Fuuhhhhhhhtttball Clover

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Here’s a fuhhhhhhhhhttttttball Clover. Guy in a truck doing 36 in 45, braking abruptly for no apparent reason:

The back of his vehicle was festooned with two huge oversize representations of his favorite team – which everyone stuck behind him is forced to view.

Fuuuuuhhhhhttttball worship and Cloverism are tandem sicknesses that derive from the same source waters of passivity and conformity. He worships “his” team (which of course is not only unaware of his existence but indifferent to it) and basks in its reflected glory.dancing Clover

And of course, animals that bask are typically lethargic, slow-moving creatures.

As here.

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  1. Those brake lights were curious. I could not see (in the video) any legitimate reason for the clover to use the brakes.

    Although that (visible working brake lights) is preferable to what I saw today. Driving home I noticed a driver with only one (rear driver side) working brake light. Centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL) and passenger rear lights did not activate. It took me a moment to realize that the car was slowing down/stopping. Fortunately there was a large cushion of space between us and I was focused on my driving.

    If someone was momentarily inattentive or driving too close it could have resulted in an unnecessary collision. That minivan is an accident waiting to happen.

    This is a good reason individuals should periodically (at least once a month) check all driving lights (directional, illumination, braking, etc.) to insure proper working condition.


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