Another Checkpoint Hero

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Here’s another “liberty snuff film.” A guy well within the US is detained by Heroes in funny green outfits just because they can:

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    • His mistake may have been voluntarily going to “secondary.”

      My understanding is these border cops haven’t got the legal authority to detain you unless they have reason to suspect a crime has been committed. Declining to answer questions doesn’t rise to that standard. One should say, “No thanks” when “asked” to go to “secondary.” Followed by, “am I being detained” and “am I free to go?” At this point, the thugs will either order you to proceed to their “secondary” (and so on) or concede that you are free to go.

      Never voluntarily submit to anything. Make them bare their fangs. Make them force you.

      • Eric,

        I think you are correct about voluntarily going into secondary (without valid cause).

        I have seen some videos of people successfully declining the hospitality of secondary with the result being that people were eventually permitted to go on their way (since there was no legitimate reason for being detained).

        Another benefit for declining the trip to secondary is that you back up traffic, which will put the ball in the green suited thugs’ court.

        Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day
        (This site is among several things I am thankful for having.)

        • Ditto, Mith!

          Best wishes to you/your family; hope you – and everyone else here – has an enjoyable (and government-free) Thanksgiving!


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