Editing/Formatting… Almost There!

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The eBook I’ve been mumbling about for the past month or so is almost done. In fact, it is done, other than editing and formatting – which I am in the middle of right now, as I type. The Plan is to have it done this week – and in your hands (well, your “in” boxes) soon after.

Remember: Everyone who is registered as a subscriber here gets the book – free! – our favorite price. But if you aren’t registered, I have no way to get it to you… hence, register!

Some Good News: It looks like I will be getting some press bikes to review soon! This has been in the works for a long time, but it’s been tough working out the logistics. The press fleets haven’t got delivery people who ride… so it’s come down to trailering the bikes to The Woods. But, at last, looks like they’re gonna do it!

GM, meanwhile, still has me on its Enemies List. No more press cars for your Libertarian Car Guy to review. I have affronted the gods of political correctness. They say it’s “ROI” – but given that EPautos has hundreds of thousands of readers, this doesn’t fly. They are mad at me over what I wrote about “diversity.” No wonder Trump got elected.

If you’d like them to reconsider, send them mail:


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