PA Hero Face Slams Handcuffed Man Into Concrete

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A Cop in Spotsylvania County, VA was forced to resign after footage emerged of him dangerously slamming a handcuffed man into the concrete face-first.

The officer, David Schmindt Jr.,resigned from the County Sheriff’s Office after charges of misdemeanor assault and battery were brought against him.

The man in the video, Nathan Barton, was being arrested for public intoxication. When he initially resisted arrest, Schmindt was called in as back up.

When Barton said to the officer “Don’t fucking handle me like that,” the cop lost it and slammed him to the ground, knocking him out cold. He is lucky to be alive.

Schmindt’s use of excessive force was described as a violation of policy and found to be inappropriate by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.



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        • I kinda knew the disclaimer was coming, but I hoped it wouldn’t and that the “news report” was actually true.

          These days, it’s often a case of “You can’t make this stuff up!”

          Operation Fast and Furious for example. If gun rights champions had made it public before it was exposed, we would have been accused of “fabricating wild eyed conspiracy theories”.

  1. This cop will be like the other select few that are actually facing “sanctions”: a sacrificial lamb on the altar of tyranny. He will be found guilty, the mass of niggers, honkies, spics, chinks, etc. (however TPTB sees us) will be placated, secure in the FACT that “our” government does not countenance abuse of power and stands at the ready to rout the corrupt few that bring shame upon the holy name of Government. WAKE THE F**K UP PEOPLE!!!


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