Armed Government Workers Assault 65 Year Old Woman

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This video just hit the ‘Net. It is dashcam footage of a Alpharetta, GA armed government workers hyper-escalating a trivial (and perhaps not even actual) traffic infraction into a violent “takedown.”

The video shows armed government workers initiating a traffic stop – supposedly, according to reports, for an “unsafe lane change.” The driver -a 65-year-old woman – immediately pulls over.

When approached by the armed government worker, the woman questions the reason for being pulled over and asks to have a supervisor come to the scene; the armed government worker becomes belligerent. He orders the woman out of the car and the whole thing degenerates into a physical assault by an entire crew of armed government workers.

All over a trivial/probably trumped-up “violation” – that is to say, roadside robbery – which ended up just the same way it does on the street when an ordinary mugger demands your money or your life.

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  1. All she had to do was cooperate , the police officer was very polite she was belligerent. You all watched the video she clearly swerved out of her lane. Police officers put there life on the line every day, they don’t know if you have a gun or what. That’s why you don’t argue and act like a jack ass to a police officer. If you don’t think your wrong go to court. Don’t fight with a police officer that is a good way to go to jail Clover

    • Clover,

      The issue is hyper-escalation and use of excessive force. It is the result of new “tactics” which teach these armed government workers to react to the slightest failure to become supine as a “threat” to their “safety” that requires an overwhelming and violent response.

      America was not like this, once. It is like this now… because of people such as yourself, who practically worship armed government workers and consider the merest failure to respect their Authority as cause to administer a beatdown.

  2. I’ve had people come clear into my lane in that situation countless times. Inboard or outboard lane. I even had one person go into full road rage mode because I sounded the horn when he came into my lane.

  3. Listen you need to step outta the car we’re not gonna try to arrest you, we just wanna accuse you of “comin’ right for us!” so we can shoot you

  4. Gotta go with AH on this.

    It is not white vs black.

    It is blue vs. all of us.

    This could have been anybody, young white man, middle aged Asian woman, teen aged girl dressed in a unicorn outfit…makes no difference to the King’s men.

    You’re just another uppity prole, who dared to do anything other than display complete, total and utter mental, verbal and physical submission and compliance.

    And for that crime, by God, you’re going to be taught to mind your place.

    • Morning, AF!

      Yes, exactly. Much of the coverage focused on the fact that she was a black lady. This is a non sequitur, incidental at best. The point here is two-fold:

      First, the petty, looking-for-an excuse attitude of these armed government workers. They are just itching to “pull you over.” The second is just what you’ve described: Submission training.

      As Michael Jackson used to say, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Only that they are blue – and you are not.

  5. Sorry AH, race does have everything to do with this case. Then there is the illegal search and a pig removing something from the car and putting the object into his pocket. Just seeing 1 incident like this is enough to convince most of us that the stasi are not our friends. I have seen some rough vids on the coppers but this one is over the top.

    • Hi Joe,

      I disagree. Both in actual and general terms.

      I’ve been treated similarly – and I’m probably as “white” as you can get, both in terms of my actual race as well as all the peripheral things which supposedly grant “privilege.” I am middle aged, clean-looking (if not clean-minded!) articulate, educated; no criminal record of any kind (one minor traffic ticket in the past 10), etc.

      Yet I’ve had guns drawn on me – or close to it – and been threatened for merely questioning (politely) obnoxious orders barked at me by armed government workers, who escalated a trivial thing into a very ominous thing.

      It happened to my ex wife, too – an even less “threatening to their safety” slightly built middle-aged woman.

      Ask around. Things have changed – gone wrong, horribly.

      It is ugly out there. And the ugliness is not racism. It is authoritarianism.

    • Race has traditionally been used as a proxy for how well a person can fight back using the system. How well one can stand up for himself economically and socially. The weakest were used to test, hone, and make the desired system ready for prime time. We’re in prime time now. We’re all indigs now. Unless you have power and/or connections you’re subject to this treatment.

      And yes, I’ve had the screaming cop because he considered my shrug an affront to his authoritah. That was a decade ago now. It’s why I drive with video rolling.

      • Hi Brent,


        And, have you noticed that cops increasingly look like criminals? Gang-style tats you used to see only on the arms of criminals. My understanding is the hiring standards are now so low they’ll take almost anyone and the preference appears to be for the lowest IQ dredges they can find.

  6. Again, I am speechless. Why in the Hell we put up with this from these animals is a mystery.

    The most important point for me is the initiation for the “traffic Stop” is absolute minuscule bullshit. There appears to be two lanes turning left, and she may have…may have…clipped a bit of the other lane, but nothing dangerous occurred…No accident occurred. Hell, most of the time the lane painting is so half-assed and worn away, Mario Andretti couldn’t stay in his lane.

    So the porker coward just has to pull her over. And just tell her to be more careful? Of course not. He just has to write a “ticket”. And then…..the escalation begins. It’s on. We’ll show you which end is up.

    The only bad thing that’s going to come from this is race will be brought into it and that helps nobody. Race has absolutely nothing to do with this. The main focus should be that this insanity happens to everyone, everyday, everywhere.

    American cops: Get the Hell out of my country.


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