Hero Assaults Handicapped Veteran

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Isaah James

Isaah James is a 28 year-old Veteran of the US Army. He is a combat veteran who has served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, James was on the receiving end of 3 separate IED’s during service, and is currently a 90% service-connected disabled veteran.

His disabilities, which included numerous lower-extremity injuries and traumatic brain injury, limits how long and how far he can walk. Rightfully so, James was given a disabled/handicapped placard which allows him to park in handicap accessible parking.

On the day this video was taken, James was shopping at a local Walgreens store when he decided to park in the handicap parking spot. Apparently, Officer G. Wilson, of the Riviera Beach Police Department, has a medical degree (sarcasm) and assessed James’ medical situation instantaneously. Officer G Wilson was able to determine that James did not look ‘disabled enough’ to park in that particular spot.

When the officer told James that he didn’t looked ‘disabled enough’, he had this to say:

You don’t look well enough to be an officer with your gut hanging over your (pants). I didn’t say shit to you.

James goes on to tell the officer that he can run his plates and that everything is legal. For whatever reason, this enrages the officer, who turns around and assaults James, yelling at him to ‘get the camera out of my face’.

This is another perfect example of cops not knowing the laws they are supposed to enforce. Officer Wilson tells James that “You are supposed to be indigent” to get a disabled placard. According to Florida Statutes, it states that a disability placard may be granted to a citizen who has a limited ability to walk due to medical condition, and that a licensed physician must certify such disability. Nowhere in the Florida statutes does it say a person must be ‘indigent’, as the officer claims.

As long as we are on the subject of correcting the all-knowing Officer Wilson, ‘Indigent’ means a person who is poor or needy, not disabled. Maybe the Riviera Beach Police Department should start issuing a copy of Florida Statutes, and possibly a dictionary, to future recruits.

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  1. Yes, if he was truly ‘indigent’ he would not need access to handicapped parking, because he would not have a vehicle.

  2. Maybe the Riviera Beach Police Department should start issuing a copy of Florida Statutes, and possibly a dictionary, to future recruits.

    Why go through this effort? Ofiser (sic) “not so friendly” will enforce what he (or she) considers to be the law. @#$% what is written in statute and @#$% the dictionary. Words mean what they mean to me and not a word more or less.

    The video seems to be textbook case of assault committed by the not so friendly ofiser (sic) on the other guy.