Laws Don’t Apply to Heroes

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Here’s a video documenting another case of law enforcers not enforcing the law… on law enforcers.

A man who had been issued a ticket – that is, ordered to hand over a sum of money as punishment for violating the law requiring both a front and a rear license plate – went to the local police department parking lot, where he video’d several vehicles without front license plates (and one – a Chevy Tahoe – with no license plates at all) but no tickets being handed out.

A law enforcer was present, so the man approached him to ask why he wasn’t doing anything to enforce the law which was enforced without mercy on him. As they talk, the SUV with no plates at all starts up and leaves. The law enforcer takes no action to enforce the law prohibiting the operation of a vehicle on public roads without tags. He expresses no “concern” about this “suspicious” vehicle.

He is also indifferent about the several other vehicles – all of them apparently personal vehicles, not for “official use only” – parked nearby without front tags.

The guy recording the video asks the law enforcer whether he is electing not to enforce the law because the cars without tags (or only one tag) are owned by fellow law enforcers. The law enforcer does not directly answer this question but instead claims there is no violation of law because the vehicles are parked (try that excuse next time you get ticketed for not having a front plate).

Except for the plate-less Tahoe, which started up and backed out of its parking spot as they talked. In plain view of a law enforcer.

There was no “hot pursuit.”

Instead, what is known as the Blue Discount was applied. This is like the Race Card; both grant special privileges and immunities which the rest of us are not supposed to question. If we do, it is considered to be racist with regard to the former and “anti-cop” with regard to the latter.

The plate-less Tahoe departed without incident.

They Have a Job to Do, you see. Stop interfering.

Here’s another video of law enforcers serially “running” stop signs. In blatant view of other law enforcers… who do not enforce the law requiring a complete stop before proceeding:

Law enforcers also routinely overlook mandatory “buckle up” laws ignored by their fellow enforcers – and often ignore this law themselves. Because they find the wearing of a seatbelt inconvenient, a hassle. Of course, so do we. It is an annoyance and besides, we’re not children.

But the law only applies to us.

Like the laws about having plates front and rear.

The front plate is ugly and often requires drilling holes in the bumper, forever marring it. But we are required to have the front plate, no exceptions, in order to make it easier for them to identify (and ticket) us. There are no excuses. The law is the law… unless you are a law enforcer.

Then the Blue Discount applies.

Law enforcers also officially flout laws forbidding the use of sail fawns while driving, having deeply tinted windows and driving faster than the posted speed limit. Not infrequently, a lot faster than the posted speed limit. Often, while texting on their sail fawns.

But if these laws are truly about “safety,” as we’re told, then there is no excuse for exceptions. The wearing of a uniform doesn’t decrease braking distances, for instance. Nor will a badge protect the wearer from impact forces in the event of a crash. Waving a gun around (“brandishing,” if we do it) is dangerous.

What about the officer safety we hear so much about?

What about our safety? Which, surely, is put in jeopardy by speeding cops, for example. And by cars without plates that can’t be easily identified. And by the waving around of guns.

Of course, it’s not about “safety” – theirs or ours.

It’s about showing who’s boss. Control – and collecting money.

From us.

Submit, Obey – and Pay.

They ought to put that in between quote marks and plaster it on the sides of their cars.

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  1. What the vast majority of people fail to realize is that they are paying these government “elites” to do this to us and usually they are driving tricked out, wickedly expensive vehicles that none of us “normal folks” could begin to afford while collecting benefits the general public could never begin to hope for. If the slaves ever truly woke up, things would get ugly, but too many are hopeless, sleeping boot lickers. Yummm….leather!!

  2. Florida issues one plate only. Also, here in southern Florida, you will not find yield signs because stop signs are treated as yield signs. I have heard that some people, here on the south coast of Florida, have been ticketed for rolling stop but I never have met someone who was. Probably a fable. The powers-to-be find other ways to harass.

  3. Eric, you silly fellow – laws don’t apply to America’s Swinest, who are in fact employed in one of the safest outdoor jobs in our nation. Being a cop is now a highly lucrative scam, where their “duties” involve little more than riding around in their patrol cars, watching us through their illegally blacked-out windows, and occasionally heaving themselves out of their cars to write we proles a ticket. We also have the highest swine-to-prole ratio in the known world (1:300), thus ensuring that out tax dollars aren’t unnecessarily well-spent. And after just twenty years of living off the proles they can retire, drawing a full pension, and then go to work in another department (still drawing their pension), get another fat salary, and then retire once again twenty years hence. Suchadeal!

    • ..and if they manage to suffer a “duty related injury” (too many lifetime donuts) they can collect FULL social security at 55–not 66 like the rest of us (mundanes)…

      • Funny, I got medical discharge from the Army (60 % disability from the VA) in ’68 due to “duty related injury” (colliding with a bullet) and had to still wait until 65 to collect Social Security.

      • Don’t forget if they suffer a “Duty-related injury” they also collect full-salary pensions (instead of the already generous ones that we-the-taxpayers pay for) for life and in my particular state, those pensions are also inheritable, so the hosing continues for yet another generation…

  4. The double standard at work , of course your word against theirs . Another thing that bothers me is this -Why are woman COs allowed to work at all male prisons ? Perhaps we are headed into the correction facility university ?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Female “heroes” are the worst. Physically inferior to most men, she necessarily feels even less “safe” and is so more apt to be belligerent and take affront to any questioning of her authoritah – and to resort to a Tazer or gun because she is not physically capable of dealing with a man without such aids.

      Now salt in the typical female’s penchant for busybody for-your-own-goodism. Her desire to tamp down male individualism and individual judgment, especially as regards “risk” taking.

      The whole thing’s another turd on our dysfunctional shit pile.

      In a free society, the idea of female peace keepers (and fire fighters) would be regarded as generally ludicrous. Perhaps a few could cut the mustard, but probably not one out of 100. And those who could cut it would probably not be into it because it would not offer the artificial, legally-imposed means of putting men in their place that the current system provides.

      • eric, my grandfather was killed by a drunk losing control coming around a curve when my grandfather was getting out or into his truck. He was carried some distance down the road with the door. My grandmother was the only woman to serve as sheriff of the county, taking over for my grandfather.

        I think there’s a couple points at least to be made. The fact that my grandfather made a living driving a truck but was also a sheriff is pretty telling. There was so little crime, and still would be today if the laws were the same, the job didn’t pay much and he had lots of extra time.

        Since that time, most of the sheriff’s of this county have made their living farming and ranching. Of course that changed after 20 years ago and now the sheriff is a fat, ex-military, overpaid blowhard with little to no moral compass.

  5. The city of Chicago will ticket parked cars without front plates. Not sure they’ll go on private property but all city owned lots and street parking is fair game.

  6. What always angers me most about this dual standard is when it comes to window tints. Every cop car I’ve ever seen has pitch black tints because they work excellent at keeping out the heat. Yet when an average civvie tries to tint their vehicle the same they are harassed and fined (sometimes jailed).

    I’ve never met a cop who will not hesitate to give you a ticket for tints that are too dark.

    • Hi Pedro,

      Me too!

      They can and do justify every exception for themselves. They like tinted windows for the same reasons we do, including that it makes it harder for people to see inside the car.

      But the “heroes” believe that any measure which makes their “job” more difficult (that is, which protects us) is some kind of affront.

      The problem comes down to law enforcement vs. peace keeping.

      Law enforcers are interested in enforcing laws – the state’s, theirs (made up on the spot), whatever and regardless of the moral rightness or wrongness of the thing, which they don’t even consider. Law enforcers are just bully boys. The Gestapo. The NKVD. Same thing in principle, along a continuum.

      Peace keepers, on the other hand, have a limited mandate: To keep the peace. By this standard, whether a person’s car has tinted windows or the driver wearing a seatbelt is neither here not there; these things are none of his (the peace keeper’s) business.

      He is concerned only with harms caused to other people. By that standard, prolly 90 percent of current laws are morally despicable.

  7. …there is another tactic to police operations that is increasingly being used to “camouflage” police vehicles.
    Here in Detroit, there are many police vehicles with subdued lettering and no outside emergency lights. The subdued lettering consists of flat black non-reflective lettering placed on a shiny black vehicle–almost impossible to spot at any distance.
    What will happen if an attempt is made to stop a citizen with one of these vehicles that is not clearly marked? It doesn’t look good.
    Subdued markings should be made illegal. Stops should NEVER be made with vehicles that cannot be clearly identified.

    • Saw a pullover by a bright red (maroonish) sedan not too long ago. It did have all the normal “discrete” lights, no rack. We were traveling, and moving along in traffic so I only got a quick glimpse. Not sure how it was marked, but the lights had done the job on the victim (sorry, alleged offender).

    • Missouri has deployed unmarked police cars for at least 4 decades. Another double standard is that they are allowed to drive the way they do because they are legally considered as being professional drivers due to training. We truck drivers are legally considered professional drivers as well, but the government uses that label to blame us first in an accident if possible, and they certainly do not let us drive like the coproaches do even if we are driving our own cars! I was trained how to handle a truck trying to jack-knife on wet pavement. I doubt very many coproaches know how to do that.

  8. The Revenuers in that Shit-Hole State of Nevada will pass a number of cars on a Two Lane Highway, accelerate to well over 90MPH and when out-of-sight, will turn around, drive at a slower speed and hit the cars previously passed with radar.

  9. Government officials of any sort are generally above the law, they almost never get sanctioned for their abuses. That fact alone is probably the greatest single reason that the republic is dead.


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