Hero on His Cell Phone While Woman Drowns

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Here’s another:

Give the officer some credit, folks. He did have a gun in case someone’s dog was nearby.


Unfortunately, the woman is now dead. Sudsbury Star reports: “Two sources have confirmed to The Sudbury Star that the 62-year-old woman rescued from her sport utility vehicle after it left Municipal Road 80 on Thursday near McCrea Heights and plunged into a marsh has died.”


  1. Well, the hero did kind of heroically restrain himself from tasering the lady, though he’s probably now prostrate with grief over the missed opportunity.

    • That’s not in his list of duties, besides, that water is COLD. He just had his shoes shined at the jail. That’s a new uniform he has on. He’d been feeling a bit under the weather all morning anyway. All his stuff would get wet. Well, he was feeling a bit peaked. He’s not trained in life saving techniques….d’oh. Funny, clover never weighs in on these.

        • I’m all for the ultimate in officer safety…..get rid of the officers.

          Hell, if it is so dangerous for them out there, clearly the police are ineffective and should all be fired as they are not performing their duties.

          I think we should help the police by building castle like structures with no doors or windows. We can drop all the police inside where they will be perfectly safe. Probably a good idea to put all the politicians in there too so they can feel safe.

          • @Me2 Yes. A thousand times yes. We can out bars on the windows and locks on all the doors and have people to make sure no one gets out, er in. In.

  2. Paul Lemelin, 31, a champion fiddle player, saw the 62 year old Lise Levac’s SUV veer to the shoulder of the road, and flip over onto its roof.

    He exited his vehicle, and ran the 25 feet down the embankment to the creek where the vehicle was submersed. Another male motorist appeared and then two others.

    The four men kicked out the back window, and Paul crawled in through the opening and unlocked the doors. The men then opened the front door and were able to reach the woman.

    They cut her free from her seatbelt with a knife and dragged her out of the vehicle. One of the men, possibly the cop, started CPR on her immediately. Paramedics arrived on the scene about 30 seconds later. The paramedics got a pulse on the woman before they left the scene.

    She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, with police blocking intersections to expedite their arrival. The victim was at first in critical, but stable, condition at Health Sciences North. She later succumbed to her injuries.

    Police were on the scene to photograph and measure the accident scene and facilitate the removal of the vehicle. The accident is still under investigation.

    News Article


    News Article


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