Clover Demonstrates Merging Technique

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Here’s a Clover showing off his skills:

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  1. I’m wondering why the SUV clover didn’t stop since there was heaps of time. Did himself a disservice. Probably had eyes glued to the speedo as usual.

  2. Definitely from the Chicago area. Not only didn’t that clover not need to stop at a green light, he didn’t need to pull in front of that other driver in the left lane to begin with! He could have just pulled into the right lane! Sigh, we live in the AGE OF STUPIDITY!

    It’s like the woman yakking on her phone who literally ran me off the road the other day. Two interstates come together and form 4 lanes, you don’t even have to change lanes as these roads come together. I was passing her in the left lane (on the road coming from the right, but for some reason she decides to come into my lane. No one in front of her but a mile of empty road, I guess she thought since two roads were coming together she had to merge left. She starts to come in my lane, I lean on the horn. I see her jump in surprise, almost dropping that d**m phone, but does she stop coming in my lane.


    I went in the median and mowed down about three dozen of those yellow spring loaded warning reflector thingys that the Illinois tollway has been installing on these interchanges everywhere. I think they are designed to be driven over, since most of them popped back up and there wasn’t too much damage on my bumper. Of course the clover never stopped. I didn’t hang around for the fuzz to show up either. UGHHHHHHH…….

    Least this clover didn’t leave me with over $4000 in damage ($3800 for the car, $700 for the ER bill) like the last one did………

    • Most certainly is…. Roosevelt Road heading west collision at desplaines ave.

      Classic Chicago Clover move in just the right sort of car for it.


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