Hero Cop Brutally Assaults 15-year-old Girl

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For skateboarding – and (far worse) questioning his authoritay:

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  1. This is an old video but the girl had only moments earlier been in an argument with her mother and she kept hitting her hands away from her and then when she got loose the cop did what you see above. The skateboarding thing I can’t say had anything at all to do with it.

    • Probably… disgusting, isn’t it?

      I can’t even imagine – literally, I cannot conceive – of doing such a thing. I can’t see how any man could. Men do not beat up on teenage girls. Ever.

      • They’re not men. They are demon possessed idiots with a license to kill.

        You know how to stop someone from killing you or enslaving you?
        You kill them first. I recommend with extreme prejudice and feed their carcass to the vermin. They are unworthy of even a Christian burial.

        Folks…ya gotta fight em. It has always been this way through human history when psychopathic morons decide it is fun to murder ‘juss cuz’…


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