Reader Rant: On Freedom

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Here’s the latest reader rant, along with my reply!

Larry writes: I always enjoy your articles but your latest about helmet laws was a classic. As a pilot I usually wear my seat belt because I feel it has value most of the time. I absolutely hate being treated as a child and being told I must wear it. Loved your analogy to eating vegetables. Keep up the good writing!

My reply: My pleasure, Larry! Hatred of being nannied – especially by my inferiors – is my muse.

For those reading this who aren’t familiar with my positions: I am not “anti” helmet – or seat belt. When I am on the track – or riding/driving in such a way that I judge it sound policy to wear a hemet (and armored leathers) or buckle my seatbelt, I do so. But it is my decision – period, end of discussion.

I am a grown man and demonstrably not an imbecile. I am self-supporting; I harm no one. I have the right to be left the hell alone – the same as any competent adult.

These people who imagine they have the right to weigh cost-benefit and risk-reward on our behalf and contrary to our own inclinations are the lowest form of human vermin, lacking even the rat’s integrity (he will bite your wrist, but not tell you he is doing it for your own good).

Got damn them all.

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