The AGW Exception

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Here’s a startling video taken by a bicyclist of vehicular homicide, almost – of himself.

The cyclists approaches an intersection, comes to a complete stop at the stop sign. Looks left, looks right. Waits for traffic to clear. As he’s waiting to make his turn, an addled AGW turns directly into him.

Head-on collision.

The AGW was “on his phone”  – texting or talking – but regardless, not paying attention. This is generally considered reckless driving at the very least when it results in a potentially fatal collision.

But when an AGW does it, it’s somehow a lesser offense.

“I wasn’t texting, I was looking at my phone,” the barely apologetic AGW explains.

Then ads: “You’re fine.”

This is egregious. Merely reverse the roles and this becomes inarguable. A mundane (the term coined by the late and very great Will Grigg to describe us) is obliviously twaddling on his phone while driving his big SUV and plows into an armed government worker on a bicycle.

Is there anyone reading this who doubts that multiple felony charges would be filed against the offender? Felonies compounded by the additional ones tacked on for injuries visited upon the person of an AGW?

Do you doubt for a moment that the mundane would have been placed in handcuffs, roughly stuffed into the back of an AGW-mobile and taken to a cage?

How would the courts have dealt with him?

Everyone knows the answer. And it ought to make more of us angry.

. . .

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  1. Gopro ordered!

    That just scared the hell out of me. And as you point out, cops are pretty much exempt from the anti-distraction laws. Hell, every interceptor has a frickin’ 15″ laptop in the front seat!

    • Hi RK,


      And, let’s say the roles were reversed – and a Mundane in a car hit and killed an AGW on a bicycle. There would have been a North Korean-style state funeral for the AGW – in addition to the multiple felony charges leveled at the Mundane.

      Hut! Hut! Hut!


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