Heroes Arrest Dangerous Kayaker

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A Milwaukee man will be going to trial on 1/6/2014 according with his YouTube Channel. He’s accused of Kayaking in the lagoon at SummerFest in Milwaukee without government lagoon kayaking privileges.

The man apparently “Charms” himself into a citation by traveling on a waterway which has been traveled upon for 10s of thousands of years.

Not sure what charges the dog faces.

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  1. No doubt this couple will be listed on a terrorist database, that is why the porkies want their names.

    The USSR now has more freedom than the USSA. Amazing how these gestapoes learned to speak fluent english so fast.

    • The only skinny copper was the sheila. The third cop had a noggin so shiny he could generate significant amounts of solar power from his ugly bald skullcovering.

      • Am I alone in noticing that cops these days have a certain look? Not their haircuts or dress; their body types.

        Men: Downs Syndrome-esque, short appendages relative to the torso; blocky heads.

        Women: As above; many clearly of the lesbian persuasion. Also the shrewish skinny man-hating type.

    • Indeed.

      It still amazes me – as someone who grew up watching WWII films – that Americans can let “Homeland Security” roll off their tongues so easily.

      There is an excellent book, Rise of the Fourth Reich, the thesis of which is that the U.S. government, for a variety of reasons, adopted Nazi methods after observing the efficiency of the Nazi system (insofar as repression and such things as manufacturing, especially with regard to underground facilities) and also the Nazi mindset – which was also literally incorporated into our system by the seeding of the national security apparat with actual Nazis.

      There were at least as many Nazis – the real thing – within the US government post-WWII as there were communists before the war.


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