Dealing With a Thug Scrum

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The right way.

What follows is a sterling example of a group of peaceful people asserting their rights… much to the consternation of the thug scrum:

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  1. I like that the manager pointed out to those bottom feeding mouth breathing knuckle dragging costumed tax feeding pig f#*kers that they were the ones causing a public disturbance.

  2. This is the model. Now amplify this by 1000 and imagine this occurring over and over again in every place that open carry is legal.
    THIS is how we beat them back.

    • Dear DR,

      Exactly right!

      We always outgunned them in numbers.

      We just have to outgun them in our minds first.

      It’s like the nature documentaries of cape buffaloes vs. lions.

      As long as the cape buffalo hang together, voluntarily of course, no “conscription for freedom,” then they need not fear hanging separately.

      Ngorongoro Lions and Cape Buffalo rumble

    • Indeed. See Meth’s suggestion in re showing up at gun ranges. This sort of thing is the way to go. There’s a video out there someplace of a thug scrum beating the crap out of a streaker at a soccer game (IIRC). The fans did not like this; regarded it as excessive… and rushed the thug scrum, quickly overwhelming it.

    • What’s that old saying about an armed society being a polite one? “Respect mah authoritah!” quickly morphs into respect for the law as it is written when the thug scrum is unable to achieve their preferred 5-to-1 numerical advantage over their chosen victims. That would have required at least 80 members of the local PD (involving plenty of overtime pay) to achieve the ratio demanded by the guidelines of “officer safety”. When their watch commander tallied up the cost, he undoubtedly decided it wasn’t worth the money.

      What was undoubtedly worth the money was to take a complete inventory of the private vehicles in the parking lot, run each and every tag number, and match up the owners’ driver license pictures to the open-carriers in the restaurant. This is for the purposes of later retaliation when the thug-to-citizen ratio ensures that only the right skulls get cracked.

      For the time being, though, this has got to be the first time ever someone has had a burger with genuine freedom fries.

  3. That is one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen!
    The People at the table are simply heroic!

    When the guy handed his business card to the the cop – the cop looked like he was a squirrel that had just found the best nut ever.

    Also, the video was very well made.
    Captions, I used to hate them.

      • Dear Eric,

        That was great!!!

        This is how ordinary people in Eastern Europe back in the 1990s made the regimes they were suffering under collapse.

        Enough of them saw the light, and decided to “just say no.”

        Since there were vastly more of them than there were military and police, the state simply “withered away,” albeit not quite the way Marxist theory predicted it would.

        This is how champions of gun rights and liberty in general in the USSA can defeat the Leviathan State over here, without firing a single shot.

        As John Adams noted, the revolution occurs in the minds of the people. The war may or may not even be necessary.

        • Hello Bevin. Etienne de la Boetie made the point a few hundred years ago that a tyrant can be brought down simply by the masses withdrawing their consent. Not a shot need be fired.

          Adams made a very astute point, which the government understandably does not teach in its schools. I think that frequently, wars follow revolutions of the mind because there is a power vacuum as the ancien regime collapses. The wars are not fought to overthrow the existing order, but to replace it once it has become essentially powerless. And that is exactly what we need to be prepared for.

          • Dear Mike,

            Right on brother, right on. As they used to day in the 60s.

            Usually when large numbers of people are enslaved, it is because they were first enslaved in their minds, and their bodies followed, as it were.

            Black slavery in America was an exception. Their numbers were few. They were a minority.

            Therefore once those enslaved experience a shift in their consciousness, and say to themselves “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!” then the jig is up, and the game is over.

            Re: power vacuum

            You may be right. It might not be premature to start planning for the establishment of an Icelandic Republic style market anarchist social order.

            My first inclination is to say that the market will establish spontaneous order. In principle that is correct. But if chaos ensues, the clovers and sheeple will demand the restoration of the discredited old older.

            Therefore market anarchists may need to have a convincing alternative, on the shelf, ready to wear.

          • Bevin, I agree that the market would spontaneously establish order…if left alone. My concerns are (1) state governments would still exist and would try to establish control within their own borders, and (2) lawless packs of human predators, of various sizes and capabilities.

            I believe that both can be handled, but not without forethought and preparation. States do have some enforcement and control assets, but not nearly as much as the feds have. They will be powerless except within limited areas.

            Marauding gangs are, I think, a greater overall threat. Prior planning and organization within our communities, along with personal armament, practice with firearms, and development of family teamwork, can meet this threat.

            To me, the war after the collapse is the reason for being armed and making preparations. I don’t think we will be fighting the US government…it is going to collapse of its own weight as the revolution occurs in more and more minds. We need to be prepared for the power struggle in the aftermath, and we need to be able to facilitate the development of a true market order.

            One aspect of the preparation is to educate as many as we can before things fall apart. I really like Methyl’s practice of engaging people on the subject at every opportunity, and am trying to incorporate that into my life.

          • Dear Mike,

            One aspect of the preparation is to educate as many as we can before things fall apart. I really like Methyl’s practice of engaging people on the subject at every opportunity, and am trying to incorporate that into my life.

            I agree. I’ve made a pest of myself on other forums that are composed of mainstream types.

            America is only two centuries plus old. This is its first time around.

            China is thousands of years old. It has been through this crap again and again. Yet amazingly enough, it has survived.


            Because government was never the source of order to begin with. Civil society, the social order, has an inherent stability of its own.

            Did you ever see the Kevin Costner film “The Postman?” The Postman yearns to reestablish order amidst chaos, exactly the wrong way. He yearns to reestablish the US Federal Government!

            In one scene he says he believes in America. But like Bill Clinton, he equates America with the US Federal Government.

            Unfortunately that’s sort of what happened after the collapse of most Chinese dynasties. Another “Postman” statist reestablished statist “order.”

          • @Mike in Spotsy–

            Thanks; I don’t have Alex Jones’ audience but I can sure try to be as crazy!

            One thing in your post I don’t understand; you seem to be drawing a distinction between “lawless packs of predators” and “state governments”. Please clarify 🙂

            As far as establishing a new order–oh boy that’s going to be a tough one. The power vacuum will be intense, and everyone will want their Daddy back.

            We’ll have to take baby steps; just returning to a hard-core interpretation of the Constitution and (more importantly) the Declaration of Independence would be the most easily-accepted because it’s “American”.

            But we have a huge educational task. Luckily, the NAP is so easy to explain.

            Gary North wrote an article a while back that summed up the whole American ethos in a few catchy phrases you don’t hear much anymore; let’s bring them back:

            “No harm, no foul” (i.e. No victim, no crime)
            “To each his own”
            “Live and let live”
            “He ain’t hurtin’ no-one”
            “Takes all kinds”
            “Different strokes for different folks”

            But the absolute most important lesson: real money–never again fiat debt-money.

            But I think after the dollar collapse, that will be the easiest lesson!

          • Hi Methyl. I wasn’t trying to draw a distinction between the two types of lawless mobs, other than the very thin one that government would be acting under color of authority, while the others would not.

            I’d like to add one more phrase to Gary North’s list, perhaps the most important of all: It’s a free country. Won’t it be great when we can say that again?

          • Dear meth,

            One thing in your post I don’t understand; you seem to be drawing a distinction between “lawless packs of predators” and “state governments”. Please clarify 🙂


            Let me give it a shot.

            The (federal as well as) state governments are “lawful packs of predators,” as opposed to “lawless packs of predators.”

            I hope that clears things up.

          • Dear Mike,

            It’s a free country. Won’t it be great when we can say that again?

            I’m old enough to remember when that could be said without a trace of irony.

            It sure would be nice to be able to say that again with a perfectly straight face.

    • If I had a TARDIS I’d like to take Costas to where I lived in the early 1990s. Chicago. Southside. Gunfire so often it was -normal- and included full auto firearms. Mr. Barkley would be okay, I can tell by the way he talks he’s experienced such things, but I think Costas could very possibly panic.

      • Costas is an archetypical whitepussy (one word). His ersatz masculinity is expressed second-hand by inhaling deeply of other men’s sweaty jockstraps. He’s “manly” – because he watches fuuuhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttttttttttttttball and can immediately call forth the “stats” of his various man-crushes. Just like men once were able to tell you all about the Playmate of the Month’s turn-offs and turn-ons.

        For Costas the whitpussy gun-grabber, violent crime is an abstraction because of his extreme affluence. As it is for Bloomberg, et al.

        They don’t have to sweat violent thugs – and don’t give a damn that you or I do.

      • I am sorry, my Russian comrades. I am an agent mockateur or evocateur. We need running of bulls or mass tomato food fights, I am sure of it.

        The best way of dealing with a thug scrum is to overmatch with a larger, and more clever thug scrum of the people. Not violent thugs, but thugs against the bureaucratic order and the tools of petty tyranny.

        Someone is going to win the Superbowl, and then huge crowds will go out in the streets and yell, and turn over a few cars and assorted lowkey hooliganism will ensue.

        Seems a grand chance for some freedom minded tea party ron paul libertarian types to all show up at the same time for a minor freedom flash mob. Celebrate this grand event by marching around to all the city buildings and do some celebrations inside those buildings. The buildings belong to “the people” anyway. Don’t let a good thing go to waste. Make sure to bring along lots of kids and wives and grandparents to celebrate. No weapons or hoods or signs of any kind, it’s just a celebration.

        If all the computer towers were to be taken. If all the paperwork and laws were to be made into a bunch of confetti, well that’s what we the people were moved to do for festivity’s sake.

        Each Superbowl, some steam is released, we can reset the government in some small measure, whatever is near the annual Superbowl venue. Stay clear of anything volatile, just repositories of bureaucratic hamster cage confetti, not the police station or armory. We know tens of trillions of dollars are going to disappear in some kind of fracas, why not make it easy for them. Their records all disappeared, so its not their fault this, that, and the other promise will go unfulfilled. C’est la G-O-V. Leave the missiles and drones at the base, we will be our own false flag flameless conflagration.

        It would be a different sort of Auld Lang Syne. Should auld legislations be forgot, and never brought to mind. Should auld administrations be forgot, in the days of auld lang syne. Should all deficits and entitlements be forgot, lost to the mobs of time.

        99 trillion iou’s on the wall, 99 trillion iou’s. If all documents and data should happen to fall. No trillions of iou’s or guilty government agents on the wall.

        This auld land is all still your auld land. This auld land is all still mine.


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