Another Heroes’ Warrantless Raid

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Julie Wilson

It was a typical evening after work when Sarasota, Fl., resident Louise Goldsberry finished dinner and began to clean up.

The nurse, employed by the Sarasota Doctors Hospital, proceeded towards the kitchen sink to clean the dishes when she gazed out her window. Her gaze met the eyes of a man wearing a hunting vest who was aiming a gun directly at her face.

Goldsberry, understandably frightened, dropped to the floor and began screaming. Although in a panic, she managed to crawl her way into the bedroom to retrieve her weapon, a .38-caliber revolver she had purchased to provide comfort while living alone.

She maintained a concealed weapons permit for the firearm.

Craig Dorris, her boyfriend who worked as a manager for a security alarm company, heard her screams and tried to make sense of his girlfriend’s reaction when suddenly they both heard a man screaming to open the front door.

The man, shouting obscenities, claimed to be a police officer and ordered them to open the front door.

Goldsberry wasn’t convinced. The man she saw through the window looked more like an “armed thug” than a police officer.

Luckily the boyfriend Dorris, was able to remain calm and request ID from the man, but the yelling continued and the man shouted, “We’re the f—- police; open the f—- door!”

Frightened, Dorris moved away from the door half expecting bullets to riddle through it.

Goldsberry, who had never been arrested before, wondered if they could really be police and if they would speak this way. She had no idea as to why the police would be trying to force their way into her apartment with their weapons drawn.

As the couple stayed huddled in the hallway, Goldsberry still clutching her weapon, watched in horror as the unidentified man pushed open the front door, which they swore had been locked.

A man crept around the corner aiming his weapon at them both and shouted, “Drop the f—- gun or I’ll f—- shoot you,” he ordered.

Goldsberry’s screams heightened, but Dorris studied the man who was now standing inside the apartment. He observed him holding a tactical shield for protection and decided he appeared to be well equipped enough to be police.

Dorris realizing that any minute the standoff could result in the death of both of them, began reasoning with the man, surrendering, raising his hands above his head and asking the man to step outside to talk.

After given permission, he moved towards the front door peacefully but was immediately grabbed and placed in handcuffs.

After being arrested outside, Dorris saw numerous men wearing vests with the words federal marshal strewn across them. Dozens of Sarasota Police officers flooded the scene, as well as some others that he couldn’t identify, which he found unusual since he often worked with police at his security company.

Dorris described it as a scene from the movie Rambo.

Dorris then yelled inside to his girlfriend that it was OK to drop the gun and come out. Paralyzed with fear, Goldsberry froze and shouted, “I’m an American citizen, you have no right to do this.”

The standoff continued for several more minutes before finally releasing her weapon onto the floor.

She was rushed by officers and quickly handcuffed.

The couple remained cuffed outside for the next thirty minutes while police searched their home without a warrant for a man they had never heard of and certainly never seen.

Finally they were released and the police left.

According to police, the man at the door was Matt Wiggins of the U.S. Marshal’s fugitive division.

When the Herald Tribune, Sarasota’s local newspaper, questioned the marshal he claimed they were searching for child-rape suspect.

Wiggins claimed they had a tip that the suspect, Kyle Riley, was inside the apartment complex, but admitted they had no specific information that indicated he was inside Goldsberry’s apartment.

Wiggins said when the people inside the apartment didn’t immediately open up, that gave them reason to believe they were harboring the alleged child rapist.

The U.S. marshal even had the audacity to say, “Nobody in the other units reacted that way.”

Tom Lyons, a reporter for the Herald Tribune countered, “Maybe none of them had a gun pointed at them through the window.”

Of course Wiggins didn’t seem to think that fact condoned the horrified woman’s behavior. He said he acted with restraint and didn’t like having a gun aimed at him.

“I went above and beyond. I have to go home at night,” said Wiggins.

Lyons argued, “She had a gun pointed at her, too, and she wasn’t wearing body armor and behind a shield.”

“She had no reason to expect police or think police would ever aim into her kitchen and cuss at her through her door to get in. It seemed crazy and she was panicked.”

Wiggins responded with, “We were clearly the police, she can’t say she didn’t know.”

“She does say so, actually,” said Lyons.

In an interview with Lyons the following day, Goldsberry explained, “I couldn’t see them. They had a big light in my eyes.”

The man she saw aiming a gun at her through the window had nothing visible that said “cop.”

“I was thinking, is this some kind of nutjob?” she said.

Turns out it was just a U.S. Federal marshal exercising what he thinks is his right under his authoritative title, and of course was “just doing his job.”

Eventually Wiggins admitted, “I feel bad for her. But at the same time, I had to reasonably believe the bad guy was in her house based on what they were doing.”

Despite the fact that she was pointing a gun at police, and Goldsberry wasn’t shot, Wiggins says, “She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”

The suspect, Kyle Riley, was arrested several hours later in another part of Sarasota.

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  1. Guy at bus stop got a face-full of pavement from these same goons before they almost killed Louise

    They never identified themselves. They were in plain clothes.

    – Just more proof there is no rule of law. You might get beaten up, robbed, caged, or killed at any time for no reason in the USSA – 90% of the time by unaccountable thugs in official costume.

    USSA Marshals Mistake Another Identity

  2. “I went above and beyond. I have to go home at night,” said Wiggins.

    Um, NO – you DON’T.

    but if this sort of shit continues, you damn well better bet – people will make sure that you DO go home – in a bag.

    Another blog I frequent (though posted in relation to the Trayvon case, holds true anyway – nigger is as nigger does, skin color’s irrelevant) posted Kipling’s “THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON”:

    I’m told it was true all through my family: As long as people are screaming and swearing, you’re OK. It’s when they shut up that you need to GTFO before you get removed- piece by piece if necessary.

    I will also concede, the “phero” moniker would be more politically useful than “n-word”. Though I could argue that when you’re walking behind a few blacks, and every other word is “niggah”… Maybe they DO need to be “educated” (per Bill Cosby’s rant sometime back, and even Mayor Michael Nutter’s speech to his Philly constituents – boiled down to, “You don’t want to be treated like a nigger/porch monkey/gangsta – DON’T ACT LIKE ONE.” )

    The alternative – as these two problems are somewhat related- will be all out war, and total war. (there is a difference) It would make Kabul, etc. look like Paradise by the time we’d finished. Mad Max would’ve been living in Shangri-la by comparison… (Without the post-nuclear war).

    Now, if “we” (humans) wait until they (government and corporations – note that towns, cities, et al are usually “incorporated”) finish their consolidations, we’ll be fucked, for a VERY long time. (Hard to even talk of rebellion in a RFID-surveillance society. Chip readers in doorways know where you are all the time, and everyone who was with you. Cameras & microphones pick up all conversations. The “tainted” sheep are put down quietly via “immunizations” or arrests “with cause”, IE – planted drugs or weapons. A few centuries of that, it’ll collapse by itself – but these are tools the USSR KGB didn’t even have, and would’ve been orgasmic at the sheer notion.)
    If they can control water?
    The People? (RFID + small explosive charge, placed at base of skull – induced acceptance of all rules, with execution immediately following any perceived infraction – and “natural” causes for COD.)

    If you want to be free – you need to correct these abuses pre-emptively. Defend aggressively.
    Otherwise you get where we are now.

    And you have to worry that some trigger-happy copthug will execute you for contempt of cop when they are the ones who assaulted you (by breaking and entering, say).

    • MoT, why do you hate them? Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame seems to love them. I listened to his rock show today and he went overboard saying how much he appreciates them. He seems to whoreship the military too.

      The commercials they played during his show were of fellowship with those who seek and destroy. What’s not to like?

      Dee Snider made his fortune with songs such as, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ maybe he was singing that from the opposite perspective of those who liked the song?
      Anyway, it sure seems like Dee Snider is no different from Milli Vanilli at this point. Pure glam, and all poseur, a sell-out two-faced no-good for nuthin’ boot-licker.

      I wonder how many other band members I like are the same way?

      Dee Snider’s show is called, The House of Hair.
      A better name might be, The House of Propaganda?

      Got-damn fucking cops! They are like flies.

      • This all seems surreal to me in a way. This country bears exactly NO RESEMBLANCE to the one I was born into. Nobody but nobody ever pointed a gun at someone unless it was a self-dense situation. Sheriff’s often wore no gun since they had no use for one. I don’t remember anyone even touching their gun back then. MoT, I’d introduce you to some seriously staunch Libertarians locally if I could remember one guy’s name. Midland has some fairly big movers and shakers who think like you do. I was invited to attend “court” with them and never got around to it. Early morning coffee drinking and big govt. bashing. They have their own militia that trains week-ends too. Racking my brain. Seems like every deployment I get to the oilfield turns up a new bunch of people for me. I think I’ve made my last pilgrimage to the gods of money there…or at least I hope so. I don’t think I can handle it again.

        • Eightsouthman your comment, “Nobody but nobody ever pointed a gun at someone unless it was a self-dense situation. Sheriff’s often wore no gun since they had no use for one. I don’t remember anyone even touching their gun back then.” … It reminded me of this bit:

          …To often I’m reminded of that bit. I guess that’s what it means to be under occupation.

          • Excellent PCR columm. I remember that world, too – now just a memory.

            Amazing that so few ask: Are we better off for all this “safety” over-the-topness?

            Of course not.

            And, are we happier?

            Even more obviously – not.

          • That’s how it was for me. I was pore not because I had no money but no shotgun or gunrack to put it in. I had to leave my .22 rifle in the seat. When I was 14 I sent $28 in to Herter’s and got a .22 single action Colt knock-off revolver quick draw. I learned to quick draw, could hit a rabbit on the run with it from the hip. I didn’t like to leave it in the pickup so I’d wrap the gun belt around the holster and put it in my locker which didn’t actually lock. I’d be walking down the hall and some teacher would say “let me see your gun”. They look it over and I’d say Don’t dry fire it, the firing pin beats down the edge of the cylinder. Then they’d tell me they had a single six or something and I’d go on to my locker. A guy younger than me would sometimes bring his .30-40 Krag in an put it in his locker. Nobody thought much of anything of you carrying a gun in school. Everybody had plenty of them and like Paul C. Roberts, accidents were something of lore, not something that really happened. Every now and again you’d hear a scandal of a guy having his own shotgun used on him, generally he’d get shot with his girlfriend by his wife. It was tough love.

        • Legally, I wonder whether these people had a right (as defined by “the law”) to resist?

          These cops had neither warrant nor probable cause. Are the legally entitled to just bash in your door, manhandle you and point lethal weapons in your face?

          And if one were to shoot back?

          • Resisting a cop? Automatic death sentence.

            Not that I’m telling you anything you don’t know.

            You posted the article, “They’re making it worth running” just recently; soon, they’ll make it worth resisting; soon after, we’ll realize it’s time to perform pre-emptive strikes.

            “Flying disk” drone: $20, radio equipment available at any hobby store, can be home-made. Explosives from fireworks, model rocket engines, household chemicals. the most expensive things would be pinhole cameras for when you can’t be in LOS.
            Probably then refine it, making the body out of cast explosives with a contact detonator, and just crash it in, like an RPG – or like our armed forces to do to those funky brown people “over there.”

            The wheel turns.
            See Also: Gods of the Copybook headings; Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, especially:
            “The Moving Finger writes: and, having writ,
            Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
            Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
            Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

            Cancel out all the good will of the populace – it’s amazing how well alcohol can burn. Amazing how people find interesting ways to resist the mind-tyranny. As long as we find our cajones before the full surveillance society (and note we also need to COMPLETE things before then – so, not just the conflict, but toppling what comes after, which will likely be dictatorship), we have a chance.

            Second-best alternative is Arks or colony ships, and leave the clover-sheeple here to rot while the productive go off in search of a new home.

          • eric, maybe someone can answer this question. Didn’t the feds make a law concerning aiming a weapon at an LEO a felony? I’m thinking this was passed last year. It may only be a state law and apply only to Tx. Whatever it is, it leaves you virtually defenseless and completely at their “mercy”, as if they had any….or even know what it is. Oh yeah, mercy is what You show Them when you get the better of them and need only to perform a coup de grace.

        • bro, I just got back from the field and am on days off for the next week. Thank god! I’m beat to hell and sore all over. Any info is always welcome. If not for me then for all the other angry libertarian minded folk I’m running into daily. One I work with says “We need a revolution right now”. I had to laugh but he and I agreed on pretty much everything. Being in our early fifties might also explain how we see things eye to eye. The shit is so thick out there in “fantasyland” you need a front end loader just to keep up. Others I hang around are only biding their time for the inevitable.

          • MoT, dang you nearly have me talked back into returning to the patch. I won’t come unless I can work for Tuboscope and hump that pipe into the x-ray machine for 3 days at a time. yep, you’re right or somebody is. It’s time. Working like yall do makes it seem more eminent. If everybody had to really bust ass having to surrender your money to the armed goons seems a lot more dire. When you have a job you can see the results it just chaps your butt to give your money up.

  3. Matt Wiggins – U S Marshals Fugitive Division

    – – – –
    Cuba 2012 Documentary

    – at least Cuba has only one level of tyranny, no bankster, world policing, advertising & consumerism, and forced puritanical christianity to deal with. It doesn’t look that bad.

    Worse thing is their housing is severely falling apart section 8 type housing, but that’s a tangible problem you can at least tackle and overcome if you have skills and resources. Amerika seems completely fukt.


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