One That Got Away

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Er…. someone told me about the following – and I thought I’d share it with the EPautos Army.

A guy was driving up a windy mountain road at a spirited clip, well in excess of Cloverific velocities. There were no other cars on the road at the time (this fact is important, keep it in mind). The guy completed his apexing and drifting, arrived at the top of the mountain – where the road becomes dead-arrow straight for about two miles.

A glance in the rearview gave him pause.

A white SUV was suddenly back there, about a quarter-mile.

And, closing the gap.

Our friend knew that given the speed he was driving, the white SUV was really moving. Alarm bells began to clang in his head. The smell of bacon was in the air.

No wig-wags were on… yet. But our friend knew it was only a matter of seconds. The putative porker was probably hoping he’d not been noticed and was attempting to get closer.  Given the speeds exceeded by our friend (and the harshness of the punishment meted out for such in this state) the PP may rightly have surmised that an attempt to flee would ensue once the wig-wags came on. Better to wait until he caught up and at least got close enough to get a license plate number.

But our friend was wise in the ways of the force. He knew what was coming – and the critical importance of breaking contact immediately.

The road was his ally. A curve gave him the opportunity to really put the hammer down – and get out of visual range. Then – in homage to Burt Reynolds in his black and gold ’77 Trans-Am – double back up a country road, skeedaddle up a long private driveway – which happened to overlook the main road – and shut ‘er down and lay low.

Moments later, an extremely angry porker in a white porkmobile rocked past – and below – our friend. He could see – but not be seen. A beautiful thing.

Breathe. Wait.

Now. Get the hell out of there.

And home he went.

Without a piece of  payin’ paper (much less a cuffing and stuffing).

I salute you, whoever you are 😉

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    • Thanks, Mith!

      And: Have you (and others) noticed that Clover has evaporated? Ooooorgle made some changes to the spam filter… and it may have done the trick!

      • Eric,

        I noticed.

        I needed to change some of my profile so I could post a comment. (A minor inconvenience, if it reduces the amount of flotsam and jetsam on this site.)

          • according to the domain reseller:

            Domain Stats for clovercam
            In the past 30 days…
            This page visited: 1,750 times

            Christian Bosse owns your old domain name, and supposedly, he’s an “asshole.”

            Of course everyone trying to make a living on the internet that doesn’t spread their legs and let everyone on the internet gangbang them without paying a nickel is going to be called an asshole.

          • nope. My desktop machine is mostly dead so I’ve been using my laptop which by only infrequent use still had clovercam in the recent history so I tried it and up came a page that the domain was for sale. Another domain name I tried tonight had the same place owning it and they wanted $867 for that one I think. This is the .com version of a .org site. I guess they let the .com one die or maybe they never had it but it’s local Chicago thing that has no other use like clovercam has no other use.

            Basically it looks like some guy is buying expired domains for $5 or whatever it costs these days to get to them and then trying to sell them, probably more like ransom them back to whomever let them expire. Another scumbag business model.


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