Sexual Assault is a Crime … Except Sometimes

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Sexual assault is a crime… except when it’s done by an armed government worker (that is, a law enforcer).sexual assault 1

How else to describe the horror visited on a South Dakota man named Dirk Sparks?

He was suspected of having ingested a “drug” arbitrarily decreed to be illegal by the same government that just as arbitrarily decrees other “drugs” to be legal – and when he declined to assist in his own incrimination by providing evidence that could and would be used against him in a court of law, was forcibly restrained, had his underwear pulled down, his penis exposed and handled – and catheterized – by armed government workers, who then extracted the urine sample they needed as evidence of his guilt.

He was later charged with two counts of “felony drug ingestion,” according to news reports.

What happened to Sparks is not an isolated atrocity performed by sadistic hillbilly cops. Under proliferating “no refusal” laws, if you decline to assist the government in establishing your guilt under DUI/DWI laws, the state has empowered itself to literally force the evidence (if any) out of your very body.

The federal government – through the National Highway Traffic Safety (run, when you hear that word) Administration – has been using “grants” (i.e., your tax dollars) to “encourage” (that’s their word, not mine) these “no refusal” checkpoints at which blood and other such bodily samples may be forcibly extracted from the victim.assault 2

A gauze of “legality” is provided by rubber-stamp search warrants issued on the spot (or via phone) by a compliant official. These are like the always-approved federal warrants delivered (in secret) by the FISA courts against alleged “terrorist” suspects. Basically, if the government wants to read your e-mails and obtain other such info, it’s going to get the go-ahead from the FISA kangaroo courts. Just the same, if a Hero at a DUI checkpoint is unhappy about your refusal to do roadside yoga or blow into a Breathalyzer machine, he can call Judge Rubber Stamp and then proceed to drop your drawers or jab a needle in your arm.

As in the movie, Deliverance – if they want your (blood/urine) they’ll take your (blood/urine).

It’s going to get worse, too.

Already has.

David Eckert was stopped for a minor traffic violation – not coming to a complete stop – and armed government workers subjected him to a forced anal cavity search, multiple enemas and colonoscopies – for which he was later billed.

No arbitrarily illegal “drugs” were found.Heroes

A Florida woman, Leila Tarantino, was similarly stopped by another armed government worker over a minor victimless affront to a statute – a “rolling” stop – and subjected to a sexual assault by the armed government worker, who shoved her hand inside Tarantino’s underwear, inserts her fingers into Tarantino’s vagina and forcibly removed the tampon (but no “drugs”) that was inside her.

Again, these are not “isolated” exceptions; they are policy.

Dozens of states have passed laws or have laws already on the books that permit this sort of thing, legally. The courts have affirmed the legality of such things. It is claimed we have given our “implied consent” to such things by dint of having acquired the driver’s license we are effectively forced to have in order to travel.

This “implied consent” business also provides the legal pretext for subjecting us to being stopped at random, without the once-upon-a-time legally mandatory probable cause, without which (in better times) armed government workers were obliged to leave us alone.

All of this is done to us under duress – pressure/threats used to coerce us to “agree.” It is interesting to observe that in civil law, if it can be established that a party to a contract agreed to the contract under duress, the contract is non-binding, illegitimate. But as with sexual assault, a different standard applies when dealing with the state and its enforcers.pheroes

Again, this is a pattern, not some anomaly that can be safely dismissed as an aberration. One standard (and set of obligations) for us, another for anyone wearing a government-issued outfit.

The recent business with Hillary is another case in point. She clearly committed actions that would have been severely punished had a Mere Ordinary (that’s you and me) performed them. But she skates because she is a government worker. Like the armed government worker who murdered Philando Castile last week. He was not arrested – as you or I would have been for doing far less (such as threatening someone with a gun). This government worker killed someone with a gun – and his punishment is paid vacation.

He will not be charged with murder – just as the Heroes who committed sexual assault in the Sparks, Eckert and Tarantino cases will not be charged with sexual assault, of which they are all clearly guilty, if words have any objective meaning. Neither will the laws that authorize this abuse be rescinded as the outrages upon decency and affronts to the clearly delineated (ex) protections enumerated in the Bill of Rights that they obviously are.

Like an alcoholic and abusive spouse, there is a tendency to rationalize and even soft-peddle what America is becoming.

It does not change what America is becoming. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. The blow back against these mindless goon thugs is now taking form. It won’t just be BLM but all those who have had their lives damaged by these uniformed thugs for Uncle; Most of who have room temperature IQs and fueled by steroids and sadistic, megalomaniacal mentality.
    None of us are safe anywhere. Not in our cars, not in our homes no place to feel safe from these heroes.
    What happened in Dallas is not unexpected.
    I have no sympathy for those cops. None at all. Not one bit.
    Tomorrow the 15th will be massive protests across America against this senseless murder mentality.
    If you live in any of these cities scheduled for protests, be prepared.

  2. Policing in America will not change until LEOs are held personally criminally and financially liable for their actions, just like we mundanes are.

    And if you think that will EVER happen, I have some land on the moon I’d like to sell you!

    • I agree, Kitty –

      Holding them personally accountable – and at least as responsible for the harms they cause as we would be – are two simple, equitable and necessary reforms that will likely never happen.

  3. And if FBI Director Comey gets his way, and he will, the FBI will be able to troll through all these comments sections and file our identities away for future reference.

  4. In NYC the heroes have been sodomizing “suspects” forever. It is SOP and one of the reasons for gloves. The little spoken of back story on the execution of Eric Garner was that the murdered man had filed a Federal lawsuit in 2007 when cops molested him on the street, “a police officer] and his team stopped me for reasons of there own. I was ordered to place my hands on the black SUV in which they were riding in.

    “I complied with no problem. [The officer] then patted me down by ways of going through my pockets and socks and not finding anything illegal on my person. [The officer] then places me in handcuffs and then performs an cavity search on me by ways of ‘digging his finggers in my rectum in the middle of the street.’ ”

    Garner claimed the officer unzipped his shorts, and pulled out and inspected his genitals “in the middle of the street, all the while there are people passing back and forth. I told [the officer] to stop and if he wanted to do a strip search on me I’m willing to go to the police station if he wanted to because I had nothing to hide, my request was ignored.

    “I then told [the officer] that I was fileing charges for him violating my civil rights, I was then hit with drug charges and told by [the officer] ‘that I don’t deserve my city job due to the fact that I’m an convicted felon on parole.’ (I work for the New York City Park Department.”

    Under the “injuries” category, Garner claims “the injuries I received was to my manhood in which (the officer) violated” through the search of his rectum and genitals “for his own personal pleasure. (The officer) violated my civil rights.”

    The lawsuit did not proceed as Garner did not update his home address.

    Now, knowing the terrorism of cops, the precinct named in the suit developed an even bigger hard on for Garner. He was known for making them look bad, so they stepped all over him. Where as Hillary can sell State secrets and get a polite tongue lashing, Garner was strangled to death after being raped on the street, harassed for years all for being a petty ante “cigarette seller” – no cigarettes were ever mentioned in evidence as being in his possession on the day of his execution.

    Conversely, the executioner – a tattooed, tiny “man” of a cop, suggestive of a Napoleonic complex, had multiple lawsuits by black men that he sodomized on the street. The city paid out no less than three lawsuits to his victims. In one, the hero pulled the shorts down and “slapped the man’s junk.” Slapping the penis and scrotum of black men on the street is not police work. It is strongly suggestive of repressed homosexual urges and fetishes that could easily find an eager willing partner in NYC’s massive gay community.

    Micah X is a harbinger of things to come since forced sodomy, summary execution and a complicit justice system that makes sure vacations are handed out as rewards for the first two – are all considered acceptable practice.

  5. Thanks PTB, that article is stupendous. I encourage everyone to not only forward it but, ‘like explaining it to a dim child’, make sure the recipients understand the parasitical behaviour of the police vs. people you call when there is a legitimate issue and victim. ‘The State’ is not a valid victim.

    Building the road to a better society, this would be the first stone laid. No ‘trolling’, no interference without warrant. Unfortunately, as others here have pointed out, the police (and courts) are doing exactly what those who pay them (with looted coin) desire. There will be no change through acceptable means.

    BTW, the fire station ‘only when called’ scenario will likely not age well as I see ‘home fire safety inspections’ in my crystal ball. Maybe I am a cynic…..

  6. Sexual assault is the least of our worries.
    How about summary execution for (allegedly) exceeding the posted speed limit?
    Coup de grace by 12 gauge occurs approx 14 seconds after the third pistol shot.
    I fail to understand how someone prostrate & severely wounded constitutes a “threat” to anyone.

    Here is the way they did it in the old days:

    • Hi Turtle,

      Yup, I caught that. Vile. I wonder… what is wrong with these people (the “heroes”)? These scenarios rarely require lethal force yet lethal force is resorted to as the first resort, as if they are looking for an excuse to kill someone.

    • Holy shit, not just an acceptable, I have no real beef with it Huffpo article but a damned good one. I have one thing I’d like to point out “The problem isn’t how they do their jobs; it’s the job we ask them to do.” Well, the only ones who ask them to do it are the ones who want other people controlled. It was a good article though. Way to go PtB.

      • Did ya read the comments on that article. Egad! At the statist trolls posting there! I had to quit because I was getting sick of the adulation of the phero cult.

            • Eric,

              Perhaps moved on to greener pastures. (After all she told us she is a financial genius and makes a huge amount in the stock markets.)

              I couldn’t care less where c l o v e r is since her writing made little sense. I could respect a difference in opinion, but her writing was on a one way track to inaneville.

              • Hi Mith,


                I’m still dying to know what she looks like, though. I am picturing a cross between Mrs. Doubtfire and Nicole Bass. Without the appeal of either.


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