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EPautos has a new feature – CloverCam! It’s a revolving slot on the main page (bottom left, under the Auto Anything ad) devoted to your videos (and mine) of atrocious – Cloverific – driving. Left lane hogs, cruise control pacers, tailgaters, brake-stabbers; the sail fawn addled, etc.gas pump clover

Though it’s painful to have to deal with these roaches of the road, it is cathartic to share your pain with others this way. Perhaps we can shame the Clover Hordes out there into some dull awareness of their sand-in-the-gearbox ways? I doubt it, but we can at least try.

So, please submit your videos in c/o (ideally, first upload ’em to YouTube and then send a link to that).

Speaking of which, here’s another video – my latest Vidcast – on the topic of “creating jobs.” Hey, presto! Just like that!

Lastly: Please help me to be in a position to continue running this sideshow. Donations (see the pie) have really fallen off this month and it’s discouraging as well as potentially catastrophic if the computer I’m using does croak before I can afford to replace it. As things stand, I’ve had to take over the role of web site maintenance (tech support) which was formerly Dom’s area but I have not been in a position to pay him for some time, which is why Dom has’t been around much lately.

So, if you are a fan of what goes on here, please help.

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 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

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  1. That picture of the clover driving with the gas pump handle and hose made me laugh. A friend of mine does gas station maintenance, and he is always replacing those torn off handles, it happens much more then you think. He says the gas cap from the car is often still sitting on the gas pump too. He picks them up and sells them to a junk yard for some side income.

    • richb, I have a friend in the body repair biz and drives a pickup all the time. One day he made the 60 mile trip to get parts and coming back stopped at this cheap Chevron truckstop for gas. He doesn’t drink and said he hadn’t had time to get stoned, saving that for the trip after fueling. He fuels and tears off, a big hurry and someone honked and pointed at him. He got out and his Chevy was trailing that same looking gas hose. He jerked it out and drove on. He was paranoid big time that someone would finger him. He couldn’t believe he’d done that. I could. I’ve seen it before. From what you say it’s more frequent than I thought. I hope I never do it but don’t rule it out. I get involved in much more than fueling sometimes. I suspect when I do it in a big rig I’ll be penalized.

      We had a new guy running the water truck building a location. He was wanting to do a good job and the amount of water needed was more than the truck could carry so he was nervous about the whole thing. He was using effluent water from a pond with a brand new big suction pump with a 3″ line. Ideally, you’d turn off the pump when the truck was full, disconnect and haul ass. He neglected the disconnect part so everybody on the job site is watching him tear back across the country to where he ran out of water…….dragging the water pump and suction hose upside down. It was funny and everyone gave him hell about it and he took it fairly well since he knew he’d screwed up. The pump survived and so did everything else.

  2. The mayor of a nearby large city fancies himself as a job creator. I will see him on the noon news talking about how created 1500 jobs. That same night there will be a city council meeting. The main topic of discussion will be the fact that the cities income tax revenue is way down and what services will have to be cut as a result. (Of course there is always enough money for the mayor’s and council’s pet projects. But that is a separate rant.) Now if that mayor is creating all of these jobs, why does the cities’ income tax revenue keep shrinking? I really wish one of the toadies in the local media would pose that question to the mayor the next time he talks about all the jobs he has created.

  3. I’m glad clovercam is on the site now. But I think they should be posts so we can comment on them. I’m assuming the old site is dead and gone? It won’t load for me but that’s fine. I think consolidating it all here is for the best.

    • I’m working on it, Brandon! I’m trying to make it a separate category (like “new car reviews”) with all the previous videos available for viewing… and comment!

  4. DING! Great post Eric. Your subject matter is about one of my most favorite terms to hate, that’s been turned into Orwellian doubletalk by those lowlife propagandists in govt & the lamestream media. “Job creation” (and “job creator”) has been perverted, twisted & morphed into something it was never meant to be, and as a result is completely meaningless today — that is, unless you’re a member of that million man army of brain-dead zombies that makes up the majority today.

    There’ simply is no such thing as a “job creator.” Do the idiots who use that term really believe that there are people somewhere (business owners or people in govt, or anyone the hell else for that matter) who sit around all day trying to figure out how to create jobs?” The idea is idiotically perverse & ludicrous.

    Even private employers don’t create jobs — they simply hire people in order to fulfill their desire for more labor. That’s because in a free country the “Market” creates jobs. It’s simply a result of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” at work, with no need to pat anybody on the back. Entrepreneurs and business owners are “business creators” and “wealth producers”, not job creators. Saying that business owners “create jobs” is the same as saying that business owners “destroy jobs”, which is completely ridiculous.


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