Get on the Ground!

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Here’s a video taken by a man in Texas legally open carrying who finds himself confronted by multiple armed government workers shrieking at him to Get on the ground! Get on the ground!

The man responds calmly, asking why he should get on the ground (and be treated like some kind of animal) given that he hasn’t committed any crime. The man – apparently a veteran of Afghanistan without any criminal record – is merely asserting his lawful right to open carry and to not have to lie on the filthy ground like some kind of animal merely because some government geek orders him to.

Note the way the situation is mindlessly escalated by these order-barking geeks, notwithstanding the calm, non-confrontational demeanor of the man being threatened by the government geeks.

Does it not make your blood boil?

I am not alone in feeling that way. Luckily for the man, fellow citizens appeared in support, and  their presence (and video recording) probably saved the man’s life.

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  1. This is how it is now. Obey the uniformed. Why? Because they said so.

    People believed the wrong teachings for too many decades.

    Now only “weirdos” stand up for themselves and it’s easy to pick off the few weirdos.

  2. I carry openly in my rural area of NH.

    I carry concealed when surrounded by Clovers in Cloverville downstate.

    And I try to push the envelope as far as possible, without getting shot by a hero.

  3. Man… I’m telling you, just carry concealed. Truly. It’s not worth the hassle. Although I understand wanting to “exercise your rights”, and maybe I’m less of a man for wanting to avoid confrontation, but I am all about “flying under the radar” when it comes to ALL aspects of cops.

    • Hi Tom,

      I agree – but I also applaud this guy for taking a principled stand. Because if they can do this to us for lawful open carry, they will certainly – eventually – do the same for concealed carry. They will argue that it “threatens their safety” to have people (other than them) “secretly” armed…

      I think it is critical to not cede an inch of ground on this – because they will take a mile. It’s not “reasonable” regulation they are after (whatever that is supposed to mean). It is the elimination of the right of any person who isn’t a government worker to be armed.

  4. May I suggest a “Thin Blue File” where these and other videos can be archived? If for no other reason than to make is easier for those that think police brutality is a race issue can see the error of their thinking.


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