Hero Cops Blow Away 72-Year-Old Man – “Officer Safety” Again

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Jerry Haskins killed in his own driveway by Hero Cops; check out the bull dyke “general” hero cop about 60 seconds into the video:

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  1. A few things come to mind from watching the video:

    The only neighbor given a chance to say more than a word or two is a former city politician who tells how the murderers were “distraught”.

    The newstwit on the scene relates that the FWPD stonewalls in response to questioning, using the excuse of “ongoing investigation”. When a cop is killed, they’re always willing to sully the potential jury pool with denunciations of the suspect, by ascribing motive and by announcing that the suspect is indeed the murderer.

    The cops shown in the video are all fat skinheads who don’t look at all perturbed that their fellow donut addicts have killed yet another citizen. The only exception is the former Phys Ed major speaking for the Ft. Worth PD. She’s also fat and unperturbed but she at least has as much head hair as the average male citizen.

    The video is a CBS affiliate’s version of the story. I don’t expect any further investigation from that end of the field.

  2. Not a good knight.

    It is like the LEO reads from the script.

    I was afraid for my life.

    Why are so many scared people choosing to be thugs?

    If they are so afraid, I think they chose the wrong line of work.

    I wonder if a teacher can use that line at school.

    I was afraid for my life. Those students are dangerous. They had tools of math instruction on their person. (I doubt people would be so willing to accept this line in other lines of work.)

    • Of course they read from a script. None of them can form complete sentences otherwise. Taxpayers aren’t allowed to go around armed, looking for an excuse to kill someone who scares them. That privilege is reserved for the guard dogs of the ruling class, exclusively. Naturally, the job then attracts the drooling sociopaths who long for a sanction to kill others.

      Any right thinking human being would shun cops entirely. Any moral person would simply refuse to return their greetings in a social setting, and decline their business should a cop want to become their customer. Shunning might not have any effect on their behavior, but at least the cop’s victims wouldn’t be buying into the “thin blue line hero” nonsense.


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