No More “Speeding” For You!

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Someday – and that day might be closer than you want to know – we’ll look back fondly on speed traps.Ford speed limiter image

Because at least you could speed. Give the finger – via the accelerator pedal – to ridiculous, dumbed-down/one-size-fits-all velocity maximums laid down by bureaucrats whose prime directive always seems to be to suck the joy out of everything, especially driving.

Sometimes, of course, you’d get caught – and fined.

But most of the time you could “get away” with it. (Kind of like the way people used to be able to “get away” with not buying health insurance, if they decided it wasn’t something they needed.)

Tomorrow, you may not be able to “speed” even if you wanted to.

Because your car will not allow you to.

The uber governor – Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter – will see to that.

It uses cameras and GPS mapping technology to keep track of the speed limit in real time – that is, as you drive – on whatever road you happen to be on at any given moment and – by dialing back the throttle – prevents the vehicle from exceeding it. Mash the pedal all you like. Resistance is, indeed, futile.

GPS pic     

Some of us saw this coming.

A few months back, I did an article (Heebie Jeebies) about what I suspected was on deck.

I began to notice that the new cars I was getting to test drive and review that had GPS (which these days is almost all of them) were aware of my speeding. The GPS map that shows the road you’re on also told you (oh-so-helpfully) the speed limit on that road. A little icon that looked exactly like a white with black numerals roadside speed limit sign popped up – and stayed up – as you drove. It changed as the speed limit changed. 55 to 45 to 35 – and so on.


Even more interesting was the next step.GPS 2

I noticed one day that if I drove faster than the posted limit, the little icon immediately turned angry red. The car knew I was speeding. And almost certainly by exactly how much. Every new car – every car built since the mid-’90s – has wheel speed sensors (a component of the ABS, which virtually all modern cars have and have had for more than a decade at least) as well as OBD II – On Board Diagnostics – which knows pretty much everything about how the car is driven, including its speed at any given moment..

This data is also stored in the car’s Event Data Recorder, or “black box” (recently mandated by the government) and can be accessed without your consent by third parties – the coppers, the insurance mafia – and will be used against you.)

In the earlier article, I noted that the technology already exists (and its adoption is being pushed) to real-time monitor your velocity. It would be as simple turning a light switch for the insurance mafia – or the coppers – to fine you (or “adjust” your premiums) for every single instance of “speeding.” Most new cars – and most cars built within the past five years or so – already have the necessary technology to narc you box pic

Short of disabling the car’s send-and-receive data telemetry capability, there would be, as they say, no way out.

But at least you could still speed. Damn the torpedoes and you know the rest.

Ford’s system will put a stop to that.

And perhaps, more. The same technology that prevents you from “speeding” could just as easily prevent you – well, your car –  from moving at all. Perhaps to impose a conservation regime; perhaps to reduce the output of not-“green” gasses. Maybe because you didn’t pay “your” (don’t you love the language?) taxes … .

Whether you think the government would ever do such a thing is beside the point.

The point is – they absolutely could.big brother car

Intelligent Speed Limiter will be installed on European market Fords next year and – bet your tailpipe – U.S. Fords soon after. 

And if you’re thinking – well, I just won’t buy a Ford, then – think again. Other manufacturers are working on similar systems of their own. GM, for example, will be installing a “vehicle to vehicle” (V2V) communication system in 2017 model year Cadillacs, according to inside sources. Your Cadillac would slow down – on its own, without any input from you – if its computer brain so decided after e-chatting with another Cadillac down the road somewhere. Or because it – like the Ford – knew what the speed limit is and decided you ought not to exceed it.

Remember: The technology I told you about in the earlier article – written back in late summer of last year – is already de facto standard in every new car that has GPS. It is a not-far jump to the next step, which will either be real-time monitoring (and fining) of drivers for each instance of “speeding.” Or – the step after that – “speeding” will become a technical impossibility, at least in a new car.Ford off button

Now, to be fair, Ford’s system will – at first – have an “off” switch. Kind of like being able – for now – to “opt out” of being body-scanned (and possibly, irradiated) when you fly. But this is almost certainly a temporary reprieve. It’s necessary to get people used to something unpleasant; don’t hit them with it all at once. The frog in the pot. Most Americans are now resigned to “papers, please” checkpoints and to random, probable cause-free searches. Inconceivable 20 years ago. And – for the most part – they have embraced all the necessary technological building blocks being  built into new cars to make what’s coming not only likely but inevitable.

Well, there are always old cars… until, of course, they illegalize them.

Probably by characterizing them as unsafe.

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  1. To get the old cars off the road, the older vehicle plates will be nullified, and the mobile crusher like they had in WW2 will show up at your door, backed by a SWAT team, to forcibly remove the older cars and crush them. Just like the gov’t did with the Range Rover imported a few months ago that this site covered, where it was just crushed because it didn’t meet saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety standards.

    All through history governments start out free and become dictatorial over time. 100% of the time. The USSA gov’t is no different. It’s happening at such a fast speed, like all these new wars being created by the neocons…. It’s happening in all “western” countries.

    Such gov’ts do no go peacefully. Once they get the sniff of power, they will not let go peacefully. That is also shown through history. It will take an armed revolution to get rid of these b’crats. Absolute power truly does corrupt people, regardless of their “morality” or ethics, or how these “people” were raised.

    The multinational companies run the world, and the governments go along for the ride, so it is not surprising to see the car companies actually introduce this technology before the government does.

    • Government justifies the 25 year import law with safety and emissions. This gives the enforcers a sense of moral righteousness for those who aren’t sadists and then the clover majority goes along with it. The reality is that the 25 year import law is about protecting corporate sales.

      MB has some interesting marketing. In the USA they market their products in the luxury segment. But that’s not all MB does. Many of their cars are sold as ordinary cars in other markets, like their home market in Germany. The car doesn’t have all the fancy stuff and it costs a lot less. This way more ordinary people can buy them as well as taxi companies and such. In some other foreign markets there are even more utilitarian versions. They even made pickup cars (think Ranchero and El Camino) for some markets. Anyway some people in the USA in the 1980s figured out they could import these cars, make the then simple changes for compliance, sell them for less than the MB dealers, give the customer what he really wanted (the outward image), and turn a profit. MB dealers in the USA didn’t like this very much. So MB USA went to work with government and the 25 year import law was born.

      Because this is a corporate economic law it is enforced with vigor. If it was about safety they might get around to it. For instance, most traffic laws aren’t about safety, but revenue, so good luck with any vigorous enforcement except when revenue goals have to be met. But corporate economic laws keep people in line and keep wealth flowing to the right people. That’s why they work so hard to enforce raw milk laws and stomp on hippy food co-ops. Nobody in government cares if someone gets sick because he chose to drink raw milk he bought from farmer Bob. It’s because he and farmer Bob are working outside the system. There isn’t a corporate and government beak getting wet in the process.

      If some people get away with importing cars other people will do it. Same with the food that doesn’t come out of the corporate system. That’s why they stomp on it. It’s about control and wealth flows and that’s all it’s about. Safety and clean air? That’s a sales pitch so the cloverian masses cheer it on.

  2. Have Gun, but must Time Travel. Cause it’s hopeless, the way things are. Fortunately, with a bit of tech, you can mentally teleport and all is again right with the world. Dulls the pain of living on an earth, which barely abides a man anymore.

    John Dehner in
    Earth Abides

    John Dehner as
    Paladin in Have Gun Will Travel – Radio Show (original TV show is hideously statist – AVOID)

    You can find HGWT episodes in here
    or here

  3. You’re up against the laws of physics, such as that for kinetic energy at speeds much less than that of light.

    The classical version is

    KE = 0.5*M*V^2

    The relativistic version is

    KE = (0.5*M*V^2)/(SQRT(1-(V^2/C^2)))

    Speed limits are there for a reason. If a state does not enforce them, the laws of physics certainly will. Go argue with Newton and Einstein.

    • And? What is your point? No one here is arguing against the laws of physics. And merely citing equations doesn’t hold much water either. What was your point in including said equations in your post besides using it as an appeal to appear intelligent? You couldn’t have made your point with regards to the laws of physics without them? Such tactics certainly won’t get you very far with this crowd.

      This thing called free will, our greatest attribute, that which makes us human and that is slowly being taken from us, trumps all that. I have no problem falling victim to the laws of physics if such a thing happens. And trust me it has had happened to me on many occasions. I certainly hold no grudges towards the laws of physics.

      What I, and almost certainly everyone here has a problem with, is the “state”, i.e. government (which doesn’t even exist really, they’re just a group of people; liars, thieves, and murders demanding we pay them and obey their edicts…but that is a different post) dictating what we can and cannot do all because “they said so”. Taking away our choice. Our free will. Our choice to voluntarily interact with each other as we so choose. Laws are merely opinions backed by a gun.

      Not until someone’s actions have caused injury, damage, and/or loss and there is a victim, has there been a crime. Violating an arbitrary number on a metal sign is not a crime, ever, no matter how you slice it.

      You are correct in that speed limits are there for a reason. They’re there for compliance (control) first and foremost. Revenue generation for the “state” second.

    • Tatiana,

      Yes, speed limits are there for a reason – among them, revenue collection. Do you really take the position that most posted limits represent the maximum reasonable/safe velocity for that road under normal conditions? That to drive any faster necessarily constitutes “unsafe” driving?

    • Oh my another “speed kills” person who thinks that high school physics is impressive and adds something to their argument. This same argument in the form of PE could be used against tall buildings. Why not? Because it only matters if the building falls down or stuff falls off/out of it.

      KE only matters when there is a crash. The idea should be not to crash. However the gospel of “speed kills” assumes crashes are “accidents”. That these collisions are random acts of nature like a thunderstorm or an earthquake. That there is no way to prevent them one must simply slow down. It shows up in how they drive. These drivers will pull out right in front of another person’s vehicle and then declare that other person was going “too fast”. What they really are promoting is their own form of lazy and inconsiderate driving. Rather than put in effort they want everyone else to go slow.

  4. This would be easy to stop if Americans could be successfully treated for their endemic cranial rectalitis. All we’d have to do is to make a point of visiting a auto showroom after the introduction of each new model of spy car. Ask the salesman if the model of interest is equipped with the suspect system. If the answer is yes, say that is too bad, as the customer is unwilling to have their rights violated because the manufacturer is an invertebrate and unable to refuse gestapo government. When the sales fall to nil, the problem will be resolved by retrofit or non-sale, forever.

  5. “ridiculous, dumbed-down/one-size-fits-all velocity maximums laid down by bureaucrats whose prime directive always seems to be to suck the joy out of everything, especially driving”??

    Give me a break. The “bureaucrats” are an important reason why you have so many socialistic roads on which to speed in the first place. Those socialistic roads are also why the car and truck business is so large a proportion of commerce in N. America. After all, if roads, esp. high-speed roads, were privately built and owned, it stands to reason that there would be fewer of them (because it’s difficult and expensive to acquire the right land) and those which existed would be narrower (for same reasons). So, without socialistic roads, there’d be fewer places to drive your favorite hot rod. Hence fewer cars and trucks, therefore less sales for the manufacturers. This would be offset, somewhat, by road owners’ desire to maximize revenue by packing more cars onto the roads at any one time, but this would provide more motivation to impose speed maximums, to reduce crashes, which would anger people who had paid to use a road for driving, not parking.

    It’s also true that the total cost of vehicle ownership and driving is partly masked by the socialistic scheme of roadbuilding. Imagine if the avg. person had to decide not only what hot rod to buy but how much could afford to spend on metered usage of roadways which don’t enjoy taxpayer subsidies (assuming no crony capitalism, for just a moment.) Suddenly the total cost of ownership and usage appears much closer to its true amount. This would put downward pressure on vehicle sales, to say almost nothing about sales of hot rods.

    At any rate, the dominant theme in modern road building is socialism. The development of technological means to enforce maximum speeds is consistent with the socialistic ethos of centralized control, and it’s consistent with what a private operator, too, would do.

    • The problem, Paul, is that the government is limiting things arbitrarily. They make rules to control and lie that it is about safety. They have a monopoly, therefore you cannot opt for another route or mode of transportation, outside of their soviet system.

      You may be right that the roads would be narrower and there would be fewer of them–but that isn’t the point. The point is about control. In a libertarian world, we may have better methods. Would we all be able to have some type of aircraft and fly, bypassing roads altogether? We will never know, because the government is so heavily invested in roads, they aren’t going to make it easy for other modes of transportation. Hence the reason that they–not the market–control the airspace.

      Your thesis–and mine–are hypothetical, but that’s all we have is hypotheses about “how it would be”, because they control everything. The fact that they control everything doesn’t make Eric’s argument illegitimate. It actually makes his argument stronger.

    • Paul, let me give you a break. Define “high speed roads”. I recently left the Pete on a location so me and the boys got in the crewcab and headed to the house. I was having problems hitting signs(and vac trucks ha ha)with empties and noticed the foreman had her cranked up to about 95, the cause of my bad aim. A big, wide road, smooth as a baby’s butt we were on. The problem with your theory though, private companies had paid for this road and low and behold, yours truly was instrumental in building it. So where’s the socialism? In the socialness of the situation? My point being, we almost never get near that speed on a true “socialist” road, a road built by gummit with money stolen from taxpayers.

      • Re-reading my comment I realized I must sound like M. Emmet Walsh(aw come on doc, me and the boys was just tryin to cheer you up). Well, I’d rather sound like Emmet than most other people. He’s ok in my book.

  6. When my Army unit was preparing to go to Iraq in 2009 we heard how the JAGs (lawyers) were presenting soldiers with speeding tickets for going from Forward Operation Base A to Forward Operating Base B higher than the posted speed limit. By using the built-in GPS on the HMMWV. So we new soldiers were already making plans on how to disconnect that GPS from the military vehicle, so that we could dodge potential IEDs and ambush points in a war zone without having to worry about speeding tickets when we got to our destination.

    Six years later, the technology (and opportunity to present tickets) has matured from the US military petri dish to the American civilian public. Of course, the technology is smaller, more integrated, with less ability to mess with and interfere from the desired goal.

    So what’s the desired goal? A constant revenue stream to the local (“offended”) municipality from millions of privately owned and operated vehicles. (“You can drive instead of taking public transportation but it’s going to cost you as much as we can charge.”) What can a citizen do except double their commute time from point A to point B in order to not get a speeding ticket. What happens if you’re delivering a pregnant wife delivering a baby to the hospital? Or you wake up late and the boss has told you “you’re late one more time and you’re fired!”? Give up and go postal when you’re at the rope’s end?

    It always amazes me how Clovers are allowed to waste my time and life energy driving 10 mph below the speed limit, but I’m not allowed to make up the difference when I finally go around them, or else I am called “a hazard to safety”.

  7. There is an unintended consequence here: Speeding laws generate a huge revenue stream. If you can no longer speed what will replace it? More taxes on something else I suppose.

    • Revenue will hugely increase… there will be a RFID chip in your license that interacts with your vehicle and the data recorder will alert the “authorities” to cite you as well as making sure the insurance mafia gets their cut. Taxation by the mile is soon to follow.

      The only question that remains is how much boobus will put up with before a shooting revolution starts. Remember that “loyalists” were the vast majority at the time the shot heard around the world was fired. History clearly teaches that electoral reform is a myth and consequential change only happens via tumult and bloodshed. “Vote harder” Lucy says to Charlie Brown.

      • Vote early and often, as they say in Chicago – or at least used to when Daley was running it. Think it has changed since O-bomb-ya’s buddy Rahm took over?
        BTW, did you know Rahm’s father was a terrorist (Irgun)? Except Israel always gets a pass.

  8. “Maybe because you didn’t pay “your” (don’t you love the language?) taxes … .”
    That happens in Scotland, though with a different form of transport – flying. If you have outstanding tax debts the police and border agents will not let you board a plane.
    There is no difference between someone forcibly stopping you doing something and someone flicking an off switch to disable you doing something.

  9. In a slightly less near future….
    The big thing being talked about lately are self-driven cars. The prediction out there are that they will be ubiquitous about 10 years from now. Elon Musk (Mr. Tesla) said recently that even though self-driven cars are not being accepted as safe by the gov’t right now, given enough time (20 years would be my bet), driving will most likely become illegal for us, the human, as the self-driven cars will be seen and, well, proven to be a lot safer… I think he is probably right, it’s just a question of time. Costa Rica anyone?

    • I have no doubt that’s the future Musk and others want to see realized. For me, it would be a nightmare; a bleak landscape of zero individual autonomy. Of people transforming into Elio, soft and helpless. Queue up, do as you are told. Here’s your cracker and your cubicle.

      • eric, for all the CANs in autos now, there will be people who will open that CAN and let the owner make his own changes. Until the gummint forces auto makers to wifi auto CAN’s, the owner will still be the controller to a great extent. Once the CAN(Controller Area Network)is made wifi accessible by law(and this might never happen since it would open the car to external attacks, we might retain quite a bit of control over how our cars operate. Think fuel, air, suspension, etc. adjustments via laptop. Without top speed mandates via wifi, one will be able to throw that out the window also.

  10. And you know what? The auto companies won’t lose a single sale because of the latest Orwellian use of technology. Whether I want this technology or not will be decided for me, not by the government necessarily, but by my fellow consumers.

    No wonder I hold on to my old Dodges and Volare. Probably somewhere near the extinction of liberty in America Humongous Brother will sweep onto my property with a crusher and turn them all into cubes. If I protest, Clover citizens everywhere will accuse me of wanting to kill the planet with emissions and of driving dangerous vehicles–the type not controlled by HB.

    • I agree, Ross.

      The evidence in support of this outcome is overwhelming. For example, it is virtually impossible to live without a cell phone because the masses have embraced the technology, despite its totalitarian and dehumanizing aspects.

      I agree with others who have observed it is not the technology per se but the way it is used and the attitudes of people who use and accept its uses. But that’s academic. The fact is most people are sheep. And that means we’ll be rip-tided along with the technocracy. Those who resist may end up being exiled to a savage reservation, as in Huxley’s book.

      Or worse.

      • There’s thousands of battles we could be fighting to reclaim our dignity and ability to act unimpeded by tattle tale busybodies.

        Really, it’s the same war the native Americans could have fought back in their day. They had a way of living they had been practicing for 10,000 years. Call them the forgotten founders of America. Heck, maybe they did fight and its been swept under the rug. It’s one thing to lose most of the land, maybe there’s a principle of use it and defend it or lose it or some such. But to force them into a stationary Eurosocial Christian lifestyle, was a death sentence.

        Now we’ve been handed a death sentence of our own.

        Off the top of my head. Why no shirt no service. What if men just stopped obeying petty things like that, and didn’t wear a shirt whenever they “have” to. Who’s going to make you. How are they going to. Maybe whoever lets it slide is the one that deserves your business and respect. As to the others, its Sun Tzu escalation time.

        Now you have a battle you might win. Good luck CVS pharmacy, you little Nazi Quislings. I’m going to run you out of my neighborhood, me and my mates are, just you watch.

        How about no more looking for the bathroom to take a piss. That’s not a necessary thing. Devise some tech to keep the urine from just evaporating on the concrete, when in your home territory. Piss on the wall when you’re at the enemy’s CVS and you can safely do so.

        Encourage the lady in your life to go topless. Most places this is legal. Just like in a card game, you have to draw out the bluff. And get a good idea of what kind of cards your local authorities are holding. Haggle a better price in line.

        Find your local like-minded people, and build your network. Heck, maybe you can get some old gent to run your own law trap. Get some dirt on people who are causing you grief. Have Barnaby Jones get the license make and model.

        Find a low hanging fruit battle you are sure you can win. One that you can see getting to the cell phone battle down the road.

        When some neo prole tries to dial you up. Barks at you and demands an answer. Ignore him. Or cuss him out loud and public like. Put these snivelling tele yappers back on their heals. Probably leave the ladies out of it. They’ll follow you if you do it right, they’re rarely the instigators of anything.

        When I watch something simple like Rob Lowe for DirecTV. I laugh. But I also see a tutorial in my mind. Why not develop a bunch of personas that you can use in these culture wars. It’s kind of fun being Bad Decision Rob Lowe, and all the others.

        Make a game out of it while Rome Burns. It doesn’t matter if we didn’t start the fire. It’s going to keep on burning, until we make them start learning. I’m going 5 leaf clover on them out of spite, who’s with me…

      • eric, funny thing about that. I was in the forefront of mobile phone adoptors. In the 70’s it was nothing more than two way radio network communication with telephones instead of mic’s and speaker except you could make calls to specific people and it would easily cost $1300/mnth way back then. It was a big expense and hassle for me and had it not saved me lots of money, I never would have adopted it since the “safety” part of it didn’t enter my mind for many years. It was merely cheaper than fuel and time. Once they went small(cellphones), the masses adopted it for truly inane bullshit. Now everyone needs it for twitting and faciabooking and “texting” when it would be much easier to simply make a spoken call. I see countless billions of dollars wasted with them every year in work production alone. Many workers could kiss that phone goodbye if I were their boss. Now and again, I see signs “no cell phones beyond this point”. Makes sense to me.
        I never needed one where a landline was available.

  11. It seems more likely–I could be wrong for sure–that they would fine us for exceeding the speed limit–all electronic of course . Just have your real I.D. that’s embedded into your hand, that is linked to your cars ignition system and direct linked to the NSA data base, automatically withdraw your “contribution” right from your account into the PD and insurance cartel’s account. So convenient.

    You don’t have to participate in this wonderful program……you are free to be a terrorist and decline.

    I can hear it now: “There’s a 74 Power wagon. That’s pre NSALink, we better pull em over and check their papers…..for safety”. We’ll let em go as long as they submit to a full search of the car, take a blood draw, retina scan and aren’t carrying any cash. That’s how we do it in “Merica”.”

    Of course when this scenario comes to pass, bad people in “other countries will still hate us for our freedoms.

    • I doubt they’ll stop with just cyber tickets. More likely a government-approved inspection will also be required. Have your GPS “inspected” annually, at your cost of course, to make sure everything’s in working order. In return, you get another nice, pretty-colored sticker on your window for all your trouble.

    • ancap, and then there’s disobedience en masse like last Sunday on I-20. Traffic flow in a 75mph zone ranged from about 85 to 95 with virtually no exceptions. Even clovers seem to grow a pair now and again when they have almost unlimited support. With everyone moving in that speed range, things were quite orderly and safe. Porktard DOT’s must have been getting some mid day nookie or their version of said. I don’t want to dwell on that. And then you have the rookie who went way out of his way to stack up 14 violations on me a couple weeks ago, one of which was clearly a lie. He included not having a DOT # on the doors of the cab. Now that’s really low since they were the officially issued set on there from the DOT itself. And then the other DOT who wanted to cite me for only 80 lbs in one tire compared to the max of 120 lbs…..except that tire wasn’t a 120# max tire. And all that for a load height he deemed had to be overloaded…..but wasn’t and couldn’t have been since it’s light material that won’t overload. Never let facts get in your way when you’re collecting revenue. I need to get a revenue chart and post it so everybody can see how many thousands of dollars they can rack up at one time.

  12. This stinks on ice; I don’t know if I can keep my ’03 Corolla running for another 20 years or til I’m too feeble to drive, whichever comes first. Hopefully the hacker community can come up with a workaround but I imagine any tampering with the sensors or computer will trigger a complete shutdown of the vehicle.
    Glad I grew up in the fifties and sixties, never realized how much freedom we HAD.

  13. Just got pulled over on the 81 in Penn. The cop was in the LEFT lane and I passed him going 75 (10 miles over) in the right. I was behind him for a few miles and he did not move over, shocker! He says you passed me on the RIGHT, a MARKED Car, (shudder) and I was going at least 80. I calmly replied, I was on cruise at 74. I watched as he deflated. Uh, well you passed a COP car on the right. Luckily, he let me off. But I was all ready to argue in court that he failed to move over from the PASSING lane.

  14. John B Wells fired for being too truthful and popular.
    – –

    We are IN the technocracy, and what’s coming is endless metallic boots on the face forever via worldwide wifi. Think Think Robot Overlords, but without the happy ending.

    All the systems we rage about: mercantilists, commies, fiat banking, perpetual war machinists, nationalists, trade agreementists where we agree to cut back on production and keep prices high, enclosure treaties where we agree to keep human offs the majority of the land.

    There is no cure for our Pox Americana, just wear a lot of layers, and find a dark corner. The world as a whole has never been more prosperous, maybe we just man up and put our little brothers thru medical school and work as a greaseball mechanic all our lives. There’s a kind of honor in it, if you look at it from the right angle.

    The political systems all have in common there being no discernible value system. It’s Humpty Dumpty says what’s of value – lo and behold that becomes the value. Carbon Credits will be the dominant currency in a few years. Because having them to spend, means having the right to practice industrial capitalism.

    From now on, the norm is the triumph of negative outcomes. Each nation seems mostly engaged in pissing in the other guy’s cheerios.

    The UK’s long game of dumbing down America while wising up their 2.2 billion strong empire and teaching them all correct english and not ebonic american gutter english is bearing fruit. You can’t miss how much clearer minded an Aussie or Canuck is. Even an Indian or an Indonesian, it’s clear as a bell, citizens of the commonwealth nations make a lot of sense, Americans sound more and more batshitty.

    PTBers play to make the other guy lose and chimp out, they never play to win. The challenge for Americans is to sit quietly as their net worth goes further negative and smile and nod as the modern day Jesse Owens like Usain Bolt pass us and outrun us with ease.

  15. I predicted automotive dystopia many years ago. I wrote it up somewhere with a blog I started and abandoned so it’s time and date stamped. It’s not like it makes me special the government and the corporations have been sending us this message since the 1950s. What bothers me is the legions of people who think that the 1950s version of nose-to-tail 100mph travel and such is what is going to come out of all this. Few seem to understand that the Claybrookians will be running the show with total power.

    What we are seeing is technocracy. I’ve discussed this before, it’s the world of “Things to Come”. I wish I had recognized this when I was in college because the anthropology professor where I went to school I think knew all about it through how he put anthropology and science fiction together. But at least I got the basics in class so I recognized the terminology and programs as they became apparent. But we are getting a warped version. The technocrats in this warped version aren’t the rulers. The technocrats serve as a priest class coming up with technical and scientific reasons for what the ruling class wants to do.

    There is an excellent interview on technocracy that I listened to the other day on John B. Wells’ youtube channel.

  16. What does this system do if you drive OFF a road, such as take your car to a dirt track in the woods, or to an abandoned road or literally anywhere else that does NOT have a speed limit?

    Logically it should know that there IS no limit and thus you would be “allowed” to go as fast as you want.

    Thus said, wonder if you can trick it into just thinking you’re not on a road somehow? Or if it “loses GPS connection” how can it know how fast you’re supposed to be going? So lose the GPS and drive free…

    • As far as I know at this time, you can disable GPS by unhooking the antenna. However, that won’t have any effect on wheel speed sensors or active in-vehicle radar(for speedos and such) so what ever speed the car is limited to won’t change. Now “where” you can still speed would be affected if the GPS didn’t know where the car was. Of course, disabling the GPS will soon be a moot point I’m afraid. Now an aftermarket unit that could imitate GPS would be a boon. I’m guessing at some point somebody will make some serious money with a GPS imitating system even if it is illegally showing the eyes in the sky. Those old GM cars with TBI and no other computer look better and better.

      I was just reading at some point the Caddy CTS 3.6 L engine could be ordered(same year)with indirection or direct injection, resulting in a big HP increase for the DI engine but virtually no advantage in fuel mileage. The reasons for DI have to do with emissions for the main part and power. Diesels have always used DI but due to EGR and horsepiss systems, they are now not nearly as reliable. Removing sulfur wasn’t an advantage either.

      BTW, let’s clarify a point. Electronic fuel injection is much higher pressure(it’s those emissions for the most part)than mechanical injection. While newer diesels in light trucks are much more powerful and cleaner running, they use up their injectors at a much higher rate.

  17. Again, we are back to resist now while we can (it’s self defense, we are being aggressed against already) – or knuckle under and give up.
    There’s no third option here.

    Two things:
    1: The Purge: Anarchy – watched it the other night. GREAT film, HORRIBLE film – at the same time. Take-away: The Purge was created by the government as population control, and people weren’t killing each other fast enough. So government hit squads were going out to clear out the poor, while the top-tier politicians were “immune” (however that works, is not discussed.)
    We going to wait until that’s our state, except there won’t be any guns allowed to us civilians…. (The Purge world has full-auto weapons for sale on the street.)

    2: Passed transit pigs the other day, as I was leaving the station. they were setting up a “probable-cause free” checkpoint, to inspect your bags. I almost snapped-to with a Seig Heil – but being pigs, I doubt they’d understand, and I just want them dead – bad combination. Something about the uniform, I grew up with blue uniforms and Officer Friendly, and now it’s black uniforms, MP5s (yes, they were equipped with MP5s on the street, and not even SWAT), and the endless list of abuses from CopBlock (partisan site) – which are then CONFIRMED by PoliceOne (Partisan site), where the Brownshirts all congratulate each other for executing the proles…
    See Purge again, government hit squads … Pigs… Same squeal, just a different uniform, and they’ve got the same logic and “defense” as the SS officers at Nuremberg: “Just following orders.”

    I’m losing my temper. Pity I’m in the minority.

    • Loyalists were the majority in 1776, There was a huge “mushy middle” as there is now and always will be…. the remnant willing to fight was just 3%. So critical mass is not that far off.

    • It is a shame about Copblock. Their mission seemed in the right place at first… but I follow PoliceONE too to get both sides of the story. It’s interesting how differently they word the same event. More and more Copblock seems to just be a racist, anti-white space. They have resorted to editing/cutting footage to get their view across/support their narrative.

      The responses from the PoliceOne crowd are just predictable.

      Sad state of affairs all around.


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