A New Take on “Car Control” . . .

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Some people don’t like guns – much as they rely on them for protection. Hillary Clinton, for instance. Her objection to guns is that you might have one. Not that the men who form a protective echelon around herself have them.

Other people do not like cars in the same way and wish to restrict their use on the same basis. They are urging cars be “banned from every city in the U.S.” in order to “stop vehicular terrorism overnight.”

One assumes they will make an exception for the cars – and trucks – which bring them their food and other such things.

These exceptions will be automated – of course. (Which brings up something interesting; more in a minute.)

Vehicles – like guns – still being not merely necessary but essential. The problem is – how to get them out of the hands of the hoi polloi, the sans culottes?

That is to say, out of our hands?

They haven’t had much success with guns. On this one issue, there has been both general skepticism of the arguments presented as well as active pushback. On every other issue – the right to be free from unreasonable searches, for instance; or the idea that punishment ought to come only after the formality of conviction – most people have been cowishly deferential. But an irascible majority still “cling” to their guns. They do not believe they would be “safer” without them in the face of criminals (this includes those in government costumes) still in possession of them and actually bare their fangs when it is suggested they be disarmed while criminals – all kinds – remain very much armed.

The moment for general confiscation probably came – and went – back in the ‘90s, at the height of the “militia” scare – at which point most people probably feared these “militias” more than they feared the government and when there wasn’t yet an Internet and a way to end-run the three major media organs. A false consensus could have been confected; laws hurriedly passed – as happened in Australia, for instance.   

Once done, almost impossible to undo.

Obamacare, for example.

The missed moment on the “gun control” issue must be profoundly irritating to them – “them” including Republicans as well as Democrats, since they all belong to the same club and we are not members. (My conservative friends will find this observation irritating, no doubt. But they forget that it was Ronald Reagan who “controlled” guns in California – just as it was Republicans like John McCain who cast Obamacare in stone.)

Well, they may have learned a lesson. And are currently in the midst of applying it.

Carpe diem. Seize the moment.

It is interesting that at the very moment automated cars are being pushed on us with the aggressiveness of the most relentless used car salesman, non-automated cars (the cars we control) are all of a sudden being used in ways that seem calculated to engender the same fear of them that they had hoped to instill in us with regard to firearms via the misuse of firearms by a few random freaks.

Is it coincidental? If so,it is very convenient.

From the article linked to above:

“(J)ust like the plague of mass shootings is a gun problem, the thousands of people killed by cars as they walk on our streets every year is a car problem.”

Italics added.

Portrait of a Car Controller…

The solution, of course, is automated cars. That is to say, cars not controlled by us.

The object of the exercise, then, is not to ban cars per se – just as the object of “gun control” is not the banning of guns.

It is, simply, to take them both out of our control.

Just as Hillary (and Dianne and all the rest of them) are not about to give up their guns, neither will they be giving up their cars. The Dear Leader will not be riding in an automated Uber.

Remember your Orwell and what he wrote about some animals being more equal than others.

The obviousness of this ought to be luminous – like the headlight of a freight train a quarter-mile away and approaching rapidly.

It’s time to get off the tracks – and keep our fingers crossed that the damned thing will derail itself and end up in the ditch.

. . .

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    • Eye-talian Libertarianism? That just means ya get to choose whether the Calf-lick priest in the confessional makes ya mumble over your beads for being a bad boy….or give him a beej…. 😉

      • The largest party in Italy, 5-Star, was recently formed as a protest by a comedian, Beppe Grillo.

        There’s a decent chance 5-star will rule Italy after the next election without needing to form a coalition with any of the old school normie parties.

        Beppe is good people IMO.

        Maybe America could elect a Comedian next. President Howard Stern or Louis CK or whomever. I like anyone who will piss off the moneyed elite to rule my unruly ass.

        Italy’s 5-Star builds policies and poll lead as rivals struggle

        • I don’t know about comedians…but here in the US, we’ve certainly had our share of clowns ruling. It-Lee is Calf-Lick, and most Dagos just echo the “church’s” agenda- which is, of course, now openly and blatantly socialist/Agenda 21.[I think that is why fascism has always been popular in Italy] Just like in the US or anywhere else, they’ll elect someone whose words make them feel good….but “the same ol’ ” will continue.

          “Ruling” is the problem. As long as people elevate a few special ones to the status of gods who are above them/have more power and rights than they do, it doesn’t matter too much who is driving the train…it’s still going to go to the same place.

          Remember The Tea Party here, a few years ago? “Medicare for Americans only”- like saying “We’re just as socialist as anyone else, and still want our neighbor’s money robbed; but we just want the proceeds to be given to us”. That seems to be about as close to Liberty as the masses come [not very] and even they are considered a small minority of “extremists” for not being fully on-board with the complete snowflake agenda.

  1. I hope this didn’t escape the notice of friends like mine who worship the evil NRA(much better organizations exist to spend your pro-gun money). I doubt Fox reported it so he won’t be aware of it. When the screams were reaching their crescendo about Las Vegas and they were calling for banning such as the bump-stock, the NRA waded in and supported it. The NRA is always the first to capitulate and find some minor group to throw to the anti-gun wolves. They did it via part of the Clinton gun control bill that was passed in the 90’s with “controlled chemicals and having a firearm on the same property”. This allowed the feds and state to get billions in property via “seizure”….and still does. Hardly anyone except the victim even knows of this law. Not only that but the chemicals are not even necessarily drugs or even have very little control. But it was a great way for the NRA to keep bayonet lugs on AR’s. I know I use mine all the time, going toe to toe with hordes of coyotes attacking my position in the pasture. Can’t tell you how many times it’s saved my ass when the gun’s so hot it’s cooking off rounds as they load. Once you’ve used all your Claymore’s and grenades it’s just you, your bayonet and a horde of Bambi’s going hand to horn. Thanks NRA, what a relief.

    • Correct. As well as the 2nd amendment existing in the first place to be subjugated by later laws. Having no 2nd amendment would be better because then it wouldn’t be expressly implied that you have a right that can be taken away.

  2. Just as it is in the case of guns, the definitive, operative word is “control”. These busybodies HATE the idea of human beings going wherever they want whenever they want, and would like to see us “unwashed masses” on trains, buses, and other public conveyances, calling it “efficiency”. Cars would be reserved only for these busybodies. This ties in closely with the so-called “environmental movement” which is also about “control”… these people think that they know what is best for everyone else but themselves, and always exempt themselves from their (faulty) equations.

    • It’s horribly embarrassing to be touting the “efficiency” of these resource hogs, when you may only have two paying passengers and a homeless guy riding around downtown on one of their precious trains/buses/trollies…etc…
      Also, in Little Rock, two groups of lefties were left with a sour taste when suddenly, a new trolley system (again, mostly just good for ferrying the homeless from one side of a bridge to the other) made downtown Little Rock nearly unrideable for the bicycle crowd… making the automobile a far more attractive way to get to the nifty Gentrified area and its trendy cafes and shoppes.

      • Good stuff bienvenido comprade.

        Why use their divisive newspeak tho?

        “Homeless” off-gridders are our natural allies IMO.

        Why not urban philosophers, outdoorsmen, or street scholars for example?

        Save the insults for the filthy statists.

        Any man not needing dozens of tons of structural mass to survive can be a real asset if properly NAPstered and freedomized.

      • “Mass transit” today is just a code-word for “permanent income stream for the state”- since virtually all mass-transit these days is tax-funded, since it’s riders could never/would never pay the actual cost of their ride- what with the billions it costs to even construct a few miles of light rail- or the millions needed to buy a handful of modern buses- plus the costs of operation, etc. So we all get to pay for something that a handful of people actually use- and the more they construct, the more we are obligated, for as long as that service is in operation…..

        What a racket! Imagine, creating a business by fiat which will provide a guaranteed income for decades to come, just by decree!

        • Yes, that’s part of it, but it’s just the gravy. Government employees and contractors care about the money but politically transit is driven by those who hate automobiles and want to socially engineer and manage society. There are very few real transit advocates left that push for transit that -serves- customers. Most push for transit that will force people to arrange their lives in a manner the planners approve of.

          This is why bicycling will literally be thrown under the bus at some point. The bicycle allows much more freedom than the planners wish people to have. A bicycle is still true autonomous transportation. Even with the limited range it is freer than even the automobile. Being a conveyance that is older than the automobile and difficult to convince people it is dangerous to them each attempt at regulating it has failed. However once technocracy has a complete grip such mass opinion won’t matter and the concocted reasoning will work. I am guessing they’ll use single payer medical care costs and herd productivity lost due to falls and other injuries.

  3. Once again you have to ask, would you rather be King Henry VIII or a middle class American of today?

    The saddest thing is that these elites have no imagination. They want to go back to the “good old days” but with penicillin. Well, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t get technology only for the elites. In fact, technology targeted at elites usually isn’t very useful. On the other hand, tech that lasts, the stuff that transforms society and improves lives, that is usually something that brings up the rest of us.

    So if someone uses that technology for harm, the first thing they want to do is ban it. Even now, with cutting edge technology like unmanned drones, the elites worry far more than they need to about how they might be used for dastardly deeds. My thought is that their lack of imagination leads them down the dark path because that’s all they are capable of seeing. And by keeping tech away from the proles they can shape it to their liking. Which also means it will be bastardized and weaponized and will become useless for everyone else.

    • The Independence Day sequel shows some of what I imagine on this subject. It’s obvious that governments limited access to the alien technology from the first movie, and did not allow the private sector access. So, what you end up with is a limited amount of “new” tech, in the hands of the elite and their official strongarms, and though it’s a couple decades later, everyone else is still driving around in old clunkers.
      The real funny-except-for-the-tragedy element is… the government does not invent. It does not create. All it was able to do is modify some helicopters with hover motors, some jets with better engines and weapons, and some space technology that seems to mostly be right out of the ’60s… but with a few necessary upgrades from the crashed alien ships.

      Without the creativity and industriousness of free people, even that tech would have eventually started to fail, when they ran out of stuff to steal from the alien wrecks.

    • “Once again you have to ask, would you rather be King Henry VIII or a middle class American of today? ”

      What sort of middle class american?

      Debt slavery with a nice cage has its lure of comfort but I am unsure that’s actually better than being a king in times long past.

      For those who can manage to stay out of debt slavery the modern middle class american existence is hands down better, but for those who can’t, the trade for the modern comforts may be such a great bargain.

        • Or middle-class. Being in the lowest socio-economic class is pretty sweet if you avoid debt and taxes, and live sanely and responsibly. I’ll take my single-wide over King Hank’s drafty old castle any day (He didn’t have a pool, and he could swim in the moat, what fer all the crocs!)

          Actually, I’d be quite content to live in a sparsely-furnished one room cabin or stone house/etc. Fireplace for cooking and heat. Out-house for pinching a loaf. A bed (Not a necessity- I slept on the floor for 8 years back in the city, and had no complaints); a table; a chair; and just nice scenery and quietness and freedom outside….

          One really doesn’t need much to have a good life. The basic things can be extremely enloyable. Like the heat from a real wood fire on a cold day…it’s SO much better than this modern forced-air crap.

          Work the land; be healthy; eat good.

          The modern luxuries have made us weak, dependent; sickly; and dissatisfied….and it’s like they are just proffered as an alternative to liberty. “You want smooth roads and electric lights and indoor terlits, don’t you? Well then shut-up, ’cause so what if you have to give up some freedom to have these things?”.

          It’s not a worthwhile trade-off. We’re cheated out of both liberty, and real life.

  4. Even though it was nearly 50 years ago I’m sure they’d find the 12 month period I had 13 tickets, mainly speeding. But even at that, it’s such a different world you can’t compare it. I was fleeing the cops and the corner I had to make to be “gone” had a cop sitting on the opposite side who watched me finesse my way through what would have been a fast, tight turn to a slide around a bit on the water a service station(remember those?)had run all over the intersection. Once I explained I was surprised by the water and this and that, they let me go. They didn’t notice the cruiser charging through that intersection since he hit never considered me turning there. Of course I was driving very sanely and obeying the speed limit when I was stopped. I was surprised by the water I told them. I was too. Good ol Goodyear Polyglas GT’s.

  5. Why do we even need these details anymore? The Western world- and America in particular- have gone insane. Pretty much every highly publicized news event is a staged play; and everything that is happening is geared toward taking what little remains of our freedom, and creating a society of urban-dwelling worker drones.

    Nothing we can do is going to change this.

    Pretty much, anyone reading this site already is aware of the nature of what is happening; and anyone who isn’t at this point, is so brain-dead or in such denial, that they’re not going to believe the obvious, no matter what.

    Instead of sitting here and saying “Oh yeah, this is how they’re enslaving us.”, wouldn’t it be more profitable to concentrate on what we can do to extricate ourselves from the domain of our enemies?

    As you’ve already pointed-out, Eric, car journalism is done.
    The show is over. We know what’s coming.

    And surely, no one really believes that we are going to transform the authoritarian-collectivist Western world into an anarchistic world in our lifetimes, by promoting the ideals of liberty in which we believe, to a handful of people- while the government schools and media preach just the opposite to billions….

    So why not instead put our efforts, time and resources into something which will do the small minority of us liberty-lovers some actual good, by working on formulating courses of actions that individuals can take to escape the inevitable, which is happening here, and to truly get some benefit from our ideals in our own lives?

    Of what value is our Libertarianism, if it remains nothing more than a nice idea in our heads, while we continue to live in what is becoming one of the least-free places on earth? It is only of value to us if we can live it!

    If we preach “no government” while continuing to live under the biggest, most powerful and dictatorial government which micro-manages our lives, that has ever existed; and do not even have a plan to remove ourselves from it’s dominion….we are no better off than those who are ignorant of what is going on.

    • Jefferson never said it would be easy to shed blood for the tree of liberty. We have such a huge military force it’s daunting to say the least just to throw the bums out.

      • Jefferson was speaking of the fight between the people and a small cabal of tyrants under a limited government situation.

        Today, we are in the same position which the Founders were in back in England, where they realized that a small minority of freedom-seekers were powerless to fight not only a large well-established government, but the majority of their own countrymen.

        We are in a much worse position today than the Founders were in England. The MILLIONS of people who work for our government far out-number us; not to mention that one can not find literally one household among their countrymen which doesn’t contain either an employee or uniformed servant of that government; or at least a photograph of some related person in such a position which is “proudly displayed”.

        The Founders realized that they didn’t stand a chance of defeating the government and their fellow countrymen in the England of their day; so they merely extricated themselves from that jurisdiction- and it was hard enough just fighting the military sent by King George- but at least here, they had their own shores to defend against only a relatively small portion of their former countrymen.

        We are in a much worse position, as the whole lot of us can be easily exterminated by our present government and our fellow citizens, as we can not fight against several hundred million people and win.

        Our choices are to either leave, or to surrender [live under tyranny] or die.

          • Exactly, 8. It is still possible though: Sell my place, and transfer the proceeds to my new locale or some intermediary- before it’s to the point where we’re crawling under the barbed-wire fence in the middle of the night with just what we can carry. (Once “The Wall” gets built, that’s the way it will likely be….) -But that’s the nice thing about not having much. From encounters with other freedom-seekers over the years, I’ve noticed that the more one has, the more excuses they have for not leaving.

            It was the same in Nazi Germany- some who saw what was happening and had a chance to leave, didn’t, because it meant giving it all up. They ended up giving up much more by staying.

            • Once you leave though they go over your books with a fine tooth comb and aren’t hesitant to send whoever it takes to get it from you when they find you. It might be a negative thing for them in the long run but some douchebag law and order type will wear a feather in his cap for “getting” you. They don’t mind hauling you back for further adventures…..in criminal court. I got the lowdown on it from asking a lawyer. He said it makes no difference if they spend 100 times what they get as long as they get you….physically. I don’t doubt it and we’ve seen it play out before.

              • Meh…I don’t owe them anything…and I don’t have any books. I barely exist on there radar, other than a driver’s license and an address. And unless I’m missing something, selling one’s home and making a purchase in a foreign country is not yet verboten. Or is it?

                • Selling your home and not giving the IRS their share is tantamount to knocking over a 47 story building. Oh wait, that’s no big deal and you can blame it on somebody else….my bad. But believe me, if you sell your home, you will owe the IRS and they’ll not be satisfied until they get their due.

                  • How so, 8? Last I heard, you’re allowed one freebie (i.e. no tax on any gains from appreciation).

                    And if that’s no longer the case, then I’d just do a re-fi- no tax on a loan. And the bank could get their money back by foreclosing when the payments stop.

                    😀 I think of these things…. I did when I was a teenager….

                • Hi Nunz,

                  I’m doing the same as you, basically. Even so, I must still come up with das geld for the property tax, which isn’t huge but nonetheless amounts to a small monthly rent payment. Plus the insurance on the vehicles I am forced have. If I could rid myself of these at-gunpoint thefts and keep what I earn – as opposed to being forced to hand over a third of it to gangsters and parasites – I could live pretty comfortably on a few hundred bucks a month.

                  But my nut is considerably higher due to the above.

                  And because they extract so much geld from my hid, I have little left to cover emergencies – me or the animals. That infuriates me. My own welfare and that of my family takes a back seat to bastards with guns who hide behind ballot boxes and bureaucracy.

                  • Mornin’ Eric!

                    Ah, I know- you and I and a few others here live in a very similar manner, which maximizes our freedom and ensures that we do not promote the enemy’s system nor allow it to have much dominion over us.

                    And it is encouraging to know there are at least a few of us- despite being the tiniest of all minorities. (I think the Mulatto Transvestite Paraplegic Bird-Watchers Of Siberia have more members!).

                    The ironic thing about auto insurance, is that it could be a good thing…but of course, by government getting involved, and mandating it and then regulating it, they turned it into a bad thing (As they do everything else they touch).

                    I mean, even if insurance weren’t mandatory, I’d carry it anyway- to protect my home from being attached if I ever should cause more damage than I were capable of paying for (unlikely as it may be), and to ensure that I could make things right if I did say, total someone’s Lambo, or seriously injure someone….

                    But without Uncle’s involvement, that insurance would be a lot cheaper; and more importantly, we would have the option of insuring the driver instead of the car, so that we don’t have to carry insurance on 5 vehicles, when we can only drive one at a time.

                    >” My own welfare and that of my family takes a back seat to bastards with guns who hide behind ballot boxes and bureaucracy.”<

                    Truer words were never spoken!
                    Buy the insurance.
                    Pay the ticket for some trivial "infraction" which harmed no one; etc.

                    We can literally see, every day, people who have to pay for such, and who will then have to skimp on necessities; and walk; to avoid being caged, where WE are forced to pay for their upkeep- and all for what? Because they have harmed no one, but have failed to comply with some words written by someone they've never met.

                    And yet the masses fail to see the similarities between this…and Naziism.

                • Nunzio, I’ve known two people who left the USA in their early 20s when they had essentially nothing. The IRS went after both in some form or fashion to which I am not privy. All I knew is that both made broadcast requests to friends if anyone knew an appropriate US tax expert. To my knowledge neither made any sort of money where they would have anything worth the cost of going after nor enough to that after paying taxes where they lived to even by IRS rules owe uncle a penny.

                  It’s mafia style operation, it’s about telling people who’s boss.

                  • Interesting, Brent. And it sounds like their typical M.O.

                    I wonder if I’d even be on their radar? Never filed a tax return or had anything to do with the IRS in my life.

                    Makes ya wonder how they’d even know of my existence or activities.

                    I’d rather do what I can to pursue a little freedom though; rather than stay within their backyard. After that, if they want to bring back a corpse….then at least I’ve done all that I could do…and just lost anyway. But i’ll certainly give it a whirl.

                    Last I remember, 250K people each year leaving the US. Ya know they’re not bringing them all back.

                    I have some long-time friends who are moving back to Croatia in a few months….

                    Of those I know who left, after several years, none have had any problems- but I wouldn’t doubt if one guy did, whom I lost contact with- as he a small business here which he sold; and was always kind of on the far edge as far as pushing his luck with government agencies- you know the type- they dig up some statute or law, and act as though the gov’t still abides by the rule of law, and think that being they are technically in the right, that they’ll be O-K.

                    And he was starting a small business in his new home of Chile, too- which of course, if he retained his American citizenship, Uncle will be going after for taxes.

                    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he ended up in their clutches.

                    If they took any notcie of me at all, I’d be amazed…but the way things are today, it’s entirely possible.

                    • It’s hard to say what their criteria is for going after people, aside from obvious “squeaky wheels” like the late Irwin Schiff or Larken Rose. Every year they do like having at least one high-profile case to whip the serfs into submission. Maybe they have a “Wheel of Misfortune” or a dartboard.

                      I work for cash in the underground economy (not a whole lot of it though) and haven’t filed in about 40 years. I don’t take part in Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, or any of the rest of it. Of course the best position to be in is to have never filed, and preferably to never have been tattooed with a government serial number.

                      Have not heard a peep from the bastards in many years, but you never know when that envelope is going to show up in the mailbox. The older I get the less I give a damn. Any correspondence the federal Mob sends me will just be marked “EAT SHIT” in magic marker and sent back to them. I figure at worst they have to give me three hots and a cot.

                    • Ya know Jason, I don’t even think there’s usually any rhyme or reason to what these large goobermint agencies do. It’s just the nature of bureaucracy.

                      Some douche making $9/hr. just dealing with a stack of files at random, and finds some technicality and flags it, and sends it onto some other douche….etc. etc.

                      Much like the pig parked on the side street watching the highway. Maybe he’s looking for a real “criminal” one day, so ignores you when you go by 10MPH over the limit. Maybe the next day he’s eating a donut…so ignores you. Then a different one is on duty on another day- and nails you for going 2MPH over.

                      >”I work for cash in the underground economy”<

                      That is probably the single greatest thing a Libertarian can do, to avoid entanglement/slavery (Both to the gov't and debt, etc.) and to starve the system of both labor; intellect and revenue! If a good sized minority of people would just do that one thing, that would do more to reverse tyranny at every level, than all the discourse or all the revolutions, etc.

                    • “I figure at worst they have to give me three hots and a cot.”

                      Jason, that may be true, unless they kill you during a raid by the HRT.

            • “Mommy… what’s that wall for?”

              “It’s to keep us safe from the outsiders!”

              “Then why are so many of the machine guns pointed this way?”

              • Mostly its to protect their enthralled greenbacked cucktopians from realizing how easy life is for most of the 1 billion new world Americanos.

                Why arent you at work supporting the new world ordero amigos?

              • Exactly, Velo!

                If they really wanted to keep certain people out, all they’d have to do is stop redistributing our wealth to them. I mean, can ya think of one place where a wall wasn’t used to keep people from LEAVING?

                • Hey nun,

                  Am running Linux Mint Lisa since yesterday.

                  Whats the deal, do I just need to be patient and it will come to me?

                  Am able to browse this site, but it wont let me log on to comment.

                  I’m dual booting with Vista, can I edit the windows partition files from the linux partition?

                  Kinda lost here.

                  • Torsky!

                    Hmmm….not particularly familiar with Mint (or current versions of most distors), so I dunno….usually stuff like that just works out of the box.

                    Maybe it might not have Java or Flash installed by default? Best way to find an answer, is to go to http://www.linuxquestions.org -you’ll get quick help. Or just Google your problem.

                    One of the best things about Linux: The answer is usually just a matter of typing a quick command or editing a text file! You’ll get the hang of it real quick- it’s so much easier than Windurs!

                    You’re just used to doing things the hard way… : D

                    And YES, you can access and modify Windurs stuff from Mint….very easily. Anyone who does repair/recovery work on Windurs…uses Linux to do it!

                    Stick with it…you’ll LOVE it!

    • Being a defeatist, or lynching the Lib-Tards and the Rightwing Moral Majority, isn’t going to work either.
      I can tell you that Eric and I do live what we preach, and we both rant here on his site, as opposed to actually inciting an armed revolt. Awareness is the beginning of change, and that is what is being accomplished here on this site. It is just a part of the process. The other part is the choices we make in our lives, those choices we have control over, and whether or not we choose to participate in the “choices” offered by the PTB.
      You need to understand that a refusal to participate, ie boycott, can be an effective weapon against tyranny.
      Discussion is just as vital to the actions we take every day in our professional and private lives.
      Yes, we are better off than those who don’t recognize the threat of totalitarian control. Because we continue to exercise free will by our choices and our behavior in society. Whether others follow our example is, again, their free choice. Everyone “lives under” some form of oppressive leadership, historically it is the way of men with power, to wield it over others. “The plan to remove ourselves from it” is to refuse to participate in whatever we choose as it suits our lifestyles, and to not compromise our ideology. Does that always work, 24-7? No, but it is open resistance to mindless participation that gets noticed. The oppressors will eventually take overt measures, such as martial law, and people need to know to respond to that.
      Eric and I both dropped our health insurance completely in the face of Obamacare. Will we die because of it?
      I doubt it. Will we die from a lack of being able to afford proper medical treatment? Maybe. Will our WILL ever be broken like so many other people who actually live in fear of losing their lifestyle of comfort? Never.
      You can break a man’s body, but you cannot steal what is in his head and in his heart. Fear comes from doubt and lack of self-confidence, which neither Eric, nor myself, have. Yes, we have doubts and grave concerns, only a blind, deaf, mute could not have.
      Do you only believe in Liberty that you, yourself, can benefit from? Because if so, you are being as selfish as those who seek to deny that Liberty to others. You already benefit from Liberty secured by others who sacrificed their very lives, that we may have it. Suppose they only took actions for their own personal benefit and security? Will you know your opportunity when it comes? Or will you act in your own best interest?
      Being a “liberty-lover” is not the same as security Liberty for the benefit of future generations. It is frustrating to watch people relinquish the liberties provided by others, but sometimes the people need harsh reminders not to allow things to go so far in the first place. There were many who saw the evil of Hitler and the fascism
      growing in Europe. Humanity tends to get illnesses that must run its course. Know where you stand as an individual when the virus reaches you. We cannot prevent humanity’s tendency for wickedness or gullibility, but you and I, and everyone else who chooses to be aware of that wickedness, can choose not to actively engage in it.
      Liberty cannot be forced into being, it must be denied, before it can be truly appreciated, and for people to be willing to sacrifice their own to secure it for others.

      • GTC, I am also a non-participant who lives in very free manner. But really, you know that there are many things which we refrain from doing, to avoid conflict with the state. And the list of those things increases every day; and it is to the point where very soon we will either be forced into toal compliance, or lose our property and or liberty completely just for pursuing the few liberties we still retain.

        To choose to extricate oneself from impending doom is not defeatist- it is the only logical proactive course of action, because it is pure folly to believe that we could fight the powers that be, and the several hundred-million people who cooperate with them, and who would gladly skewer every last one of us for ighting for their freedom, as well as our own.

        No, I do not just believe in liberty which benefits me. But I have no control [nor would i want any] over those who do not care about their own liberty; and or who believe in the false idol of government/coercion/force/ etc. In my personal life, and sphere of dominion, I treat others in accordance with the values in which I profess- as I’m sure is the case with all here- but my first concern must naturally be to secure my own freedom, because if i am not free, I certainly can not do anything to promote my neighbor’s freedom.

        We are all in a very precarious situation these days. We are one minor event away from losing our property; our liberty; and even our lives, daily. All it takes is one person calling the cops for some minor non-issue; your little light failing to blink when you make a turn; not applying for permission to do something, even on your own property in many places [Not mine!], etc.

        We live under the constant threat of government goons inflicting violence against us and our property; and see every day such illicit actions being perpetrated against our neighbors. What is the point of living this way? If we value freedom, and understand what is being played out here, and why, why would we not want to extricate ourselves from such circumstances and avail ourselves of the opportunity to live where tyranny is much less?

        All I’m saying, is that it is pointless to possess knowledge if we do not make use of that knowledge to improve our lives. If we believe in the ideals of Libertarianism/Anarchy, but are still largely subject to a system of tyranny, how does that make us different from many communists or other statists who may be our neighbors?

        • I admire and respect you guys.

          For me, being a Liberatado is a minor partition of my philosophy.

          I’m here to strengthen it, but its utility is mostly personal.

          People in my day to day life are philosophically incapable of grokking any of this yet.

          Also I find Bannon’s nat econ concepts immediately applicable and a true remedy.

          I hate statitsts sin explicado.

          But I claim no superiority to them morally or otherwise.

          My life will be the proof of my ethics and value, but who can I trust to truly know me?

          • We’re a unique breed, Tor. You would think that the vast majority of men would value liberty and pursue it diligently- but history and the present prove otherwise.

            We walk alone. The vast majority of us don’t have family members or real-life friends who get it. At least now with the interwebz, we can have some long-distance camaraderie; or even just the encouragement of knowing of each other’s existence, and that we are not the only one in the world who sees and believes the things we do.

            But you know, Tor, the fact that you are here…. Libertarianism is a fire that is never extinguished. If you’ve come to value it in theory, it will only grow on you, and you will at some point practice it more and more. Maybe not until your own comfort zone gets violated by the commie tyrants- but you’ll practice it in little things maybe at first…and it will grow.

            Some of us, like myself, just have had the advantage of seeing things at a young age; and although we may not have been a part any organized group or movement- or even known of the existence of such- we marched to the beat of our own drummer- even if he was just beating the drum for one, because even if we didn’t know the philosophy behind it at the time, we still knew that we had to be free and avoid entanglement with the Beast.

            And having had that advantage, also means that we did not have all of the typical entanglements and encumbrances that the average person tends to acquire just by following the paths others have set before them.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              There are a decent number of us; I just wish there were more women among us. Not only for the obvious reason but also for the future. One of the best ways to fight back against what’s happening is to have a family and raise kids to regard Uncle as they would a pedophile priest. Most kids are taught to trust “father” (Uncle) and the results are just the same…

              • Hehe…good father/uncle analogy, Eric! (In some parts of our neck-O-the-woods, one’s father could BE their uncle! : D )

                Women are materialistic by nature, and ruled by emotion. “They’re” doing their darnedest to try and make people ignorant of that fact these days- but that is largely why things really started going to hell after women were given the vote, and how we ended up with this giant welfare state.

                And sadly, I think kids are a liability today- just as they would have been in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. The state essentially owns them now, and uses them as a means to control us, and as a weapon against us.

                Raise ’em like WE want to raise them, and the first wind Uncle gets of it….they’ll intervene. They’ve even been going after the Amish more and more lately.

                That’s one of the reasons I vowed, when still in my teens, that I’d never have kids. Not only wouldn’t I want to subject them to such a world where freedom is non-existent….but just imagine always living in fear that Uncle will take them and put them in some home with 2 daddies…or anyone else’s home!

                It scary enough/hard enough avoiding the matrix these days just having dogs and cats!

                • I was also thinking, Eric: Someone like you or I could one or two kids, and take pains to raise them to be the best people….and meanwhile, some coal-burner pill-popping cow in an apartment that we are paying for, pops out 6 or 7 kids by 5 different men, who all grow up to be favorite nephews of dear Uncle….negating what several of us do…and we get to pay for it.

    • Accept other forms of currency for your labor. Try to use other forms of currency to conduct business. Avoid debt. The Dollar is backed by the Full Faith And Credit™ of the federal government. In other words:


      We’re all trading in dollars because we’re told that it is the most stable currency. This is an obvious lie, the real reason is because of cheap credit and tradition. Our great grandparents had convertible dollars. Our grandparents had dollars that were “backed by gold” but couldn’t own it. Our parents (and us) have dollars that aren’t backed by anything but a tacit agreement that it has value. And of course because Uncle forces them on us.

      Brentton Woods, the coordinated exchange rate system that initiated the global banking system, lasted for about 40 years. About 40 years before that was the establishment of the FED and central banking cartels. We’ve been living in a pure fiat banking system for 48 years. About 8 years ago the banking system collapsed. It should have died that day but because most people lack imagination they just accepted some pretty hairy accounting changes. If the powers that be would have let the system go maybe we’d be ushering in a new form of money, or better still, a back to the future of trading metals again, with decentralized credit creation.

      Of course we’re fighting a battle that begins with education. We’re all so conditioned to believe that “it can’t happen here,” that massive devaluation will only be in small dictatorial countries like Venezuela. Or that the people “in charge,” like Janet Yellen and the gang know what they’re doing. Despite every indication that they’re either ignoring what’s happening, or are so caught in the trap they have no idea what else to do.

      But I’m happy to entertain more direct solutions:


      • Way ahead of you, Ready.

        I’ve avoided debt all of my life.
        Medium of exchange isn’t all that important, considering we live in a country where gold was confiscated not that long ago, and virtually out-lawed for nearly half a century; and where any form of physical cash will likely be outlawed soon.

        All the little things we do, can stave off the outer layers of control…..but nothing we can do ultimately affects such things as property taxes; eminent domain; if your locale decides to establish zoning/code enforcement; forced purchasing of automobile and health insurance [I draw the line in the sand at health insurance, and do not comply- but at some point, you can be sure that the penalties will be made onerous. And how long before I will no longer be able to get my glaucoma Rx from Canada for $22 and be forced to buy it here for $140?)

        The little things I have well under control.

        But the big things, like: Property rights [the most essential component of liberty], and exposure to the violent costumed thugs, none of us have any control over; and the more this police state increases, the more we become as cowering criminals.

        How many actions do you refrain from because you know that to do them would put you under control of the police state?

        How many businesses might you engage in, but it’s not worth it, because to do so would mean becoming an unpaid tax collector for the state, in addition to the taxes you would have to pay on earnings and even inventory? Or because you know that you could not make your own choices as to whom you might accept as a customer or renter? Or because you would need permits and licenses, which would cost money; infringe upon your privacy; and regulate your conduct?

        Have you ever refrained from slapping your kid in public, because someone would likely call the cops on you?

        And don’t dare leave your kids in the car for 5 minutes while you run into the store….or the costumed goons will be waiting, and your kids will end up in foster care in the home of some pervert/queer.

        Etc. etc. You get the idea.

        We are controlled…to a level where even a typical Dumbocrat or Repugnantcan of 50 years ago would have been appalled.

        • I will simply never understand the willful acceptance of gold confiscation during FDR’s administration. I grew up hearing stories of my great grandmother’s family joyfully handing over their wealth to the Federal Government. They came to help, don’t you know!.

          Her family was once one of largest GM dealers in Minnesota to be reduced to near poverty. My great grandmother lived off my grandparents’ handouts for the rest of her life; yet, she willfully and with a smile gave what her father earned away during the 1930s.

          Today, with a keystroke Federal and State governments can attach our electronic bank accounts. Why during the 1930s, when a simple “boating accident” could occur so easily did people accept the confiscation scheme so willingly?

          I admit, today I am part and parcel of the system I too deplore. Although I may be deluding myself, I do hope that I am actively working towards becoming independent of it. I am inundated with advice from bankers and financial advisers, constantly saying I am being naive, putting my savings towards paying off my mortgage when I could instead gamble it in the equities markets at all time highs.

          Who are they kidding? I entered the workforce in 2008. I do not know how long the memories of my peers extend, but I clearly remember a small period of time earning nearly nothing, living in my Jeep as I was too prideful to live with my parents after school. I will NOT play the debt fueled consumerism game. I do not believe that “investing” in a 401(k), IRA, or similar will actually allow me a genuine retirement.

          • >” I am inundated with advice from bankers and financial advisers, constantly saying I am being naive, putting my savings towards paying off my mortgage when I could instead gamble it in the equities markets at all time highs. “<

            That is SO true! I watched so many friends and acquaintances lose it all, including their homes, in the dot-com crash of '99-'00. I lived near NYC at the time, and was dutifully saving half of my income so I could move to the sticks and have a place debt-free, and not have to be tethered to some 9-5 job in town.

            In '01 I moved to the sticks (where I am now) and am living happily ever after- debt-free, as I've always been; and where I can sustain my life on literally a few hunnert bucks a month if need be- while those friends and acquaintances back in NY had to start all over…and are still in massive debt at middle-age or older.

            And no doubt, they're going to repeat the same scenario in the soon-coming big crash.

            But yeah…the gold confiscation. Easy acceptance of anything the government does, comes from the sickness of believing in the false deity known as government.

            Just think: They confiscated the gold at a devalued price, and then as soon as THEY had it all, it magically doubled in value…. and then just a few short years later, they instigated the false-flag of Pearl Harbor, and the same tools who were so happy to give up their gold, gleefully sent their kids off to kill and be killed as the pawns of those very same people who confiscated their gold, so they could achieve their gola of protecting the Russian communists, and of spreading communism through Eastern Europe.

            And it's no different today. People flock to sign up for Obozocare, and balk at threats of repeal. They spread their butt cheeks and go through an X-ray machine, and have thier possessions rifled by TSA goons, just to ride on a plane, where virtually all of their rights are non-existent. They pay good money to send their kid to some college to be taught the rantings of some burnt-out ex-hippie Marxist SJW professor- or send their kids to public school, and shoot them up with the required 29 different vaccines, which practically guarantee cancer at some point down the road…..

            We have no "masses yearning to be free" anymore.

            • And George Bush is more popular than ever and gets big bucks for his “paintings” and has a line around the town waiting to give him the Bjob they didn’t get the chance to when he was prez. It boggles the mind. I guess the one they don’t have.

              • I wonder if they do this in other countries, 8? Are Ugandans venerating Idi Amin? Or maybe it’s that since every successive president is worse than the one who preceded him, any former ones look good by comparison. We still have idjits saying that Slick Willy was the “best president ever”-LOL. Wonder how long it’ll be before they start venerating Obozo?

                I don’t know what’s worse: That Bush-love, or the Lincoln love. Lincoln….they oughta dig that bastard up and hang him.

                But that’s why there’s no hope here. Everyone has some crazy idea of the way it should be and who should rule us. They may not be able to agree on much; but they all do agree on one thing: That we should be ruled. And that belief keeps the power structure in place, and guarantees that even if those currently running the show should ever disappear for some reason, they would only be replaced by more of the same; by another false god of our neighbors own making.

                • I’ve read Soldier of Fortune since the middle 50’s(my fav at the barbershop). People have been rising up, sometimes by the millions, but they didn’t have no Mickey D or Wally so they were starving and didn’t give a shit and razed and burned and chopped off the heads of those that oppressed them(if the Brits or Frenchies couldn’t save them)and elected some other, better looking tyrant. The more things change the more they stay the same…..

                  Our best hope looks like aliens who just want to play around a bit. We might be better off, we might not be. But politics has always been a lot like Las Vegas and in that nothing’s changed. Ya rolls the dice, ya takes your chances……but the house always wins……

                  • Yeah 8, the belief in the religion of government seems to be rather universal among humans.

                    It’s not as if there’s some magical place where people maintain anarchistic values.

                    It’s just a matter of degrees. We’re in the fire here- or anywhere in the “first world” these days.

                    Other places where the state isn’t so advanced and wealthy, there are lots of places where you’re just left alone. They can’t even be bothered to build a road, but less establish a system of micro-management and the infrastructure to enforce it.

                    One could actually enjoy more freedom in Russia these days, than here. (No, I’m not going there!)

                    We tend to view the world in terms of what is familiar and common to us. When I lived in NY. most of my friends and neighbors assumed that things everywhere in this country were pretty much as they’d come to be in NY. They actually didn’t believe that there were places where property taxes could be 1/50th of what they pay; where you don’t need a permit to walk in a park; or where someone from the town doesn’t come and measure to the inch how tall your fence is, and how far your shed is from the property line, etc.

                    Conversely, people here have no idea how tyrannical places like NY are….

                    So too we assume that the rest of the world is like us.

                    Hey, even space is highly regimented! Don’t ya watch the Twilight Zone?!

        • That is still a very big problem. Even if you ask to be left alone, that’s just not good enough for Uncle. Imagine living in a self-sustainable basis. It’s theoretically easier now more than it’s ever been. If you can afford a farm and can equip it with some basics like battery backed solar and a simple tractor, you probably can keep yourself alive and even thrive. Right up until you can’t.

          And the other problem is that there’s a definite carrot, at least in theory, if you play the game. I, like you, abhor debt. I make an effort to save for the future, but knowing that Uncle (and everyone else) is counting on paying off his debt with inflated dollars, I have to have a much greater than necessary return on any investment I make just to keep up. Add out of control health care costs and regulation and it just makes the uncertainty even worse. And being a little further along than you I have a lot more to risk than just living in a van down by the river. And then run afoul of the law because living in a van is against societal norms…

          • I’m about as free as one can be in this country at this time.

            Zero debt.
            Low expenses.
            Keep my income below taxable level.
            Acreage with negligible property taxes and no regulation…YET.
            Can do what I want on my own property/maintain a few streams of income from home.
            In a state where residents can freely buy, sell or trade guns amongst themselves witn no interference.

            It’s wonderful.

            But yet I know what’s at the door.

            One still has to go through the rigamarole to buy ammo…
            One still has to maintain auto insurance/driver’s lic. and be subject to the goons when they go to town.

            And I see the very same things which made NY the tyrannical hell-hole that it is, being gradually implemented here. It’s just a matter of time.

            Even my 92 year-old mother who also lives here on my property, and who is by no means a Libertarian, asks “I wonder if they’ll ever raise the [property]taxes here like they did in NY?”- To which I reply: It’s just a matter of time. One day, it will be the same thing, like in NY where they started doubling every year. People like myself are forced out, before thje land has appreciated in value, or zoning is enacted and your land is made worthless…then the pioliticians or their friends and relatives buy it at bargain basement prices, change the zoning and suddenly it’s worth 20x what they paid for it. (Seen it happen….even nearby).

            I’m always impressed by what people whom I have known have told me when moving to places, like Central America- places which I would not necessarily consider to be options. They say: “The people pretty much just ignore the government/laws”- and since those governments are not flush with wealth, they really don’t have the ability to micro-manage everyone’s lives, like they do here.

            Here, not only do they have the ability, but they have “the consent” of most of the people, who are willing participants and allies; and who will count you as their enemy if you run afoul of their master, or think that “you are special and don’t have to OBEY THE LAW”. Now I rully realize why compulsory “edumacation” is enacted in so many places. It is the catechism for the religion of government.

            I’d say though, that here, the most one can do to secure a good measure of freedom, is to acquire some unregulated acreage (And there are still a handful of places left where such can still be had for $1K-1.5K per acre)- because if one does not have a place of their own, they are completely at the will of landlords and politicians/cops.

  6. Eric, I don’t know where you get all these great pics of our “glorious leaders”, but they sure to capture the true nature of these Trolls voters have put into power. What a pack of sinister looking Goons! I don’t think Chuck Jones could come up with any uglier looking villains than the one we already have!

  7. Another one those “get out of my head” moments.

    I have been wondering for years why most people can understand the loss of liberty and dangers of government control when it comes to firearms but just remain chowderheaded dolts on all the rest of the rights that are just as important and sit idly by while they are swept away, wholesale.

    • Because “history class” is for egg-heads and bookworms, and people who don’t want to repeat all the catastrophic mistakes of their predecessors. The thing to do is get on the band-wagon with everyone else, otherwise your a “non-conformist” and rocking “their” boat. Well, maybe they need swimming lessons, is my rationale. I make it my mission to get them wet, so to speak. I do it with my own customers by making them participate in the repair process when the occasion permits. Such as ordering their own tires, or special dealer-only parts, or a tire gauge, and how to use it, and why. Educate, participate, and you won’t have to “mandate”!

      • Ever read anything by Nassim Taleb? Check out some of his work, specifically the necessity of having skin in the game.

        Although I don’t do all of my own repairs, I actually enjoy doing just what you are saying. Searching assorted vendors for the best parts and prices; researching every nuance of whether Bosch or Valeo has the best radiator, water pump, or wiper blades. Michelin, Continental, Goodyear? What are the reviews and can I trust them?

        My brother (same one) has torn CV boots on his Golf which have been leaking grease for four months. There’s only so many times I can tell him that the $12 boot replacement just became a $300 axle with potential for much worse.

        • Generally speaking, by the time a boot splits and leaks grease, the CV joint is 70% worn out anyway. Unless you use the split-boot kit (which is garbage and never seals) the repair job entails removing the axle assy.
          Then, boot replacement requires removal of the joint from the shaft, and many times damages the joint-locking ring. Doing this with a worn axle is wasting labor time and none of it is under any warranty. It IS good experience, for self-education, I agree. But for economy and efficiency, it is best to just wear out the axle (It will click and pop in tight turns) and install a new axle assy with a Lifetime Warranty.
          In my career, I have rebuilt hundreds of axles and turned thousands of brake rotors, but current supply economics make my time more valuable getting the car back on the road with new components, and a longer service life.
          I have not touched my axle joint and boot clamping tools for 2 decades, and I sold my brake lathe 10 years ago for scrap-iron value. I know this make it appear that I am now just a parts installer, but I can assure you that is far from true. My experience gives me the foresight to know not only what to do, when to do it, and why I am doing it, but what does not work, what is a complete waste of money, or what actually increases risk of future failure. These things cannot be “trained” and must be learned, or taught, the latter of which is conspicuously lacking in my profession nowadays.

          • So many things have been done to simply replace assemblies that used to be several parts in one fell swoop. The bearings in the front on my 2000 Z 71 were more than gone. I was surprised, then depressed to find the entire hub, rotor and bearing(not bearings)is all one piece. No inside and outside bearing and seals to be replaced but a single “dry” inside bearing running on the width of the spindle.
            The parts expert said I’d be doing this every 50,000 miles in what I run in and the factory suggested life is 100,000 miles. I gotta find the early 90’s pickup I need…..soon. I just need a good body as the rest is fine but finding something that doesn’t take a total replacement of one type system to the other is daunting to say the least.

  8. I know too many people who are anti-car and anti-gun freaks. Yet, what would they be, and where would they be, without the existence of both? Not here in Bleaksburg doing their little Enviro-Nazi song and dance, that’s for sure. They are hypocrites, and I despise anyone who denounces the very thing their life and livelihood depend on. James, you have said what I keep telling people as well. Why do we want to imitate the Europeans? Well, there are some Europeans that are not banning guns, Switzerland, for instance. In fact, they have mandatory gun ownership! Didn’t we break with Europe and form our own nation, oh, some 250 years ago? I guess we should just chuck all that, you know, the bill of rights, that sort of stuff? Better yet, lets all join the United Federation of Planets! Only, we wouldn’t be eligible based on all the human rights

  9. Speaking of the cops and the UK, there are 2 funny fairly short videos out of a guy wearing a pig costume getting arrested for impersonating a cop.
    Their cops are douches, but notice how those cops treat and speak to their victims as compared to how the U.S. cops treat and speak to us. There was no smashing of faces to the ground and no barking of orders. Yup! ‘murica is number one in many things all right; but not in a good way!

    • Hi Brian,
      I have noticed the same thing watching their “motorway cops” episodes. They are Brits, and very proper and polite, as goons and subjects go. They even get their own private cells to sleep it off, complete with reading materials! Jail in the US is pretty much the same as it was 200 years ago, as far as the “jailee” goes. Throw ’em in the drunk tank and watch the show boys!
      They are pretty much sheeple there, with a few wolves that terrorize the flock, and the dutiful “shepherds” to kill the wolves, and put all the sheep back in the pen, that is the life of a Subject.
      Here in the US we are still viewed by the rest of the world as wild & reckless cowboys and bandits; such is the life of Citizens.

  10. Spot on Eric!

    Last weekend I took my younger brother to the range. We are both “millennials” however, he decidedly fits the stereotype, where as I don’t. (he has a college degree, yet worked in food service for four years and now works for some internet startup that pays him peanuts; but hey, he can wear skinny jeans to work and gets “free” soy lattes!)

    On the way there, he begins lecturing me on why an absolutist position on gun rights is simple minded and how “common sense” regulations would bring the US more in line with France and the UK.

    First, why would I want to be like a European. It wasn’t too long ago that “Mondeo Man” was a sign of increasing middle class wealth in the UK. A Ford Contour…seriously. Further, it’s not like their wonderful gun banning schemes work. Bataclan? No, nothing, okay.

    Second, the fallacy that experts know better is straight hokum. These are the same experts who told us that Iraq definitely had weapons of mass destruction and that these weapons posed such a threat that we had to invade a sovereign state and waste billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the process. Let us not also forget the experts’ other greatest hits, such as the rise of ISIS, the financial crisis, Fukushima Daiichi being built in a Tsunami zone, 9-11, operation Fast and Furious, SV40 contamination in polio vaccines, on and on and on.

    • James, we had “common sense” regulations as to guns back when I was a kid….although RR had already created a “ban” in Ca. that would be implemented federally. I illegally drove my dad’s pickup to the mercantile store when I was 12. I went in and bought fishing lures, guns and ammo, had good conversations with everyone there and went on my merry way…..just like everyone else did. I thought nothing about buying a brick of .22 rimfire ammo or shot, primers, wads and powder for my shotgun reloader. I thought WANDA all plastic shot shells were great and they reloaded fine….for a while.

      Back in those days every pickup had a gun rack with at .22, a shotgun and maybe something like a 30/40 Krag. The nicer guns didn’t get abused this way although there were plenty name brand guns in those racks. BTW, nobody locked their vehicles then. Few rolled up a window for most of the year.

      I don’t recall anyone getting shot back then other than by their own hand. People still had depression and mainly it was from some malady that couldn’t be addressed successfully by medical science at the time. People weren’t shocked by someone taking their own life in this way although self-immolation would have been viewed as cruel and perverted.

      No if’s and’s or but’s, hardly ever was there a shooting…..but then big govt. got bigger and banks got greedier and schools began to be very federally dominated…….

  11. Maybe they could institute background checks, licensing, and registration for automobiles.

    You know, like they do with guns.

    To keep us safe.


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