Heroes Shoot A Dog (Again)

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After coming home from church on Wednesday night, an Owasso, Oklahoma family was disturbed to find their family dog bleeding on the porch from a gunshot wound.

The German Shepherd named Bruno had suffered a single gunshot wound that shattered its shoulder from a deputy with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office. Shockingly, instead to seeking medical attention for the animal, the officer simply attached a note to the front door and left it to suffer.

The note relayed this message:

We were investigating a crime and a dog attacked our deputy. The dog was shot and we need you to call us.

“They left him bleeding. He was here almost three hours bleeding,” the dog’s owner, Angie Laymon said. “It’s just not fair. He’s part of our family.”

Laymon said the animal was first found by her young children who called to tell her what happened. She said she then called the sheriff’s office which told her that the animal attacked the deputy.

“I said ‘did he bite him?’” Laymon said. “He said, ‘well he felt threatened.’”

Police say the deputy was responding to a shots fired call in the area and approached Laymon’s home to investigate. Surveillance footage recorded at the residence shows the officer pull up in the driveway and exit his vehicle when he is approached by Bruno, who is trained to protect the property.

The deputy was not bit, but police maintain that the officer was only acting in self defense when he opened fire.

“There’s a lot of things that could be asked,” Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said. “Why didn’t he Tase him, why didn’t he pepper spray him? An officers weapon was the first thing that he drew. We don’t have time to go through this use of force ladder.”

Local news coverage:

On a GO FUND ME page that has been set up by Laymon to help cover Bruno’s medical expenses, she calls what happened to her pet “senseless and cruel.”

Laymon says in the page:

There was a call to the Sheriff’s office from a home about half a mile south of us stating they heard gunshots and believed a bullet struck the side of their house. Deputies responded and began investigating. After determining that the shot came from the East, they sent a deputy to question the property owner to the East.

Instead, for reasons yet to be explained, the Deputy turned into my driveway. My property is North, with other properties being between mine and where the call came in. My property does not border either of the properties in question – about half a mile from both and in a different direction. Furthermore, there is a creek and wooded area between my house and my neighbors and several buildings between me and the property in question

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  2. Hopefully my next house will be in a place where I can gate the driveway for reasons like this one. Of course this hero probably would have rammed the gate as well as shoot their dog.

    • The double standard is galling.

      I, as a concealed handgun permit holder, am required by law to retreat if I feel threatened and only if I am unable to retreat and my life is in imminent danger am I legally permitted to draw my weapon. If I fire it, I had better damn well be able to substantiate the foregoing. Merely saying I “felt threatened” will result in years in prison… for me.

      But these cretins in costumes are legally encouraged to draw their weapons – and fire – at the least (and unsubstantiated) “threat” to their precious “safety.”

      Perhaps someone can explain how and why it is that “heroes” are held to a lesser standard than ordinary citizens?

      • Dear Eric,

        There is indeed a logical explanation.

        Notice I said “logical”, not “valid”. The logic is fully consistent with the very premise of government, as outlined by sociologist Max Weber.

        Monopoly on violence

        The monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force, also known as the monopoly on violence (German: Gewaltmonopol des Staates), is a core concept of modern public law…

        As the defining conception of the state, it was first described in sociology by Max Weber… Weber claims that the state is the “only human Gemeinschaft which lays claim to the monopoly on the legitimated use of physical force.

        … Weber describes the state as any organization that succeeds in holding the exclusive right to use, threaten, or authorize physical force against residents of its territory. Such a monopoly, according to Weber, must occur via a process of legitimation.

        Notice how Weber and statists across the entire statist spectrum, from Stalin to sanctimonious bleeding heart “human rights champions” wrongly assume that any such monopoly can be “legitimated”?

        This is the reason any type of government must be rejected flat out, in toto, as utterly unacceptable.

  3. There are no repercussions for this type of behavior. That’s why it is happening more frequently, and why it will get ever more egregious over time. There is a solution, and it does not involve the legal system that they are a part of. It involves good people who are willing to right wrongs and discourage future acts such as the one above.

    • Of course there is no repercussion. In the city near me (the same one with the window smashing hero) the police were video taped abusing their own K9!!!! Local animal rights groups attempted to rescue this poor dog but have been unsuccessful.


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