Utah Heroes (Four of Them) Thug Scrum Guy For Riding His Bike

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Four fat Heroes attack a student for riding his bicycle:


  1. Except this isn’t in Utah (headline needs to be changed). UTC (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) is about 1500 miles from the nearest Utah border.

  2. Cole Montalvo is likely to be joining the 7 million other Americans incarcerated in the USSA. 90% of these are male, in total 2.9% of the adult population are under correctional supervision of being on probation, on parole, in jail, or in prison.


    Several times over the past couple weeks University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has allowed and endorsed a fire and brimstone preaching fanatical woman to come and scream hate and damnation at its students.

    They provided her a huge coned in circle with security and police for her to shout at and judge the paying students.

    Cole Montalvo rode his bike past the barrier and swift consequences followed. Not captured on the video was him being tackled off of his bike.

    He then became angry considering he is a paying student who belongs on campus and the heroes found this reason enough to tackle him an arrest him for resisting arrest.

    They never calmly asked him to put his hands behind his back and such but rather Campus Security and Police violently escalated the situation and arrested this student.

    UTC continues to provide shelter for this woman whom the student body has made very clear is unwelcome. Cole may be expelled an charged with God only knows what for merely trying to go to his next class and expressing anger at this howling banshee shrew.


    MONTALVO, COLE PHILIP. Age at Arrest: 24
    Date of Birth: 12/14/1988. Arresting Agency: UTC
    Last Date of Arrest: 11/14/2013. Charge(s):


    Cole is the 33rd picture from the top or the 33rd picture from the bottom. 55/170,000 Chattanoogans booked each day works out to 20,075/170,000 booked each year.

    • As far as “hate and damnation” is concerned… there are all sorts of soap-box oratories directed at people of faith, those against, and those who don’t give a shit with the same chest pounding indignations. It’s when knuckle-headed students use weasel words like “hate speech” that they need a run-in with the usual officer friendly who beats up on anyone THEY happen to think deserve a billy club to the head. You’ll likely not hear these same indignant cows braying about police-state tactics such as in Boston or elsewhere. Why? Because Big Sister keeps them feeeeeeling saaaaaaffffeee.


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