A Bestial AGW…

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Abusing people isn’t all armed government workers spend their time (and our dollars) doing, apparently.

A Louisiana AGW named Terry Yetman allegedly filmed himself having sex with animals, including at least one he kept as a pet, according to an article in The New York Post.

Higher-echelon AGWs discovered the “farm fun” vids on Yetman’s electronic devices.

He was subsequently booked into the Bossier Maximum Security Correctional Center on 20 counts of sexual abuse of animals by performing sexual acts with an animal and 20 counts of sexual abuse of animals by filming sexual acts with an animal.

The Post reports that one of the animals owned by Yetman has been rescued and is safe.

Yetman has been an AGW for the past three years. He’s also still technically an AGW.

The Post reports that he has been placed on paid “administrative leave” by the Bossier City Police Department.

Your tax dollars at work.

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    • Unless it’s with a woman. It’s a good thing the boys @ Hofstra filmed their gang bang with Damnel Ndonye. After cheating on her BF, Ndonye falsely accused the boys @ Hofstra of raping her. If not for the tape, they’d have faced serious jail time, because they didn’t have the same resources (read MONEY) that the boys of the Duke lacrosse team had…

  1. Oh, come, now! “Zoophilia” is going to be the next “gay rights” movement. If you’re against it, you’ll be branded an anti-LGBTQZ bigot! Why, they’ve even got a lobbying group to advocate banging your dog (presumably, doggie-style): Zoophiles Engaging for Tolerance and Enlightenment (ZETA).

    It was actually legal in Germany until they spoiled all the “fun” a few years back and outlawed it. Caligula didn’t have nothing on the degenerate pervs in modern “society” today:


    • Hi X,

      You’re right, of course.

      After all, why not? If one “identifies” as a quadruped isn’t it reasonable to be attracted to them? If we are what we feel we are – per Caitlyn – then it is just as valid to make that claim as it is for Bruce not only to assert he is in fact a she but to demand we “accept” it.

      And why stop there?

      Couldn’t a 60 year old man “identify” as a teenage lesbian? And justify “relationships” with teen girls on that basis?

      If biological sex is fluid, why not biological age?

      • Third hit on the search “gender identity college sports”


        This is playing havoc with the sports world. Men in dresses are getting female scholarships, dominating races and will probably take over the women’s olympic sports soon. Of course there’s backlash from the girls, but the leftists are having none of that.

        I still say this is all about getting a new market for women’s clothing, makeup and “spa day” activities. Someone looked at the malls (not all of them are dead) and saw they are full of women’s clothing stores, knick-knack stores, skin product stores, nail salons, shoe stores, and Apple stores. In Grand Junction’s Mesa mall, replace the Apple store with Cabellas. There’s exactly one of those establishments that you’ll regularly see men shopping in. So you see men sitting on benches, watching sports ball or chatting on their phones while the better 3/4s gets barraged with salespeople spraying free samples, berating them for their skin problems, selling them more clothes that don’t fit, and all the while the men are excluded from everything. Sounds like an untapped market to me!

        Notice that Bruce was the first big deal tranny to hit the mainstream. The original Wheaties box man. Put him on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Genius. If it is “OK” for him to dress up, that’s the signal that it is OK for your son too. Or you, if you’re up for it. Now, instead of worrying about your golf game, or if you’ll be able to retire, you can blow thousands on a new wardrobe, makeup, hair stylists and most importantly, medical procedures that if done by Joseph Mengele would be a war crime.

        And let us not forget that the gay lobby has a lot of money to spend, and the democrats are their primary beneficiaries. This is just another con game by them too, to get more money from the idiot fringe with disposable income.


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