Fishing Expedition

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker on a fishing expedition. He approaches a guy on a bicycle and begins to jabber about “running a stop sign.” Demands ID. As the video rolls, it becomes apparent that the real reason for the armed government worker’s accosting the guy is because he thinks the bike is stolen.

Another armed government worker shows up with a flyer that has a picture of the stolen bike they’re ostensibly looking for.

It is obviously a different bike. Different color, for one. The second armed government worker acts slightly sheepish, realizing they haven’t got any real business hassling this guy, but still goes through the motions of pretending about the stop sign running thing.

Meanwhile, other people show up and point out that the armed government worker is just fishing; they observe other people running stop signs as this “investigation” goes absolutely nowhere.

The take-home lesson: Armed government workers aren’t “officer friendly.” They are armed government workers and anything they say is probably a lie or some tactic to get what they want, which is to “bust” you for something. Never answer their manipulative and leading questions. Do only what the law requires; nothing more. Challenge them when they make up law.

And always have your camera ready to record any interaction you are forced to endure.

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  1. There’s no requirement to carry an ID when riding a bicycle.

    As for “running a stop sign” there’s the Idaho stop, which basically allows for cyclists to treat stop signs as yields, without any increase in collisions or accidents:

    Of course most of us also practice “taxi stops” in motorized vehicles without incident either, which really shows the worthlessness of stop signs…

  2. They will use any excuse to hassle anyone they feel like. Doesn’t matter how obviously unfitting the excuse is, they use it because they want to. It is just a verbal way around rights.

  3. So this sounds like standard practice, cuz a few years back a piggy “pulled over” my boo for the same “running a stop sign” and then “bike was reported stolen” bs.


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