This World Bank Insider Will Blow You Away: “There Is A Huge Global Conspiracy”

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Mac Slavo
March 8th, 2014


Former Senior Counselor at the World Bank Karen Hudes has spent the last several years of her life working closely with whistle blowers from around the world to shed light on what she calls a “global conspiracy.”

While working for the World Bank as a member of their legal team Hudes uncovered so much corruption that she could no longer keep quiet. She followed the proper channels to report her findings, going first to the organization’s Evaluation Department and country directors, and then to the U.S. Treasury Department and even the United States Congress. All of her requests were ignored, and in some cases, completely covered up. So she did what any honest person would do. She went public. Suffice it to say, she received the typical treatment you’d expect for a whistle blower.

Hudes is no longer with the World Bank, but that didn’t stop her from continuing her investigation by joining an organization of other whistle blowers.

What she found once she started connecting the dots will blow you away. The corruption, as most of us know, isn’t just at the World Bank, but is woven throughout the fabric of the entirety of the global financial and political systems.

Her interview with Future Money Trends will absolutely blow you away.

We have solved the mystery as to why humanity has had nothing but wars and terrible problems… why we’re always at each other’s throats.

This group is part of a huge conspiracy…

We suggest you buckle up for this one:

(Watch at Youtube)

Covering everything from the current economic crisis all the way back to the reasons behind the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Hudes will leave you with a totally different view of how the upper echelons of the global power structure work and how far the elite will go to maintain total control.

Interweaving through topics that include financial collapse, high level banking machinations, Snowden, false flags, JFK, Lincoln, and even the Vatican, Karen Hudes is no holds barred.

I have gone to something called the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions and I have been collaborating with all the whistle blowers of the world… and we’re bound and determined that we’re going to get this corruption taken care of.

A very accurate… it’s called the power transition model… it uses political science and computer modelings… that model is 90% to 95% accurate… and it is predicting that the corruption that has been plaguing the world, it turns out for millennia, is coming down… a lot of people call that the Matrix, a lot of people call that the banksters… it’s actually much, much more.

Here are just some of the topics covered – listen to the entire interview for a better understanding of how it all fits together:

The fact that he [NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden] is getting coverage on the mainstream media should be letting people know that he is part of the Matrix, because the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the same group that are the owners of the Bank for International Settlement… that is a scam.

People are supposed to have currency that’s issued by their governments directly which doesn’t carry interest. That is what John F. Kennedy was trying to do and the reason why he was assassinated. That’s what Lincoln was doing with the Greenbacks… that’s why Lincoln was assassinated…

The banks that are Too-Big-To-Fail… that’s really one banking cartel… and that group is going around buying up politicians… there are secret societies like the Knights of Malta and they’re promoting people and making sure that those people become the gatekeepers.

Many people do not know, for example, that in Charleston, South Carolina there was supposed to be a nuclear device detonated… instead two heroes made sure that the nuclear device went off off the coast… The Russians told people about that because they intercepted the Naval communications.

If that [a loss of confidence in the US dollar] is allowed to happen we will enter something very similar to the dark ages. We won’t be able to pay for international trade… We will have pestilence… We will have mass starvation.

What we have found out, and this sounds implausible, but it is absolutely correct… the fact that is has been held in secret doesn’t mean that it’s not true… it is truethere’s a second species on this planet… they’re not extraterrestrials… remnants of their civilizations are all over the place… this group has large brains… they’re very distinct from homo sapiens… We know this because their DNA was just tested… they have skulls all over the place, because they have been on earth with us.

Just because this group likes to hide and likes to accuse people of having conspiracy theories doesn’t make these facts wrong. They’re facts.

Many of us have long suspected there are cartels that include leading financiers, politicians, business conglomerates, and secret societies working together to achieve their goals of maintaining power, control and stability over the citizens of every country in the world. They will do so by whatever means necessary.

The investigations conducted by Karen Hudes and her colleagues have shed a lot more light on the conspiracy. It turns out that it’s not just theory. It’s fact.

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  1. Definitely a conspiracy to prepare for.

    The biggest conspiracy of all, to my mind, is the Elite’s success at bamboozling us all, and nearly completely extinguishing the light of science and rational thinking from the minds of the masses.

    It’s gotten really bad, well meaning people fail to see that long ago they’ve crossed the line from open rational inquiry into belligerent demands for faith and blind acceptance of esoteric knowledge and doctrines provided and controlled by Elites.

    When you tell seemingly intelligent people they should willing attempt to buttress their beliefs and feelings with independently verifiable observations, as best they can, they stare menacingly at you like enraged wildebeests.

    From Original Cosmos – The Backbone of Night – Episode 7

    “Sagan returns to ideas about mysticism and skillfully takes down astrology—a thing most folks aren’t too defensive of—and stretches them to the next logical conclusion: the conflict between “cosmos and chaos,” “nature and the gods.”

    It’s about much more than just how silly astrology is this time. Rather, it’s about how dangerous mysticism has actively suppressed, stifled, and destroyed scientific interest and knowledge.

    This argument is framed subtly in terms of Christianity and contemporary religion, though Sagan takes plenty of hard shots at Pythagoras and Plato (who quite deserve it).

    He lays out the Pythagorean hypocrisies and the Platonic ethical fractures in a short and powerful argument: “Ordinary people were to be kept ignorant,” Sagan says of the Pythagoreans’ work.

    “Instead of wanting everyone to share and know of their discoveries, they suppressed the square root of two and the dodecahedron.”
    Plato loved the elitism and secrecy, equally, Sagan argues. Plato was hostile to the real world, experiments, practicality, etc.; his followers eventually extinguished the light of science in Ionia.

    And it stayed extinguished until the Renaissance. That’s a sobering fact, and one make most of Cosmos’ audience feel at least a touch of discomfort.

    Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Episode 7 – The Backbone of the Night