility left.

        Oh and by the way–expect more of these false-flags.

        I’ve offered to pay for concealed handgun classes for any staff at my daughter’s school; not because the statistics of incredibly rare school shootings bother me, but because I want more GOOD people to join the gun culture.

      • This is the same government that entraps and sets up people who can be easily manipulated every few months to show us how we need government to protect us. It’s a club of sociopaths. Normal people do not put mentally handicapped people in prison to further their careers.

        • Exactly.

          And: Try to imagine the mind – the soul – of such a creature. What it takes (or rather, lacks) to manipulate some addled kid/otherwise harmless person; to encourage them to act out violently. It’s almost beyond comprehension.

          I agree with others here that even the run-of-the-mill professional gunvernment “worker” (official, whatever) is, at minimum, an ethically obtuse narcissist functioning on an animal level of consciousness. And that the higher up the chain you go, the more narcissistic specimens one encounters. At the highest echelons, the percentage of sociopathic/psychopathic personalities is probably several times that (around 2 percent, IIRC) of the general population.

  2. I don’t think there is a chance it “all” goes through but I see it as a negotiating tool.
    Feinstein and her ilk throw out their wishlist and hope to get 5-10% of it passed.

    I could see the manufacture of magazines with a capacity over 10-20 rds banned from now on and I would bet that the drum style mags like the c-mag 100 will be outlawed. The Collectivist “R’s” will give up a little ground. Even though there are already people out there modifiying 15 round mags by removing the bottom plates and manufacturing couplers to tie 2 of them together.

    I think the required registering/collating/fingerprinting of existing owners will be too tough to pass (atleast this time) so grandfathering and stricter laws going forward will likely be how they will go.

    What is so sad is that as I write all that I think I am being optimistic.

  3. No way any of it will get through. She’s just throwing it out there so she has some new talking points next election cycle.

    Remember, guns and abortion are big vote getters. If they’d actually do anything about either they’d lose half their base.

    • I dunno…

      A clear majority opposed ObamaCare, too. Look what happened.

      I will not be surprised if Obama issues a befehl – an “executive order” – and that will be that.

      • Hello Eric. A vast and vocal majority also opposed Bush’s bankster bailout and congress flipped us the bird and voted for it anyway. The reptiles in DC couldn’t care less what the public thinks. They’ll get voted out of office? Big deal: huge pensions, lucrative speaking tours, backdoor deals to get cushy jobs with astronomical salaries. I’m afraid only their handlers can hit them where it hurts; the public can’t.

        And yes, a Befehl from the Reichsfuehrer would be no surprise.

        Worse, we can’t rely on SCOTUS to stop the madness. Since the late 1930s, that band of hyenas has been a rubber stamp for every central government power grab. Obamacare is only the latest case in point.

        Yet this move makes me optimistic. As several people on here have observed, TPTB see the growth of liberty-oriented ideas and are starting to get desperate. This proposed gun grab is their latest move, and I believe it will prove to be a bridge too far. If passed into law, it will energize the liberty movement like nothing else they could possibly have done. Many states will nullify the law, secession movements will pick up steam, outright violent resistance will have all those new ATF agents wondering if they really want to have the most dangerous job in the world. The stresses on the political structure of this country will be tremendous; there is a very good chance that TPTB will lose control.

        • They will lose control; but it will be a very ugly interregnum.

          We need Anonymous, if they’re not just a CIA op, to publicize the home address of every federal employee. It will shorten the transition remarkably.

          I think Alex Jones is right; throughout history the Elites go bat-shit crazy right about at this stage, and they WANT civil war. ordo ab chao; only, they’re unleashing more chao than I think they can deal with.

          They’ll burn in the ensuing conflagration.

          I’ll be there with a fire extinguisher–making sure the fire doesn’t spread to valuable property.

          • Dear methylamine,

            “We need Anonymous, if they’re not just a CIA op, to publicize the home address of every federal employee. It will shorten the transition remarkably.”

            Interesting idea. Very interesting idea indeed.

            How can any “champion of democracy” object?

            After all, the Norman Rockwell imagery of local self-government via the “townhall” posits a close knit relationship between voters and officials who each know where the other lives, right? That ensures that they are “responsive to the community,” right?


            So how about a “Get to Know Your Public Servants Day?”

          • Dear methylamine,

            You know how convicted child molesters are required by law to notify everyone whenever they are paroled and resettled into a new community?

            They are, if I understand correctly, required to distribute leaflets with their photographs and their criminal backgrounds throughout the neighborhood.

            The same should be required of federal employees. At least above a certain pay grade. Sort of like the Nazis above a certain rank who were prosecuted for war crimes.

          • Hi Methyl. Your comment about home addresses of every government employee reminded me of a fascinating novel I read a few years back: “Term Limits”, by Vince Flynn. Flynn turned out to be a neocon, as evidenced by the “hero” CIA operative in the rest of his books, but this one was quite good. Here is part of the description from amazon: “In one bloody night, three of Washington’s most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking ultimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach—not even the president. A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will strike next.”

            I don’t remember how the novel ended, but do remember cheering for the good guys…you know which guys I mean.

            I agree with you that the elites are pushing for the endgame. But I think they are badly overestimating their hand in this case. Yes, things will get ugly, but they are doomed if their arrogance leads them to start the conflagration at this point.

            In fact, it may already be too late for them. Way too many people have awakened…witness the gun buying in the last several months. Lately, for the first time in years, I have been starting to feel a bit of optimism about the final outcome.

          • Dear Mike,

            Hollywood has been remaking old films lately. They feel like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

            That story sounds like one worth making into a film. It could be damned good.

            Just so it isn’t a Steven Seagal straight to video pos.

          • @Bevin–

            On your idea of making federal employees go door-to-door announcing their criminal past/future like sex offenders do today:

            A great idea. My only objection is that it puts pedophiles in such distasteful company that it might constitute cruel and unusual punishment by association.

          • Methyl, it is so weird how we are tuned to the same frequency sometimes. Just the other day I was commenting that we need a government employee Wiki where all their names and home addresses are published by region and even locale. It should be just like the New York Journal publishing all the firearms permit holders’ personal information because gun owners are doing something the paper doesn’t like.

            We should certainly know all about “our” employees, where they live, how nice their houses are, the vehicles they drive, where their kids go to school, everything should be public. After all we provide all this to them for their “service.” And I for one certainly feel “serviced” by them. Since we’re members of the public and they, “our public servants” are doing something we don’t like…screwing us…we have a right to know, don’t we?

            While we’re at it, let’s publish the personal info on all the welfare, EBT and WIC recipients for each locale as well. A little social stigma would be good for the FSA, whether they be “employed” in government or just straight up “on the dole.”

          • @Boothe–

            Yes! The synchronicity is weird, isn’t it? Jung was right.

            And, like you, I’m grateful for their “services”. So much the better if we knew where they lived, so we might thank them!

            After all, they’ve been protecting and serving the shit out of us for years!

          • Dear meth,

            “My only objection is that it puts pedophiles in such distasteful company that it might constitute cruel and unusual punishment by association.”

            Yeah, you’re right. Maybe not.

      • Remember, there is another…

        It may not look like it, but there’s a groundswell in the states. It started with the REAL ID act generally ignored by the states, got everyone’s attention with gay marriage, and at least here in Colorado, is chipping away at the Whar on Drugz. I’m fairly certain anything passed in DC will be promptly ignored by Texas and possibly some other western states. The citizenry will need to jump through a bunch of hoops to make sure they don’t fall under interstate commerce, but maybe the Texas economy will boom with all the new gun factories that open up.

  4. Feinstein’s husband, Richard C Blum is a Cut-Throat Vulture Capitalist. A war contractor, a foreclosed real-estate liquidation broker, and an all around crony racketeer.

    Blum Makes “A Killing” Via Politics

    In the 1970s, Blum supported then Mayor of San Francisco George Moscone. After Moscone’s assassination, Blum supported the new mayor Dianne Feinstein; they later married in 1980.

    • Yeah. The ones crowing the loudest for “gun control” have been the ones most eager to continue the wars for profit overseas. Feinstein is a tax-sucking war-mongering profiteer and should be denounced as such. Ironic that the granola state, and specifically the bay area, supports her. This only goes to show that old saying “Scratch a green and underneath you’ll find red” is so true.

      • Dear MoT,

        This only goes to show that old saying “Scratch a green and underneath you’ll find red” is so true.

        Ditto with victim disarmament (“gun control”) advocates.

        No accident. The common denominator is they want to control people.

        Any pretext will do.

        “Your technology is destroying the environment!”

        “Your guns are making society unsafe!”

        Bottom line? “We” have to control you antisocial individuals, “for the greater good.”

    • Oh Mr. Feinstein is a paltry little mafioso compared to the cunt he’s married to; she’s increased her net worth from $1 million on entry to the senate in 1992, to approximately $100 million today.

      She must be an amazing saver, to have done that on a salary of around $250K/year.

      Or it could be the senate “ethics” committee’s especially generous exemptions for her insider trading.

      Oh you didn’t know about that? Yeah, turns out, we can’t inside trade because that’s “illegal”. But THEY can; as long as it’s cleared by the “ethics” committee…

      People, we have been conquered by criminal mafia. There is no other term to describe the government than a crime gang.

      They are illegitimate, null, and void.

      I’m preaching to the choir here–but recognize it, accept it, and act on it. We aren’t sliding toward tyranny; it’s here, and the velvet gloves are slipping off.


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