Drunk New Mexico Hero Drives Into Parked Car, Goes on Paid Vacation

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On Friday August 12th, the Albuquerque police received a call about a drunk driver at the MATS Detox Center who had run into a parked car and began acting aggressively toward the staff. Upon arriving at the location, they soon discovered tha tthe drunken, belligerent driver was New Mexico State Police Officer Morgan Ortiz, who was obviously drunk and not just a little, but to the point he could hardly even stand up.

When questioned he began repeating “11” to each question in a potential tribute to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, e.g., “how much have you had to drink?” – “11” – “where were you coming from?” – “11” – etc., etc. Believe it or not, things got even a little weirder after that, once it was determined that this wasn’t Ortiz’ first drunken rodeo.

Via KRQE.com:

The reports go on to state that Ortiz was too drunk to be arrested for aggravated DWI and reckless driving. Instead, he was taken to a hospital and will be summonsed for the charges.

In the lapel video, Ortiz is heard yelling, “I’m an officer of the law.” Ortiz was even heard cussing at officers.

This was his third DWI, according to criminal records. He was previously convicted of DWI back in 2003 and 2004, both before his 21st birthday.

“We put him through a battery of tests: psychological, medical tests that, unfortunately, after all the years of him being sober, something happened.” Chief Pete Kassetas said.As it turns out, Ortiz, 32, is a graduate of New Mexico State Police’s 89th academy in December 2015. He hadn’t even been patrolling the streets for a year.

Kassetas said he was fully aware of Ortiz’s criminal record when he hired him and took a chance on the young man.

“He’s embarrassed, he’s upset,” Kassetas said. “Obviously as the chief, I’m embarrassed and I’m not happy.”

Ortiz’s gun and badge have been taken from him and he’s been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of both the criminal case and an internal affairs investigation.

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  1. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find people without Hispanic background as occifers in state trooper positions, in Tx. and N.M……esp NM. Since I often have to deal with state troopers I’ll take the guy the feds wrongly identify as Causasian, white since Causasians and whites are two different people. They identify people of Latin background as white, Hispanic, again, the wrong nomenclature but a Spanish surname will suffice. Feds can’t seem to get anything right…..understandably. And yes, it’s not a popular position, the reason Tx. gave all DPS a 20% pay increase in 2014 since they couldn’t fill their openings(sic).

  2. Yet another hero that should have never been given a badge and gun. Are they that hard up for finding enough people to do this so called job?


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