Am I going to be disappeared… ?

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…Or am I just being paranoid? My wife and I took a drive to the Shenandoah Valley today. We crossed the Blue Ridge at Thornton Gap on US 211, then headed south on US 340 from Luray. Through Stanley to Shenandoah, where we decided to stop in a coffee shop. It was mid-afternoon and we were the only customers. After a pleasant conversation with the three ladies working there and a good cup of coffee, I paid and we left. We sat in the car for a couple of minutes discussing where we wanted to go next and then headed south on 340 toward Elkton.

Yeah, I know it’s banal and boring so far. Typical drive in the country. But right after turning onto 340, a cop car appeared behind us. I turned onto a country road, as we had decided to explore the back roads a bit. The cop turned behind us. I made several turns onto different roads, and the cop remained 50-100 feet behind me. He was clearly following us, and I could see him talking, apparently on the radio. We were getting somewhat spooked, and my wife wondered if they still had laws against interracial couples in that area. I told her they probably did, but they couldn’t enforce them after the Loving decision. She said it must have had something to do with the coffee shop, because as we got into the car, she saw one of the employees come to the door and look intently at the front of the car for a few seconds before hurrying back inside.

After following for about 5 minutes, the cop finally stopped and made a u-turn and left. I guess his Oberfuehrer cleared my plates. As we tried to figure out why the people at the coffee shop might have called the cops on us, I remembered seeing something a year or two ago about paying cash being a suspicious activity. We checked on line, and sure enough, the FBI last year asked coffee shop operators to report people who paid cash for their coffee, because that suggested an intent to engage in terrorist activities. I know that’s incredibly stupid, but we are talking about the FBI after all.

So, even though porky didn’t stop us today, I’m thinking they must have reported us to the CIA, FBI, NSA, or whatever pigs in DC are pretending to be human, and the horrible incident of paying $3.09 in cash instead of by credit card is being evaluated by someone with the IQ of a garden hose and the regime loyalty of the commandant at Auschwitz. Will I be getting a visit from the authorities? Will there be a SWAT raid? Will I be disappeared when they find out that I frequent this site, LRC, and blacklisted news?

Yeah, I probably am being paranoid. But the big issue is that the US government has become so horrible that I even have to wonder what repercussions might occur as a result of just buying a fucking cup of coffee. The government that claims to be keeping me safe is in fact the greatest threat to my safety.

Let me end with a message for whatever government snoop is reading this: I fully subscribe to the non-aggression principle and to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I pose no physical threat to you or anyone else. If you feel threatened by me, it is only because you realize that I obey the US government only because it is the most powerful terrorist organization in the world, and not because I believe it to have any authority or legitimacy.

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  1. dom, I grew up in a house of women. My wife thinks it’s funny when I freak other women out. I can read their minds and it’s just more than some can stand although the ones who can are really good friends. 50% of the people on earth are women who aren’t married to my friends. That’ll work.

        • dom, whatever she might find, just blame it on me. I’m accustomed to being the bad guy, often for things I’m totally unaware of but it’s saved a few relationships I GUESS!! Everybody just laughs when I walk in and their old lady goes ballistic while I’m standing there just soaking it up, knowing she’ll run down eventually and I’ll find out what’s going on….someday. We all need a boogeyman….or at least some do…..the last 50 days ha ha ha ha…

          • Ha, won’t work. My wife knows I’m the boogeyman myself. Shoot, last time I was out drinking with some buddies after a karate clinic I got to talking about throbbers. For the few wifes and girlfriends left that still liked me.. Well, let’s just say that sealed the deal.

  2. I wonder if this is how it was for the Gestapo in the beginning?:

    “One hundred times a week, groups of six armed men drive to houses in three black SUVs, conducting consented-if-casual searches of the property perhaps in part because of things people looked up online.”

    You know, I suspect the numbers are even higher in instances such as Mike in Spotsy describes, only they call it a routine traffic stop?

    It’s all the ‘new’ normal now, isn’t it?

    • It’d be hilarious if everyone in the USSA (some 300 million) googled terrorist sites for a month or 2. I’d like to see what Knobama’s cronies do then..

  3. Spotsy, while I find that entire episode completely insane, I must take my hat off to the occifer who followed you so closely as you obviously must be in possession of some sort of secret weapon, one that could have made his car simply disappear. 3 dollars in cash is just off the charts. I can’t imagine carrying that sort of cash around. Weren’t you scared of getting mugged? Now that DHS stuff is starting to make sense. We all know terrorists hang at coffee shops….just waiting for the donut crowd to show.

  4. Mike,

    Do not forget, the banksters want their cut of the action.


    For those that look, their is much that is rotten in USSA. (and it is not the cheese.)

    There still are many things that are good, but I wonder where this country is going and why are we in a hand basket.

    • Hi Mith. Yeh, Australia’s also headed for the cliff, as our idiot Labor Party (lefties) seem to take every stupid idea from other countries and implement them here, such as the “buy-in” to prop up the banks that happened in Cyprus recently – taking money directly from your accounts.

      They waste money hand over fist, then they’re left with a budget hole and tax the shit outta everything to fill it. It’s all about control over the public purse/freedom for their own perpetuity.

      I got a nasty shock when I heard good old Motown was bankrupt. Plain and simple mismanagement.

  5. Wow.. I mean.. WOW! That’s just unreal. It sounds like they resurrected Lenin or Stalin.

    I never thought it could get that bad in the USSA.

    Return to the coffee shop again and simply do the same thing, but make sure you have your phone on video. See if you get reported/followed again. If you have video evidence, you might have a strong case.


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