BMW Targeted By “Diversity” Hustlers

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Professional race hustler leader Jesse Jackson is calling for a boycott of BMW products because of “a lack of diversity” among its dealerships.

The notorious skin color shyster made the announcement during Friday’s Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit.

BMW responded with its tai tucked, as expected:

“BMW has a decades long commitment to diversity and it’s evident in our employees, our suppliers and our dealerships,” the German automaker said in a statement. “As an active member of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers we are always looking for ways to increase both management and ownership of our dealerships by minorities.”

Jackson said he’s calling for anyone who cares about the issue to participate in the boycott.

“They choose to boycott us, we’re going to reciprocate. We want a mutually beneficial relationship; we want two-way trade,” Jackson told the trade publication Automotive News during the summit. “We [buy] 11 percent of their luxury BMWs. We deserve a relationship.”

Translation: BMW had better eact a quota system for its dealerships, one based on race. A particular race.

Rainbow Push said BMW didn’t reply to the organization’s survey for its latest – cue vomit reflex – Automotive Diversity Scorecard.

The biennial scorecard measures the “progress automakers are making to diversify.” The categories are employment, advertising, marketing, procurement, dealers and philanthropy.

Rainbow Push says the scorecard provides an opportunity for manufacturers to evaluate themselves.

The group assigns color-coded scores in green – the top rating – yellow and red. BMW didn’t participate, so the automaker received red marks in every category.

The top five brands are Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Nissan and Hyundai.

“Some research we don’t have because [BMW] won’t meet with us. They have all reds. Some companies are part yellow, part green because they’re trying to improve,” Jackson said.



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  1. Instead of celebrating the fact that 11% of sales are to African Americans, meaning they can afford to buy the overpriced luxury of a Beamer, Jesse continues to complain that a German company isn’t diverse enough.

    Seems to me the best revenge is living well. And for most African Americans, they are reveling in their revenge.

    • Hi RK,

      What I tire of is “celebrating” that anyone bought or did anything based on race – while constantly being told by these same racists that race ought to be an irrelevance. People should be dealt with as individuals, on the merits of who they are – as defined by their character, achievements, personality and so on. Anything but their got-damned race!

      If they insist on playing this race game, inevitably, there will be blowback.

      • The problem with these debates. Like EV’s and non earth spaceship landings, flat planets, and race games.

        Is they’re not academic. I’m not the expert here on anything.

        But these are real issues that affect everyone here’s livelihood and ability to live free. NAP and libertarian solutions are just one choice among many to deal with a degraded and predatory society in various stages of dysfunction and collapse.

        Why can’t the working poor use “dah rayciss mindset” to help them navigate difficult decisions, and make crucial to their livelihood judgements? Why wouldn’t they be expected to band together and take pride in what little they have left of their inalienable rights, whatever those ever were.

        Most of the people of the world absolute take pride in their race and tribe. How is it somehow wrong just for American mongrel whites to try to do for.

        They’re not really Germans, Irish, French, or English once they’re over here. But they’re also not Africans, Middle Easterners, or whatever either just yet.

        If a buy a dog, I consider the characteristics of the breed. If I buy a horse, I inquire about its temperament, gait and genetic background.

        If I garden, I consider the threat of parasitic plants.

        But if I want to discuss humans, suddenly we’re all exactly the same.

        Working poor “racists” and working poor “conspiritards” have 100% rights to dispute EVs, moon landings, and planetary shapes if they want to. They’re the ones who help pay for such dear leader approved knowledge.

        They’re the one’s hurt the most. Victims of predation are allowed to name and shame who they see as their predators. And may even be justified to lash out violently against those who are intellectually snuggling up to Stalin types, even if Stalin and Mao type geniuses can’t even see it.

        • Hi Tor,

          No joke, I ought to embrace an “alternative lifestyle.” If I could choke down a dick, my pay would go up. I would be back in GM’s good graces. Advertisers would come my way. Hell, I wouldn’t need advertisers. I’d have so many offers for well-paid, full-time gigs it’d be hard to decide which to pick.


          I could become a PR honcho (as in Honcho magazine) for GM or some other PC car company that needs a more “diverse” employee lineup.

          For the double-play, I ought to go both Village People and blackface.

          I’d be unstoppable!

          • Now that you mention it. I HAVE been thinking about how much more I would enjoy your reviews if you threw in some random naughty bad boylove references to eating RIPE RED ROOSTERS completely raw, and with no napkin or forks even. (((mmmm cluck a doodle do lol)))

            As a former Silverton Casino (small tournaments paid tips only/non casino affiliated) Texas Hold ‘Em dealer, and fiercely fabulous biologically (not officially verified) quasi Gypsy let me tell you the secret to plucking/sucking a good Red Rooster.

            I’ve probably only visited the Pink Chicken a few hundred times in my whole 50ish years, so believe me it would have to be only a bluff. (((because I’m not a full capitalist that always gives value for value))) But hey, talk is free, so yeah I just love it when my massa’s gibs me dey Pink Chickens and Red Roosters soes I can fries them up real nice like the ol butt Colonel Sanders and Dining at the Y Wendy’s chicken sandwich himself and herself.

            (((Disclosure:))) If someone has $80,000 worth of hard assets. I’ll do it once, but not one throbbing red cent less in equivalency and in advance. (why TF does Word Press not recognize equivalency as a word?) ))) I am TIRED ALREADY about the uptight patriarchy trying impose its values even in this free speech forum.

            It’s all about the bluff. I’ll go “gay” with you. You have to temporarily believe you are gay. You have to be practiced in being gay. You have to willingly commit to the (unlikely but not totally i)100 year lie that’s your gay.

            Mein Dampf. My Steam. Will be about being a gay presenting demi motorhead with attack copter attraction underyearnings and syrupy hydrocarbon liquid fetishes.

            My boiler is overflowing with newly released passions about how awesome this new project is going to be for everybody.

            Please add the rainbow flag to your blog icons if you support and concur with this message.

  2. Jesse, where did you get your color chart? Where’s brown? That should be the color you’re most worried about. No, not That brown, the brown one gets from having their nose stuck up your ass. That’s got to be the most important color….to you. It just don’t get any better than havin a honky substitute for Charmin.

  3. Last time I checked, black people made up 11% of the population, so who the hell cares what he says. BMW has nothing to worry about


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