Psycho Hero (Redundant) Releases the Hounds

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Lee Coel, the same “hero” cop who shot Mary Knowlton on Tuesday during a training drill, was caught on dash cam earlier this year allowing a K9 unit to maul a cyclist for riding without a light. In the video, Coel can be heard ordering the rider to stop and threatening to deploy his K9 attack dog to subdue him.

In another incident of senseless police brutality, Coel stopped the cyclist not because he had committed a crime, but because he was traveling without the appropriate lighting; essentially taking his safety into his own hands. A decision as an adult he should be allowed to make.

The video is full of officer buzzwords and catchphrases and Coel demands the individual’s compliance regardless of the fact that he is being viciously mauled. During the attack the man begs for Coel to stop the dog from ripping his flesh apart but Coel is obviously more interested in imposing his will on another individual rendered helpless by perceived powers granted his badged attacker.

The dash cam video makes it clear that the victim of Coel’s power mongering is not a threat and at no point did he ever pose a danger to the officer. The repeated use of phrases such as “get down”, “stop resisting” and “get on your face,” regardless of the fact that he was already down on the ground is evidence of the mindset of Heroes, who screech these phrases to cover their sadistic conduct.

Ironically the department suspended the K9 officer named ‘Spirit” but only “re-trained” Lee Coel before sending him back out to patrol the streets.

The man in the video filed an excessive force lawsuit against the Punta Gorda Police Department and as a result the department has subsequently changed its department policy on the use of K9 attack dogs; they are now only allowed to be used if the Hero is in physical combat.

Prior to being hired by the Punta Gorda police, Coel was forced to resign from the Miramar Police Department after two cases of excessive violence were filed against him, including one captured on surveillance video.)

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  1. When will the general populace tire of this stupid fucking irony of when cops are tasked with enforcing ‘saaaaafty fatwas’ at the barrel of a gun. Whether it’s this pig sicking his dog on someone for failing to ‘keep himself safe’ and wear a helmet, or another pig firing off a bunch of shots towards (but mostly missing and God knows where the other shots went) a guy who failed to wear his seat belt while driving the short distance to the gas station.

    When did it become acceptable that we now get to interact with cops for this bullshit? If these heroes are so fearful for their lives, for every interaction with a civilian, perhaps in the least they could stop harassing us for these affronts to statute? But then of course, how could they justify such a hefty budget every year.

    I never really thought of myself as wanting to see the collapse of society, however, in a ways I think civilized society collapsed long ago, might as well get the complete collapse over with while I’m still young enough to deal with it.

    There’s no way that the system is going to reform itself at this point.

  2. It’s always interesting that you never hear of building a national database to keep a list of these fired hero’s from getting new jobs.


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