A Decent AGW

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Here’s a video of that increasingly rare thing – an AGW who doesn’t Hut! Hut! Hut!

A man in Texas is open carrying, which is legal – but various hysterics “called in” and this triggered the arrival of the AGW. The dispatcher, of course, should have told the hysterics who “called in” that open carry is legal and that unless the man they were calling about was doing something illegal, there was legally nothing they were obliged to do about it. Indeed, that it was their legal obligation to leave the man in peace.

But no. The dispatcher dispatched the AGW to “investigate” the legal actions of the man openly carrying. Who – as it turns out – is the head of Open Carry Texas and well-acquainted with the laws regarding open carry.

A pleasant conversation ensues.

The AGW is polite, even apologetic about bothering the man. To his credit. He mentions that “people are calling” – but acknowledges that the man is correct when he points out that he’s not doing anything unlawful and that “people calling in” doesn’t impose a legal obligation on him to produce ID.

Hilariously, the AGW admits he is “not up on” the laws regarding open carry.

But at least he’s not a steroid-jacked psychopath looking for an excuse to Hut! Hut! Hut! the man.

. . .

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  1. As much as I criticize cops in general, I have never had any really bad* experiences directly with them in about 50 years of driving. Some contacts have been so-so but many others have been excellent. Of course, most of these encounters were decades ago when the cops were just generally more decent. For example: once a state patrol pulled me over for passing him at 55mph at night. I was initially pissed and all ready to argue, but then he informed me that my pickup camper back door was unlatched and swinging in the breeze – LOL!

    * The “bad” experiences have pretty much been the sheriff/deputies being smart-ass morons out on wildfire incidents: just shake your head and roll your eyes sort of stuff. Up to now nothing ever remotely threatening, but with the new sheriff, who knows? OTOH, the sheriff/fire chiefs (same guys) from the neighboring county have been great. You can’t really avoid the “cop” when he is also the IC on a mutual aid fire!

  2. As a Second Amendmentist I cede nothing to the anti-gunners and defend the right to open carry. (Here it comes) but I wonder if it’s a good idea. It antagonizes some people who, naturally enough in this age of mass shootings, are alarmed by a gun-toting citizen. Too bad for them of course, but do we necessarily need that?

    It also makes the gun wearer the very first target any bad guy would take care of before going on a rampage.

    • Definitely. There’s a difference between what you have a right to do and what you should do. It’s like MJ legalization… it’s an incredibly potent medicine, but no one takes it seriously because of “stoner culture”. Even people who are fully aware of its medicinal value sometimes shy away from supporting legalization because they’re afraid it’ll turn us into a nation of dumb, unproductively, easily-misled reeferhead manchildren. So if you support legalizing marijuana, perhaps it would be smart not to brag about being high all the time or wear MJ-themed clothing in public, whether it’s your right to do so or not.

      • Shotgun, you say “because they’re afraid it’ll turn us into a nation of dumb, unproductively, easily-misled reeferhead manchildren”…..as opposed to dumbed down public school, HFCS ingesting, lazy-assed people who are just lazy-assed, dumbed down people, a great deal of which HFCS contributes to that a lot. Reckon Glyphosate is making anyone smarter or more productive?

        Seriously, what do we have now?

      • “shy away from supporting legalization because they’re afraid it’ll turn us into a nation of dumb, unproductively, easily-misled reeferhead manchildren.”

        Too late, but pot has had little to do with it.

    • Hi Ross,

      When I carry, it is always concealed. For exactly the reason you already stated: I wold rather not give anyone the drop on me. If someone who means me ill does not know I am armed I have the advantage. Why give that up?

    • I open carry all the time but of course I live out in the hinterlands so if anyone is bothered then they can just get their butts back to town where it is safe.


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