Video Rant: 45 to 35 . . . For Saaaaaaafety!

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Here’s a rant on the topic of the deliberate making of driving more unpleasant – and expensive – so as to encourage less driving (and more roadside fleecing:

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  1. My town eliminated the last 45mph zone a few years ago (the max speed limit in town is 35, yes the entire town, even the highway). One end of the state highway was still 45, because the land next to it had been undeveloped until the mid 1990’s.

    Since it was a state rather then town controlled road, the town asked the state for the speed limit to be lowered. The state actually turned the town down, citing that the town to the south (that had the same sort of development next to the road) was 45 (it still is).

    That didn’t stop the town street department from changing the signs on the state controlled highway to 35 anyway. The state did nothing to stop them, or to put the 45 limit back. It’s still 35 on the signs and of course you can be ticketed for going over 35.

    If your traveling US 41 in Northwest Indiana, do watch the speed limit signs. Each town has its own different speed limit. It can vary from 30 to 65, even within a few blocks of each other, and the speed changes are only warned in ONE location. The road condition is about the same the whole length, so there is no reason for speed changes too. Some towns are infamous as speed traps too. It could be and should be 65 the whole way.

    There is a similar situation with the Illinois tollway. The state legislature raised the speed limit to 70 on all interstates. The agency running the toll road refuses to raise the speed limit. Just refuses to do it with no consequences.

    Guessing in the case of Blue Ridge parkway. It’s probably a handful of federal employees running that road, that want that speed limit lowered. They may not even have the authority to do it even. I bet they are counting on few people noticing or even caring. Probably no studies, no public hearings, just change the signs and hope it sticks. It probably will work.

  2. Since the road was newly resurfaced and the 45 signs are just covered up and not removed. Was the limit reduced until the loose aggregate is cleaned up?

    • Hi Electron,

      They work is completely finished – and they replaced at least one of the permanent 45 MPH signs with a 35 MPH sign. I bet a friend of mine that 35 is the New Speed Limit.

      For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

  3. Yikes, 45 seems awfully slow for a road like that, let alone 35! I would want to do at least 60 on a road like that. If anything they should be raising the limit not lowering it.


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