26 Heroes Beat/Taze Unarmed Cylist

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Just found this:

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  1. So did this guy get arrested for his troubles? He probably doesn’t even remember why they stopped him to be begin with.

  2. If it takes 26 pigs to “manage” one guy, then I bet his description is very large, green and angry.

    Those punks are nothing but a pack of costumed thugs looking for a fight because there’s no real crime going on and the local donut shop’s closed for the shift, which is the fault of bicycle guy if he runs it.

    I hope the vid makes it to media and court, not that it’d make much difference IMHO. Much of the blame rests on Obummer and the Reverend for their incessant race-baiting.

    At least there’s this:


  3. It is amazing the number of pheroes needed to stop one unarmed man. These pheroes might think they found the hulk based on the number of pheroes involved in subduing this individual.

    Although it never made much sense to me to add video recording abilities to cell phones, I am glad they are such a common feature on most cell phones.

    (I do not know if there is a legitimate reason for stopping the guy on the bicycle. It does not look good when there are over a dozen (armed and trained) supposedly brave pheroes beating on an unarmed individual. I would hope that 1 man (3 at most) would be enough to handle this individual in a more peaceful manner. If these thugs are so ineffective, then they probably are in the wrong line of work. If another gang wearing different colors did this, I am sure there would be city officials publicly denouncing this thuggish behavior. Instead they (the pheroes and thse that support them) will probably hide behind their “thin blue line” and duck for cover.)

    • Just look at what’s going on in Waco with the bikers now. The “judge” appointed a Waco “detective” to head the grand jury and this is immediately after Texas had passed new laws to stop the loading of grand juries with LEO’s and the like.
      Well, I tried to post a link but forgot wordpress considers everything link I try to post as “spam” so I guess I won’t. I detest wordpress.


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