Reader Qs (July 31, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader Qs – along with my reply!

Paul asks:

Saw an article you wrote on this subject. Agree with this…own several low low use vehicles.  Heard of anyone getting any legislative traction on this issue? Live next door to Mo State Rep.. Considering talking to him.
My reply:
Unfortunately, mandatory insurance requirements apply to each registered vehicle. This means that people – like us – who have several vehicles (including vehicles not used often) end up paying multiple times for multiple coverage. A particularly obnoxious aspect of this is having to maintain insurance even when the vehicles are not used at all – as is the case for many of us who own motorcycles that are garaged during the winter months.
As a moral question, I oppose mandatory vehicle insurance because it imposes a cost on people who’ve caused no harm to others. I maintain that – as a moral question – people are obligated to compensate those they harm, but if they have not caused harm, should not themselves be harmed.
As a practical matter, I’d like to at least see a change along the lines you describe. So, yes, I’d speak with your neighbor. It can’t hurt – and it might help!
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