An Antidote For Despair

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One of EPautos’ readers has really come through; gone above and beyond – and I wanted to publicly thank him.thanks image

Today’s mail contained a package and that package contained a new hard drive for Eric’s crickety Mac. This transplant surgery – once accomplished – ought to end the Spinning Ball Blues (which I gather is a symptom of impending hard drive death). Back in business – and at faster-than-dial-up speed, too (hopefully)!

Things like this – and things like the incredibly generous financial support of EPautos stalwarts (including most notably, SafeRide and MB – thanks, guys!) help me keep plugging away and not just in the obvious way. There have been some tough times lately and when it gets really dark, these rays of light matter more than you may realize.

So, again – thanks, Guitar Man.

And thanks to all of you.



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  1. We have to be excellent to each other. But we also have to stop enabling those who wish to destroy us and have put a bounty on our heads like we’re redneckredskins.

    I don’t feel despair. But I do feel a lot of anger and its not something I have as much control over as I’d like. I hate the state. I hate statists. I hate anyone who doesn’t hate the state. Maybe that last one is wrong of me. Probably it is.

    4 year girl describes police pointing guns at her…

    fund eric and strike at the root, but do read this if interested

    Do not forgive the state. Do not forget the state’s crimes. Do not submit and try to live and let the state live. Because it will not let you live, but rather will proceed ever more boldly against you until your last penny, last drop of blood, last breath because you are dead.

    Taxation is theft. The government claims the right to take portions of your earnings and spend them on projects that you would /never/ consent to. If you resist this theft, you will be put in a cage. If you resist this caging, you will be killed.

    Therefore, government is claiming ownership over you, and the products of your labor, and claims to be the final arbiter of how much of your life and property you get to keep. Therefore, government is slavery, and statism is the religion of apologizing for slavery.

    There is no “service” that the government “provides” that it did not first TAX out of society. Therefore, society is the powerhouse and can handle its problems /without/ a historically wasteful and murderous bureaucracy. Therefore, since government produces nothing, and is entirely funded through extortion, it must always be, by definition, coercive and wasteful. Wasteful of money, the environment, and human lives. Always. Please embrace respect for persons and property, and reject faith in the the death cult of statism.

    Do not consider yourself wise if you know a lot about government and its history. If you are still a slave of government, it follows you are learning useless things and are doing exactly what your enslavers want you to do.

    Learn instead about mechanics from eric. And about the ideas offered at this site. Learn how to free yourself from your chains. The antidote to feeling the despair of slavery, is to stop being enslaved. To escape and never get caught.

  2. The soundcloud app has been the antidote to despair today. I merely hummed a few stanzas of a song by some baroque assed ho I had in my head.

    And Lo, SoundCloud my gut programmiert Freund revealed to me it was none other than a bit from the glorious bach werke Vierzeichnis 846 by johann Sebast. And lo my droogs a sweet pleasure it was to hear this upon demand it was.

    And then came BWV 847, real horrorshow a nice, warm vibraty feeling all through my guttiwuts…

  3. False Status Clovers

    The road clover sees himself as a superior man. Because he knows the law. He follows the rules. He sees the law breakers and is sure they are inferior to him. He doesn’t care that he is a terrible driver. He doesn’t even realize their are other people on the road with him. He cares only about the what he is supposed to be doing. And what others are supposed to be doing. That his job that he does for a living brings no net value to the world. He blindly accepts the system without another thought. When something is outside the rules he blanks out and doesn’t know how to process things. He cannot see the world using reason and logic, because there are so many exceptions that he just shuts down.

    The behavioral clover sees himself as a superior man. Because he’s never rude. He exercises. Eats reasonably. He keeps himself well groomed. He acts prim and proper and follows the artificial behavioral procedures. And see the behavior rule breakers and he is sure they are inferior to him. He doesn’t care to know people as they really are. He is afraid of anyone who is different than him. He devotes much of his time to calculating who is wrong. When he sees a fat person. A feeble person. An obnoxious person. A broken down old person. A poorly groomed person. A sloppy person. A drunk. An inappropriate person who doesn’t follow the societal behavioral system. He shuts down and just feels revulsion. Fear. Disgust. He cannot see the world using reason and logic. Because there are so many people who are exceptions to his vision of how others should act that he just shuts down.

    Someone who is not a clover just observes and reacts accordingly. He may have all the same thoughts of a road or behavioral clover pop into his head. But because he is a man of mind and not a man of faith and force he is able to face every situation rationally, scientifically, clear headed, efficiently.

    The false status clovers are overcome by feelings that those who don’t meet his expectations should try harder. Should do better. Should be different. Should play the game and adhere to the rules more faithfully. They lack perspective and detached judgment. They never even consider the important things. The salient status is how productive are you. How do I recognize who is productive. How can I be productive. What can I produce with others to gain wealth for all. What can I and other people do together to create wealth. Others will always have flaws, and these shouldn’t be overlooked, but what do others have to offer me. What do I have to offer them.

  4. Evidence that sheds doubt on the official story regarding the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

    This footage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings has been restricted or taken down from a number of websites. As you will see it contains no blood, gore or graphic violence. It does however punch a major hole in the official story.

    You can draw your own conclusions.

    The following clip was played on France 24. You’ll notice in the middle that a section is edited out.

    Let’s look at the clip that was edited out.

    Now if we zoom in and slow it down you’ll see that the officer isn’t actually hit by a bullet. There is a blast that hits the sidewalk just in front of him, but he is clearly not hit in the head as the corporate media is claiming.

    Let’s watch it again. Notice that the head isn’t rocked by the blast as it would be if he was actually hit. Notice the plume of dust about a foot in front of him as the shot hits the ground. This is a AK-47. A hit to the head would splatter blood and brains all over the sidewalk.

    Anyone who claims that this footage shows someone being hit in the head by a 7.62×39mm round either has no experience with guns, or is lying. This is a big bullet that does massive damage and makes a bloody mess. This officer was NOT killed by a gunshot to the head.

    My first thought here was “ok, they missed”. Just one problem. Every single mainstream media outlet is claiming that he was finished off with a shot to the head, and that’s blatantly false.

    So then you have to ask, what else are they lying about?

    Funny thing is, these guys went to the trouble to put on ski masks, but for some reason, according to the authorities, they decided to leave their identity cards laying in the get away car. That’s how the perpetrators were identified. Really? Come on.

    The other funny thing, the suspects wound up dead, so case closed.

    Now I’m not going to claim to know what really happened here, but we are being lied to, and lies like this mean trouble is coming.

    Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored Video

    We don’t have to speculate as to how this event is going to be used. It has already started.

    Whatever you believe actually happened in Paris, one thing is very clear: the powers that be are going to try to use this event to expand wars, intensify domestic surveillance, and legislate away more of our rights.

    This is not speculation. They have already started in France, in the U.K., at the E.U. level, in the United States and they are going to attempt to push this on a global scale. All nicely coordinated to ride the wave of outrage that followed the attacks.

    If you want a glimpse at just how far they want to take this, look at France. They’re already dealing out serious prison sentences for those caught saying anything that could be interpreted as supporting terrorism. Does questioning the official story count as supporting terrorism? Where do you draw the line? Who decides?

    Oh, so you don’t actually have to support terrorism. Just disagreeing is enough.

    Humanity, do you really want to learn this lesson the hard way, again?

    They are playing you people: Problem, Reaction, Solution. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

    With so much riding on this story, obviously there are those who have a vested interest in preventing evidence which contradicts the official narrative from reaching the public.

    On January 10th we uploaded a video entitled “Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored Video”. Within 24 hours it had over a million views. Then the video was age restricted and removed from listings in spite of the fact that it depicted no blood, no gore, no graphic violence of any kind.

    We’re not going to show that footage again here. We’re not going to give them any excuse to block this video. However if you enter the following url into your browser you will find a download link to the original files. Watch it and come to your own conclusions.

    Of course, there is much more at stake here than our little video, or even the attacks themselves. The internet as a whole poses a threat to the ruling class, because in its current form ideas cannot be fully controlled. The internet in its current form makes it very hard for them to hide their corruption, their wars of aggression, and their covert operations, and that makes it hard to govern. They intend to change that (for your security of course).

    Funny isn’t it, 17 people people get killed in France, supposedly over a question of free speech, and the first thing that governments of the world want to do is use that event to take away free speech on the internet.

    It’s also funny that these same governments expressed no outrage whatsoever as the United States military killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.

    Apparently it’s not murder if you use a drone or a guided missile. Apparently it’s not terrorism if women and children are killed by soldiers and government bureaucrats. No, it’s only murder when politicians and the corporate media tell you it’s murder, and if they get their way, they’ll be able to take down any website, video or social media account that dares contradict them.

    There’s one question on many of your minds right now. What can we do? How can we fight back?

    Well, first of all, stop waiting for instructions. Do what you can. Use the talent you have. Get creative. Remember necessity is the mother of invention. If each and every one of you just did what you could without worrying about whether or not you would succeed, that would be enough.

    And remember, these politicians don’t have any real power. They just have your obedience. Even their enforcement arms, the police and the military, are really just structured obedience.

    Withdraw that obedience and it’s game over.

    Update 1-20-2015
    Reuters: Ex-UK spy chief calls for a new “accord” between tech companies and spy agencies to prevent terrorist attacks. Nothing should be off limits to the NSA or the GCHQ. In other words privacy would be made illegal.
    – – –

    Quantum Relativity – SCG

  5. Thank you anyone who contributes to this website.
    – – – –

    What “Fighting for Our Freedom” Actually Means in Police State USA?
    By Josie Wales on February 7, 2015

    Dear soldier,

    Please stop fighting for my freedom of speech. It’s not working.

    While you’re overseas, killing people so “I have the right to say that,” good people all over the country are being put in cages for thinking freedom of speech is still a right that will not be violated.

    “Free speech zones” are used to quarantine humans who wish to express their opinions, to protect others from the dangers of their words. Independent journalists are detained for reporting on the crimes of the government for which you fight. It has become commonplace, when an average person records police abuse, to have cameras seized, evidence destroyed, and witnesses threatened or caged. Whistleblowers are kidnapped and prosecuted for exposing corruption and wrongdoing. Critics of those in power are spied on, demonized, harassed and characterized as potential terrorists.

    Please stop fighting for my right to keep and bear arms. It’s not working.

    I can no longer legally walk around with the means to defend myself against an attacker in some of the most dangerous cities in the country. I can’t move to New York because the law prohibits me from keeping a defense rifle in my home to protect myself from possible invaders. The ruling class you serve continues to vilify and harass gun owners. They continue to try to reduce the weaponry available to average citizens while police forces across the country are being militarized with all manners of weapons of war.

    Please stop fighting for my right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. It’s not working.

    Every day, in every city, honest Americans are being detained, searched and robbed by men and women with badges and guns, without warrant or justification. In the name of “no-knock raids,” heavily armed agents of the state are executing paramilitary invasions on the homes of Americans at an alarming rate. More and more frequently, such raids are inflicted upon innocents, whether as a result of invading the wrong house or the raids being the result of rumors or false information. Such raids often uncover no contraband or evidence of any crime, and yet still result in innocent men, women and children being traumatized, injured, or even killed.

    Meanwhile, traffic checkpoints and “stop and frisk” policies are now used to prevent Americans from traveling freely. Due process has been turned on its head by requiring individuals to prove their innocence, when there is no reason to suspect them of having committed a crime. At regulatory checkpoints, armed government agents can stop you, briefly question you, and look in and around your personal vehicle. If a police dog reacts a certain way–that dogs can be trained to do on command*–the police can call that probable cause. They can then use it as an excuse to detain you and tear your car apart.

    While agents of the state would never let YOU use the excuse of “ignorance of the law,” the Supreme Court now says that if the police violate the law when detaining, interrogating and searching you, that’s okay as long as their actions were based upon a “reasonable” mistake regarding the law.

    Our children are no longer able to use their imagination freely in schools, or sell lemonade in their front yard without running the risk of being intimidated or detained by police. Feeding the homeless, collecting rainwater, planting gardens, selling raw milk, playing musical instruments on public property, and dancing in the wrong place are all now illegal acts that have been targeted by police force.

    There are now too many instances of individuals being robbed, assaulted, even killed with no due process and no trial, to have even more than a fraction of them make the news. There is nothing “limited” about the United States government. It is absurd to claim that it represents and serves the people, or that it does what it does with the consent of the people. It dominates, subjugates and terrorizes the people.

    So I ask again, soldiers, please stop fighting for my freedom.

    It’s not working, and you’re endangering your lives and the lives of others in vain. If you truly want to fight for freedom, then please come home. We need you here, resisting the only gang of terrorists that poses by far the biggest threat to the security and liberty of the American people: the United States government.

    • An interesting thought:
      Islam suppresses all manner of singing, dancing, and free speech, and free thought.
      And while it is an emotive, feminine “religion” (, I wonder about those at top – the imams, those like bin Laden, etc.

      I see a parallel to our “ruling elite,” and it’s a parallel even Barry Soetoro mentioned in his writings: Once he was inside the Power Elite, he couldn’t think the same way. Couldn’t think of the (average) people as more than things to be used for gain. (I can’t find the source right now, I believe it was written while he was still a Senator.)

      An emotive, vocal, MOB for the underclass; uneducated, indoctrinated, with no social power (and no poozie to blow off steam), and an educated elite who excel only at swaying the masses….
      Interesting disaster coming.

      And it is echoed in detail in what you have cited above, Tor…. We are conquering the world for the Islamists, while they conquer us from the inside (Shariah court in Texas; beheadings in NJ and Oklahoma; “No-Go” zones in the US, for non-Muslims; “Religious tolerance” used as an excuse for “Muslim Days,” “Hijab day,” etc in our schools; teaching the Koran in our schools – while simultaneously banning the Bible, even from PRIVATE TIME READING; and public “call to prayer” at 5 AM for the “faithful”, but we can’t have our music too loud or we get SWAT-ed. )

      I think, much as we would prefer to give our fellow humans the benefit of the doubt… We are probably a full standard deviation or more above them in IQ – making us more intelligent, an elite, essentially.
      This means we CANNOT expect them to be intelligent, discerning, competent to analyze the world around them (especially given the intentional changes to our education methods.)

      We are a different species, essentially. I’m a computer specialist, similar to a neurosurgeon. Similar to a mechanic, to be honest – since it’s no longer, “Let’s turn a wrench and find the problem.” (Eric has written about this: the “replace parts” type compared to the man who finds what’s wrong and fixes it. The first plays “bingo” and you pay for the game; the second finds the problem, and only fixes that problem – whether by parts replacement or by fixing an actual part.)

      Good comparison in “The China Syndrome,” where the engineer found there were shortcuts taken in the safety checks. He couldn’t find the words to explain to people why it was such a risk…. Why a nuclear power plant shouldn’t be allowed to go to full power, when the steam pipes hadn’t been properly checked for flaws in materials and workmanship. ESPECIALLY since the fudged safety checks showed a material DEFECT in every joint….
      But to explain that the pressure would build, and there’d be degradation of the pipes, and there’d eventually be a leak, and the plant could go to critical, and that would mean an uncontrolled nuclear reaction… How do you condense that into a 10-second “sound-byte”?

      Change of direction:
      I have read that the REAL impetus behind the Revolution wasn’t that the American people wanted freedom from the British, but rather, that the American Elites wanted to separate themselves from the British Elites. American Elites wanted to play the same game, but couldn’t get the British Elites out of the way…

      Maybe we need to think along similar lines? Give the peasants “bread and circuses” while we go on to wield our own power? (Maybe Trump or Soros biographies would be a good start.)


      • izlomm. Schmizlomm. Suck my dizlomm in a hijab, all of you bizlomms.

        I’m not an indentitarian. But whomver the Islamic Petrodollar PTBs are, I’d think they should be overthrown same as anywhere else. I doubt they speak for hardly any of their 1.7 billion Judeo-Muslim hostages.

        In the words of Muslim composer A R Rahman:::

        Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se

        Those who walk… in the shade… of love. Must have Paradise under their feet. Keep walking in the shade of love.

        The companion… who walks… along like fragrance. Who whispers in a melodious Urdu. Is my evening, night, my universe
        My beloved, my love.

        Who conceals herself.. in the flowers… And is revealed in the fragrance. Made into a charm, I would wear. If I ever find her it would be like a miracle.

        My companion.. who is like a priest to me… She is my song, my declaration of faith. My song, my declaration of faith.

        My companion… who moves like the dew drops… With paradise under the feet. Sometimes on the branches, sometimes on the leaves. I search for her trail in the breeze.

        I am a lover… of all her forms… Who flirts with light and shadow.
        She is mischievous, and changes colour. And I am a seeker of her colours and her forms.

        I keep walking in the shade of her love.

  6. How was Baby Clover broken? At what point did he submit and abandon his inner light and become the empty moth chasing after and then flapping helplessly against false lights of authority?

    What happened to Clover that made him embrace the Causes and accept the Consequences of Male Disposability?

    Male Disposability is the prerequisite for the exploitation of men.

    Viewing males as society-serving, empty robots, as appliances, as revenue generators. That is what brought us here. And that is what keeps us here.

    Being a healthy male and member of a sick society means you’re a healthy slave. Being productive. Being moral. Doing right by others. Does not elevate you above your lowly status. Your insect status of being a nothing crawling termite in the Great Mound of eternal Statist Dung.

    What is left after you erase all the statisms, stonings, and torchings, etched upon you burned into you breaking and crippling you against your will.

    What would you write upon yourself for those you care about to read about you. What belongs on your newly readied blank slate?

  7. So I see in the s-p-a-m folder you have about 600 items over a 24 hour period. So you’re operating against a head wind of 25 per hour then? Is that better or about the same as usual I wonder.

    It might make the occasional site user sad, but you could turn off the comments after maybe 750 days or something.
    Go to Settings>Discussion. You can set it to turn off comments after x days there.

    I notice a lot of the spamholes post to really old articles. On just the first page, I see there’s failed attempts at 2011 & 2012 articles.

    It might mess up their bot game a bit when they start coming across closed threads. Possibly, but I’m unsure, it might more quickly identify spammers as spambots, when they try to post to a closed thread, I wouldn’t think a human would even try to do that.

    • If only people would register…. then I would not have to spend so much time checking the spam and “moderation” queues, sifting the shit …

      • I probably still have an unregistered id I could post with. But haven’t in forever now. That’s not a good way to do things as are clear from prevailing “House Rules.”

        Especially if you end up going to spam. If that happens, then register, its the right thing to do, and it becomes kind of dick move when you don’t and go to spam dozens of times.

        Dick moves are bad. Mkay. Because men have dicks. And men are bad. Q E D. Mr Mackey.

        In my case, if something’s lost to a filter, or I make a form submission error. I usually leave it and don’t repost.

        But 99.8% of the time I have the option. Why would I throw something into the ether I spent my time on, without making a quick copy of it. when it takes less than a second. Then I don’t need to impose on website owners.

        If we’re to be free, we have to rise above consumerism and doltish hoop jumping to be cognizant of what is really happening. There’s a lot under the hood even for readers of your site.

        Not getting into a car and mindlessly turning a key is a life lesson to apply in thousands of situations. Including for us users of your website.

        My normal mode is to do whatever. To even be kudzu that grows roughshod over everything. The other is just my frame and scaffolding.

        But not here. Time to slow the photosynthesis d o w n a bit and think about things. Sometimes kudzu has to self assess and take a census of what he wants to accomplish. What is his true taxonomy.


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