Today’s Thoughts . . . Aug. 18, 2013

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I continue to marvel at the aggressiveness with which German fascist – and also Soviet – language is permeating the American language.hero of the Soviet Union

There is of course endless – and becoming routine as a result – talk of The Homeland. I cringe every time I hear such. Because I remember when that term was used only by actors playing Nazis in films – or by actual Nazis themselves. The Heimat. And, of course, Heimatsicherheitsdeinst. Literally, Homeland Security; for those not historically hip, the SD was Germany’s internal political police and feared even more than the better known Gestapo. It was headed by a man whose nickname was The Hangman: Reinhard Heydrich. The man who called together the Wannsee Conference, whose right hand man was Adolf Eichmann. A lovely example for Americans to emulate, eh?

Except, of course, most of them are not even conscious of it – of the sickening farce in which they’re playing the lead role.

And there is all this Hero Talk. Especially as applied to the state’s authority figures – to its enforcers. Hmmm. I vaguely remember something… oh, yes. The Hero of the Soviet Union. This was the USSR’s most coveted award – and it was awarded to the state’s top-tier enforcers – the men (and some women) who most mercilessly stomped and murdered and lined up helpless victims at the edge of a ditch.

Now we have the same sorts of Heroes, too.neidermeyer picture

I’m 46. When I was a kid, such talk – like talk of the Homeland by Americans – would have singled you out as some kind of freak. A person not quite right in the head – like the Neidermeyer character in Animal House. A penile deficient bully who finds his outlet as an ROTC cadet commander. Or a mall security guard.

Or, something much worse.

Well, we’ve arrived at much worse. The Homeland abounds with Heroes.

And talk of freedom, too – which is an excellent barometer of exactly how little freedom we actually have. Because so few people have any respect for it – or even comprehend the idea.

To them, as per Orwell, freedom in the sense of being left in peace – and leaving others  peace – really is slavery. There’s no gain in that. No outlet for the urge to control and dominate – to assume the yin-yang role of masochist and sadist; of dominatrix – and dominated. There’s no security; no in loco parentis.

To child-minded adults, this is scary. Hence the need for Heroes to protect them. And for a Homeland to make them feel safe.

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  1. “Homeland” is not America. That fascist term is creepy and un-American. It is a eurotrash term and a semantical ruse just like using the term “gay” for homosexual. Until after 9-11 I had only heard the term used in England or other european countries, not America. It’s somebody else’s idea and it stinks.

  2. The word Heimat (Homeland) is not a fascist word. It existed hundreds of years before the coming of fascism in Europe. In fact, it is still in use, without any fascist connotations. During the 30s and 40s there were fascist parties all over Europe, in Britain, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands and so forth. I am sure they too referred to their respective countries/homelands with an equivalent word and they are still using it. Would one of those be less offensive? I see nothing wrong with the use of the word Homeland in the US of A. It’s your home and it’s your land! What gives?

    • Hi Werner,

      I understand your point, but to us – to Americans – homeland has sinister connotations precisely because it was used by the NSDAP and German fascism. Because it is now used in a way that is extremely fascistic here. “Homeland Security” – and every new police state measure – always couched in language referencing “the homeland.”

      I can tell you that anyone who used the term here prior to the events of nahn-ahleveevn would have been regarded with suspicion for exactly this reason.

      Americans would talk about their country, their nation, etc.

      Never “the Homeland.”

      Semantics, perhaps – but I hope you see what I am trying to get at.

      • Americans had never used the word homeland in till 9/11. It was country and nation, or land of the free. Never homeland. that to us, shows what is going on in the country now.

      • Hi Eric, thanks for your explanation! The Nazis never used the word “Homeland” but they used the word “Heimat” – a German word!

        If you make a connection to the Nazis, you could perhaps also remember that to Americans “9/11/2001” has a special meaning, much like to Germans the word “Versailles” has a very special meaning to, as a large portion of German “Heimat” was illegally stripped from Germany together with the German people who lived there for centuries.

        I do like your site, especially the articles which have to do with automobiles and the automobile culture! I also realize that your country is not what it used to be, Canada is headed in the same direction!


    • Werner, the term was never used in the American English lexicon, in none of the many dialexts of English spoken here. It’s a term translated from other European languages. Americans are mobile people, and there exists a huge range of climates and topographical types on this part of the continent, so there’s no homogenous “homeland” here.

      For Americans before 9/11/01, anyone overheard using that term was understood to be an immigrant, referring to his country of birth.

    • Dear Werner,

      It’s a matter of perception, rooted in culture.

      The word does not necessarily have the same meaning for Europeans as it does for Americans.

      The word has highly specific and highly negative connotations to Americans, at least to Americans who value their traditional freedoms.

      This need not be construed as a condemnation of European cultures.

      But it is most assuredly a sign of creeping fascism in the US. To wit, the TV series “Homeland.”

      • Thank you Bevin,

        your point is well taken: The term “Homeland” evokes negative feelings in you
        for reasons personal. Is there an alternative word for the USA? Your national anthem I believe uses the expression ” the home of the brave and the land of the free” (correct me if I am wrong) and Americans are very patriotic!

  3. “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” –Napoleon

    Once you realize everything you’ve been taught in the government schools and everything you watch or read on government regulated media is meant to manipulate, you can approach the truth. An unregulated internet, where individuals can communicate without government control, terrifies the ruling class.

    • That thought deserves a theme song. An unregulated internet being necessary to the security and wealth of a free world.

      This is a product of the Free Morpheme Project. The FMP is tasked with founding a living language of unbound morphemes, uncopyrighted dreams, and fully carpe’d diems, to better serve netizen-humans living on Earth.

      No rights are reserved, all new $Laissez-Farthings that result, if any, are irrevocably quit-claimed to .38 Special. the Music Industrial Complex, the Internet Site Owner, and other claimants et. al.

      Hold On Loosely – (Those Who Would Rule)

      You see it all around you
      Good goving* gone bad
      And usually it’s too late when you
      Realize what you had

      And my mind goes back
      To an enlightened world we left some years ago
      Founders who told me

      Just hold on loosely but don’t let the world go
      If you cling too tightly
      You’re gonna lose control
      The people maybe need someone to believe in
      And a whole lot of space to breathe in

      It’s so damn easy
      When your feelings are such
      To overprotect the world
      To gove her too much

      And my mind goes back
      To a world we left some years ago
      Founders who told me

      Just hold on loosely but don’t let the world go
      If you cling too tightly
      You’re gonna lose control
      The people maybe need someone to believe in
      And a whole lot of space to breathe in

      Don’t let the world slip away
      Sentimental fool
      Don’t let your heart get in the way

      You see it all around you
      Good goving gone bad
      And usually it’s too late when you
      Realize what you had

      So hold on loosely but don’t the world go
      If you cling too tightly
      You’re gonna lose control
      The people maybe need someone to believe in
      And a whole lot of space to breathe in

      So hold on loosely but don’t the world go
      If you cling too tightly
      You’re gonna lose it
      You’re gonna lose control
      Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

      So hold on loosely but don’t the world go
      If you cling too tightly
      You’re gonna lose control

      Hold on loosely but don’t let the world go
      If you cling too tightly to her
      You’re gonna lose control
      Yeah, yeah, yeah

      * All comprehensible liberties of language are taken under the FMP

      Explanatory Exposition:
      1)love- lemma form of the noun, verb, and adjective -> loves, loving, loved
      meaning to cherish, show affection to, delight in, approve of

      2)gov(or gove)- lemma form of the noun, verb, and adjective -> goves, goving, goved
      syncretically possible form of govern
      meaning to direct, rule, guide, steer, pilot

      3)Laissez-faire use of “Hold On Loosely” by 38 Special. All terrestrial and online marketable property rights retained by artists and the Music Industrial Complex. Laissez-Farthing compensation owed to content originators be determined and/or litigated.

  4. the lessons people learn are easily forgotten, 4T theory explains this fairly well.

    here’s a recent personal story. this past easter a discussion broke out with my younger sister, my pops and myself. she lamented that people aren’t “proud” to be american. i said I am proud to be an american but not proud of the USA. I explained the difference between the US and America (as I see it US=Nation-State and America=The Idea of Liberty). I then said strong nationalistic pride leads seemingly good people to do bad things. I then shared the story below.
    2 months earlier I was in germany for 2 1/2 weeks (work related). My hosts were outstanding and the people in general were extremely polite. Prior colleagues via email and telephone became genuine friends during that visit and have remained since. The head of R&D (my main point of contact) was my main host and we got into many interesting conversations over meals and drinks.
    I offended him one night when talking about soccer. I commented that while watching the World Cup when germany hosted it a few years ago I saw many german flags but there were almost none present while I was in Hannover. He then asked me (paraphrasing) “whether I can regularly see posters of slaughtered Indians/Native Americans on the billboards in the US?”

    I realized I offended him and apologized, he also apologized for over reacting rudely and explained. The constant flag waving during the month of the world cup was more a “show”. Many of the people of germany are very aware of what a strong nationalistic tendency leads to; people blindly committing horrible acts and being OK with it because it is for the good of the nation. Hitler was a master at feeding the nationalistic hunger. It leads to a mob mentality and sociopaths take over. My host’s parents were alive during WW2. Many people there look at the german flag as a blatant reminder of the travesties that occurred.
    People in the USSA today don’t have experience with this ill effect of nationlistic furvor but I am afraid we soon will.
    The irony of it all is that the further a generation is born from a crisis, the closer they are to the next one.

  5. Now I see why in the early 70s my parents didn’t want me going anywhere near the military. Fortunately one of my college applications came good and I went to college instead.

    • I had a close call.

      I was 19, and very much enamored of the possibility of becoming a pilot. I came very close to signing up for ROTC/OCS. The only thing that saved me was an instinctive, animal aversion to being Told What To Do. I sniffed the aroma of authority… and veered hard right, escaped!

  6. You’re right Eric, every time I hear the term “homeland” I want to barf. My dad, may he rest in peace, fought the Nazis, as did my (also deceased) father-in-law. It’s probably just as well they’re no longer with us because the country they risked their lives for is even deader. I remember watching the old war movies on tv where the Gestapo goons would stop people and demand to see their “papers” and marvel at how wrong that was. Here in Amerika we have Bloomberg’s Gestapo doing “stop and frisk”, random roadblocks and checkpoints for drivers, TSA douchebags, license plate readers, surveillance cams pretty much everywhere, etc., etc., ad nauseum.
    Any donut muncher doing his (very well paid) job is somehow a hero even if he beats some poor shmuck senseless for not showing the proper “respect” for his costume. I can see the rationale for getting out of Dodge while it’s still possible, but even then where could you go that’s beyond the reach of the feds with today’s technology? I’m too old for that anyway, but I hope I live long enough to see the empire finally collapse of it’s own weight, or maybe the rest of the world will get together and push back hard but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Eric,

    You have recently commented about wanting to leave this country. But you, and several more of those who comment here feel that they would loose too much of their property and other goodies.

    The way things are going here reminds me of other stories of Germany and Italy before WW-2. People had good lives and relative wealth, and were comfortable in their Fascist Homelands. They knew they could leave, and probably should.
    Fairly soon it became more difficult to leave. Some lost their wealth, their freedom, perhaps their lives.

    Those of us with enough property and means to do so should strongly consider our options.

    By the way, Eric, Goo-ghul is telling you that your opinions are to be censored. The powers that be have told them so.

    I very much respect your bravery in continuing to write about your point of view about our dying way of life. I also respect libertarian websites like Lew Rockwells. I am afraid that you and some of us have a stay at Camp FEMA in our future.

    • JvG, That is an appropriate analogy about the pre-WWII Germans, and their opportunity to leave the country.

      Just wondering what country you might recommend for Americans to move to while the getting is good? Canada, Mexico and Europe don’t appear too much more promising.

      So where?

      • If we can manage? Might be worth it to check out some of the ex-Soviet locales, and some of the Muslim areas. Places people KNOW what’s happened, or hate it regardless. then open dialogue of what is happening here.

        Didn’t work pre-WW2, but at least word got out ahead of time a little.
        We can only try again – but leveraging hatred for us might even work in our favor.
        We have knowledge.
        Our country has betrayed us.

        1 and 1 is 11…

        As for me – my grandparents emigrated here. Parents born here. I was proud to be American – until it meant the same as Stalinist.
        My generation was set up for failure.

        More recent vintages? Set up to be dependents, eternally.

        Must. Winnow. Rabbits.

          • But at least women know their place… 😉

            (OK, that’s a bit extreme, given what women actually have to deal with there… )

            If they had descent resources, we could go and build something – but they’ve suffered from a similar blindness, and went from being a place of trade and knowledge to a hell on earth.

            We also would have a problem like “Invasion of the body snatchers” as soon as nanotech or organic computers became reality, implantable devices to keep us good, servile slaves, glad for our chance to serve…
            Maybe we should EMP airports and police stations? Not sure how it works, WRT range. The idea would be to take out the Rapiscans and cars, not affect any aircraft in the air – THAT would be suicidal, on the BEST result. Zero to mass murderer at about 9.8 m/s/s or 32 f/s/s… 🙁
            EMPs in cities would be good, too.

            Funny, I started off a Republican, now I sound like a revolutionary anarchist. 😛

            Downsides are a big deal, though. No sex, no drugs, no indoor plumbing…

      • Mike,

        I really do not know where any more than anyone else.

        In my opinion, somewhere off the radar screen would be nice. Someplace of no strategic importance.

        I am almost retirement age. Somewhere cheap would be ok. I would rather have a limited, boring life than the “excitement” we may have here soon.

        One of my co-workers said You know, at our age, Boring is Good.

        I still like South America. Chile if I can afford it. Otherwise, Ecuador. I would even like to check out the Tarija area in Bolivia. A coolish, wine growing region that no one gives a damn about.

        • Hi JV,

          I think a better option for people in our situation – time of life – is to “retire” to the country. As rural as possible, as far away from anything as feasible. On as much land as you can afford.

          Unless the country descends into outright Stalinism – and it very well may, I readily admit – one probably stands a decent chance of weathering the storm.

          Leaving, on the other hand, entails several major problems:

          Liquidating one’s life possessions. Home, vehicles, Stuff. Virtually everything. Then, using this cash (assuming it’s not massively taxed or outright taken from you via civil forfeiture on suspicion of “illegal” activity) one must transmute it into foreign currency, then buy a new home (or rental) in a foreign country where one has no rights at all (non citizen) and where one is utterly unfamiliar with how things get done – and thus, an easy target for rip-off artists both official and not.

          But, let’s say you manage to liquidate your stuff and move to, say, Chile. What now? You’ve left your family/friends of a lifetime a continent away. You are probably faced with the prospect of trying to rebuild your career – or begin a new one – in middle age, in a country where you don’t speak the language and have no contacts. I suspect that even a doctor would have a fairly difficult time transferring his operations to a new country. But if you’re not a doctor?

          Just my 50….

          • Many professionals upon moving to the USA find themselves working as taxi drivers, gas station attendants, and other immigrant jobs because either they don’t speak english well enough, their degrees and work experience is not accepted by corporations, or they simply cannot get the required government licenses, break into the club, what have you.

            As far as I know it doesn’t work out that much better the other way around. Although americans who move overseas usually can prepare themselves better and often work for an international corporation with whom they remain employed.

            • Yup.

              The language issue is a real problem.

              My second language is, unfortunately, not Spanish.

              I can make myself understood (and understand) German well enough to function in a German-speaking country and have no doubt I’d be fully fluent in a few months of immersion.

              But German-speaking countries are off-the-table for both financial and freedom reasons. I’ve got a Swiss passport – but Switzerland is among the most expensive places in the world to live. My middle class means/assets here would be virtual poverty level there. A 16 acre spread with a large house, multiple cars, motorcycles… forget it. I’d need to be a liquid millionaire. At least that much in ready cash – plus the ability to generate a comparable sum indefinitely.

              So, back to Spanish.

              Unfortunately, no hablo.

          • RE: “You’ve left your family/friends of a lifetime a continent away.”

            Seems a lot like going to another planet.

            Also, you guys saying this word ‘retire’.
            Gary North wrote an article awhile back saying one should never retire.
            For some people it’s not going to be an option anyway.

            • Indeed.

              I like to write; enjoy my work. I have no plans to retire – ever. And not because I must have the money. It’s my opinion that people who go to their work only because of the money are in the wrong line of work.


            “the truth is, I don’t wanna’ lose what i got….”

            sure. easy to understand. even easier to feel. sunk costs can feel very solid & comforting when the weather’s not too bad – an anchor, *out there*, preventing drift, locking in/down a bit of what was it, heimat? (just looked, & the concept extends beyond “soil”, or my unsentimental preference, “dirt”…). “yo, adrian…”

            here’s the anthropogenic weather change that puts the anchor into perspective.


            around about 2:15…..


            ♪ ♫ ♪ (here i’d put symbols for sharp & natural notes, but not flats – as in “flattened”…but the codes won’t go)

            When you see the Southern Cross for the first time,
            you understand now why you came this way.
            Cause the truth you might be running from is so small.
            But it’s as big as the promise, the promise of a coming day.
            So I’m sailing for tomorrow, my dreams are a dying.
            And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain.
            I have my ship and all her flags are a flying.
            She is all that I have left and music is her name.

            So we cheated and we lied and we tested
            and we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do.
            You will survive being bested.
            Somebody fine will come along, make me forget about loving you at the Southern Cross.

            value(s) is/are subjective. reality isn’t. and nobody’s got a crystal ball. but the asymmetry is clearly piling up. you want to be long gamma, not short, as taleb would put it…have the right, but not the obligation, rather than the obligation, but not the right. meanwhile, time decays, options expire.

            tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito. you know what mises, others, did. retreating to some boonie corner of the flood plain is what david koresh & his people did. hoping fire won’t be concentrated, “full speculum dominance” style as fred reed put it yesterday, lol, when you know how easy that is for the blackhats to do, is heavier than heimat. way heavier….

          • Yes Eric. It is extremely costly to uproot your entire material, cultural and social existence. But I doubt that simply “heading for the country” here in the US is going to provide enough shelter from the storm. Better than staying in the city, for sure. But “good enough…..?” Maybe……Maybe not.

  8. The sickening verbage of “homeland” etc. is enough to make me retch. My bullshit meter goes off the scale every time I have to hear such garbage. Heros? The only heros in my book are those who slave away at work to keep their heads above water from the theives who rob them to bribe knuckleheads into wearing their rent-a-whore costumes and kill folks who never wanted to see them in the first place. The double tragedy is these same dunderheads then come home messed up and are then showered with praise for their stupid decisions. Notice those who are raped to fund these adventures are not encouraged to speak up.

    • Yep, MoT, when I first heard the term ‘homeland security’, I said “Homeland’s ass. What are we, fucking Nazis?”

      I was just re-reading Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason”, and in the sixth part where he establishes that the Constitution and the laws passed by the government pretending to be the one established by the USC, are not binding on the citizenry, it occured to me that the only people who are bound by the document are those who swear an oath to it.

      Therefore, the military and the elected government officials are the only ones who agree to be ruled under the constitution, but they are the only ones who are actually allowed to ignore the obligations they claim belong to us all.

      Congress exempts itself from the laws it passes, the judiciary ignores its own rulings when convenient, and the military simply takes the attitude that orders from politicians are all the justification they need to commit mass murder and robbery.

      If you look at it closely, it’s really just a pile of shit, ain’t it?

      • Dear Ed,

        Re: the term “Homeland Security.” Ditto.

        Another reaction of mine was “WTF? Wasn’t the Department of Defense suppose to be defending the security of the nation?”

        Oh, that’s right. They’re too busy bombing foreign countries to do that.

        • I know it, Bevin. It’s propaganda in official nomenclature. The Department of War was renamed DoD, as a way of obfuscating its function.

          I read that the naming of operations, when done by the military command weenies was a random choice of words, so you’d have “operation hosepipe” or “operation dingleberry”. The military ops dreamed up by politicians are named with high-flown rhetorical flourishes like “Operation Enduring Freedom” or “Operation Iraqi Freedom” as a way of propagandizing them for popular consumption.

          • Dear Ed,

            Yeah. Irony. The “Department of Defense” came into existence precisely when the Department of War ceased being even nominally about defense, but instead overwhelming about wars of foreign aggression.

            Re: randomized naming of military operations

            So that’s why “Operation Iraqi Freedom” wasn’t named “Operation Fuck the Hajis in the Ass.”

  9. Dear Eric,

    A key ingredient leading to this sort of consciousness, is our old friend “democracy.”

    The path to power in a democracy is to rally the largest number of rabble, or “constituents” behind you. Historically, one of the most efficient ways to do this, is to appeal to Blood and Soil.

    Blood and Soil (German: Blut und Boden) refers to an ideology that focuses on ethnicity based on two factors, descent blood (of a folk) and homeland/Heimat (Soil). It celebrates the relationship of a people to the land they occupy and cultivate…

    Not surprisingly this almost perfectly sums up the Taiwan independence movement. Its counterpart for heimat is “ben tu yi shi,” which denotes an exaggerated identification with one’s native soil. Its fascistic rhetoric hammers away relentlessly on who is and is not “native Taiwanese,” and who did or did not grow up “eating Taiwan rice and drinking Taiwan water.” The idea is that the rice grown in the soil of the heimat, and the water flowing over the heimat, are ingested and become part of who one is.

    Much of this Aryan style consciousness is the legacy of Nazism, transmitted indirectly to the Taiwan independence movement via Japanese fascists who occupied the island for 50 years before it was retroceded to China in 1945.

    • One of the ironies I noticed while living there is that Japan emulated Germany in it’s schools, military and government while for some twisted reason chose to drive on the left side of the road like the British.

    • I marvel at the successful marketing of democracy by our thought masters.

      DEmoracy = two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.

      Unique to the U.S.A. is a Representative Republic = No matter how big your gang, rule of law (Constitution/ Bill of Rights) and justice still stand up for the minority. Huge difference.

      • “I marvel at the successful marketing of democracy by our thought masters.”

        It is ingenious, isn’t it?

        In part, because it seems innocuous – good, even. Who, after all, could be against democracy? Where everyone has a vote?

        Of course, the above relies on a sort of mental blank-out as far as the concept of rights.

        And that’s the key thing.

        Be sure – absolutely certain – that most people are never taught thought. The habit of critical, conceptual thinking. Particularize everything. Situational ethics.

        That’s how you end up with people who see themselves as benevolent, caring “liberals” – whose every policy involves violent redistribution of other people’s property and the abrogation of their rights as individuals.

  10. The other thing I’ve noticed is how professional sports (mostly baseball and football) have wrapped themselves around the military.

    It all has the Starship Troopers feel of “service guarantee’s citizenship”.

    • Dear Owen,


      Baseball, probably less so.

      But “fuuuuuhtball,” absolutely. It is a near perfect analog of militarism. The football field is the battlefield. It even has the battle lines clearly drawn in white. The goal line/goal posts mark the enemy’s stronghold. Penetrate them and you win.

      It involves two teams who face each other head on. They wear different colored uniforms. Essentially the “Blue Team” and “Red Team” during military maneuvers. Each team even has “offense” and “defense.”
      The collisions between the two opposing teams are battles. The final score determines which team “won the war.”

      The highest honor is “winning state,” i.e., winning the state championship, an honor that involves “The State.”

      • I am 65 and also cringe at the newspeak word “homeland” from the ministry of peace. For over 50 years the establishment culture masters have emasculated the American male by design. They make him feel that sitting on the sofa with his chips and beer and yelling at “his team”, or diving a big pickup truck is the manly thing to do. You can’t have a cultural takeover before first emasculating the males and disintegrating their family values to fight for. They have been dumbed down, can’t critically think, and must rely on the “experts” in government and TV to tell them what to think. Idiocracy is the norm, and the majority will say that’s OK as long as their IPad works and they can Twitter, Facebook, WiFi their pictures and Google their questions. It is cheap spoon fed time eating video games and “Hunger Games” movies that socialize the thinking of this generation, while they give you a ghost enemy that cannot be defined and wars without end. All very scientific and well funded by thousands of non-elected entities that write our regulations and laws. How else can a stupefied public buy the moronic words “We have to pass it so we can know what is in it”.

        George Orwell, Ayn Rand and others knowledgeable of the system tried warning us years ago of the path to state slavery. Unfortunately your teachers and media kept the knowledge hidden.

  11. Oh, but we have a rallying cry: “Remember 9/11!!!!!” That’s right. That changed everything. That was the day that the federal government (controllers of the skies) failed to do their duty, despite having spent millions on spy programs, wire taps, radar systems, air marshals, and even with all of the warning buzzers going off they managed to let a few kids destroy a few poorly built buildings on national TV.

    So, unlike just about everything else, the solution to bad government is more government. Once you open that door, you allow in a bunch of people who know that fear and nationalism sell papers. So you have a good-guy bad-guy story that can play out for as long as necessary. Everybody can play along, and no matter what the “good guys” do, they stay good guys because they are “us.”

    • “Remember 9/11” is much the same sort of rallying cry as “Remember the Maine”… and just as full of lying bullshit. You first of all have to BELIEVE all of the lies for there to be any foundation to further lies and manipulation. I’ve long since done away with such childish notions.

      It’s amazing isn’t it? With decades of time and countless dollars they still FAILED to stop what they were supposedly created for. And on top of that all of those at the levers of power got promoted! Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script.


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