More Got-Damned Winter!

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I’ve read that a very effective torture technique is to subject the victim to prolonged stress, then hold out the prospect of a respite – at last! – and then pull the proverbial rug out from under him. The resultant psychological kick in the balls – especially when repeated – is more damaging than beating a guy with truncheons, since that’s purely physical punishment. Mind torture reaches deeper, into the soul. Crushes the spirit.

That is my preface to the hideous prospect of 22 degrees tomorrow night.

I had thought it was over. The winter. Which seemed to have had no beginning – and no end. Well, I was right about that.

It hasn’t ended.

Mid-April in the South and it’s going to be 10 degrees below zero tomorrow night. This will snuff the life out of all the just-budding flowers that had hinted so happily at warmer days, the end of almost five months of “polar vortexes” . . .  .

The three koi that survived (out of 17) may not make it. The shock to their system may be too much. It was 74 yesterday.

Maybe the poles are shifting.

All I know for sure is that my mind is reeling.

There must be some kind of way out of here…

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    • That was unwise….
      You might mistakenly complain, and then she’ll have more money with which to inflict herself upon us!

      • I agree. That was dumb. Don’t do it. Lying is immoral, but not an excuse for enabling a psychopath. See Judges 11. For Jepthah to lie once he got into that situation would have been the lesser sin.

  1. Yeah, it is like 20 degrees below normal here in Houston, TX. It’s 43 degrees right now. Usually, it is about 65 in the morning and about 80-85 for a high. It’s unreal. Meanwhile, my friends in the southern hemisphere say that their temps were well above normal during their winter and are comfortable right now. We had storms yesterday with thunder and lightening when the temps were about 50-55. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m ready for it to stop.

    • Amen that!

      It is seriously messing with my spirit. Maybe the poles are shifting? All I know is something’s afoot.

      Something that sure seems to feel not very good.

    • RE: “It is currently snowing at my location.”
      Yes, here, too, But on the bright side, the grass is kind of green. And, the snow won’t stick around.

      And the snow won’t stick around.

      And the snow won’t stick around.

  2. Ten below zero? I think that must have been a typo or something. It was 32 degrees outside this morning in NE Wyoming. Hasn’t been below zero for more than a month. Lots of green grass coming up everywhere, and my early vegetables are coming up in the garden. Lilacs about to go wild too. I don’t have fish, and hope yours are ok.

    It should start getting warm soon… global warming and all that, you know. It must be warm somewhere!


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