Geico Has Digital ID Cards

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So I just saw the Geico commercial with the pig and the sheriff’s deputy (do I repeat myself?). The deputy asks for the pig’s proof of insurance and the pig pulls out his cell phone, and pulls up his insurance ID card via Geico Mobile App. The deputy asks the pig if he knows why he pulled him over, tells him it was a broken tail light, instructs him to fix it and hands the pig his cell phone back. WHAT?!!! NO TICKET?!!! “You KNOW that was Hollywood!” echos my mother’s voice in my head. I wonder how well that scenario would have played out here in “the real world…”

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  1. if you hand your wallet to the police with it open to your drivers license because its in one of those sleave holders, can the police go searching through your entire wallet? seems to me it would be like opening your door when they knock, if something is in plain sight, they can act on it, but they can’t walk in and start searching without probable cause. now if a text came in while he was looking at the insurance card saying hurry up and get that kilo of coke delivered, you might be in trouble.

  2. It was a fellow porker, M.P., so the officer was just following normal protocol: never apply the rules for mundanes to your “brothers.” Just the porcine version of “Got your back, jack!”

    • I suppose so. I am just so damn sick of all of the porcine propaganda. I just thank the Lord for youtube and cell phone cameras. At least the pot-bellied porcine predators in their natural habitat are subjected to the bright lights of publicity as they hunt their prey. No number of spin doctors and no amount of lies flowing as a flood from the children of darkness can cover the multitude of their sordid sins.


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