Georgia “heroes” Blow Away College Kid

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Here’s another story of fearing-for-their-safety “heroes” blowing away a college kid armed with a utility tool, who took a few staggering steps in their direction – sufficient provocation to summarily execute him in cold blood:

A Georgia Tech senior who was fatally shot by police made the 911 call that brought officers to the scene, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Monday.

Georgia Tech Police officers responded to 911 call at 11:17 p.m. Saturday reporting a suspicious person on the Atlanta campus. The caller said the person – described as a white male with long blond hair, white T-shirt and blue jeans who was possibly intoxicated – was holding a knife and possibly a gun on his hip.
The GBI “heroes” encountered Scout Schultz, 21, outside a dorm. The student was barefoot and “disoriented” in the middle of a “mental breakdown,” family attorney L. Chris Stewart said.
The lawyer – who has represented the families of other victims of police-involved shootings – accused the “hero” who opened fire of overreacting to the circumstances.
Cellphone video shows the “heroes”  repeatedly yelling at Schultz to put down the knife and not to move. In the video, after Schultz takes a few steps forward, a “hero” opens fire.
As allegations of excessive force mounted, Stewart accused Georgia Tech of forcing the narrative that Schultz was a “knife-wielding” threat despite evidence suggesting otherwise.
But the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said evidence showed that Schultz was the caller. Three suicide notes were found in the student’s dorm room; no gun was found at the scene and the only knife found was one inside a multipurpose tool, the GBI said.
Georgia Tech declined to comment, citing the pending investigation.
The shooting raised questions about why Tech’s campus police do not carry stun guns, Stewart said.
The GBI is leading the investigation. The agency said that when officers arrived, they found Schultz outside a dormitory with a knife.
But Stewart said Schultz was carrying an unsheathed multipurpose tool, not quite a knife, and accused Georgia Tech of playing up Schultz as a “knife-wielding” threat to justify their actions.
Schultz was shot “walking slowly, not running, at the officers, not threatening them with a knife… but with a multipurpose tool that probably everybody has in their car,” Stewart said. “That’s the truth. We don’t understand why Georgia Tech won’t admit that.”
William Schultz has one theory: “It’s obvious they’re trying to protect their own image,” he said.
“Why did you have to shoot? That’s the question. That’s the only question that matters now,” he said. “Whatever happened shouldn’t have ended in a death.”
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    • Morning, Tor –

      It literally makes me sick.

      If a “hero” can’t deal with a college kid “armed’ with a utility tool without shooting him from 20 yards away then he has no business being in the “hero” business.

      Aren’t “heroes” people who put themselves at risk for the sake of others? How is it that blowing someone away who literally cannot hurt you if you just back up a few steps is regarded as “heroic”?

      What happened to this country?

  1. Don’t under estimate fear. These guys are terrified. They are convinced that at every moment someone is going to kill them, always. The result is they over react at the slightest movement.

    Instead of asking why they don’t carry tazers, they should be asking why they carry guns. What is the need for a gun?

    • And you have movies to support their fear. In Cops and Robbersons or something like that, Chevy Chase is the bumbling yuppie fuckup and Jack Palance is the old cop detective(the wife dug out this old VHS when the DVD player wouldn’t cooperate, something she obviously purchased at some point in time). In one scene Jack Palance says he’s the way he is because he’s spent every second of every day in mortal fear for his life….being a cop.

      Please nigga, as Alan would say, gimme a break. In No Country for Old Men Tommy Lee describes his life as a “law man” saying he knew he had to be willing to die to do that job, that was just part of it.

      Jeez, do you think so? Care to ride along in my memories and having your near death happen many times trucking? That’s certainly not the only dangerous job either with many jobs that are more dangerous. Cops are way down the list and have been getting further down for decades. Cops most dangerous times are riding with themselves. Most aren’t worth a shit driving but have enough ego they overdrive their abilities constantly.

      A few years ago a dumbass was hired by our Sheriff’s dept. . One night in the one of two towns in the county, there was a fender bender at the Dairy Queen. There were dozens of dollars of damage to the cars but this deputy came on a hell bent for leather need to be there where other badged thugs were hanging out. They had new Tahoes then and they were “hot” for that time, esp. since they were tuned much higher than civilian models. He screams up there to officiate, give his “official” verdict and rolls the Tahoe nearly on top of the wreck… block from the traffic light in a 30 mph zone where a Farm Road and a US highway cross, downtown.

      That was what was really needed at the time, an idiot rolling an SUV on top of a wreck where everyone is standing around trying to figure out what that smashed headlight is worth and who should get the ticket. Amazing, just fucking amazing. But we paid that idiot way more than he was worth….or should I say, should have been worth. Obviously, he was worthless.

  2. People are wondering why a Taser was not used. Hell, a good dose of bear spray would have stopped this.

    Pants-shitting campus “police”: They populate all American copping.

    • Hi Aljer,

      It’s worse than pants-shitting. I believe many “heroes” are looking for an excuse to blow someone away. The “officer safety” bleat is just cover. They are itching to pull the trigger.

      In this case, it’s obvious there was no need to shoot the kid. They could have backed up, talked to him. He was no immediate “threat” to them or to anyone. But “heroes” never give ground; that defies the prime directive – show who is in charge.

      Also, if these “heroes” were actually heroic, they’d risk tackling the kid or some other non-lethal approach.

      • Yep eric, there are those who just want to kill. No need to over think it, they just crave killing. A friend had one kill his dogs. They were outside the fence and he called them and they came running being the friendly dogs they were and he’d already got the shotgun and offed them. Neighbors saw the whole thing and were shocked. He was incensed and filed a complaint. Another officer said he was a bad seed and he hoped the guy would keep after him. His fellow workers didn’t care for that sort of thing.

      • Talking to the person or not shooting is actually a violation of policy and could get a cop written up, fired, etc for putting the other cops at “risk”.


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