Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

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Most of us have at one time or another received what amounts to a ransom note demanding money, which we must “stand and deliver” (under duress) else various nasty things will happen to us. These ransom notes are called traffic tickets – and we’ve been habituated to accept them as legitimate. Or at least to not think about it too much.oz lead

Let’s think about it.

First, who is the aggrieved party? It is (in my state) the “Commonwealth of Virginia.” Says so, right there on the paper. If I go to court to contest the charge, a commonwealth’s attorney will represent the “interests” of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That is, of the government.

Well, ok – but who, specifically, is the government?

The answer is, no one.

Can’t be.

There is no such thing as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nor the Federal Government – or any other government. They are abstractions without substance.

Can you subpoena the Commonwealth of Virginia? Cross examine him? Can you do violence to the Commonwealth of Virginia? Harm him?

How so?

Prove it!

Where is the body? Show me the wounds!

None such exist – because “he” does not exist.

The government is nothing more than what L. Frank Baum described in The Wizard of Oz. The “great and powerful” wizard has no existence beyond our own fears and imaginings. He is a prop, a front – a fiction.

There is only the man behind the curtain, who pulls the levers. Whose reality hides behind the fiction of Oz. But he is just a man. Just like you. Just like me. Except for the key difference that he pretends to be something more than a man.

A conduit for Oz.

His representative.

The “Commonwealth’s” attorney.

From this issues his claimed moral authority.

It is nonsense.oz two

Either an actual human being has been in some way injured – or he has not. “Oz” cannot be injured and therefore has no standing to press charges.

We are trained to genuflect before a contrivance. Made to feel small by wood paneling, ominous-sounding verbiage and the very real prospect of punishment for having disobeyed Oz.

And when Oz is exposed?

The fallback premise is that “the people” of this putative entity called “Commonwealth” have been victimized by such things as your having driven your vehicle faster than a number posted on a sign by one of Oz’s minions. Or choosing to not wear a seat belt. Etc.

The man – or woman  – accosting you in court (and the cop who originally accosted you on the road) is acting on their behalf.

More nonsense.

The “people” are as unreal as Oz. There is no corporate body, amoeba-like, oozing around out there. One can only harm individual people. And only the individual people actually harmed have standing. The moral right to seek redress in a court.

Well, that used to be the way it worked.common law 1

In common law tradition – currently defunct – it was a principle of legal action that a flesh-and-blood victim had to be produced in order for an offense to be prosecuted, punishment applied. Not a phantom Oz, who cannot be victimized because he does not exist (can one harm Santa Claus?) but an actual breathing (or at least, once-breathing) human individual or individuals who have in some tangible way been harmed, defrauded or otherwise victimized.

Those two elements – an actual victim and a tangible harm caused – were the only relevant considerations insofar as dragging someone before a tribunal, or arresting them, or placing them in a cage – and so on. If one or the other could not be produced, then the “case” fell apart – and the accused was free to go.

It is very bizarre, when you stop to think about it, that the majority of people convicted for various crimes in this country victimized no one. Or at least, no evidence was produced in court that a particular someone was actually harmed by the conduct alleged. It is like playing Monopoly and drawing the Go to Jail card.

Except the jail is real while the offense is victim no crime

Note that under Common Law, the Talmudic parsing of case law/legal code and a priest caste of Talmudic parsers (lawyers) were not necessary. In religious terms, the common law system stood in relation to our current system much in the same way that the Protestant Reformation stood in relation to the then-hegemony (in Christendom) of the Catholic – the self-proclaimed universal – church. Which interposed itself between God and man. Befuddled the layman with Latin gibberish much in the same way that lawyers today befuddle the layman with their gibberish.

Which – as in the case of the “universal” church – is necessary to maintain the power of that caste, that system, its “priests.” Without it, the lawyers (like the priests) become an irrelevance. They are no longer necessary intermediaries. Just as the Reformation set man free to commune with his God directly, under the common law, a man could go before a court or tribunal himself and inquire, simply:

Whom have I harmed? What is the nature of the harm alleged?

These were the only questions – and almost anyone could ask (and understand) them. Which, of course, is why they had to be dispensed with and replaced with the current system of inscrutable, imposing sounding nonsense about “commonwealths,” “governments” and “the people.”

Shakespeare wrote: “First thing we do, we kill all the lawyers.”

Here’s a better idea: Just make them irrelevant.

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  1. Your tax dollars at work – “Today the US government has admitted that it was their airstrike that hit our hospital in Kunduz and killed 22 patients and MSF staff. Their description of the attack keeps changing—from collateral damage, to a tragic incident, to now attempting to pass responsibility to the Afghanistan government. The reality is the US dropped those bombs. The US hit a huge hospital full of wounded patients and MSF staff. The US military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition. There can be no justification for this horrible attack. With such constant discrepancies in the US and Afghan accounts of what happened, the need for a full transparent independent investigation is ever more critical.”
    For more go to:

    • Tor, did you read that? I got less than halfway when I contracted a headache, diarrhea, and felt a heart palpitation. So I will continue to use an attorney who is either immune to these disorders or chooses to endure them for pay.

      • I tried, it was too much. I don’t have the kidney for it any more.

        Last time I was in court, I quit-claimed a rental property back to some poor aeronautics engineer who spoke only Greek and Arabic.

        He really got reamed on the deal. Basically a tenant being evicted went apeshit and destroyed all the drywall wiring and whatever else by having a going away party, inviting over a few dozen friends who helped him demo the place for free beer.

        The Greek dude had sold it for no down payment and monthly payments, carrying the paper himself.

        What a scam those courts are. I was able to walk away up a few dollars. He was stuck with a complete shambles and a worthless contract for deed, which the next guy won’t even pay 1/2 what I had agreed to pay.

  2. this is all i say……and i NEVER pay….yes getting stopped is a drag…going to court is a drag…yet i still WIN!!!…..You are black the bad guys are red..

    First call the court clerk and ask for more time (you are defending your self and need more time to prepare)

    Go on the web and get the date the town of wherever was incorporated

    Go to court with your ticket do not be late

    The bad guys go first….

    Cop: on such n such a day at such n such a time I witnessed the driver bla bla bla, at that point I stopped the driver and issued a ticket.

    You: officer who were you working for on the day in question??

    Cop: the town of wherever

    You: officer can you tell me when the town of wherever was incorporated??

    Cop: no, yes, maybe?

    You: if no, maybe…give the date for the record


    Crickets…….there isn’t one

    You: your honor I ask the court to DROP THE CHARGES AND DISSMISS THE CASE The officer was acting under the COLOR OF LAW….

    color of law
    n. the appearance of an act being performed based upon legal right or enforcement of statute, when in reality no such right exists.

    • Hi John,

      I appreciate the sentiments, but don’t believe for a second this strategy will work as advertised. The judge will simply tell you to shut up and find you guilty. I’ve been there/done that. The law is what they say it is. They have the power.

      For instance, try referencing the plain language of the 4th Amendment as a defense against probable cause-free/random checkpoints. They are clearly unconstitutional, if the Constitution had legal standing. It does not.

      “Case law” is the law. And “case law” is whatever they say it is.

      Similarly, presenting sovereign citizen arguments. They will just laugh at you – and possibly, if you persist, have you locked up as a loony.

      • eric i have used this and can tell you from experience it works EVERY time in fact it dosnt get as far as the script goes.. because when the judge hears the words incorporated he Immediately dismiss the case..look up healy v state of fla for proof

        • John,

          I did a google search for Healy v State of Fl. several cases turned up. Not sure what you are referring to here. I found one case where 4 lowlife thugs calling themselves police officers sued the township of Pembrooke for wrongful termination in the 1980s. Another case where a Dr Healy was involved. but not a plaintiff. Then lastly Healy V State of Fl Financial Services. Do you have a docket number and the location of the court?


  3. “Imagine that your Uncle Willie has, for the past twenty years, indulged in the habit of drinking a quart of Scotch each day. He now suffers from what any competent doctor, after numerous tests, recognizes as cirrhosis of the liver. His doctor informs him that a liver transplant is his only hope for recovery; that such an operation would be both very risky and expensive; and would require Willie to give up his profligate habit. What would you expect Willie to do? If he was like most people, he would take his symptoms to another physician, until he found one who would offer him a remedy that didn’t require changing his lifestyle! Perhaps switching to a different brand of Scotch will be enough to save him.”
    Butler Shaffer up on LRC re: gunvermin

  4. Cute picture of the woman talking back to the the cop. But unrealistic because the tax collector(cop) is armed and can “legally” shoot and kill you. Every time we interface with the government there is a Gun in the room. We have a forced and violent exchange. It’s completely immoral and the only moral exchange is when done voluntarily.
    It’s sad how many folks don’t understand there is a Gun in the Room. But to fight back on the street is a lost battle for your genes. The Elites and their army will kill any plebe that threatens the system.

  5. The Wizard of Oz as political allegory:

    When I first heard of this treatment of the Oz story, my first thought was that the gold standard (yellow brick road) led to fiat currency (emerald city). Of course had I not pulled a TL;DR and read the whole thing I would have realized the debate was really just gold vs bi-metalism (a debate that would be far preferable to the debate over interest rates and how long the printing press should run that we enjoy today) and a parody of politics of the day.

    There’s still a lesson for today’s political student though. Our public schools, with their history based on wars and kings, gloss over the reconstruction era politics, focusing mostly on westward expansion and the gold rush while ignoring such great personalities as James Hill, John Wesley Powell and the great industrialists (who really weren’t evil at all, it turns out). While I was going to school the history books still said the Indians were the bad guys, and even then most of us figured out that the US government were the ones invading their land and breaking contracts under the idea that “God said so.” All so that the eastern banks could get their hands on the west’s gold.

    The sad thing is that most people don’t realize that there’s a direct line from the failed 2nd revolution/Civil war, through the populist movement and on to progressivism. Failure to understand the timeline and what was really happening means you’ll not know what to do when it all collapses under its own weight.

  6. I fight all of my tickets. I’ve gotten quite good at it. Now when I’m pulled over (yesterday was the most recent), it seems I’m almost always let off with a warning, regardless of how fast over I was allegedly doing (43 in a 20 mph, unchildrened at the time, school zone, 6 months ago). I think this has to do with them running my record and seeing a bunch of tossed tickets, I’m not worth it and will likely prevail in court. I will not let myself be bound by geography either, if I have to drive half a day to fight it, that’s what I do. I consider it my duty. It can be fun to hit them over the head with their own rule books every now and then.

    • Mine go straight to the attorney. I have stuff to do every day. While I’m out there getting more tickets I don’t have to think about the ones I just got. In the last several years I’ve gotten only one moving violation, seat belt bs. It too was given to the attorney. Greed and power, what a combo.

  7. Pay No Attention

    Read the fairytale novel, Wizard of Oz from 1900, and work on abandoning all your currently held childish beliefs in economic and political fairytales about America.

    At only 215 pages, it’s far shorter and less painful than Atlas Shrugged.

    You’ll be far better informed for the reading of it, and much less susceptible to further pointless magical thinking.

    Secrets of the Wizard of Oz


    The Cyclone
    The Council with the Munchkins
    How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow
    The Road Through the Forest
    The Rescue of the Tin Woodman
    The Cowardly Lion
    The Journey to the Great Oz
    The Deadly Poppy Field

    The Queen of the Field Mice
    The Guardian of the Gate
    The Wonderful City of Oz
    The Search for the Wicked Witch
    The Rescue
    The Winged Monkeys
    The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible
    The Magic Art of the Great Humbug

    How the Balloon Was Launched
    Away to the South
    Attacked by the Fighting Trees
    The Dainty China Country
    The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts
    The Country of the Quadlings
    Glinda The Good Witch Grants Dorothy’s Wish
    Home Again

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    • Wizard of Oz as political allegory:

      Interesting take on the classic. When I first heard the comparison I didn’t read the whole thing and thought the yellow brick road led to fiat currency (green backs), but that probably wasn’t the case.

      But the idea that silver should float instead of being at a fixed ratio with gold would be a nice debate to be having today. Instead we get to debate whether or not the FED should continue to blatantly increase the money supply or pretend to reduce it.

      • A Silver Coin that is Money To Calm the National Tantrum in Mexico. Hugo Price.

        This Mexican billionaire has been working for years to introduce silver coins throughout the world. His simple idea is to mint coins which show only a weight of silver on the coin, and no monetary value. Thus, no scheme would be required to coordinate it with fiat currency.

        In practice, people would save their silver coins, and spend the regular fiat money first. The easy availability of silver coins makes it easy for everyone to save money, yet leaves the usual unlimited fiat currency alone to function as “official money” to the extent people still use it to pay bills, buy things etc.

        This way no economic crunch ever comes, only possible problem would be no coins circulating, because the demand for a savings vehicle becomes so high.

        If he succeeds and it becomes issued anywhere, this would overnight remove most of the fiat evil we now endure.

        All the welfare and warfare schemes will have to compete with people storing their own wealth outside these con games, and of course, the jig would be up for Emerald City in a New York minute.
        – – –

        The web site below is NOT a U.S. “government” agency. It is made to LOOK like one, apparently by people hoping to sell people a FALSE sense of security with non-“government” vehicle plates and ID’s.

        Notice the “.org” suffix, this probably comes from the “sovereign” legalese mythology crowd, who pretend that magic words, procedures, and pieces of paper will convince parasites and control freaks to be nice to everyone else.

        Sure this is an intentional deception taking advantage of gullible people. But isn’t the “official govt” also the exact same thing?

        The funny thing, isn’t only the believers of sovereign citizen movements. It’s equally funny the believers of official citizen movements as well.

        This “fake” “government” department is no more fake than the “real” one. Your state DMV is running the same fraud these people are–demanding your money in order to give you their written permission to have a car, and to drive.

        The only difference is, lots of mindless order-obeyors with guns believe the lie of the state -and will enforce it -, but won’t believe the deception of this web site.

        Both of these beliefs are completely ludicrous.

        The following web site is no less legitimate, and no more fraudulent, than the “actual” “government” agencies. Even saying they are “actual” agencies–or to say they are “official”–only means more people believe they are. It’s still all just the hallucinations of the victims of authoritarianism.

        Those pathetic cattle who cower in their pens and cages, singing the praises and kissing the feet of the man behind the curtain, who keeps them all safe, and protects them from all the evil in the world.

        This “fake” Department of Travel is no more fake than any branch of the so called “real” government, when you think about it.

    • That’s the thing with “complying”, its not much of an option, it doesn’t go away. Pay that traffic ticket, and your insurance bill will go up next time around. Plus, if they stop you again within a short amount of time, they will look on their computer and see they got you, not too long ago. Which means you get the second ticket without question.

    • Sorry, I didn’t get back to reply to the replies.

      I meant what I said completely tongue-in-cheek. I realize that compliance just brings more problems. I also recognize that “government” in any form is completely illegitimate.

      Just attempting to inject a small amount of humor into the situation. That’s all. 🙂


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