Scooter Clover

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Actually, it’s the Clover behind the scooter. The scooter can’t help that it’s slow. Its rider is given’ ‘er all she’s got, cap’n!

But the SUV behind the Clover – ahead of me – is 180 proof.

The scooter outran the Clover. Ramping up to the impossible speed of 45 in a 55… too speedy for Clover,w ho rode his brakes while falling back at least 50 yards. Just to make it that much harder for anyone to pass the Clover and the scooter.

Dudes on ‘ludes should not drive!dancing Clover

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  1. A few days ago, I was getting out of a parking lot on my motorcycle and I pulled ahead of a clover in a huge ass diesel pickup truck at the traffic light. He honked his mega horn at me and yelled at me to “wait in line!” Yes, I should wait in line behind your 0-60 in 20 seconds behemoth? My last words to that joker when the light changed 2 seconds later? Faaahk ewwwe!

    I think his stance could be best described by the immortally wounded Arthur Lange:

  2. I used to drive a scooter (it was stolen recently). I had the self awareness to realize that my scooter was no speed demon, so I would plan my route accordingly, i.e. sticking to side streets where speed limit was 40 mph or less. It might have inconvenienced me a little bit, but what might be an inconvenience to me, does not need to be an inconvenience to anyone else. I cringe when I see the slower scooters traveling on a major thoroughfare in the left lane, ten mph under the posted speed limit.

    The compliance of society nowadays is so disappointing. I’ve seen people standing at a crosswalk without any vehicles in either direction and they compliantly wait until the crosswalk gives them the “permission” to cross the street.

    Am fortunate that the mantra “lead, follow, or get out the way” was passed on to me by my grandad.

  3. Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks a lot of drivers must be on quaaludes.

    At least you get gaps big enough to execute a double pass. There’s just too much traffic around here. Rarely even a single car pass.

    • It’s becoming like that here, too. Sigh. Ten years ago, Clovers were an occasional nuisance – and almost amusing. Now, they are a daily annoyance.

      What’s happened is that suburban-urban Clovers – who shat all over their former communities, turning them into over-crowded/over-priced hives – saw this “nice area” and decided to move. But then, found it not to their liking. Why, there are no zoning laws! People can just build whatever shack they want to! We need a law!

      And before you know it….

      • HA, Right on Eric!!! When I came back to the Chicago area, one of the biggest mistakes of my life, I moved out 50 + miles NW of the city. A farm town with a population of ~ 850 souls. Then came the housing boom, with the real estate agent promises of country living, highway access and short commutes. What a joke, after the radical, out of control housing boom, you can no longer get around the area in any thing considered reasonable and the Clovers who are clogging up the works constantly complain about: Boats, RVs, work vehicles, etc. parked in a driveway, House colors, not enough laws, speed limits too high, how faaaaarrrr it is to the grocery store, there are not enough stores (soon rectified by the developers), in short, everything that made them want to move out here in the first place! The stupid morons won’t be happy until they have made my country home into an urban nightmare. And, they don’t even get it, too stupid I guess.

  4. I am sure the SUV vehicle is capable enough to safely and efficiently pass the scooter.

    There is cautious and then there is fair weather clover. It appears that unless there are idea conditions (straight road, sunny weather, no other traffic or obstacles) clover is unable to travel safely and efficiently on the road.

    • CloverHow dare the driver drive the speed limit or recommended speed! Eric your choice is to move or end your miserable life. Move to the wide open areas of Texas if you want to drive fast. I can see why your wife left you.

      • Clover –

        I drive the Blue Ridge Parkway almost every day, often in one of my trucks. The Parkway is a popular route for motorcyclists. When I see one (or several) coming up behind me – which is frequently – I wave them by. Even though I am usually traveling at or above the PSL myself. Because I’m not the sort of asshole – you know, like you – who objects to others traveling faster than I and who will – out of spite – not make an effort to ease their passage around me. Who will say: I am doing the speed limit! They can wait! Or, They should have left earlier! Or something like that.

        I’ve asked you before (and of course, you refuse to answer directly): What skin is it off your nose to let those who wish to drive faster than you get by you? Does it not dissipate the tension to let them go their way while you continue on yours? What purpose is served by impeding them?

      • Once again, Clover – I have no issue with someone driving the speed limit. Or slower than the speed limit. The issue is refusal to yield.

        • So Eric in this video the drivers were driving at the speed limit or recommended speed. Something you said you do not have a problem with. What are these drivers supposed to do then pull off the road so they are delayed? Is that a new law in our country that everyone must yield and be delayed by law breakers? The car behind the cycle had no problem following a safe distance behind a cycle doing the speed limit. Then you were furious at him for not tailgating? He felt he did not have to pass. Eric if you drove like a race car driver in this video and no one was in front of you then you still would have saved far less than a minute. Probably more like 30 seconds or less if you drove really fast. Eric you would never make it in business spending hours to save a few seconds at something. You definitely have mental problems. Clover

          Eric I do not have a problem driving behind someone who is traveling 5 mph slower than I usually travel. Unless it is for 100 miles it really makes little difference. You need to go see a shrink.

          • Clover, really?

            Just once… will you try to read? To comprehend?

            I’ve stated repeatedly: You drive your speed (whatever that happens to be) and I’ll drive mine. If I am driving faster, then you should yield. Whether you happen to be driving the speed limit is irrelevant.

            In the case at hand: There is ample shoulder, broad enough to simply ease over and wave the car behind you by. I do this myself when I am driving my truck, for instance. And there are other competent/courteous drivers who do the same thing – though they are rare because Cloverism is the rule rather than the exception.

            “Following a safe distance,” Clover? The car ahead of me left a gap of 1/10th of a mile between him and the scooter!

            I agree he “felt he did not have to pass.” This is what Clovers always feel. But what you perpetually avoid dealing with is that his (your) feelings impede others.

        • Hi Mith,

          I wonder whether Clover stands in the middle of busy sidewalks and expects others to just wait until he’s ready to move…?

      • Read it again, Clover. Scooter is going 45 in a 55 PSL. But your buddy won’t go past. Does he WANT to go 45 and is mentally thanking the scooter for the excuse?
        I don’t know why Eric allows you on here so often. Once in a while you are good for a laugh. But too much of your brain-dead ‘repartee’ is tiresome.

        • CloverPhillip the road had multiple areas where the speed limit or recommended speeds were well below 55 mph and below 45 mph in areas.I know, facts do not matter to you and others here.

          • The speed limit is already under-posted. So “doing the speed limit” means driving at well below even the 85th percentile speed that is by law (don’t you believe in abiding by the law?) supposed to be the basis for setting speed limits.

            “Recommended speeds” are below the under-posted limit, Clover. So, the person driving at the “recommended” speed is operating at sub-legal, granny (that is, Cloveronian) speed. Which is fine, if she’s timid and inept. But she – you – ought to yield to your betters.

    • Clover’s unable to travel safely and efficiently in his own dreams, let alone on the road.

      It’s time we mounted a powerful nail gun behind our lower bumper aimed at clover’s tyres.. and one mounted behind for tail-gating clover and cops, just to be fair of course.. 😉

      • Their behavior is inexplicable. Even on a purely emotional level, who likes to be the lead car of a Clover Conga? I mean, if you notice that there are several vehicles stacked up behind you, doesn’t that prompt the thought, “I am holding things up; I ought to wave them by, pull off onto the shoulder…”? No. They just continue blithely on. I suspect, enjoying their little power trip.

        • Some are about the power trip and thus I once thought all were, but most others simply do not use their mirrors. They quite literally do not give a shit about anything behind the ‘A’ pillars of their own vehicle. Those people don’t matter and have to avoid.

      • Thermite bombs. Set to fall off our vehicles, arms automatically, photocell to trigger the shaped charge blowing thermite into the undercarriage and engine.
        Their vehicle will stop…. Question is, how fast? Don’t want anyone behind to get injured.

        I have to add, I hate the cities. I take the pubic transport every day. (That’s not a typo.) The T is outdated by 30 years or so, the cars are limping along, they don’t move enough people, the fares keep increasing, signals fail, there are delays routinely, and some lines (Green) are a DISASTER (it’s a converted SET of trolley lines.)
        Commuting daily to King of Prussia, PA out the PA Turnpike with a manual trans was better… And the traffic would just STOP at some spots. 😛

        Do we wait until the boot is stepping on our face before we do something? Because the herds will do NOTHING, EVER. Clover is the NORM.
        Homo Erectus never evolved, and now he’s dragging the rest of us down with him…

        • Thermite’s too slow Jean and can’t be shape-charged. Why not attach a few surplus washer bottles with pump motor and lines going out to all 4 switch-selectable sides of your car, filled with brake fluid?

          For faster results, the nail guns should suffice.. 😉

    • Yup!

      The aspect that drives me nuts the most is that it’s not 1980 and these people are not driving K Cars with 80 hp engines (and riding on 14-inch whitewalls). The idiocy of these oafs driving around in their 250-plus hp vehicles (riding on 17 and 18 inch rolling stock) at sub-Clover speeds is absolutely infuriating.

      • Eric, when I was a kid of the late 70’s, slow cars up front in the city outskirts used to pull over when safe to let the conga pass (non-clovers), but not these days. They’re full-stupid BookFace and TwitVerse licensed narcissistic arseholes with more than enough horsepower to avoid holding people up. They deserve a PIT manuevre when they act like that.

          • “30 years-plus of conditioning (and selective breeding) have done their awful work.”
            How does that gibe with Darwinian “Survival of the Fittest”? Seems to me they are unfit.

            • We are seeing the results of animal husbandry applied to humans.
              Selective breeding, and repeated generational conditioning/training –> DOMESTICATION.

              The people doing this, for profit, are the real “1 %ers”. By making a society best suited for idiots, you’ve created a selective pressure for idiocy (especially low IQ) to be a POSITIVE trait.
              You can’t figure out the directions*, but you don’t care because you’re so dumb it’s irrelevant: whatever you assemble is “good enough.”

              *: I’ll assume the directions are actually clear, written by someone who speaks English as a native. Not like the directions from China usually are…

              Darwin’s Law was not an ACTIVE thing, but a PASSIVE observation: species which are better adapted to an environment, reproduce better, faster, than those who are less well adapted; same inside a species, those traits which are favorable to survival produce a better chance of surviving, and therefore passing on your genes.
              Over time, the better traits come to dominate the species, becoming even a new species sometimes.

              So, there’s a show called “Shameless.” The woman LOVES it (I’m repulsed). I explained to her, this is how the 1% see US – EVERYONE who is “NOT THEM.” As pigs, rutting in the muck, surviving in whatever way we can, not worthy of respect and barely resembling human beings.
              For comparison, there is a not-so-different viewpoint here:


              This village was very poor. The huts were made of mud and there was no electricity or running water. The streets were unpaved dirt and the whole village smelled. Flies abounded. The men looked surly and wore dirty clothes. The women covered their faces, and the children had runny noses and were dressed in rags.

              It wasn’t long before one American in the truck said, “This place stinks.” Another said, “These people live just like animals.” A third said, “They just don’t value life the same as we do.” Finally, a young air force man said, “Yeah, they got nothin’ to live for; they may as well be dead.”
              What could you say? It seemed true enough.

              But just then, an old sergeant in the truck spoke up. He was the quiet type who never said much. In fact, except for his uniform, he kind of reminded you of one of the tough men in the village. He looked at the young airman and said, “You think they got nothin’ to live for, do you? Well, if you are so sure, why don’t you just take my knife, jump down off the back of this truck, and go try to kill one of them?”

              There was dead silence in the truck.

              Humphrey was amazed. It was the first time that anyone had said anything that had actually silenced the negative talk about these local people. The sergeant went on to say, “I don’t know either why they value their lives so much. Maybe it’s those snotty nosed kids, or the women in the pantaloons. But whatever it is, they care about their lives and the lives of their loved ones, same as we Americans do. And if we don’t stop talking bad about them, they will kick us out of this country!”

              Humphrey asked him what we Americans, with all our wealth, could do to prove our belief in the peasants’ equality despite their destitution? The Tennessee sergeant answered easily, “You got to be able to look them in the face and let them know, just with your eyes, that you know they are men who hurt like we do, and hope like we do, and want for their kids just like we all do. It is that way or we lose.”

     – for the root. This story is only part fo what’s required to actually treat people with dignity – but it’s an incomplete approach, like the NAP. What do you do, if as an adherent of the NAP, a Maori tribe decides you’re a good meal? You can defend yourself against one tribesman, maybe even two – but even one in ambush gets to be tough to deal with.
              You need instead to be aggressive towards the Maori tribe IFF they are uncivilized. Pre-emptive.
              This does not mean they are less than human, but rather that they are dangerous. It’s not their clothes, their children, the smell of their cooking, the noise of their parties, their manner of dress. It’s that they’ve shown they wish to eat you, and as a group, that makes them dangerous. You don’t wait for each one to attack you, give each one a chance personally; you adress the group, find out what is wrong, right, or needs to be discussed, as one group to another. No different from the hunting expedition above, out to hire guides in that village. I’m certain there would’ve been much more fallout had the soldiers continued to mouth off, and idly threaten the villagers…. As the cops tend to do, JUST BEING THERE, in our society.
              If cops didn’t treat us as “the enemy,” looking around like frightened rabbits while weilding the force of a pack of hyenas… Would we care much? Would we respect them more if we knew they’d focus on people who were truly dangerous, rather than the scofflaw who sells cigarettes without taxes, horror of horrors? Or the man who declines to show ID when not even under suspicion of a crime? Or runs when some unknown assailant pops out with a gun (and then shoots the runner in the back)? OR that WE can be charged with a crime, when the COP fires carelessly and hits bystanders?
              That attitude is the same as the soldiers in Humphrey’s article.
              It is near impossible to maintain any tolerance for such brutes and bullies, knowing what we do of human nature.
              It’s like trying to pet a coral snake: foolish under the BEST of circumstances, fatal most times… Those bright colors are there for a reason. Like the gun, taser, nightstick, bullet-proof vest, handcuffs, and sometimes riot shields, gas masks, grenade launchers, full-auto rifles, sniper rifles, special optics (lowlight or infared), etc, etc, etc.

              It is hard NOT to return the contempt. If we were in a civilized society, we could negotiate with these officers to get a reasonable parity in place. We could return to the basics of the social contract.
              Instead, we have a cannibalistic tribe inserted into our society, advertising their contempt for us, and our way of life, and our desires to be left alone – and able to force themselves on us at whim.

              The surprising thing is that there’ve been SO FEW pigs killed – so MANY people are SO tolerant.
              Docile, even.
              Domesticated populace….

              Pathetic! Filthy! Humans!
              (And so, we sort of come full circle, dad has a bad day, yells at mom; mom yells at the kid; the kid goes and kicks the dog….)

              BEst to review such stories to remind ourselves we MUST maintain the highest levels of humanity, as often as possible.
              But be ready also to strip off the facades of civilization and shred those who oppose civil discourse…

              I’m open to ideas on how to better balance it, without going over to being a pushover (I can avoid being a monster on my own.)

        • Right Eric and Rev, this goes with some thing I have been noticing more and more lately; the complete and total lack of common courtesy. I am used to seeing it on the road around these parts, suburban Chicago, but it is getting worse, much worse. It is also bleeding over to every day life, I am seeing it the grocery stores and everywhere else out on public. People are really becoming total a – holes.

        • Not that I am promoting this ‘cure,’ but in Alaska a motorist at the head of a line of 4 or more is required by law to pull over and let them pass.


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