Unsere Electric Only Zukunft

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Did you catch that the internal combustion engine has been outlawed?electric lead

Not here… not yet.

In Germany – where a law has been passed requiring that all new cars registered come 2030 be “emissions free.” This includes carbon dioxide – which is regarded by the German government as an “emission” – and regulated as such.

It’s not that far from now.

Fourteen years. In product planning terms, it means it’s time to start making plans today.

Big ones.

Some of you may have caught my review of the 2016 BMW X5 “eDrive.” It joins a growing roster of “eDrive” (plug-in hybrid) BMWs that rely less and less (and soon, not at all) on internal combustion engines. They rely more and more on electric motors and batteries for motive power. The “eDrive” BMWs can be driven for about 20 miles without the gas engine – a very small one  – even coming on. If you can plug the thing in at either end of your trip, you burn no gas at all.

No emissions.electric 2

Uncle (Germany’s Uncle) is placated.

BMW – and everyone else making cars – is jumping on the electrified bandwagon (you may have noticed) because it’s the only way to achieve “zero emissions.”

At least, from the tailpipe.

The elsewhere emissions are another matter.

97 percent emissions-free (from the tailpipe) isn’t good enough for Uncle. It must be 100 percent. Including carbon dioxide – the “greenhouse gas” that (we are told) causes the climate to change. Which, apparently, it would not otherwise do.

Granted, our Uncle doesn’t regulate carbon dioxide produced by internal combustion engines as a pollutant… yet.electric 3

But what do you suppose the odds are that within the next five years or so the EPA will issue a fatwa like Germany’s regarding carbon dioxide? That the EPA is itching to do so is an understatement on par with saying Hillary would like to be the next Dear Leader. And if she becomes Dear Leader, the prospect of a C02 fatwa becomes inevitable, a near-certainty.

She is on record as favoring it. At least half of Congress also favors it.

The people running major car companies may be craven corporate tools – but they are not stupid. They understand what is expected of them.

And they know – hey, they have engineers working for them – that it is impossible to achieve “zero emissions” (particularly of C02) if there’s combustion happening.

Hence, combustion must not happen – no matter how much it costs us.

And how much is that, exactly?electric 4

The “eDrive” version of BMW’s X5 costs about $6,000 more than the same vehicle with an IC-only drivetrain.

But it still has a small IC engine – verboten come 2030.

Hybrids – even those that “plug in” and which can operate on the batteries only for extended periods – are not going to cut it.

The Prius is not gut genug fur Deutschland.

Full electric cars – without IC engine back-up – will be the order of the day in about 14 years.


We will be ordered to drive them.

And to pay for them – whatever they cost.

Reichskanzler Merkel has pledged massive subsidies to make electric cars appear more economically palatable. The same con goes on here, too. Tesla – the only electric-only car company – makes money not by selling cars but by selling “carbon credits” to companies that do still sell cars (that is, real cars; cars that are functionally and economically viable) in order to be allowed to sell cars.electric 5

A carbon dioxide fatwa would be just what Tesla needs to achieve “profitability.”

And Elon Musk has many friends in DC.

But the idea that everyone – or even most everyone – is going to be driving an electric car (or a plug-in hybrid at the least) within 15 years or less assumes everyone – or most everyone – will be in a position to afford such a thing. Which is the same thing as expecting that everyone – or most everyone – will be driving at least an entry-level Lexus or equivalent within 15 years or less.

Because that’s what these things cost.

They can shuffle the reality around, shove some of the cost under the rug via subsidies and “carbon credits.” But – inevitably – the bills have to be paid.

The government (well, the privately owned banking cartel that owns the government) can create money out of thin air (and loan it at interest) but it’s not so easy to confect durable goods like a car out of thin air.electric 6

Only so many people have the means to spend about $33,000 (the current price of the least expensive electric cars and plug-in hybrids) on a vehicle. Most of the people out there in “Flyover Country” barely earn that much in a year.

So, I’ll clue you in.

What’s going to happen in the not-distant future is that people will “ride share” – and rent. Car ownership will become a thing people used to do once upon a time.

Al Gore’s dearest dream is not far from becoming our reality.

First in Germany, then here.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…

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  1. If Vermont, Texas, Hawaii and a host of other states seceded from the gulag then VW diesels could rein and the EPA, FDA, DOE and many other alphabet terror organizations would be gone. Just think free states right next door to taxachusets and the other Socialist enclaves. Real cars for real people jobs producing lighter, cheaper, better performing autos with out all the crap but keep the good stuff like reliability and mileage.

  2. I don’t think its the case that we ard outside of the swineyard. We are cucks in the worst kind of way, and when our little cucklings hatch and begin to leave the flying V formation. This is what kind of evilblackriflephobes they’re gonna be like, for the most part.

    It feels good to “Go Off The Grid” but then the whining and moaning and the threats to divorce you become too much and you relent and muster your last shreds of dignity and declare we’re going “Back On The Grid.

    It’s important to see the swine and shout the truth about the swine. It’s less easy to admit we’re not noble or rugged at all. Not free of it at all.

    But varying kinds of cucks, even the most hardscrabbled of us, with not much appreciable existence outside of the state except at a place like this blog.

  3. Does anyone else have a “muser” in their lives? Every other day I get three of four of these musica.ly’s. They’re kind of cute but kind of make me cringe a little too.

    These two gals are 15 and 17 annums. The ones I get are from an 11 annum. They all look hypermakeuppedly and affectationally the same, for the most part.

    It’s not going to be the greens taking the reins when I’m still here blogging and filling up my depends. The coming generations are going to be the Screens. A whole upbeat fast talk sound bitten class of pixel-stained wretches who are going to keep us all going through the zombie drudgeslog that’s only gonna get more and more bizarre.

    And I heard, as it were, the noise of thundering xBoxxes and shutter clicking iPhones. One of the four ScreenQueens saying,
    ‘Come and see.’ and I saw, and behold a white device”
    There’s a Screenageddon goin’ ’round takin’ selfies
    And they decide who to capture and who to frame
    Everytweener won’t be treated all the same
    There’ll be a golden pecking order of hearts and likesreachin’ down When the ScreenQueens come around

  4. Not long into the VW scandal corporate made a statement about focusing on electric vehicles and self-drive along with advanced electronics. I suspect they’d been informed of the coming legislation and were trying to polish their image.

    What would have gotten perhaps more sales would have been something less radical I’m guessing.

    Back when we built home-made dune buggies with dual rear tires and drove RR tracks at night just for fun this is probably one thing we could never have guessed. Well, that’s been 50 years ago(say it fast) and what we have now would have been hard to guess.

    I’m so far out of it I was into mourning for Big Red.


  5. To me, the PUA is contained within the larger group of “Social Experimenters.” Of this group, I am sometimes one.

    It baffles me when someone says they’ll catch anyone who’s non-authentic. Say they live in a specific Chicago neighborhood which they’re an expert in.

    Really they’re an expert in a steaming pile of excrimental nothingness. You never were given the choice to be in that given neighborhood. You were drafted into it and your original childhood ties to your actual family were overwritten by a controller class.

    I have no respect for anyone who says “I’m a Chicagoan, and can tell your not.” It’s akin to saying I’m from Cell Block D and I can tell you’re a B Block bitch.

    I like this guy. Some of its PUA. Some is other stuff.

    Why not be an early adopter of the world of possibilites opening up. Don’t belioeve the naysayers like Ayn Rand. You can learn to “lie.” First give up the notion that you have sufficient control of reality to even always tell the truth.

    Then find your own compass that means something to you, and don’t worry about all the others that get angry when you wont tell them your age sex location place of birth city of residence occupation overlord title and education designation and so forth.

    Because fuck them all, it’s only a prison planet if you let them intimidate you into living into the shitbox prisons they’ve all built for themselves.

    Blah blah. I’m a new yorker.. fuck off

    Womp womp, I’m a Texan. yuck yuck yuck.

    I respect the tiny shred of whats good about using a prison adjective. But there’s so many pitfalls and downsides. Why restrict yourself to the terms of your jailers and keeper when you don’t have to.

  6. People who call themselves “progressive” today, are anything but. The are more “regressive” then anything else. They want a new version of the late 19th century company town, only with themselves in charge instead of the so called robber barons. Compact expensive, over crowded, tiny apartments, urban communities where no one owns but rents, check, trains, check, bikes check, no personal long range motor transportation check, monthly payments for everything so everyone lives check to check, check. no free time, check.

    In spite of their protests, they hate disruptive technology and real science. That’s the reason why we are blamed for hating those things, when in reality they are the ones.

  7. Be an Alpha Waver and shut down fear, doubt, and other negative parts of your brain. Once you use Alpha Waves to become less. Less is more. This Less version of yourself will enable you to “Seduce out of your league.” (YMMV)

    Alpha Wave Artists (why male/female important. some women no doubt can and will seduce out of their league if you stick to principles instead of gender dependent tactics)

  8. To keep things fair and balanced, as does the fox say. This occult childhood marian hymn suddenly bubble to mind. Surely its some dark and nefarious thoughts, all dolled up so sickly and sweet. Sort of thing Jean might hum while he’s doing his wetwork upon the heroes during a crisp clean free weekend morning.

    Sing of Mary, pure and lowly,
    Virgin mother undefiled,
    Sing of God’s own Son most holy,
    Who became her little child.
    Fairest child of fairest mother,
    God the Lord who came to earth,
    Word made flesh, our very brother,
    Takes our nature by his birth.

    Sing of Jesus, son of Mary,
    In the home at Nazareth.
    Toil and labour cannot weary
    Love enduring unto death.
    Constant was the love he gave her,
    Though he went forth from her side,
    Forth to preach, and heal, and suffer,
    Till on Calvary he died.

    Glory be to God the Father;
    Glory be to God the Son;
    Glory be to God the Spirit;
    Glory to the Three in One.
    From the heart of blessed Mary,
    From all saints the song ascends,
    And the Church the strain reechoes
    Unto earth’s remotest ends.

    Murder, most relevant verses

    • Hmm….

      “Connor: Now you will receive us.
      Murphy: We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry.
      Connor: We do not want your tired and sick.
      Murphy: It is your corrupt we claim.
      Connor: It is your evil that will be sought by us.
      Murphy: With every breath, we shall hunt them down.
      Connor: Each day we will spill their blood, ’til it rains down from the skies.
      Murphy: Do not kill. Do not rape. Do not steal. These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
      Connor: These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
      Murphy: There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over, in to true corruption, into our domain.
      Connor: For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day you will reap it.
      Murphy: And we will send you to whatever god you wish.


      “Il Duce: Never shall innocent blood be shed, yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river. The Three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeful striking hammer of God.”


      “Murphy: And Shepherds we shall be For Thee my Lord, for Thee Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomine Patri, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti.”


      “Connor: Destroy all that which is evil.
      Murphy: So that which is good may flourish.”



  9. If you’re in Chicago and single. Move to the neighborhoods of “Shameless.” It’s a lot easier to compete against William H Macy. A girls conception of men comes from her Daddy. What would you think a girl who grew up under “Frank” would expect out of man.

    Probably not much. Which is much easier to provide, it seems to me.

    One thing that’s hilarious. Is thinking there are more stolen things in poor neighborhoods than in middle class and upper class ones. You have got to be kidding. Think about it.

    Shameless Season 6

    Shameless Filming Locations, Chicago

  10. If you want to see what its like to be crushingly impoverished and powerless. Try spending some time in the Streeterville Neighborhood.

    I wish RooshV good luck in trying to pick up artist any of those chicks. Or especially anyone who has paid for his books or subscribed to his ideas. I mean I respect his effort, and he must have his pluses. I am most decidedly not saying he’s silly.

    I’m just saying its a mismatch to aspire to being like him if you weren’t born into similar circumstance. It’s only my opinion, perhaps someone will come to PUA’s defenses.

    A rich girl that doesn’t even need to work. Isn’t going to be much interested in being pimp slapped by some oily swarthy Persian is all I’m saying. I mean mainly to interject additional realities into the situation. Probably I’m doing it wrong, since I almost always do.

    Cheapest/Most Expensive Chicago Neighborhoods

  11. My conception of Alpha and Beta.

    Alpha waves are used to wall off or tune out portions of the brain.

    Beta waves are for when you’re rested and at peace with where you are.

    If you’ve seen Divergent movies or your kids have read the books. You’ll know that Dauntless are the Alphas. Amitys are the Betas.

    Then also there are the religious Abnegations. Who are so Beta, so “holy” that they’re almost Alphas in their own ways. This is how Christians see themselves. And likely why the author chose them as the ones who saw that Mi6/CIA type occult organizations had created the false civilization everyone in Chicago was living in.

    Then there Erudites who care only about knowledge and technology. And Candor, who care only about truth and authentic living.

    The divergent series novels are just as good of a world lens. As are the US and European History books. But I can see why those whose property and title are held hostage to an inhumane system might see reality differently.

    Why residents of the Genetic Welfare Bureau’s experiment of Chicago is the most important thing in the world.

  12. This is posted under a theory of belief not necessarily shared by others here. For those interested check this out. And dont be an ahole buy something once in a while.

    Jagd nach Nullpunkt

    HFZP – Salon

    Janes Defence

    Instead of covering libertarian politics for one small regional area. What about reframing your work to cover:

    The art and science of self-defense and property-defense. This would seem to better describe your world view without any off-puting references to America. Libertarianism. Politics. And so forth.

    This would mean focusing on the lasting effects of political actions. And not overly concerning yourself with transient personalities and timewasting biographies and geographies that don’t really matter in the bigger picture.

    Just a thought. I enjoy everything the way it is now. I feel bad though, when you are left little recourse but to perpetuate all their inane barbarisms.

  13. To get to the nearest star Alpha Centauri, which is 25 trillion miles away. We need a Moore’s Law for speed.

    Christian can make the argument, that people who become non-believers. Who no longer look to God for answers. Generally become statists. They look to the State for answers. Many atheists are authoritarians every bit as irrational as church goers. There seems to be some kind of argument that at least atheists pursue statist solutions rationally. But that seems rather unconvincing to me.

    I find talk about Trump or Clinton much more skeevy than I do having someone quote scripture. Or pontificating about faith. Why would any sane person even spend time thinking about such psychopathy is beyond me.

    A simpler solution to this dichotomy. Is to believe in the benefit of exploration. I just know the world is a better place because America was discovered and developed. This can be experienced as a logical belief. Or just a belief. Whatever evidence can be gathered. I have faith that each of us is better off reaching more places, and having more opportunities. And that this is a constant like E=MC2 for ration people. Or God=Love for religious people.

    This also fits in with my “feelings” about the internet. Some say it has been bad for freedom. Others say having the same powers available to us online that President Clinton did in 1996 is overwhelmingly a good thing. The ability to explore so many things is a benefit. Provable logically. Or just a thing to be accepted as a belief.

    20% Light Speed Craft to Alpha Centauri Unveiled

    Breakthrough Initiatives

    So are you religious one might ask me. Yes. I believe in the power of exploration. Whether physically amid matter of solid, liquid, and gaseous. Or in the mind. Internet Plasma electrical virtual. Or mental, of yet unknown physical composition.

    • Hi Tor,

      This is just a gut feeling – something I have based on many years of reading a great deal of material (some “out there,” some pretty mainstream) that FTL travel is not only possible but has already been achieved. There’s one book in particular I recommend to anyone interested in this stuff: The Hunt for Zero Point by aerospace writer (and Jane’s Defence contributor) Nick Cook. See here: https://www.amazon.com/Hunt-Zero-Point-Classified-Antigravity/dp/0767906284

      • eric, so I was informed by people who worked in the “skunkworks” is their best theory of FTL would be something along the lines of a “gate” like in Stargate, something that would access another dimension.

  14. Another close approach of Mars came and went this May. We know how to build the ships that could settle this frontier, yet nothing was launched and the opportunity now wanes. The next close Mars approach is July 2018, and crony corp SpaceX looks to be our best hope.

    Mars Close Approaches

    Spain’s “discovery” of the New World was actually a terrible failure. There was no gold. No slaves to be captured. The Native Americans just weren’t hardy enough nor trainable to be productive enough to have economic value.

    The smart move would have been, not to continue sending colonizing mission to the Americas. There was nothing to gain for the powers that be. That might still be the consensus of those in power throughout much of the world. One could argue, developing the Americas has been largely a negative for them.

    We seem to be in a similar place in exploring the new worlds now open in space. Mining asteroids. Settling Mars. Building power plants on the moon. Placing a space station in orbit around Venus. No one is getting these attainable things done, because the numbers just don’t work.

    SpaceX Red Dragons to be launched every close approach from now on.

    The other plan is to get to Mars via the political method. Zubrin understands the logistics to get there. But then, inexplicably, puts all his eggs in the authoritarian basket. Hoping to convince the dear leaders that going to Mars must be a priority.

    • “The smart move would have been, not to continue sending colonizing mission to the Americas. There was nothing to gain for the powers that be.”
      You may be right, Tor. The big ‘gain’ was room, and not just any room but productive farm land (as well as other natural resources such as timber and minerals). This led to increased wealth and freedom for the common man, but no advantage for tPTB.

      • So what was the “smart” move. Probably to keep the two separate. To use the power of the “occult”, and to keep the truth hidden.

        I think that’s what they’re still doing today. Think of all the things we “know” about the world. And then consider that much of this is never even considered by other in different nations.

        And this likewise applies to these other nation. They “know” all these things that we never think of. Or don’t accept as true.

        There is an analog of “feelgood” nationalisms in every nation. For instance, in Australia. Every other news article references the Aussie’s “outdoor lifestyle”


        The warm Australian climate is typically conducive to an outdoor lifestyle, meaning many Australians will spend large amounts of time either at the beach or in parks or participating in sport.

        Or for Christian. They have this whole other set of references.

        I can’t even read any of this. Not because I oppose Christianity. But because it’s a waste of time for me. Because I am trying to live an “exploratory lifestyle.” What matters to me is to increase my speed of thought. And to discard all unneeded distractions.

        Such as US and Aussie nationist pablums. Or the Christian constructs that would bog me down, by always asking me to look backward to things written thousands of years ago and comparing them to the present days.

        Its not so much I hate America. Or any nation. Or I hate the Catholicism I was raised in. Or any flavor of Christianity. It’s that such things are distractions that slow me down.

        I want to think faster and have more far reaching thoughts. My self actualizing goal is about speed and throughput. Thinking about Trump. Or Ron Paul. Or Pope Francis. None of those “cult of personalities” have anything to offer if I want to attain my goals before its to late.

        Also, since it seems a concern. I don’t much care who first thought of something. Or who owns things. Not because I want to deceive anyone. Or steal anything.

        But because of my exploratory imperative. I can’t worry about who owns what blog. Or parcel of real estate. These are limiting constructs that slow everything down and don’t work for me.

        I am an anarchist only in that I want to pursue my own goals. Not because I am opposed to anyone else’s goals or way of life. Or that I want others to be harmed or cheated in some way.

    • Want to go deeper down the rabbit hole?

      I believe there is a reason for the lack of (official) interest in Mars.

      I believe Mars has a story to tell; one that certain people would prefer not be told.

      And the same goes for the Earth.

      Ever look at an image of the Earth’s topography without water? The crust is very… odd.

        • Dr. Hermann Oberth, who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches, cryptically stated, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.”

          When asked by whom, he replied:

          “The people of other worlds.”

      • eric, plenty of evidence that Earth has been home to other technologically advanced beings. I suspect mankind on Earth has evolved from other beings that’s been in the making for possibly a longer period of time than we can imagine, maybe from other unknown dimensions.

        The Age of Aquarius……the Fifth Dimension

    • IIRC, the New World was seen as an escape from a lousy civilization.
      People left because they thought they could do better.
      I believe we could do the same – but would take more “work”, between doing things under the radar and trying to assemble things quietly, and then we might get shot out of the sky even if we got through liftoff OK.

      Can’t allow the roaches to escape, right?

      Elysium comes to mind….

      Combine that with an “aggressive” protection system (police state). They shoot us down for our own good, because we might get ourselves killed. Makes perfect sense, right?

      Note that it had almost got to that point in Europe (as depicted, anyway, reality may have been different. But persecution was real, we do know that.)
      But the alternative there was a revolution, and no one really wanted that. (Elites always fear chaos and “anarchy.” Anarchy to them is Robbespierre’s reign of terror. They’re the guests of Madame Guillotine. I find it hard to care…)

      • Yeah, you gotta love the excuse somebody was killed in order to keep them from harming themselves…..the ultimate irony.

      • Why care at all. Let us call all such people “Surfacians.” They are the sort that believe one’s highest life goal is to control as much territory that’s 3,960 miles from the center of the Earth as possible, and nothing else is much important at all.

        Screw em. I see potential for different ways of thinking. We could all become demolition experts and move to West Texas. We don’t have to compete in their bloody idiot’s games.

        There we could all start blasting on down, miles and miles below the simians fighting over the mudpit of the “surface” and along the way. We find new ways to live at lower and lower altitudes. And also higher and higher altitudes.

        We become the world’s experts on blowing stuff up and then using the smithereens to build with. We could be the literal Noble Prize winners, given the prize is funded with dynamite money after all.

        We can take the loosened material and pile it up higher and higher using all kinds of technologies. To see how high we can go.

        Maybe we could be the first “Martians.” If we were at a high enough altitude. The air pressure would be as low as Mars, and we could all learn how to survive and thrive in a world without much air. And much colder up there too.

        Couldn’t be any worse than living on Earth with standard temperature and pressure, and all the regulations and authoritarians.

        • I wish they would mandate some cooler temps. We had 100 degrees with 90+ humidity all last week. 85 degrees @04:30 down to maybe 78 by 06:00 and sweating like a hog or panting like one. You can bet all dynamite was in its cool underground home…..and if it wasn’t, it was sweating too……which is a slightly disturbing sight.

  15. The US has 3 electric grids: Eastern, Western, and Texas.
    Europe’s grids are still separated by national borders, but there is a political initiative to have them 10% linked in the near future.

    This is a clear indicator of who is pursuing market solutions and who is pursuing political solutions. Name call the Chinese if it makes you feel better, but clearly they are the ones with the most market power, and are also adding power capacity at a far greater rate than anyone else.

    Grid Maps

    World Electric Stats

    Particular Countries

    • Tor, you should see what I see every day pertaining to the Texas grid. It has grown by leaps and bounds for more than a decade and the last few years have been astounding regarding transmission of power and air generated power. Every day I still see new air generating systems being hauled and erected.

      The petroleum infra-structure has grown by leaps and bounds also. When people speak of “the grid” in Texas, they mean the Texas grid for the most part with not many points tying it to other grids. We know our electrical needs are far from being met in the future due to the huge influx of people.

      Crude prices have dropped slightly in the last few weeks but we hope the Iran thing won’t keep them there.

      OTOH, there are still forces at work to ensure a decent price for crude in this country. This is also another way for huge banks and Wall Street to make their illegal and immoral big bucks.


  16. In effect, the US does have CO2 emissions regulations. We just call them by a different name: CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) laws. Reduced CO2 output is a side effect of greater fuel economy from fossil fuel–powered engines. European fuel economy regulations specify CO2 output limits directly instead of using liters/100 km or miles per gallon, but there is no real difference.

    There is a huge problem brewing with electric-only mandates as Germany is proposing. No one wants to talk about it, but the reality has been well known in the power generation industry globally for decades. In much of the US the electric grid is barely holding its own now. Europe isn’t much better off.

    Only conservation measures, breakthroughs in lighting, more efficient appliances and HVAC, and the like have kept large-scale brownouts and blackouts from becoming a fact of life. Green technology such as solar and wind is still unable to provide the kind of supply we need and probably never will, and new nuclear power plants are politically impossible here and in most of Europe. In the US, the NIMBYs (“not in my backyard”) keep new power plants from being built. It can be a struggle just to get a new substation or new high-tension towers constructed because of public disdain. As a result, over the past 30 years little or no new generating capability has come on line compared to forecasted demand.

    So what do you think is going to happen when you begin plugging millions of electric cars into this overtaxed grid to recharge them? Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and some other places will find out soon enough. Yes, it will involve massive long-duration systemwide blackouts. Will. Not “might”. And over in Europe, the teeming Muslim “migrants” can’t wait to show their true colors when the inevitable does happen.

    By the way, you could look at this German proposal as part of the Euro backlash against the auto industry from the diesel emissions scandal. Thanks a fucking lot, Volkswagen and you other cheaters. You won’t be able to cheat on this mandate. And unless low-volume automakers get some kind of last-minute exemption, you can kiss the likes of Ferrari goodbye as well. But maybe that’s why Fiat wanted to sell off Ferrari…

    • Rationing. That’s what will happen. Likely the desired outcome.

      There must people in positions of power and influence that must know these things about the grid and want to push it. If we know it, someone way up the pyramid knows it too.

      • “Never attribute to malice that which is most easily explained by stupidity.”
        It’s likely a mix.
        Some at the top see it, but think it’s controllable.
        Most in between see nothing, think nothing, exist and call it life. Too stupid to see.

        We’re more like an outside observer. We’re seeing it because we can apply the systems across multiple streams. We’re not at the bottom…

        The PUA side is good for this. There’s the Alpha (elite) who likely knows what works to enrich him. The Beta, or prole worker, who knows a little about the system, but can’t or won’t see above or below – more attuned to a fear of loss than a hope for gain.
        And Omega, who neither will nor can succeed.
        And the Sigma, who is sort of all Alpha, but doesn’t give a rat’s @$$ about gaining followers… He’s off, doing his own thing, and those who want to follow are welcome to. If you don’t want to, that’s OK – he’s having fun by himself anyway.

        Sigma can see the system, apply it to the task at hand, and wonders why everyone else is playing stupid games. Because he who dies with the most notches on the belt, still dies – and is forgotten (in modern parlance of Alpha – this isn’t George Washington. not even George Washington Carver.) And this paper alpha with all the sex he’s had, he still hasn’t DONE anything. Existed, sure. Had a job, spent money, possibly even had a family.
        But never really amounted to anything…

        • The salient point about RooshV isn’t that he’s any kind of artist who invented himself from the ground up.

          He was born into a certain class with wealth, power, and pull. Really, all his insights are available to any literate person who chronicles what its like to carouse and explore the “lesser neighborhoods.”

          You too can be a true “PUA.” Learn not to be fearful or to stick out in poorer neighborhoods. There’s plenty of attractive females there, and you’ll have a great advantaged coming from a more evolved, powerful, and wealthy realm.

          No need to consult a website. Take public transport into some of the worst areas nearby. Go buy a clunker car, and get some slum clothes at a second hand store. And go to it. It’s liberating as long as your “just visiting” and at the end of the night, can sleep in your own safe bed. (Well unless she offers you to stay over)

          Don’t go where the violence is. But go where the “other” crimes are, like vandalism, property crimes, etc.

          Boston Crime Map

          • Silly idea. Outsiders will always be outsiders. Clothes? Car? A fair number of people in the not so great areas have nice cars and clothes and live just across the line in some nicer neighborhood. They worked their way up by earning it or stealing it. You’re either from there or you’re not. Either you have the mannerisms and way of talking or you don’t. It shows and it shows immediately.

            • Not silly. But I’ll agree it is incomplete and half baked. Thanks for adding an excellent risk, or challenge. Though certainly not an insurmountable one.

              Of course there are more important parameters to my off the thought. The neat thing about being an explorer/pioneer for life, is I never have to worry about the drudgery of battling someone who knows more about their tiny corner of the cosmos and live to show they know more.

              Thing is they do, and I don’t care a bit.

              It’s all very tellling of human nature. That so much of what you blog about is laying down your bonafides. And demanding everyone submit to their tests of “who you are.” I can see the advantage/disadvantage to such a system. But on the internet at least, I don’t see how its worth ones time.

              As to navigating impoverished areas. (Really these are illegal in America, and anything shantytownish is quickly pulled down).

              But poor relatively speaking. I can just say I moved from Detroit, Charlotte, Houston, Vegas, whatever and it is accepted as true.

              And i have moved about much of my life, so it is somewhat true.

              And yes there is always a nagging suspicion the more “the poor” get to know you. So keep moving and don’t go to same venue twice. Sort of like a magician, your tricks wear thin quickly.

              I was born into easy circumstances but in my teens I moved to the lowest housing value areas around. (Which, granted, isn’t much if you’re from an area where cities have only 10s of thousands.)

              The accomplishments of a Chicagoan are lessened greatly by the upside down debt structure that enables it. One disabling factor is gross overestimation of the danger of the poor.
              Chicago poor neighborhoods might be a higher difficulty level than I’ve seen, though. Only been there a few times. Never even been to Boston.

              But I’ll never let a poverty of concretes stop me from thinking of and asserting conceptually viable ideas.

              Probably you have much more accomplishment and things to lose than I ever have. Which is both an advantage and a hindrance when you think of.

              Enjoy being stuck in the X of Chicago as it currently is. Please consider you might also enjoy X-1 Chicago and X+1 Chicago that are so very close.

              I much prefer inhabiting the thousand maybe and million couldbe worlds of first my imagination, and then immediately, my reality.

              Countdown for blastoff… X minus five, four, three, two, X minus one… Fire! From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future; adventures in which you’ll live in a million could-be years on a thousand may-be worlds.

              X Minus One

              Check out Allegiant if you get a chance, it explores a lot of interesting ideas

              • Three posts on this Tor? I didn’t even mention Chicago specifics. Blending in on a social level by using material things is silly. It’s silly every where. You vastly under-estimate people’s tribalism skills. That’s not to say people won’t be polite, but they’ll know.

                If you hit the material goods right, then it won’t be obvious to those you don’t interact with. But even the smallest interactions can give a person away. If you drive a beat up old car you’ll pass for the 10 seconds or less a person sees you go by. If you wear the right clothes you’ll make it past people on the sidewalk most of the time. But to actually interact with people…. well people know. They also know if they’ve seen you around before. If they haven’t they’ll be suspicious of that too.

                I’ve had people pick me out of where I technically blended in because people hadn’t seen me before. lots of ‘who the f is this guy?’ looks as biked around the neighborhood. After awhile they had seen me a number of times all was cool. It takes time to blend well.

                This idea of just showing up to explore and observe and everyone else not noticing…. bah. Need to be immersed in it until you’re essentially from there. Everything else is a silly game that a perceptive local can spot in a couple seconds.

        • By pyramid I mean the political/economic pyramid, not that of intelligence.

          I don’t see stupid in government as a rule. All I have to do is think with their perspective and motivations and it all makes sense. People see stupid in government because they have a misconception of what government is and what is for. The state of Illinois is in big deep pension hole. Most people think the elected office holders are stupid. No. Everyone from the governors on down to the lowest government employees with a pension did exactly what would put the most money in their pockets. Malice? No. Self interest yes. Stupidity no. I just read the other day the governor that started this mess will collect over four million dollars in pension payments on a contribution of a $150K. He also passed the graft around so now its a system nobody will challenge. It’s not in their interest too. That’s how it works.

          The PUA crowd doesn’t it get with a lot of their stuff. They don’t realize the things they say are ‘beta’ and destroying society are usually the tools of the real ‘alphas’ who are destroying any possibility of challengers to them by breaking society.

    • “Reduced CO2 output is a side effect of greater fuel economy from fossil fuel–powered engines.”
      But if that were really what they were after, they would be encouraging diesels instead of persecuting them.
      No, I’m convinced that this whole ‘conspiracy’ (there, I said it) is about controlling us, restricting our freedom (what’s left of it) and limiting us. They’re doing it incrementally, on the ‘boiling frog’ theory. Hopefully enough people wake up before it’s too late, but I’m not optimistic.
      As we approach July 4th, let’s remember and spread around that the “Declaration of Independence” was not just about the States being independent from England, but about individual independence.

      • Hi Phillip,

        I – obviously – agree.

        From the point-of-view of the “elites” (those who control the levers of power) there is a big problem. It’s obvious that oil is not a rapidly dwindling resource and may even be renewable (abiotic). Cheap energy is anathema to these elites. It – like excess free time – means freedom for the masses. This is contrary to their interests. When the “peak oil” hobgoblin didn’t work, another hobgoblin was necessary. Enter “climate change.” This is their trump card.

        • eric, the environment changes to some degree as does mankind in mind and spirit both, to some degree, as technology advances. We saw the west, mainly the US peoples as getting a leg up on the rest of the world. Even in advanced European countries they’re still much closer to 19th century than anything in this country.

          While the people of most countries that were technologically developed were trying to become automobile driven they still had plenty horse power. Even the cowboys of this country led a technology driven lifestyle.

          WWll was the turning point of coal power to petroleum and back then everyone knew it and embraced it and it caused a technological explosion. The US was able to affect the end result of WWll from a great distance because of petroleum and advancing technologies. It was in this country that supplies for every “ally” hung in the balance.

          Fast forward to the mid-sixties and we’re advancing exponentially while Russians are still slogging around in the mud, blood and beer of life with their 4 legged power and it was the same for Europe.

          We had handheld computers in the early 70’s while the rest of the world waded in streams and killed their supper with technology tens of thousands of year old.

          It’s no wonder why Germans and English, Scottish, Irish and the rest wanted to travel to a new country and make a life they couldn’t possibly have elsewhere. At the beginning of the 20th century even farming methods changed to greatly improved mechanical plows and other equipment.

          The Queen of England may have owned a sixth of the world but she still used a chamber pot while flush toilets were appearing rapidly in this country.

          At one time, the US was without question the best of the best and many powerful people wished it would and could be stopped and not for good reasons but for their own ends.

          Well, it seems to be all coming to pass via the “elected” crowd in DC who’ll sell their soul for $5,000 and vote for any legislation. We’re truly being forced back as a population to what many want, 3rd world country status and at best, 2nd world status. I’d be remiss to not note the 2nd world status NAFTA has gone a long way to get us their.

          Ross Perot was correct about the big whooshing sound of our jobs, hence our economy, going to Mexico as fast as it could as well as any other foreign country where wages were “negligible” and people had virtually no rights.

          If any of the signers of the Constitution really thought it was a good thing and would protect the people, they’re spinning in their graves now.

  17. What if “we” refuse to buy those god awful things. I can’t see myself ever buying one unless I am forced to at the end of a gun.
    Hey Uncle…. why do you just come to my house and tell me what to eat while you are at it.
    When will “we” stand up to those (pardon my French) stupid shits in government.
    I’m tired of the assholes telling me what to do with my money and my life.
    Kiss my Ass Uncle….

    • Hi OLG,

      Here is what I believe will happen: They will progressively increase registration and insurance fees on cars that have IC engines (and don’t have self-driving technology) so as to make owning them progressively harder until, eventually, virtually no one can afford to possess such cars.

      It may not be necessary to impose a formal ban or even restrictions. They will simply do to the cars we currently possess what has already been to, for example, automatic weapons. You can still own a full-auto rifle. You just have to pay several thousand dollars in taxes and have lots of special permission slips from Uncle.

      • Well, sure. Otherwise the elites won’t have their Ferraris to tool around Aspen in, or the big vehicle haulers they use to get them into town over the July 4th break. Just pay a little more, what’s the problem?

        (My office is right next to the airport so the frontage road is where the carriers line up to unload their cargo)

  18. Germany…you were once the automotive Nirvana. I guess I should be greatful that I got to spend 4 years thrashing whatever cars I could afford on the A60 and the Nurburgring.

    Electric cars can be fast….but they are boring. Just as so much of taste is based on smell so much of the experience of driving an awesome car is based on sound.

    I can’t even touch on the tyranny of government involved in all this; I want a good bar-code number for my arm once it comes to that. IT also makes me physically ill to think about the kind of world my daughter will be living in.

    • Hi Tor,

      Years ago I noticed while reading various histories of WW II battles that both sides used Bofors guns… also Oerlikon and Borsig Rheinmetall…

  19. Want to build an affordable, practical electric car that may be the “savior” of the planet? Knock yourself out, but do it on your own dime, not mine. Same with hybrids or solar or any of the other quasi-realistic ideas.

    If I lived a more urban/suburban lifestyle, I’d welcome a little electric runabout – as long as it were affordable and reliable. And NOT a glorified golf cart as some engineers seem to envision the future. Basically a crossbreed between a Model T and a Cushman Truckster would be a winner in my book. But, living a more mountainous existence, and their inability to harness the power of plugging a car into a cactus, I went with a 2016 F150 with the 2.7 Ecoboost.

    It pains me to see that the populace has become so simple-minded that supposed “leaders” are actually dim enough to believe that there are “one size fits all” solutions to ANYTHING.

  20. The mine tailings and toxic wastes from building battery packs are relegated to third world countries, so those pollutants don’t really exist. When the electrical generation capacity diminishes as coal fired plants are decommissioned, just slap solar panels on the roof to recharge the car each night. Oops. The HOA bans wind generators. Those believing generation capacity can handle millions of electric car chargers are denying seasonal brownouts.

  21. That picture of the field of “Smart” (read: Dumb) cars makes me want to weld a cow-catcher and some armor plate to my Chevy Caprice Battlewagon and just plow right through them. Hopefully, with a tree-hugging fool in each. If it’ll keep ’em away from the ballot box, so be it.

  22. With Germany’s (EU) emigration trends, by 2030 the only vehicle on their roads will be the Toyota pick-up with the bed-mounted gun option. Top-rated* pick by ISIS/ISIL/guys with beards and headgear! *JD Powers

  23. Not enough people have signed on to their good ideas voluntarily. Not enough people signed on with encouragement (funds from their neighbors). So there’s only one option left, force. Do it or else. They’ll beat you, cage you, whatever it takes so you comply with their good idea.

    The end goal is that none of us peasants drives anyway. Electric cars are just progressive step to getting us all back into that three mile radius or less. It’s about maximizing the efficiency of the human livestock to produce for the owners.

    • BrentP, you certainly have that right. I’ll readily admit it’s somewhat an illusion of being a little more free since it’s hard to “shut down’ west Texas…..but I’ll take it. Then again, I’ve been the victim of witnessing a helicopter battle this year. I have no explanation for it but when they’re a half mile or less from your house and the stuff sounds like a Bofors you just hunker down and hope for the best. It’s hard for me to be as small as a tit mouse or at least as unnoticed.

      Nobody heard anything about this on the news. I can guarantee it. And I don’t even know what it was I saw and heard. But it was big stuff flying both ways. I don’t mean .50’s or such but BIG stuff. I’d bet other people in remote places have seen and heard the same but ain’t nobody talking.

      I’ve only told one person about it and I’m probably speaking out of school right now.

  24. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/20131125IPR26108/html/Alternative-fuel-stations-Transport-MEPs-back-draft-law-to-expand-networks

    I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out where all the money to pay for these stations will come from….

    hint – “Private sector players should play a leading role in developing this infrastructure, but member states should provide tax and public procurement incentives”

    I wonder how many people have given a thought to what happens to their HOME energy bills once the automotive demand starts sucking up all the (CNG/electric) power?

  25. As Tor noted Netherlands is half a decade ahead in the wishful thinking department. Eight US states have already committed to the same by 2050.

    Cows, massive methane output….. better ban them too.
    People, pretty significant CO2 output……off with their heads!
    Volcanoes, lots (I mean many orders of magnitude greater than man) of greenhouse gas output……should probably be a law against them too.

    Just wondering what the chances of this being applied to; Luxury Yachts, Gulfstream Jets and the like, Presidential motorcade vehicles, military hardware……

    Thumb out, hoping for a ride to a sane planet…..

    • “Thumb out, hoping for a ride to a sane planet…..”
      Rotsa Ruck, Chuck. If you find one, please ‘phone home’ to let the rest of us know.

    • “People, pretty significant CO2 output……off with their heads!”
      Isn’t that what the whole plan is about anyway?
      I know it’s fiction, but there has to be some fact in there to make it seem feasible – I keep thinking of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

    • Try contacting Sissy Hankshaw for expert thumbing advice. Until then, just do what I do every day and smell the sour gas or the terms as I grew up was “money”. I’ve been building a road and drive through one of the most prolific bunch of oil leases anywhere. It was still and almost too humid to live early this week. You could catch the smell even more miles away. Some land owners and oil producers grin every day when they pass through and it’s an old, old field.

      I can’t send a Google Earth pic due to slow connection but look at FM Road 281 from I-20 to Forsan…..and beyond. Any direction and it’s replete with pumpjacks, heater treaters, holding tanks, etc. Look at the “Price” lease that runs up to I-20. It’s solid trucks every day of the week, has been for many years, some haul oil, brine water, various condensed gases, and fresh water for fracking.

      • “smell the sour gas or the term as I grew up was ‘money’”
        Guess it’s where you are. When I was a kid and Grandpa said ‘smell the money,’ it meant someone had been spreading cow manure.

        • PtB, that was small taters. The big money is sour gas and if you’re in the will of some people who get offed by H2S it’s the big payoff. I do appreciate a good alfalfa made patty though.

  26. Ignoring that most of the electricity generated in Deutschland comes from burning lignite (brown coal, one step above peat), not solar and wind power like they keep trying to tell us, this is going to be the end of inexpensive individual transportation. Not because we’re all going to have to get used to the routine of always plugging in our vehicles when they’re not in motion, but because of rare earth metals used in creating these super-efficient wonders. See, they’re called “rare earth” because there aren’t too many of them to be found. Much like the platinum in your catalytic converter, it can be more valuable than gold. Using a few ounces of neodymium in iPod’s earbuds is one thing, but several pounds of Nd magnets in a motor strong enough to move a car is another matter entirely. And then try to scale that up to the 1.2 billion automobiles. Maybe Elon’s rocket ship can take us to a rare earth astroid that will save us all. Magic over engineering!

    The future doesn’t look too promising either. Here’s a few quotes from a “scientist” working on the problem:

    “If we can invent a fairy dust to sprinkle into the water to make that go from 65 percent to 75 percent, you instantly boost rare earth production.”

    “The rare earths are kind of magic,”


    So we’re going back to alchemy for a fix, at least according to Yale University.

    • This is an interesting post.
      “97% of rare earth production takes place in China.”
      And they want us to worry about being ‘energy independent’?

      • The minerals exist in the USA. Over the years the EPA has managed to force the mines to shut down. With competition from China and the regulatory costs its not an economically viable business.

        Afghanistan also has these minerals.

        • “The minerals exist in the USA”
          Yes, I was quoting from the link Eric G posted, and it says ‘production.’ Australia also has them, and is beginning to ramp up production. But much of what is in the US is in The People’s Republic of California, so it’s not just the fed EPA that must be dealt with.
          It may not be an economically viable business at this time, but escalating prices could change that.

    • Most “rare earths” are about as rare as copper.

      They are _nasty_ to mine, so everyone’s been happy to outsource that to China – similar to how California is happy to use electric power generated by coal, as long as those plants aren’t actually located in California.

      But there’s no _need_ for them to make an EV, e.g. Tesla.

      If they disappeared tomorrow other EV makers would likely switch to a Tesla-style motor for their EVs.

  27. Any chance that these ridiculous regs will re-kickstart the fuel cell car?
    Or better yet, as Jean hopes, kickstart an uprising?

  28. In Germany, 2030 is a proposed deadline by Rainer Baake for selling emitting cars.

    After university-entrance examination (Abitur), Rainer worked as community organiser in Chicago !

    In the Netherlands, 2025 is the actual deadline.

  29. What’s most disgusting is that people will allow it.
    Bitch about it, but just follow the other lambs to the slaughter.

    “You say you want a revolution…”

    HELL YES. Can’t be worse than the ongoing revolution, it’s just more obvious…


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