End of the Month Push

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Clover’s back – alas.

His checked cleared, I guess.

The government pays well. Unfortunately (for me) battling Clovers not so much.

As I type, we’re about 50 percent off – only halfway out of the red – for the month of September. Once again, I’m hoping a last-minute appeal and rallying of the troops will fix this.sisyphus

As most of you know, I’ve been trying – like many other Libertarian (voluntaryist) writers – to make a living outside the MSM, which is a damned difficult thing to pull off. If one plays – shills – for Team Red (the Republicans), there are fat corporate checks and book deals and speaking fees (viz, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin). If one plays – shills – for Team Blue, the same thing.

But the ones like me – who don’t shill for anything (except your right to be left in peace) have a helluva time just paying the rent (and forget the big book deals and syndication contracts).

I’m sharing this inside baseball with you as one who has played inside baseball. I was once a syndicated MSM columnist (Creators Syndicate) whose columns appeared in newspapers all over the country. It paid well. But it was puppet work and I felt uneasy about it, the more the NAP and Libertarian moral principles permeated my mind. I left, hoping to do the right thing or at least try to be honest about my efforts in that direction. To not bullshit you. To not shill for anyone or any idea except ideas I truly believed to be the right ideas. Non-aggression. Peaceful, voluntary cooperation. Free association.

Live – and let live.

There are not many of us doing such work. Probably because it is extremely difficult (for most of us) to survive, financially, doing such work. None of us – whom I know personally – are looking to become rich. If we were, we’d do the Glenn Beck – or the Ed Schultz. For many of us, this is something we could have done.

But chose not to do.

But it’s a choice we may be forced to abandon, if it becomes impossible to pay the bills and keep our heads (and those of our family members, who rely on us) above the waterline.

For my part, all I can do is ask whether you think EPautos is something worth supporting. If you think it is worth supporting, then – please – consider supporting us.

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  1. Despite The Internet, Google Generation Lacks Analytical Skills

    U.S. Millennials More Likely to Support Censoring Offensive Statements About Spades, Spics, Micks, & Krauts, et. al…

    Find Your Anglo-American Generation:
    (Age In Years)

    Google Generation (1-17)
    Millennial (18-34)
    Gen X (35-50)
    Boomer (51-69)
    Silent (70-87)
    Interbellum (88-132)
    Reconstruction (133-150)
    New World (151-197)
    Revolutionary (198-225)
    Hanoverians (226-302))
    Stuart dynasty (303-424)
    Tudor Era (425-530)
    Plantagenet (531-862)
    Norman (863-949)
    Anglo-Saxon (950-1515)

  2. Pizza Rat – tied for number one Halloween costume along with Trump

    A viral video with 8 million views. What is that worth, I wonder?

    – – – –

    ‘Pizza Rat’ Restaurant App Owner Says He Already Trademarked the Name

    When the Pizza Rat video went viral, the servers that maintain Stone’s Pizza Rat app website alerted him Sept. 21 to a mystifying bump in traffic. Stone said that, prior to that traffic surge, he would have been surprised if even 10 people visited PizzaRat . com in one day.

    He soon realized that Internet users searching for footage of a pizza-schlepping rat owned by the viral video outfit Jukin Media — and later hunting for a sexy “Pizza Rat” Halloween costume sold by the lingerie retailer Yandy . com — were arriving at his site instead. Stone’s site is the first result on Google when you type the words “pizza” and “rat” into the search engine.

    “Thousands, not millions” of people, discovering the “Pizza Rat” app by accident, were now downloading it, he told DNAinfo.

    “Obviously there’s confusion; they’re looking for a Halloween costume or a cute animal,” Stone said. “It’s driving me bananas.”
    – – – –

    The app owner will have trouble making money. The viral video maker will in the end, mostly have fleeting fame for his troubles.

    But Jukin, the emerging viral video striver cum behemoth with 1,044,384 subscribers • 389,791,264 views , and the search engine googuhls who help you find them. They will make many more dollars, and everyone else will be entertained, but just that much more unfree.

  3. Things you did right, and things you did wrong, according to 90,000 YouTubers :::

    #1 Wrong
    You, or someone designated to act on your behalf, failed to engage and respond to any of these comments. I imagine you also neglected authorize anyone do any kind of olive branch marketing response to ferret out anyone potentially willing to contribute to your cause.

    #2 Wrong

    #3 Wrong

    2015 Jeep Cherokee pros and cons
    Review Published on Oct 4, 2014

    By Eric Peters

    Total Views 89,865

    Liked the video 126
    Disliked the video 27
    No response 89, 712

    Channel Subscribers: 406

    Number of Comments 55
    Sorted By Top comments

    Silver Nomad 10 months ago
    Ugh, clear your camera lens! I had to stop watching.
    23 liked this comment.

    Serban Stanescu 7 months ago
    how can anyone say it’s an ugly exterior? i find it awesome ,front and back
    3 Liked this comment.

    TheActiveAssault 7 months ago
    I hated the front but I saw one in real life and it looked really good! Torn between this and a grand cherokee
    2 Liked this comment.

    Reply to previous comment by Scorpion Sting 6 months ago
    Choose what your heart desires most

    Gary Wegrzyn 1 week ago
    thats a fiat not a jeep

    Daniel Young 1 month ago
    We just got one a month ago with the 4 cylinder 4 x 4, has plenty of get up and go and is pretty comfy. Drives and corners very nice. Ours has the cold weather package with heated seats, steering wheel, remote start and heated wipers. The rear seat also slides forward and back like the front seats for a little extra cargo room in the back. Over all, we really like it. So far so good!!!

    Joe Laney 8 months ago
    I work at the Jeep Plant in Toledo Ohio that builds this vehicle. We can not build these fast enough. We are working 2 shifts 10hrs a day 7 days a week since august and we are still behind on orders. this is a nice model but I love the trailhawk model.
    6 Liked this comment.

    Reply to Joe Laney’s comment by
    Raphael Mastromonaco 4 months ago
    +LongDrivesAtNight But has this particular one been out long enough to know its a bad one?

    Reply to Joe Laney’s comment by
    themopar426 2 months ago
    +Joe Laney the auto industry either all or nothing! lets hope it keeps going for mother mopar!

    Reply to Joe Laney’s comment by Skott62 9 months ago
    I just cant stand the look of that front. Sides and back look great but that front grille. ::shudders:: Ugly!
    2 Liked this comment.

    Reply to Joe Laney’s comment by
    James Steele (Gameandcheez) 3 months ago
    +Skott62 it seems that jeep forgot who they are

    Reply to Joe Laney’s comment by
    Mr Bobby Brown 2 months ago
    Ahh ummm ummm ahhh ahhh ahhh…I can’t take it any further. Sorry sir, your verbal tic annoys me enough I cannot watch the rest.
    1 Liked this comment.

    zorkor 10 months ago
    Excellent interior but hideous exterior. The front facia looks horrible.
    11 Liked this comment.

    Reply to zorkor’s comment by
    James Steele (Gameandcheez) 3 months ago
    +Motor City Man my point exactly is the grill looks wrong
    1 liked this comment.

    Reply to zorkor’s comment by
    Motor City Man 3 months ago
    +James Steele Looks are always just a personal opinion.

    Reply to zorkor’s comment by
    MrBoxxed 3 months ago
    Nice review.
    I’ve opted for a patriot limited 4×4

    Reply to zorkor’s comment by
    t1l1l1n 3 months ago
    Bro! You should clean the lens of the camera before you do a video!!!
    1 liked this comment.

    Reply to zorkor’s comment by
    letmehealyou 10 months ago
    what do you think of the ride esp over long distances? I find myself driving for a few hours at a time occasionally, and I drive a compact sedan (kia) and am looking for something that rides pretty smoothly, and works well over distances
    1 Liked this comment.

    Reply to letmehealyou’s comment by
    Maxit428 9 months ago
    that’s my one beef; not that smooth. bounces.

    Reply to letmehealyou’s comment by
    bassdudeguypunk 7 months ago
    I got a ’15 Limited a few weeks ago and I am fairly impressed so far. Like you said, the transmission can hunt for gears sometimes but not a big issue overall. I really wanted to get the trailhawk but didn’t want to put the extra 6-7 grand into it. I figure the active drive II system will be plenty for taking the kayaks out and finding trails to go hiking on. I live out in NY currently and it seems to handle the snow just fine. The snow mode really is better because it starts the jeep in the 2nd gear and avoids spinning the tires out. My driveway is on an incline and makes its way up in 2-3 inches of snow just fine. Luckily I haven’t had to use the 4×4 low to get out of any ditches just yet 😉 Had an ’08 Liberty before it and this is quite the upgrade. Slightly less cargo room, but drives much better and gets better mpgs.
    3 Liked this comment

    2DogsVlogs 5 months ago
    +bassdudeguypunk The liberty is a bigger car. I do like the second gear takeoff. Great invention from Nissan in ’86.

    John B 7 months ago
    Just picked up today rides great can’t wait to go on the beach with it. Great features like text talk heated steering wheel and seats.

    Reply to bassdudeguypunk’s comment by Amit Paul 3 months ago
    Hi i have grand chrokee lerado 2014 has RA 4 system always shows triangle map sign but that feature is not available in australia, spoke in ur company they said to buy nav code pl let me know what to do.

    alberto vazquez 6 months ago
    towing video

    Eric Moore 6 months ago
    Strange. I have a 2015 Limited 4×4 with Active Drive II and the full tow package, and I don’t have those storage bins where the spare tire is located.

    DEPHKAHN1 4 months ago
    FYI…if you own a cherokee take it in to the dealer ASAP and have the programming updates performed now. The dealership that I work for has replaced 3 of the 9 speed transmissions in the last few months. This is a known issue with no solid fixes yet. You’ve been warned!!

    DLWoregon 4 months ago
    The “Sport” does not have a, 4WD low range mode, but it seems like the 9 speed has allowed 1st gear to be pretty low by itself. The Differential Brake Lock (DBL) system is what impressed me. It gives, even the Cherokee “Sport”, some impressive off-road capability. Probably way more capability than most people want to put their Family Truckser through. The capability is there, if you need it though.

    oscarwildeghost 4 months ago
    You would have thought almost a year and a half into production that the transmission issue with the ZF 9 speed would have been fixed. Now the new Renegade has the same issues, besides being a general piece of crap build-wise. Fiat build quality will be the death of Jeep and Chrysler. Sorry for your problem, but these Jeeps will be the models that people avoid like the plague in the future.

    Reply to oscarwildeghost’s comment by bustex1 4 months ago (edited)
    +oscarwildeghost it is fixed nobody complains about it anymore, there were three software updates to fix all the issues. Also Range Rover uses the exact same 9 speed transmission. Im pretty sure they wouldn’t put a transmission that’s bad on vehicles that can start at $80k+ and peak at $180k. No sense for range rover to drop their transmissions for the 9 speed ones if the problems still persisted.

    oscarwildeghost 4 months ago
    +bustex1 No one complains about it anymore? Do you read the owner forums? Have you gone to a dealership? Have you read the comments in this video? The second software update stand s a good choice of killing your tranny, maybe you like driving around without 2nd gear but most people find it unsettling. And I certainly wouldn’t use Range Rover as a standard of reliability. The transmission may be fine, except for those pesky slip ring issues. The programming job they did? A rush job out the door and apparently they’ve yet to solve the problem

    Ken C 7 months ago
    Thanks, nice review. I might add for all you RVers out there, the Active Drive II system also enables this vehicle to be flat towed. Fewer and fewer cars are able to be flat towed these days for one main reason, the CVT transmission. Thank you Jeep!

    James Steele (Gameandcheez) 3 months ago (edited)
    this isn’t a real Cherokee. a jeep cherokee should look like a brick on wheels. not like a dang lizard dinosaur crossover for godsake

    Desiree Marian 7 months ago
    you’ve got poop on your screen

    Jc Cano 10 months ago
    Thanks for the video, really helps with my decision of getting one
    1 Liked this comment.

    wes patton 9 months ago
    Yes I have one and I literally takes 2 seconds for it to downshift. And when you put it in park it seems like it has about 1′ of play sometimes before it goes into park. I’ve even had to kill the engine and restart it to get the back up camera to work.

    S Justice 9 months ago
    the Jeep Cherokee is a beautiful creation you myopic chimney sweeps
    3 Liked this comment.

    tailfirst 4 months ago
    We use Snow mode as our normal day to day mode (we’re in northern Australia – I’ve never even seen snow for real…) – Auto mode is a freakin basket case and probably what makes transmissions crap out – ie. stupid shifting with lots of hunting and forcing plenty of full pedal kickdowns just to get it to do what you want. Snow mode is everything Auto mode should be and gives you a normal, tractable and predictable Automatic car.

    Eric Peters Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago

    Ian Barr 9 months ago
    The 2014 has the automatic braking and collision mitigation. The start/stop was not available on the 2014.

    Ian Barr 9 months ago
    Also, thr 4500 lb towing is not standard with the V6, you are still limited to 2000 lbs unless you get the tow package which includes some significant mechanical changes.

    • Thanks, Jeremy.

      It will.

      I have faith in the people who’ve supported the site to date. I know it’s tough out there. And I appreciate everyone who tosses in.

  4. Eric, I had a long, thoughtful comment but trashed it. Comes down to this: you cannot reach the clovers, and those of us who agree with you (mightily in my case) can’t see throwing money after the effort. The smart money is getting as far from the clovers as possible.

    Get your family, and any others that are on the short-list, out of the way and let go that rock. Let God and gravity determine its impact on Sodom & Gomorrah.

  5. We can get through this; send eric a couple of bucks; maybe buy some Happy Traveler Soma for your kids, wives, and pets; maybe nasch on a few yourself. Just enough so everybody calms their tits.

    Hug me till you drug me, honey; Kiss me till I’m in a coma; Hug me, honey, snuggly bunny; Love’s as good as soma.

    You can’t make flivvers without steel-and you can’t make tragedies without social instability. The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.

    They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not afraid of death; they’re blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they’re plagued with no mothers or fathers; they’ve got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they’re so conditioned that they practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave.

    And if anything should go wrong, there’s soma. Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty, Mr. Savage.

    Liberty!” He laughed. “Expecting Deltas to know what liberty is! And now you’re expecting them to understand Othello! My good boy!


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