Airstream Clover

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Ah, the Airstream Clover… aka the RV Clover.

This is the Clover who loves to drive an oversized, underpowered house on wheels that struggles to keep moving on the mildest incline. If the rig can’t move faster, that’s forgivable.

What’s not is when Clover won’t pull off (or over) at the first opportunity to let the cars jammed up behind him get by. This is common courtesy. Which is uncommonly manifested by Clovers.

Which is of course why they’re Clovers!dancing Clover

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  1. Eric,

    Are there areas on that road where AS clover could safely pull over to let traffic pass? In the short clip I had difficulty in seeing if there were any such areas. (I think I only saw one spot that was not an intersection to another road. {0:45})

    If I were driving a vehicle I would be hesitant to pull onto the shoulder if I had doubts of being able to get off the shoulder back into traffic. (ie I do not want to get stuck on the side of the rode to let traffic go by me.)


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